Link for the Lost Teachings of Atlantis book at the bottom of this page.  Please read the below article first. The following is an article that appeared in newspapers around the country, around January 8, 1999.  From The Chicago Tribune News Service EXPLORERS FIND ELUSIVE SHANGRI-LA IN WORLD’S DEEPEST KNOWN GORGE No record exists of people ever having seen the 100 foot-high waterfall and lush subtropical garden in the Tibetan Himalayas until now WASHINGTON – Explorers finally have found Shangri-La. It might not be quite the storied, verdant, Utopia Himalayan paradise of James Hilton’s 1933 novel “Lost Horizon” and subsequent movie of the same name. But it is verdant, it is a kind of paradise, and it is hidden deep within Tibet’s Himalayas in a monstrously steep gorge within a gorge. There is no record of any person having visited, or even seen, the area before. Tucked beneath a mountain spur at a sharp bend of […] Read More

1891: Chinese Spirits

The following notes have been collected partly from an old work by a French missionary who lived in China for over forty years; some from a very curious unpublished work by an American gentleman who has kindly lent the writer his notes; some from information given by the Abbé Huc to the Chevalier Des Mousseaux and the Marquis De Mirville – for these the last two gentlemen are responsible. Most of our facts, however, come from a Chinese gentleman residing for some years in Europe. Man, according to the Chinaman, is composed of four root-substances and three acquired “semblances.” This is the magical and universal occult tradition, dating from an antiquity which has its origin in the night of time. A Latin poet shows the same source of information in his country, when declaring that: Bis duo sunt hominis: manes, caro, spiritus, umbra: Quatuor ista loca bis duo suscipiunt. […] Read More

Madame Blavatsky on the Himalayan Brothers

Sir, – “On the authority of an adept” (?) “they” (the Theosophists and Madame Blavatsky) “are all mediums under the influence of the lower spirits.” Such is the sentence used by you in an editorial review of Mr. Sinnett’s Occult World (Spiritualist, June 17th). Doubtful as its pertinency might appear, I personally found nothing very objectionable in it, the more so, as elsewhere you do me the honour to express your conviction that (whether controlled by good or bad spirits) I yet am a “strong physical medium” – that term precluding at least the suspicion of my being a regular impostor. This letter then is not directed against you, but rather against the pretensions of a would-be “adept.” Another point should be also attended to before I proceed, in order that the situation may be as clearly defined as possible. Finding myself for the period of nearly seven years […] Read More

Mr. A. Lillie’s Delusions

I write to rectify the many mistakes – if they are, indeed, only “mistakes” – in Mr. Lillie’s last letter that appeared in Light of August 2nd, in answer to the Observations on his pamphlet by the President of the London Lodge. 1. This letter, in which the author of Buddha and Early Buddhism proposed to     Consider briefly some of the notable omissions made in the “Observations,” begins with two most notable assertions concerning myself, which are entirely false, and which the author had not the slightest right to make. He says:     For fourteen years (1860 to 1874) Madame Blavatsky was an avowed Spiritualist, controlled by a spirit called “John King” . . . she attended many séances. But this would hardly prove anyone to be a Spiritualist, and, moreover, all these assertions are entirely false. I say the word and underline it, for the facts in them are […] Read More

Lamas and Druses

Mr. L. Oliphant’s new work “Land of Gilead” attracts considerable attention. Reviews appeared some time since, but we had to lay the subject aside until now for lack of space. We will now have something to say, not of the work itself – though justice can hardly be sufficiently done to the writings of that clever author – but of what he tells us respecting the Druses – those mystics of Mount Lebanon of whom so little is known. We may, perchance, shed some new light on the subject. “The Druse,” Mr. Oliphant thinks, “has a firm conviction that the end of the world is at hand. Recent events have so far tallied with the enigmatical prophecies of his sacred books, that he looks forward to the speedy resurrection of El Hakim, the founder and divine personage of the sect. In order to comprehend this, the connection between China […] Read More

2005: Healing: An Alaskan Prophecy

From an article entitled, “Let Goodness Take Its Place” by Larry Merculieff� Larry gave this speech to a meeting of Aleut elders who had assembled to hear his important message. Larry began his speech in the Aleut language with the saying, “The afternoon tastes good.” He continued… “You are the second group of people that have invited me to talk on something that is very special. I have been asked to give you some messages from the spiritual leaders of the Hopi and [also the] Maori people from New Zealand. When I went up to Canada one and 1/2 years ago, I went there to be with the Stony Elders. They invited me to go there. While I was there, they said the Hopi and Maori sent the messenger to meet me. I do not know why me, but they gave me some messages to bring back here to […] Read More