1873: Ghost of Tom Potter

On Groom’s Hill, Greenwich, there resides a friend of mine, Mr. H—–d, a gentleman of great respectability, of varied attainments and of considerable mental ability, a student of literature, religion, and science. His position is that of an underwriter at Lloyd’s, and in the society of his wife and children, he enjoys a wholesome domestic life. Among those persons engaged in this comfortable household in the year 1866, was a young widow named Mrs. Potter, whose services were occasionally required for various periods as a needlewoman and general assistant. She had one son named Tom, a bright, handsome, delightful boy: he could sing and play; he was clever and accomplished; he excelled in any study to which he gave his attention, and though he was wayward and restless, he was the favorite of everyone who knew him. This brave and troublesome boy was provided with a home and educated […] Read More