Genesis Revisited

THE SISTINE CEILING 1508 – 1512 THE CREATION OF ADAM (1511) On the vault of the Sistine Ceiling, Michelangelo painted nine scenes from Genesis, of which the most famous is THE CREATION OF ADAM. Here, the listless body of Adam is about to be animated by the spirit of God at the gentle touch of their fingertips. This potent image may have been suggested by the Latin hymn VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS, in which God restores strength and courage to the weakened flesh with a touch of his finger. The Creation of Adam (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Adam – A slave to the gods The story of Adam & Eve is widely misunderstood by both the Christian community and Evolutionists. Many people actually think that the entire human race stemmed from just two individuals named Adam & Eve. Evolutionists claim that we all originated from a “soup,” while Christians fail […] Read More

1996: The Mars Face at Cydonia and the Tower of Babel

by John G. Cunningham Update: The following article was written months before the recent news that scientists might have found evidence of life on Mars. I am thrilled at this possibility — though I realize that the final word is not in yet on the subject. Should scientists finally decide that the meteor from Mars does not prove Mars once had life, I will continue to think as I do now on the subject — that Mars once had life. The Final Frontier issue of May/June 1993 had an article, “Is Mars Alive?” by Barry E. DiGregorio that dealt with this issue. Dr. Gilbert Levin, who was involved in studying the results of the 1976 Viking landings on Mars, was interviewed in this article. He believes that the results of the mission prove that Mars does contain life. The Hoagland web page ( also has articles about how NASA […] Read More