This article is to Inform you of only one aspect of government and banking that you do not know about.

How you are controlled in this country by private corporations. This is called fascism and how Mussolini operated in WWII. We have it here today and the people (slaves in reality) think it is wonderful. With no real money in the hands of the people, its all debt, they have no idea what real money is. Gold standard is a scam devised by bankers way back in 1788 to put paper money into effect that had no value unless backed by paper on a par basis. By that I mean a coin containing a certain amount of silver or gold was the same value of a paper dollar. The paper dollar could be exchanged for a dollar of metal coin. Today you cannot do that because there is no parity and the bankers have seen to it that it cannot exist so as to unjustly enrich themselves at your […] Read More

2013: What Is The Impact Of A Technical Treasury Default?

Yesterday we described the various scenarios available to Treasury in the next few weeks should the shutdown and debt ceiling debacle carries on longer than the equity markets believe possible. As BofAML notes, however, the most plausible option for the Treasury could be implementing a delayed payment regime. In such a scenario, the Treasury would wait until it has enough cash to pay off an entire day’s obligations and then make those payments on a day-to-day basis. Given the lack of a precedent, it is hard to quantify the impact on the financial markets in the event that the Treasury was to miss a payment on a UST; but the following looks at the impact on a market by market basis. Via BofAML, Impact of going past the X date Given the lack of a precedent, it is hard to quantify the impact on the financial markets in the […] Read More


By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review , World Reports Limited , London and New York: Press the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for Wanta Crisis reports since June 2006. Note to all ICR subscribers: Please read this and preceding postings for updates that are not included in the latest (double) issue [International Currency Review, Volume 31, #s 3 and 4], which went to press in late October. The list of banks with accounts holding funds belonging to the Ambassador, was published in the posting dated 26th October 2006 entitled AUTHORITATIVE LIST OF THE WANTA BANKS. The earlier posting on the offer made by Ambassador Leo Wanta to the Austrian authorities remains accurate, valid and unaltered by subsequent developments. It is up to Vienna either to accept or to reject his offer of massive taxation windfalls. Ever since the formally agreed and signed-off Settlement […] Read More