2017: More creepy sounds in the skies, this time above Plymouth UK

For quite a while now there have often been reports of strange sounds from the skies above cities and towns from all around the world. Not so long ago I posted an article about strange trumpet sounds over Jerusalem which was accompanied by a strange cloud formation that looked like some kind of vortex.  Now we have had reports of those creepy noises appearing above Plymouth, UK. Local resident Joao Caetano heard the strange sounds while visiting the marina and so took out his phone and started recording the noise. You can hear the noise in the video but the skies look fine. VIDEO REMOVED Plymouth has apparently been bugged by a droning noise for years which no-one can explain. It has been keeping residents awake at night. Some residents believe it could be aliens, while others think there is other logical explanations. What do you think it could […] Read More

1898: Vintage ‘Missing’ Mystery

Here’s an interesting story forwarded by a reader from 1898 that was published in the Bucks County Gazette. The Little Wanderer Alice Rachel Peck, aged 3 years and four months, wandered away from her home in Burn’s Valley, Thursday, August 25th, 1898, in search for her mother, who went on an errand. The little girl traveled an old and unused bark road, climbed over a high and very rough mountain and there, worn out with hunger and without bonnet or shoes, for three days and night had nothing to eat but a few huckleberries, while friends and neighbors were diligently searching for her or her remains. She was found on Sunday morning, August 28th at half-past seven o’clock, by William Bair, sound and well. She neither smiled nor cried as two hundred voices rang out the glad tidings of great joy, five miles from her home, in the mountains. […] Read More