Fall Of The American Empire: “They Intend To Collapse the Financial System”

“…for two weeks the mob had been rioting uncontrolled in the streets…The economy of the greatest empire that the world had ever seen was coming apart like an unraveling sweater…the cost of maintaining…gigantic armed forces…was bleeding the nation white and in addition there were the heavy subsidies that had to be paid to the…nations dependent…for support.  The impoverished government had neither the funds nor the power to stop the riots.” Readers, are we close to such a point?  It happened, for the excerpt above was taken from the book, Those About to Die, by Daniel P. Mannix, written in 1958, and the nation was the Roman Empire.  There are many similarities between the decline and fall of Rome and the decline of the United States of America, standing upon the threshold of its fall. As you well know, the economy is stretched to its breaking point, and the American […] Read More

The 4 Point Globalist Plan to Replace AMERICA With AMERIKA

This article was originally published by Dave Hodges at The Common Sense Show. The blueprint for the globalist enslavement of America remains unchanged and we Americans are marching directly toward our final demise as a nation. With all the things we write about, and with all of the things that we call attention to, the methodology associated with the subjugation of the people of the United States, can be accurately summarized into a four part plan with the final goal of the destruction of the United States. 1- An economic collapse is unleashed against the people of the United States. 2- The ensuing chaos will lead to the pretext for the imposition of martial law. 3- The martial law phase will result in the imposition of a New World Order which will wipe out all notions of private property and constitutional liberties. 4- World War III will commence and […] Read More

2001: Inside The Patriot Act

Do you know anyone who actually read the Patriot Act? Thank goodness for blogger Nigel Deans, who rolled up his sleeves and delved into the actual document. Here in a special guest report, Deans presents the results of his exploration. by Nigel Deans The Patriot Act is one of those documents that seems to attract a lot more attention than readers. I too have been one of those people who rely on the civil rights lawyers to actually read the document, then I find their interpretations in the usual pick-up windows to which civil rights advocates subscribe. But it seems to me that a genuine concern about the threats to our freedom should really be fortified with a more direct understanding of the threat itself. So I decided to read the document. Well, at least parts of it, and sure enough, I began to understand something that I didn’t […] Read More

2009: House Resoulution 45. This Bill Will Make Law Abiding Citizens into Criminals.

The Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act (H.R. 45) is a bill pending in the 111th United States Congress. The bill was introduced on January 6, 2009 by Representative Bobby Rush of Illinois. In 1969, Bobby Rush, co-founder of the Illinois Black Panther Party, served six months in prison for felony possession of firearms. The main objective of the bill is to provide for stricter Gun Control. A person would be prohibited by law from possessing a firearm unless approved by a state-run system or having been issued a license that would have to be renewed every five years within thirty days of the expiration date. The Attorney General would set up a tracking system of all sales with dealers having to be licensed. Production figures of each licensed manufacturer would be made public. If passed, the bill would require all current handgun and semi-automatic firearms […] Read More