The Secret Back Story to Russia and Ukraine that Americans Never Learned In School

Preface:  We believe that Soviet communism was an abomination.  Stalin was certainly a tyrant: he killed countless political enemies or threw them into insane asylums.   We also have littler tolerance for useful idiots who defend communism as a force for good.  In short, we hate Soviet era communism. And Putin also runs Russia like it’s his plaything, with little regard for the desires of his people. But U.S. warmongers have also been hyping the Russian threat with self-serving lies – and committing atrocities and telling lies – for some 70 years.  As an American, my concern is keeping America from destroying itself.  And – unless we learn our history – we could get in a lot of trouble. America Launched the Cold War Even Before World War II Had Ended Joseph Stalin and the Soviets were key in helping the U.S. to defeat the Nazis.  20 million Russians died […] Read More

America got nuked in 12,500 BC!

Traditional history tells us that the first people who entered North America came across the Bering Sea, from Asia, and migrated South to the continent around 12,000 BC. But this date has often puzzled archaeologists who place the migration in South America to a much earlier date — around 32,000 BC. How can these two dates be so far apart? Since no traces of the Homo habilis or the Homo erectus could be found in America, Archeologists conclude that America must have been settled by the Homo sapiens sapiens about 12,000 years ago There are 4 main migration-hypothesies: A) People came via the BERING SRAIT from Sibiria to Alaska; B) People from SIBIRIA crossed the Northern Pacific and landed on the American coast; C) People from POLYNESIA crossed the Pacific Ocean and landed either in Northern or Southern America; D) People from EUROPE crossed either the Atlantic Ocean or […] Read More