VIDEO: US Marshal Busted After Stealing 24 Pounds of Marijuana at Gunpoint

By  John Vibes Clorenzo Mack Griffin, a US marshal from Miami, was arrested last weekend for allegedly participating in an armed robbery of 24 pounds of marijuana. The bust occurred in Yuba City, California, a long distance from Griffin’s home. Griffin was reportedly off-duty when he and two other men robbed a Jeep filled with marijuana at gunpoint. At the time of the arrest, all 3 occupants of the vehicle were wearing police gear, but Griffin is the only confirmed officer in the group. Once on the road, the carjackers had managed to travel undetected until they ironically sped through a red light and were seen by a police officer. After a car chase, the three suspects exited the car and fled the scene. Griffin allegedly pulled a gun out of his waistband and pointed it at the arresting officer, who then fired at Griffin. Griffin was not hit by the […] Read More