2007: The 9/11 House of Cards is About to Collapse on the Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate And the French Deal the Cards. Viva La France.

WITH TOM HENEGHAN Feb. 3/07 David Dahan, now former head of Israeli Defense Ministry was found dead in his car near the river Seine in Paris France on January 24, 2007. Dahan has been cooperating with French Police in the matter of the Litvinenko murder investigation. It can now be reported that Dahan was assassinated by an Israeli Mossad British Intelligence team. French Intelligence sources close to the investigation have told this reporter that they are holding four individuals linked to the assassination of Dahan, that are directly tied to the Gary Best Bush Clinton True Colors worldwide assassination group. The four are now being held in custody. Note: the cellphone number of Gary Best with a Bosnian area code was found on two of the suspects. The alleged suicide notes found in Dahan’s Paris residence resembled the forgeries in the murder of Vince W. Foster, former Clinton Administration […] Read More