The Argus ii Bionic Eye Is Coming And It Will Make Us Superhuman

It has been estimated that 285 million people across the world spend every day coping with some visual impairment. There are a wide variety of treatments already on the market to treat mild visual impairments, but as of yet, no one has come up with the complete solution to cure total visual impairment or blindness. However, hope is on the horizon with an invention straight out of science fiction – the bionic eye. NEW BIONIC EYES COULD CHANGE THE WORLD FOREVER Bionic eyes, also referred to as retinal prosthesis systems, bridge the gap between the light that enters the eye and the optic nerve, which translate and communicate images to the brain. There is currently a bionic eye on the market in the United States. The FDA-approved device is called the Argus II and is manufactured by a company called second sight. It uses a camera, integrated into a […] Read More