2013: What San Francisco’s Bat Kid Tells Us About America

A fascinating watermark in America’s obsession with superhero culture, and geek culture. The following first appeared on Think Progress: It used to be that the Make-A-Wish Fund would hook up a chronically or terminally-ill child with a trip to Disney World or a meeting with one of their favorite celebrities. Now, in a sign that times–and culture–have changed, something much more ambitious has happened. At the request of a five-year-old named Miles, who has leukemia that’s gone into remission, and with the help of many, many volunteers, including San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr and the San Francisco Giants, big parts of San Francisco will be turned into a fantasy of Gotham so that Miles can pretend to be Batman for the day, while his younger brother is dressed up as Robin. The event’s gone viral, prompting tweets from as high up as President Obama, and some questions about the allocation of […] Read More