Top ten Native American sites in Georgia

Gary Daniels Atlanta Road Trip Travel Examiner Here’s a list of the top ten Native American sites in Georgia: Ocmulgee Mounds:  Located near Macon, this large mound group features a restored ceremonial earth lodge as well as one of the tallest earthen pyramids in North America. While the Indian culture thrived here between AD 900-1150, there is evidence of at least 10,000 years of human habitation from the Ice Age hunters to the Creek Indians to an English trading post in 1690. Displays trace the history of the site. Etowah Mounds:  The Etowah Mounds, near Cartersville, thrived during the Mississippian Period. A fortified town with seven earthen pyramids, Etowah was the political and ceremonial center for the surrounding area. A modern museum houses one of the best Mississippian artifact collections in the nation and features an audiovisual presentation on archaeology. Fort Mountain:  A rock wall zigzags over 900 feet along the slope […] Read More