2014: Bigfoot North: New DNA Evidence and Footage

To date I have not been specially more impressed with Todd Standing than say Rick Dyer, Okay, I will give him Melba Ketchum. He is taking another stab at selling his evidence with release of a documentary. Quoted from Standing’s Facebook Page I about to put it all out there. DNA, photos, new videos… and the Documentary. Its all starting at the Sasquatch Summit later next month. http://www.bigfootnorth.com/ The sylvanic cooperation presents the first trailer from the upcoming feature documentary “Bigfoot North” Starring Dr. Jeff Meldrum ( Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology ) , John Bindernagel ( PhD Wildlife Biologist ), Todd Standing ( Sasquatch Researcher ) Sonya Zohar ( Interspecies Communicator ). After Todd Standing took Survivorman Les Stroud out into his remote research areas and had unprecedented success, he return with the two PhD’s only weeks later. With the Help of California native Sonya Zohar they were […] Read More

1924: I fought the Apemen of Mount St. Helens, Wa.

Told by Fred Beck of Kelso, Washington written September 27, 1967 by his son © Ronald A. Beck, 1967 What are Abominable Snowmen? Fred Beck is qualified to tell what they are. He was one of a party of five miners attacked by them in 1924, the most famous of such incidents in North America. The incident has become a legend in the Northwest. He tells the real facts after 43 years of silence. Introduction It is my intention in this book not only to tell you about the historic encounter I had with these mysterious creatures, but also to reveal to the public what I believe they are. Truth often is stranger than fiction, but the strangeness comes from the clouds surrounding our minds, not from the mystery itself. This is not a large book, but may the largeness be conveyed by the picture I hope to paint […] Read More