By Harsha Sankar

Most Americans are growing extremely weary of the malgovernance, ineptitude,and legalized corruption perpetuated by the legal profession,bureaucracy, & lobbyists.However,only a few are focused on the core problems causing this sickness.Too many patriotic Americans concentrate on treating particular symptoms rather than curing the disease.If the patient has AIDS, he/she does not need to be treated for sores only.When the fascists,monarchs,& communists ruled nations,the people had to make the removal of its system of governance their number one priority.Yet the whole nation is immersed in a maze of issues,however important, without addressing these basic matters simply because everything has been unnecessarily complicated.

Listed are probable solutions.

1. America needs verifiable and traceable elections which are tabulated on a grassroots level. Paper ballots should be used.Preferably,the secret ballot process should be abolished.

2. The United States is not an unbridled democracy.Practicing judicial advocates should not serve in legislative and executive branches due to obvious conflict of interest. It is highly unconstitutional because it flagrantly violates the Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances concepts.

3. Non-attorneys should be eligible for judgeship at the state and local level. Judges and prosecutors should banned from belonging to private organizations,comprising solely of advocates,in which its purpose will obviously be the advancement of its agenda.

4.All bar associations should be stripped of their authority to license counsel. No permission from a private organization should be necessary for a truly private sector citizen to assist another citizen in any manner on any legal matter. Judicial advocate organizations should be excluded from the judge-selection process.

5. All regulatory agencies should be abolished and all regulations repealed.Only lawmakers or the people through direct referendum should regulate society with laws. Laws should be written in plain English and it should not be exclusively written by judicial advocates in “legalese”. All enforcement of laws should be borne by state and local police.The only exception should be issues involving vital national security interests which includes espionage.

6.All contributors and contributions to political campaigns should be made public record.Only American citizens should be allowed to contribute. While reasonable limits can be placed on direct contributions, any other restrictions would be a blatant infringement on an individual’s First Amendment Right.

7.Repeal the Federal Reserve Act and abolish the Federal Reserve. The printing and coining of currency should be the sole responsibility of an U.S. government agency, the U.S. Treasury.

8.Allow the military to manage the military. Civilian legislators and the Commander-In-Chief should only decide when to use the military and how much funds it should receive.

9.America must protect its sovereignty by restricting the role of the U.N. as a meeting place for all nations to voice their opinions. All taxpayer funding of the IMF & World Bank must be stopped. If government wishes to contribute foreign aid and loans, it must do so on an ad-hoc basis. No member of the three branches of government can belong to any private organization with non-citizen members five years before and five years after public service.

10.The United States Constitution must be reinstated as the supreme law of the land. Portions of the 14th Amendment must be repealed along with subsequent legislation,executive orders, and court decisions which reaffirm the gold-fringe flag in all government(including the courts).

The threat of instant bankruptcy and poverty due to outrageous healthcare,education, and legal costs will erode civility/trust and has promoted panic and social tensions. As more people are working two jobs and longer hours just to make ends meet, the ability to earn an honest productive living will decrease significantly. This has already adversely affected the family structure. With recession, joblessness,and even war looming on the horizon, it is imperative these proposals are implemented.

Harsha Sankar

201 Interstate Drive

Covington,Virginia 24426

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