It makes little-to-no sense at all, but in Austin, Texas, cops recently told gun rights activists that merely having socks that have a picture of a gun on them is enough to charge them with “trespassing.”

Murdoch Pizgatti and Jason Orsek, the founders of Come and Take It Texas, were denied access to capitol grounds by cops who threatened them with criminal trespassing charges for “carrying” mere “pictures” of guns on their hips.

The pictures were printed on socks. The purpose was clearly to make a point and a statement. But that statement is covered by the First Amendment, not the Second. The police at the State Capitol had little respect for protected speech, or the socks – for that matter – which were really just a form of “protest sign.

The protesters had arrived in order to testify on two gun bills, SB 11 and SB17. But as soon as they got there, officers confronted them and told them they were “trespassing,” even though they had every legal right to be there.

Watch the video of the police confrontation below…

The new line of “Glock Socks” protest socks are going to be on sale soon. Take a look below at the full line.


(Article by Moreh B.D.K.; h/t to Brett Sanders)

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