The Biggest Censored Story of the 21st Century
If they can get you asking the wrong questions,
they dont have to worry about answers.??? –Thomas Pynchon
September 6, 2006–Venice,FL.
by Daniel Hopsicker
In the days after the 9.11 attack, virtually every television newscast
in America was filled with disclaimers from the owners
of the Florida flight schools which trained the hijacker pilots,
hammering home the message that they only taught
how to fly light planes, which in no way prepared anyone
to fly jetliners, and were thus innocent of any wrongdoing.
But based on a newly-discovered brochure for a flight school
owned by Rudi Dekkers and Wally Hilliard (right), whose school
taught both pilots who crashed airliners into the World Trade Center,
the MadCowMorningNews has discovered evidence
that the assertion is untrue.
A copy of a brochure from Hilliard and Dekkers Naples flight school,
Ambassador Airways, was sent to us by a pilot and former marine
who said he was fed up with corruption in Florida. The brochure,
shockingly, states the flight school offers Professional Flight Training???
in the form of an ATP Flight and Ground Training Package???
which meets the aeronautical experience requirements???
necessary to become an airline transport (ATP) pilot.
The designation allows pilots to get jobs flying jets
at regional carriers around the world, and may explain how Atta
came into possession of an airline pilot’s uniform he was said to have worn.
The 9/11 Investigation? What 9/11 investigation?
Breaking the big taboo
The new discovery highlights the inadequacy of the various 9.11
investigations while throwing a spotlight once again on the murky
backgrounds and potential criminality of the individuals in the U.S.,
Rudi Dekkers and Wallace J. Hilliard, who hosted the terrorist hijackers.
The two men are already the subject of the biggest censored story
of the nascent 21st century, to wit:
Just three weeks after Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi arrived on
July 3, 2000 to attend the flight school at Huffman Aviation in Venice, FL.,
the owner of the flight school, Wallace J. Hilliard, had his Learjet
surrounded by DEA agents with submachine guns
on the runway of Orlando Executive Airport.
Agents found 43 pounds of heroin, arrested everyone onboard,
and confiscated the plane. Any honest prosecutor in the country
would have instantly linked the huge heroin haul discovered
on the flight school owners plane to Mohamed Attas arrival
at his flight school, and understood that he was looking into
the heart of a continuing criminal conspiracy.
Before 9/11, someone with big clout in the Bush Admin. was buying heroin from Osama bin Laden.
Its a slam dunk case. But nothing happened.
Thats why its the biggest censored story of the 21st Century…
because almost the only place you can read about it is here.
As it happens, having an address at Huffman Aviation at the
Venice Airport apparently is the green light from the DEA???
we were told about by airport executives in Venice, as witnessed
by the recent seizure of 5.5 tons of cocaine on a DC9
owned by a company which once used Huffmans address.
Although 5.5 tons of cocaine would seem to rate at least mild interest
fromAmerican law enforcement, the Tampa DEA refuses to comment.
The companys owner appears to have no fear
of being picked up anytime soon, even just for questioning.
Whats going on? Lets take a look.
“An intersection to be avoided at all cost”
The obvious truth visible to almost everyone after the 9.11 attack
was that the U.S. Government immediately began feverishly covering up
and withholding from the public as much information as they dared.
The Heroin Connection to 9/11 is a compelling explanation for this cover-up.
Moreover, the drug connection was uncovered independently
in two different places: by our investigation in Venice, FL.,
and by FBI translator Sibel Edmonds in Washington D.C.
“The 9/11 terror plot intersected with the activities
of a drug trafficking network of international scope,
in ways that form a “crystal clear” picture
of what was going on,??? said Edmonds.
Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft went to the Supreme Court
to silence FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, to keep her from revealing
what she had learned in translated documents, which, as she has stated,
indicate that the State Department was covering up a drug trafficking
network associated with the 9.11 attack.
Ashcroft apparently never felt the need to race before the
U.S. Supreme Court to silence speculation about suspicious trading
in the days before the attack, or explosives at the World Trade Center,
or pods??? underneath the wings of the 767s
that crashed into the Twin Towers.
September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...
“Dude… All that glisters is not gold”
Everybody knows most of the worlds heroin comes from Afghanistan.
Everyone, that is, except for the DEA, the FBI, the 9/11 Commission,
the Joint Congressional Committee on Intelligence, and the discredited
phony 9.11 Truth Movement, which would like to presume
to speak for those questioning the official account.
This includes Chief Shill Michael Ruppert, who will always
be remembered for steering questioning of the government’s official story
into the safe waters of propositions completely irrelevant
to a homicide investigation, like Peak Oil, and half-crazed
former spooks at whose feet Ruppert sat, pen in hand.
Ruppert no longer wishes to be involved with the 9.11 Truth Movement,
but it is, was, and always will be his tar baby.
He has left the country for Venezuela, where he will now presumably
attempt to do to Hugo Chavezs Government what he did
to independent investigation in the U.S. into the CIAs links
to drug trafficking and the 9.11 attack: subvert from within.
Also included in this cover-up, painful to say, is CIA-Drug doyenne
Peter Dale Scott. His conspicuous silence on the proven ties
to international heroin trafficking of the owner
of Mohamed Atta’s Florida flight school speaks volumes.
Scott is also silent, we recently noticed, on flight school owner
Wally Hilliard’s demonstrated ties to Adnan Khashoggi,
about whom he wrote much of a slim volume last year,
perhaps understandably preferring to focus instead
on the Saudi billionaires links to mobsters
more conveniently located…like overseas.
A remote-controlled hologram, sure.
Nor will you find anything about the 9/11 Heroin Connection on the
innumerable websites of the utterly self-referential 9/11 Truth Movement,???
which currently proclaims itself utterly fascinated with speculation
about materials which might have been secreted inside the Twin Towers
that could have made them collapse.
These same people used to proclaim themselves utterly fascinated
with speculation that no plane hit the Pentagon; before that
they were utterly fascinated with speculation that the hijacked planes
had been flown by remote control; with the thought that
it all might have been a hologram; with the idea that
there werent any Arab hijackers on the planes;
or, with the supposition that if there were–perish the thought! –
– Arabs onboard, they must have been patsies.
If there hadnt already been hundreds of Arab suicide bombers,
there might be a rationale for questioning the motives of the 19 hijackers.
As it is, there is none. But the argument isn’t meant to be defensible…
but merely to divert attention.
Controlling the debate is easy when a billionaire is footing the bill.
Advantage Adnan Khashoggi.
‘The boys ‘will be ‘the boys’
It was to obscure the 9.11 Heroin Connection that minions of
Saudi billionaire and CIA fixer??? Adnan Khashoggi, like Mars & Venus
author John Gray, began to spread money around to assorted
easily-corrupted dupes, idiots and government shills who quickly
came to lead the misnamed 9.11 Truth Movement,
which is neither a movement nor concerned with the truth.
My suspicions were aroused when the keynote speech was given by
relationship guru John Gray,” German author Matthias Broeckers told us.
“In a conference on 9/11, what does
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus??? have to teach us
about the identities of those responsible for murdering 3000 human beings????
Michel Chossudovsky told me hed learned of the International
9/11 Inquirys shady financing two weeks before the conference,???
Broeckers continued. He demanded the organizers dump Gray.
They told him not to spread bad vibrations.???
Then someone told me he had donated money to the Inquiry,
and things began to become clear.???
To say that John Gray is in business with Adnan Khashoggi
doesnt portray the relationship in quite the right light,???
stated another observer, asking to remain anonymous.
Khashoggi owns John Gray.
He bought his whole Mars-Venus shtick, his company.
Gray works for him.??? If true, this offers a possible
explanation for Grays interest in the 9/11 inquiry.
Khashoggi may have told him that Terrorists Are From Jupiter.???
Fey, sure, but rich and useful
Fey author John Grays business, as earlier reported, was owned
by Adnan Khashoggi. Before Khashoggi purchased his
Mars and Venus??? book (and Grays services), it was well on its way,
if it wasn’t already there, to the remainder tables.
The no-doubt eternally grateful Gray may also be involved,
as one of a dozen John Does,??? in what has been called
“the biggest securities fraud in American history,???
a Khashoggi-led scam involving a company
which produced infomercials for Gray, called Genesis Intermedia.
These scamsters ties to American intelligence are clear and unmistakable…
One example: Barry Seal was the chief pilot-
– until his assassination in 1986, reportedly at Vice President Bushs
behest – in the weapons-and-drug scandal that came to be known
as Iran Contra.
As the Iran Contra probe showed, Adnan Khashoggi played a key role
in brokering the illegal weapons trafficking from the United States to Iran.
Years later, Barry Seal’s longtime attorney incorporated Genesis Intermedia.
Years after that, Khashoggi and company used the stock of
Genesis Intermedia, and one other company, to steal $320 million dollars.
The other company whose stock was used to steal millions
was called Holiday RV Stores. It belonged to Miami attorney
Michael Farkas, better known as the founder of the company
which owned the DC9 recently busted with 5.5 tons of cocaine onboard.
Small world.
No wonder they end up marrying their cousins.
(It explains the big ears.)
“Alien Locusts ate my homework.”
Because of the presence of an absurdly-large contingent of people
belonging to truly bizarre cults, one researcher has suggested the 9.11
“Truth Movement” might more accurately be called the 9.11 UFO Cult.
Put to music, it could be called The March of the Shills.???
Lest anyone believe we are exaggerating when describing
the whacked-out UFOnauts and true believers who comprise
the core constituency, we’ll relate a bit of one conversation we had,
with a particularly obstreperous gentleman,
one of what we have come to know as The Thermite Fascists.???
In an email bristling with hostility he demanded we admit that explosives
had been placed in the World Trade Center before the attack.
Otherwise I must perforce explain to him how terrorists
could possibly have made WTC Building 7 fall.
Before replying, we did a quick search and discovered, as we suspected,
that our interrogator clearly belongs outside what the mainstream
might call “ordinary consensual reality.”
For example, (and believe me, I only wish I were creative enough
to have made this up) according to my interrogator’s website,
the most important threat facing the world today
is that of Alien Locusts??? infesting our planet.
This frightening news is no longer available, except here:
this man’s research has continued apace, and on his current website
we learn the thrilling news, for example, that
Well…who wouldn’t?
A ‘Biblical Foundation?’ You mean, like, an Abramoff-type tax dodge?
We wrote him back, You should really join the Shriners. At least
then you’d be able to ride around in those little cars and wear a fez.???
But we didn’t want to appear completely heedless.
So we advised him, with some seriousness, to seek psychiatric help,
and to resist the idea that he couldnt because hes so desperately
needed on the front lines of the fight against the alien locusts.
If the 9.11 attack hadnt been such a tragedy, guys like this
would be amusing. In response to our ridiculing himmercilessly
for his millennial idiocy, he delivered the following line,
the funniest weve read in recent memory:
I agree that “alien locust attack” may sound funny,??? he wrote us,
to someone who hasn’t researched the UFO and alien abduction
phenomena with a biblical worldview as a foundation.???
But…of course! Still, we were puzzled: People opposing the
Bush Administrations official story about 9.11 usually have
anything but a biblical foundation as a worldview.???
In fact, that’s what most of us find so creepy about Bush.
Ay there’s the rub…
You see, the 9.11 Truth Movement is stocked with true believers,
in everything from Jesus to Urantia, and its leading light David Griffin
is a divinity professor, of all things, whose books have been touted
endlessly in spam email from the well-organized group.
Does anyone begin to smell a rat?
Dr. Griffin, we learned, recently gave an address entitled 9.11
and Demonic Consciousness.???
My thesis is that the attacks of 9/11 were products
of demonic consciousness, with “the demonic” understood
as an emergent reality that is diametrically opposed
to the creative power of the universe and strong enough
to threaten its purposes,??? he offered helpfully.
We usually refer people spouting off about “demonic consciousness”
to the nearest emergency room. We figure they’ve either been taking
the brown acid, or drinking the Kool-Aid.
Wackier and wackier…but then, Khashoggi’s a cultist too
And then there’s the Brigham Young University physicist, Steven Jones,
who said he believes an incendiary substance called Thermite,
bolstered by sulfur (Aha! Evidence of the demonic!) to generate
exceptionally hot fires at the World Trade Center,
causing the structural steel to fail and the buildings to collapse.
In addition to his research in scientific areas, Jones is a member
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
and has also published papers like
Behold My Hands: Evidence for Christ’s Visit in Ancient America,???
on archeological clues he has found supporting
the belief that Jesus Christ visited Latin America
after his resurrection, as chronicled in the Book of Mormon.
Anyone who can find Jesus in South America 2000 years ago,
we feel sure, is capable of finding pretty much anything he wants to,
anytime at all. Maybe cold fusion. Maybe Thermite. Who knows?
And then theres the ever-present – at least since Ruppert absconded –
Alex Jones, a second-stringer and also a budding plagiarist,
we recently learned, when someone sent us a link to a Google video
entitled Alex Jones Flying Circus.???
Imagine my surprise when we learned the current Truth Movement
spokesman has slapped his name on “Mohamed Atta & the Venice Flying
Circus,” one of my documentaries, a show he didn’t have a thing to do with.
We checked with Google, to be sure, and its not as if some over-eager fan
just made a mistake. The video was placed there by Jones website,
Prison Planet.???We think Jones needs 30 Days in the Hole.
” Alex Jones Presents…Brought to you by ‘the gold bullion boys’
Funny, but we always thought you had to actually, you know,
write and produce a documentary before you can call it your own.
What will Alex “Bubba” Jones claim next?
“Bubba Jones’ Titanic?” “Bubba Jones’ Snakes on a Plane?”
How do you say scumbag” so even a simple-minded shill
for the gold bullion boys understands?
If the so-called alternative political culture has any hope of defining itself
as something more than a comedy show, it could use a good dose
of Daniel Hopsicker,??? wrote one commentator recently.
We don’t often blow our own horn. Maybe we should.
But the MadCowMorningNews has broken more 9.11 stories
than you can figuratively shake a stick at.
Meander through the archives if you don’t believe it. We showed up –
– and sat on!–an active covert operation at the biggest 9.11 crime scene
that wasnt reduced to rubble. We believe that what we did was
unprecedented, and we thank our lucky stars to still be alive.
On the other hand, the phony Truth Movement activists???
and representatives of the Bought Off Left (you know who you are)
trotted out on cable news to provide comic relief during next weeks
commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the attack have done nothing
but muddy the water for all they’re worth.
“Elvis and Area 51 – we’re sort of lumped together,”
said an attendee at a recent 9.11 Truth event.
And for very good reason.
We don’t necessarily mean Larry Colmes, either.
Fox News has become famous for making sure that the token liberal
in their fair and balanced coverage is usually some poor unfortunate
whose misshapen head is a testament to having been delivered
by a baby doctor with rusty forceps and gin on his breath.
In exactly the same way, those challenging the government cover-up
on cable news next week will feature an assortment of shabby
academics being pushed by slime ball government double agents.
None will breath a word about the 9.11 Heroin Connection.
They wouldn’t dare.
Can a group of people harboring so many doubts about the intentions
of their own and other governments, the media, and their fellow citizens
really have no clue at all that U.S. Defense spending has been a massive
rip-off, that the FBI is a clumsy bureaucracy, that our spies in the CIA
were more interested in counting the money in their Cayman Islands
accounts than cultivating human intelligence sources,
and that skyscrapers in cities where construction
is Mafia-controlled are not 100% safe?
It beggars the imagination.
But then, so did the 9.11 attack.
Maybe we are just clever monkeys with opposable thumbs.
Maybe H. L. Mencken was right about the limits of what we can know,
when he said,
We are here and it is now.
Further than that all human knowledge is moonshine.???
Or maybe we’re witnessing the phenomenon author Thomas Pynchon
took note of, when he wrote, If they can get you asking
the wrong questions, they dont have to worry about answers.???
Too true, dude. Too true.
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