Feb. 3/07

David Dahan, now former head of Israeli Defense Ministry was found dead in his car near the river Seine in Paris France on January 24, 2007. Dahan has been cooperating with French Police in the matter of the Litvinenko murder investigation. It can now be reported that Dahan was assassinated by an Israeli Mossad British Intelligence team. French Intelligence sources close to the investigation have told this reporter that they are holding four individuals linked to the assassination of Dahan, that are directly tied to the Gary Best Bush Clinton True Colors worldwide assassination group.

The four are now being held in custody.
Note: the cellphone number of Gary Best with a Bosnian area code was found on two of the suspects. The alleged suicide notes found in Dahan’s Paris residence resembled the forgeries in the murder of Vince W. Foster, former Clinton Administration official. (Hello FBI Division #5).

Of course, Foster had become an FBI Informant at the time of his death and was part of the team headed by then V.P. Albert Gore Jr., Leo Wanta, Former FBI Director William Sessions, and General Vernon Walters that were trying to arrest Marc Rich.
Note: It was Daddy Bush‘s Little Bitch, namely Bill Clinton, that pardoned Marc Rich. None of this of course has ever been reported to the American people by the Media.
Further, French Intelligence has now cracked the case linking Dahan to the team that ordered the poisoning of late Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. Litvinenko has now been tied by Italian investigators to the indicted Mario Scaramella, i.e. Curveball. Scaramella of course has been linked to the forged British Intelligence dossier that was used by Bushfraud to go to war in Iraq based on a lie. Note: Scaramella had worked directly with Litvinenko in Rome on the forgery.

And of course it gets worse. It was Valerie Plame the outed CIA Official that had linked Litvinenko and Scaramella to an Israeli Mossad plan to plant WMD in Iraq through Turkey. Plame’s team had also tied Litvinenko to pre-9/11 knowledge involving an Israeli Mossad nest in UAE. Note: French Intelligence has already reported that Bin Laden received treatment for kidney failure in July 2001. The Mossad Team in the UAE, had been in direct contact with the compromised Urban Moving System Mossad Mohammed Atta cells linked to 9/11/01. The French Intelligence pre-9/11 intercepts which were used to warn the United States i.e. Con Artist Rice and Bushfraud, about the impending attack on America in New York City were ignored.


And of course it now gets a lot worse. French Intelligence also intercepted the noted Syrian Fax Blast which included the pre-9/11 knowledge of the rogue Gary Best Inc.-9/11 Plot which included the knowledge of the impending attack by Saddam and Udday Hussein as well as Vladimir Putin. In fact the exact order of attack was leaked in the Fax Blast, that being “the time is now the match is hot.” So it is no surprise that the knowledge of Saddam and Udday about what was to occur on 9/11, that Bush needed to invade Iraq and eliminate the witnesses i.e. Saddam and Udday.

Note: Saddam and Udday were not operationally connected to 9/11 but knew enough about what happened on 9/11 that they had to be silenced, accordingly the War In Iraq, serves the purpose of Obstruction of Justice.

P.S. All this pre-9/11 Intelligence was of course made available to all New York State officials including 9/11 co-conspirator Rudy Gay in the closet Guiliani, and noted HUD scamster Chuck Schumer (D. NY) and last but not least unelectable Mossad operative Hillary Gay Republican in the closed Rodenhurst-Clinton.

Note: Phil Winn linked to both the Bush’s and the Clinton’s, was like Marc Rich pardoned by Daddy Bush’s Little Bitch Bill Clinton.

P.P.S. By the way who is the attorney for Marc Rich, none other than Scooter Libby. Former White House official currently under indictment for perjury in the Valerie Plame CIA Leak Case.

P.P.P.S. It is still getting worse, Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton at this hour is using stolen U.S. Treasury funds i.e. the Reagan-Mitterrand-Wanta Protocol money to bribe New Hampshire State officials to move the New Hampshire Primary forward since the pathetic Unelectable Hillary is not confident that she can carry a Red State even in a Democratic Primary. Her bagman is Marc Rich stooge Terry McAuliffe.

One last note least we forget, don’t forget the role of Queen Elizabeth’s little pedophile Bitch aka Tony Blair, U.K. Prime Minster and his ties to U.S. 2000 Election-fixer Mel Sembler, Scaramella, Litvinenko, and the forged British Intelligence “Yellowcake” Dossier. (Plus 9/11 WMD 199). Blair ordered the assassination of British Weapons David Kelly before Kelly could confront Blair for his outrageous treason.

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