(as told by Grandfather Big Beaver Man)

Many years ago… many years … many years … When Mother Earth was young, all people lived together.  All spoke the same tongue.  All helped each other.  All lived together under Father Sun with the Great Spirit smiling on the People for all people breathed the breath of the Great Spirit.

And then, in time, because life was good and all was bountiful, they did not remember from whence they came .. that all the People breathed the breath of the Great Spirit.  They did not know anymore of how they were, breathing the breath of the Great Spirit. And all the spirits of the Spirit World were saddened and they cried great tears … many tears.  And they fell upon the Earth.

And the rivers and the lakes filled and filled and the sea filled until water covered all the Earth.  And many People were drowned. And some were washed by the waters deep into the cave beneath the Mother. 

And when the waters receded from the tears of the spirit people, there was no life upon the Earth.  And deep in the caves where the people had been washed, there was but mounds of red mud. And in the caves was water, a lake.  And around about the lake was nought but the pillars of red clay.  And Father Sun rose upon the new day and the Earth renewed and the flowers grew, and 
the trees grew and the four legged ones who had sheltered, unlike the stupid people, grew and came back and became many.

Deep within the earth was only the red clay.

And when the Creator looked upon the Earth, he blew breath upon it again, and the wind whistled through the entrance of the caves, deep down inside the Mother.  And the red clay mounds were turned to people.  The People. And they lived under the Earth, around about the lake.  And there they grew and yet they could not speak and did not know of the Ways.

They lived for many a time as that and then the Mother who had renewed, turned her body to face the Sun in a different direction.  And Father Sun’s light penetrated the opening of the deep cave. And the People marvelled for they had not seen the light of Father Sun.  And from the light they found their way from the cave back to the top of the Land. And all was bountiful for the Mother had renewed.  And there were animals for food and vegetables and plants and berries to eat.

And then came Ha-Ouka, who stepped from the Spirit World and gave unto the People the power to speak.  And Ha-Ouka told the People of the story of the People and told them how they were The People.  For the Great Spirit had breathed life into them when they were but red mud.

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And so the People grew.

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