I’d like to relate an unusual ‘dream’ [or astral experience?] I had some time ago. I’m not sure whether it was a vivid dream or a nocturnal astral trip [some believe dreams and astral travel are synonymous, dreams essentially being a ‘tuning in’ to the collective thought forms and dream pools that connect us all… perhaps those above and well as those below the surface of the planet intersect with each other], or my own subconscious mind trying to tell me something.

First, I recall having numerous “underground dreams” ever since I was a young child. I grew up at the base of Little Cottonwood canyon near Salt Lake City, UT, under whose northern slope there is reportedly a base where military and alien personnel interact. Any connection?

In this ‘dream’ I found myself standing at the top of a large shaft. I was in a cavern and there were tunnels all over the place, and a staircase leading downward. However in my dream or astral[?] state I realized that I could float/fly down the shaft instead of walk, so I did, passing several levels, some of which I entered only to find other descending passages or shafts leading deeper.

I came to an underground hallway, and a complex that reminded me of a large building or mall, except underground, yet it seemed to be abandoned [at least that part]. I went into a side room and found what appeared to be stacks of documents or records, almost like newspapers.

I looked at the name of one ‘newspaper’ and recall that the word ‘ASHTAR’ was in the title. Whether this is a real experience or not, one must realize that along with other planets being associated with the ‘Ashtar’ alliance, there are many underground cities which essentially lie right beneath our feet that are also tied-in with that network, such as the neo-Mayan colony under Mt. Shasta, which is just one of the more well-known ‘underground cities’ that lie underneath North America.

I can’t recall everything that was in the ‘paper’, other than the repeated reference to the ‘Nazos’, whom these people seemed to have been at odds with.

I wondered [in the dream] if “Nazo” might have been another name for “Nazi”, but received the impression that they were more than Nazi’s, almost like malevolent aliens in ‘Nazi’ form, or human-alien hybrids that resulted from the Nazi genetic experiments which, according to Vladimir Terziski, has been carried out — in addition to their mind control and anti-gravity research — to at least a ten-fold degree over and beyond the research efforts that were carried out during World War II.

That’s all that I remember of that particular ‘dream’ or ‘trip’, however, I have since pondered over it and believe that, even if it is a product of my own unconscious mind, the experience could hold an element of truth.

First of all, there are many accounts of aliens, particularly of the reptilian variety, who walk among us in human form or guise.

Also, contactee Alex Collier was told by Morenea, a Zenatae from the Andromedan constellation, that many of the eco-political elite on this planet have essentially been “body-snatched” by 5th-dimensional draconian walk-ins [or “break-ins”?]. Here is another site where these “impostors” are discussed, relating to some famous political figures that may shock you [but only at first, once you consider their parts in selling out our sovereignty to the New World Order, Inc., which is probably being sponsored by the Draco’s themselves].

There is also an apparent Nazi connection to the Roswell Incident.

Then there are many reports of Nazi ‘space’ bases on the moon… and Nazi bases under the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica…

and both of the above…

And if all this isn’t enough to satisfy your appetite, learn what freedom loving German nationals have discovered from their own in depth research into the secret Antarctic programs of the National Socialist party.

…UFO’s emblemed with Nazi swastica’s
…”aliens” wearing Nazi uniforms
…”abductions” involving Nazi mind control scenarios
…Just what is going on???

It all began with what was probably one of the most devastating immigration to America. A German by the name of Johannes Rockefeller arrived in America early in her history and gave rise to a family line that would later finance the Nazi revolution in Germany, even to the degree of merging their Standard Oil Company with the Nazi owned and operated I. G. Farben chemical company, which provided Zyklon-B cyanide gas for the German death camps during world war II.

Following the war, there is more than enough evidence to conclude that these American corporate fascists secreted literally thousands of hard-core Nazi’s into the USA, shuffling them into the various levels of the military-industrial-intelligence fraternity which the Rockefellers essentially owned and operated, while at the same time sponsoring U.S. “presidents” who would faithfully remove power from Congress [via vetos, executive orders, the appointing rather than electing of executive branch personnel, and the creation of several secret agencies which operated under security classifications that even the most powerful Congressional overseers were forbidden from acquiring].

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In recent years men like Vladimir Terziski have exposed a literal “vast right-wing conspiracy” involving fascist military-industrial fraternities in Germany, the United States of America, AND in Antarctica of all places… from where hardcore fascists who still believe that Adolph Hitler was a god continue to advance the dark technology which began in the underground bases and concentration camps of World War II Germany. S.S. “purebred” scientists within the alleged Nazi base in Antarctica, code-named the “New Berlin” according to Terziski, have been carrying out — in addition to MIND CONTROL and BIOGENETIC experimentation — continuous research and development in the field of ANTIGRAVITY propulsion, at least to a ten-fold degree over and beyond the research efforts that were carried out by the Nazi scientists during World War II.

Millions are familiar with the so-called “Roswell Incident”, however, few realize the potential Nazi connection to this unusual and enigmatic incident in America’s history.

Our moon program was basically founded on the research of ONE Nazi “rocket” scientist by the name of Werner Von Braun, however many do not realize that not only rocket propulsion but also antigravity propulsion was an integral part of the Nazi space projects. Could the Nazi’s have reached the moon prior to the USA? There are even reports of Nazi ‘space’ bases on the moon… and also of massive Nazi bases under the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica…

And these reports just keep coming…

Even stranger still, it is a known fact that Adolph Hitler read a book by Rosicrucian Grandmaster E. Bulwer Lytton, titled The Coming Race, about a subterraneous race which possessed supernatural technology and who, according to the novel, were intent on one day claiming the surface world for their own. Probably due to his fascination for occult legendary and of mystic tales — such as the Buddhist’s traditions of a vast underground world called Agharti and the Hindu legends of a reptilian cavern world called Patalas, etc. — Adolph became obsessed with the novel and was apparently fanatical over the prospect of an imminent underground invasion of the surface world in the future, and wanted to make alliances with these underground races so that once they emerged he could rule the earth in joint capacity. Some have posed an unusual theory that these underground beings consist of three main types: human-like sorcerers, reptilian humanoids who are apparently a branch off from the ancient raptor-type bi-pedal saurian species who by-passed extinction by escaping into an underground cavern realm [literal dungeons & dragons stuff…], and also short greyish cybernetic drones…

Above and beyond all of this, there are reports of a ‘possible’ Draco-Nazi connection to the base near or under the Denver International Airport.

And a MAJOR CONTROL CENTER for Nazi-Draco collaboration under the Gizeh plateau of Egypt.

Also in addition to reports that Nazi’s had established a collaboration with the Dracos, there are claims this led to the genetic engineering of ‘Nazi’ personnel who looked like blond ‘Aryans’ yet had draconian characteristics also, like four fingers, telepathic abilities, etc…

Also, if that were not enough, there are claims that World War II itself was essentially the outward manifestation of Galactic War III, which was waged between the Sirians [via their British-Masonic representatives on earth] and the Orionites [via their German-Jesuit representatives on earth]. In short, things are not always what they seem.

Apparently, at least in some cases, these ‘Nazi’ collaborators in Antarctica and elsewhere were themselves taken over by 5th dimensional Draco  sort of like the reptilian ‘parasite’ depicted in the movie STAR GATE  which took over the body of an Egyptian boy.

A friend of mine from Canada [who I haven’t heard from in months], who claims to be in contact with people from Tau Ceti, was told that near Paradox, Nevada, there is an entrance to an underground facility which serves as a terminal for deeper ‘alien’ caverns below. This base is jointly occupied by poltergeist-like semi-transparent beings, Dracos, Sirians and several Nazis. The ‘Nazis’, he was told, use human children abducted from the surface to indulge their twisted sexual perversions, the Sirians use the children for genetic research, and the dracos for ‘sustenance’. It is a literal ‘hell’ beneath the earth, at least for these doomed children.

There are others who speak of Nazis [Antarcticans] that have infiltrated en-mass the cavern systems and ancient tunnel-networks left by the Murians and Atlanteans below the western U.S. I personally have found that there is a large concentration of such activity below what I call the draconian triangle [Tehachapi, California; Dugway, Utah; Dulce, New Mexico… and several areas within the ‘triangle’ like Area 51, Page Arizona and so on], although I am not saying that such Draco-Nazi collaboration activity is exclusively limited to that area.

It is interesting though that according to John Grace [aka Val Valerian], when he was going through some old newspapers in New Mexico, circa late 1930’s and early 1940’s, he came across several stories of German ‘tourists’ who were all over New Mexico exploring caves and mines, buying up property, and other kinds of weird activity… suggesting that the Germans [Nazis] may be involved with the Dulce, New Mexico scenario. One heart-retching story that seems to suggest this describes one underground hell-hole that is jointly occupied by dracos and so-called ‘master race’ Aryan-like people, who are apparently products of Adolph Hitler’s master race genetics programs. I believe that Nightmare Hall under the Dulce New Mexico base is being referred to in the following account, and if not, then no doubt a facility that is intricately connected with the same. Check out the second story, ‘Remembrances’.

There is another source that mentions these cavern- dwelling fascists beneath the U.S., who are increasingly being contested by communist forces.

The writer of the above article believes that a Sino-Russian [leftist] alliance will simultaneously attack America AND the underground fascist-alien lairs underneath the continental U.S., and go after the caverns that are occupied by the neo-Nazi “Black Ops” forces which infest the U.S. Military-Industrial complex. If such a conflict does occur, you might want to hide away in a safe place until the “storm” passes so as not to get caught in the crossfire, and I wouldn’t try to stop it, because it’s probably Divine Will that this “purging” takes place, considering that Americans have as a whole failed to engage and defeat the “enemy within” themselves.

True, there have been pockets of “resistance” here and there, such as in the Dulce Wars, however these have not been very effective, in that only those with the highest security classifications were able to take part in such actions, and honestly, if the “government” is not going to let the people as a whole know what’s going on so that they can SUPPORT such military efforts, then what little efforts ARE made will be futile. This is not the fault of any one person, but rather the fault of the secrecy basis of the entire intelligence “machine”. The “government” in SOME cases may have had honest motives in maintaining the cover-up in order to prevent “panic”, however in order to maintain the coverup they had to justify “deadly force”, and the system of secrecy took on a life of its own… a system that is in fact subject to manipulation by the “regressive” forces operating from within the underground levels. So the very coverup that was originally meant to protect us has become the very weapon that the “aliens” are using to enslave us. As the ancient Chinese saying goes… “Beware when fighting a dragon that you do not become one.”

So essentially things have gone “way out of control” [a phrase that you will here often among those who have “inside connections”]. Fact is, the “government” can not and will not save us… since it has — especially within the executive-military-industrial levels — been infiltrated to the core. The only thing that can defeat the forces of alien collectivism is INDIVIDUALS like you and me, and that only by the grace of God Almighty.

Incidentally, some abductees, from what I have heard, have been taken to underground bases where they have seen swastikas on the walls, or have seen UFO craft with the same symbol. There are many sources which tend to confirm the Nazi- UFO connection.

It seems however to be that a worst-case scenario might be to encounter a Draco Aryan [Nazi] hybrid or a Nazi ‘possessed’ by a fifth density Draco  if not a few poltergeists who are along for the ride. That is, the worst that the angelic, human and reptilian races have to offer, all integrated into one entity. Let us hope that we never have the misfortune of encountering such an unholy creature, unless it is at the hollow end of our shot gun!

Was this the type of creature that Barney Hill encountered with his wife Betty, an integral part of the mother of all abduction cases? In the book MYSTERIES OF THE MIND, SPACE & TIME, page 1379, Barney Hill is quoted as making the following statement under regressive hypnosis:

“…another figure has an EVIL face… he looks like a German NAZI… His eyes!

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His eyes. I’ve never seen eyes like that before.”

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