This is what one means when people say orders come from above the President???.

The CIA and Omega Agency and are both set up similarly. Worldwide there are thousands that take their orders directly from the Omega Agency’s ruling council. The ruling council consists of 10 to 12 people, possibly including George Bush and many others like him. The driving force behind the New World Order???, they OA’s office is on Langley AFB. In a time of less than five das, they plan to establish their NWO, for lack of a better term.

When President Reagan was shot, Alexander C. Haig made a statement to the press that  I’m in charge now.??? Shortly after, he was accused of various things that ruined his name politically. Members of Congress aware of his OA council position did this. If Reagan died, Bush would have been president and Haig as Secretary of State, both of whom are on the OA council. But, Haig faded into the background because of the commotion raised by some members of Congress. When the Gulf War started, Bush used the words

New World Order??? in his speech to the nation and that this marked the beginning of the NWO. The Gulf War was a test of how multi-national troops could work together. The same goes for Somalia and Bosnia. All were nations under the command of the UN which is controlled by the OA. The OA’s reasoning is that crime is out of control globally. People are also out of control, as many never take responsibility for themselves or their actions. They also believe that population growth is out of control globally, and that the judicial system of the US and the governments of most countries is a joke, corrupted and polluted by many things. Under an OA government, those who are mentally and physically able to work will and if they are already in a job or profession will continue to do so. Even if you are drawing welfare, but are in good physical condition, you will work. To the OA, what you do to amuse or entertain your self doesn’t matter, as long as it contributes to society. Many crimes will not be tolerated, and if the crime is against another person or society, will be met with death penalty. People who misdemeanor crimes will be sent to work farm, which grow food, manufacture things, etc. Crimes like drive by shooting will be punished with immediate death. The policing of populous areas will be done by chosen previous military men and women with special ops experience. After locating a perpetrator they will be told of that they are guilty and give them a bullet in the head. If the person’s crime does not warrant the death penalty, the Public Security Officer will take them to a work farm, and if they resist, will be shot on the spot.

The PSO has the authority to be the judge jury and executioner of the punishment declared by the OA. Population control will be accomplished by mandatory birth control by all people. Abortion will be freely available and there will be zero tolerance for child-bearing when not married. If a couple goes over the two child limit, despite birth control, they will have to abort it or put in more work to compensate for the extra burden on society. Under some religious doctrines, birth control and abortion will be encouraged or even mandatory. This relates to Al Gores 1997 closed door meeting with NASA officials and religious leaders. Another purpose of the OA is the extraterrestrials, who are living and working on this planet with the OA. They are helping NASA with devising a plan to restore the planet’s environment after the OA takes over. Their man purpose is to help the OA stop the violent, out of control human race. When we accomplished the first manned space flight, it made the ET’s believe that we would soon move out into the universe and they don’t want our ways to infest their society, as they know we are warlike and greedy. They agreed to help the OA advance our technology and repair the damage to our environment in exchange for the OA changing the ways of the world and bring humans in line with other planet’s societies.

The reason the OA has not yet taken control yet is because forces within the existing government, the NSA and CIA in particular, know what their plans are and oppose to them. While the OA believes in personal freedoms, while still contributing to society, the CIA wants a communist style government set up worldwide. The CIA/NSA/Air Force try and maintain secrecy about the ET presence, unlike the OA. When the OA comes to power, they plan to tell the world about things ranging from the running of drugs to the presence of ET’s on Earth for 50 plus years. To the OA thinking, the ends really do justify the means. The Internet is monitored closely by the CIA, NSA, and the OA as the Net is world’s most dangerous tool because it is uncontrolled. When the government says to  watch??? someone translates into keeping track of them through any means, and if they stumble on the truth of the matter, and aren’t quite about it is  taken out.??? This is considered an open license to kill to protect the OA from exposure to the public until necessary. The plan for the OA as a one world governing body has been in the work for awhile. It is said that it cannot be stopped. The people who oppose the establishment of the OA’s New World Order, and cannot, through persuasion or manipulation, be brought into line, will be eliminated as threats to society.

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