Part 2

proceeded to search the Southeast Asian Jungles. This is why Nixon changed his “Vietnam Plan.” At that time. Later, as we shall see, he had a more urgent reason.
That reason was Chappaquiddick.
Mary Jo told her mother of three decisions — or tried to, three days before Chappaquiddick. Her room mate and her fiancee knew (they have been secreted). 1. Get married, 2. Quit Democratic politics (she had just discovered the New Jersey Kennedy-Mafia picture in Newark and Jersey City, where she worked for indicted Mayor Whelan. She went through Bobby’s personal papers in L.A. and announcer “I will never work for a Kennedy again. Too many killings.” She knew about Dallas. 3. Join her new idol — Nader — in cleaning up the crap of both Mafia parties.
She went to Chappaquiddick — for old times sake — and to notify everybody of this.
Before she could do this the calls started. Gentle, the cottage owner’s rental agent, had plugged the phone into the wall jack behind the day bed in the cottage (a Senatorial rule — always a phone on hand). Tunney called Teddy, from his sister’s home in Tiburon, across the bay from San Francisco.
In 1967, after Alioto became Mayor, Onassis and Kennedy stated — after a conference — that Alioto would someday be president. At the time of Chappaquiddick Alioto was desperate. His hit-run cover-up had blown the presidency. Even Johnson’s six-day-before-election bombing halt couldn’t save it. Northern California campaigning was denied to Humphrey and Muskie — by the cover-up exposure — and he lost the state, and the presidency, by that margin — 100,000 votes. So, just before Chappaquiddick, Alioto and the Mafia back room boys attempted to persuade his primary rival for the governor’s race — Unruh — to run instead for Senator against Tunney. Tunney, Kennedy’s personal pick for Senator, was furious and he called Teddy at the cottage — in front of everybody there. Terrible tempered Teddy called Alioto and the Mafia type conversation brought back memories of Mafia Jersey City and Newark — and Bobby at L.A. and JFK at Dallas — to Mary Jo. More calls to Teddy’s friends — four of them — arranging

Page Sixty Two

Kennedy Mafia style retribution for Alioto (These five calls were charged to the cottage phone number and Teddy’s credit card. Courtesy to the owners. After all, no murder had occurred, yet.). Mary Jo — with a few drinks — was boiling. She told Teddy what she planned to do and in — anger — said she was going to Nader and getting off the island “now” — any way she could. She departed — in anger — and slammed the door (This is one of the few true statements in the inquest report). Without her purse — even. Teddy grabbed Keough’s and caught up with her in the car. Promising to take her to the ferry, Mary Jo got in — but angry, in the back seat. At the crossroads Teddy stopped to try to cool her off. The cop stopped, and Teddy, in panic, headed for the beach. It would never do to have a cop hear angry Mary Jo. At the bridge Mary Jo clutched his upper right arm — screaming “Take me to the ferry.” It was enough — sudden and in frantic violence — to start the car veering over the rail. Sudden violence was the response. Teddy backhanded Mary Jo and broke her nose and bailed out — on the bridge. Mary Jo went into the pond — in her tomb. Teddy’s head hit the curb, but he came up sprinting. Sprinting back down the road, expecting to meet the cop — to whom he could cry “accident.” Past the first phone, and the second and the third — still no cop. All the way back to the cottage. Markham and Gargan rowed him to Edgartown. He appeared to the motel clerk, promptly, and then proceeded to make phone calls from the motel phone — again deliberately on his credit card — since, at that time, Gargan was scheduled to take the rap.
While Kennedy and Markham and Gargan were arranging for Mafia cover-up — Mary Jo was still alive. She lived — in complete terror — for two hours and thirteen minutes — in her tomb. She might have lived until the driver found her in the morning, except for one thing — her broken nose. That now was a snorkel for the air layer on the floor boards. But, after 2 hours and 13 minutes in that cold salt water her broken bloodied tissue swelled shut. She died of suffocation. One final desperate gulp and another good one was gone. They say it took Christ eight hours to die — of suffocation — on the cross. Mary Jo didn’t even get the eight. Her busted beak fixed that. And, Of course, that is why an autopsy was prohibited. Broken noses don’t heal after death.
Cardinal Cushing and the Kennedy priests rose the defense of Teddy. Priest Costa — at Judge Paquet’s side on the bench — threatened Gentle with eternal damnation. Kopechne priests conned Ma and Pa Kopechne — said Pa: “We don’t care if there was foul play. We are satisfied.”
(The third secret of Fatima was to have been revealed in 1960, but Pope John XXIII decided against it. The secret: “Cardinals and bishops will oppose bishops. Satan will march in their ranks, and will reach the summit of the church. The Great War will happen in the second half of the 20th Century.” Second half: 1950-1999. This is 1971.)

Page Sixty Three

Christ was born in April, in the year 6 BC It was a natural birth. Christmas was established because of a vacancy period in the ancient Catholic religious calendar. He was judged by Romans and crucified by Romans. The bible is a good book. He did those things and he said those things. He said much more. He had other commandments. “Kill cancer” was one (Doctors have been doing this for years. They don’t jail it or release it on bail, or allow crooked judges or the Mafia legal system to “fix it.” They kill it — if they can — before it kills the victim.) “Murderers on the cross — Not Me,” was another one (Those were his dying words. And Mary Jo was thinking them.).
In the year 325, the religious hierarchy made a deal with Emperor Constantine. For survival. “You leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone,” said the Emperor. “And skip that ‘murderers on a cross’ bit. And delete that ‘Kill Cancer.’ Cheerist, that’s us you’re talking about. Put in something about ‘Turn the other cheek’ — and then you create all the myth and imagery you want to — create all the titles and hierarchy you want to — go your way and we’ll go ours, creating our own myth and imagery — our own ruling society and senates. Hereafter we will declare it illegal to discuss religion and politics.”
In the year 500, the book came out — altered slightly, as described, and these two “handmaidens” — as Bernadette Devlin bitterly describes them — proceeded to murder through history.
Recently, Cardinal Spellman arranged with JFK for the first troops in Vietnam. “There,” said JFK, “they stay until I am re-elected.” Not so. Onassis murdered him at Dallas and snatched, Mafia style, his broad and his shotgun — Jackie and the Pentagon. Cardinal Cushing sanctified Onassis and Jackie, and Teddy at Chappaquiddick. Archbishop McGucken sanctifies Alioto and the entire Papal hierarchy sanctifies the Mafia, MMORDIS, and cancer, and cloaks their murder in confessionals. For a fee. “Bring your checkbook, Onassis.”
After Chappaquiddick, Johnson made a deal with Dickie. “Stop knocking it, Dickie — you’re into it too. And give my boy, Connally, the keys to the treasury. Come down to my memorial library dedication and get your religious handmaiden — Billy Graham — to sanctify all this shit, and remember what I said: It’s better to have Hoover inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.” Dickie obeyed. Graham spouted about

Page Sixty Four

the “American Dream.” Dickie said “The two party system is an absolute essential to our democratic system.”
That’s the system which sponsored Joseph P. Kennedy, Elliott Roosevelt, Young Churchill, Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt — and Onassis — in the 1932 introduction of illegal booze from England and Onassis’ Marseilles heroin and Onassis’ South American cocaine into the United States (Today the heroin comes from Southeast Asia — courtesy of the CIA, while they search through the Yunnan for minerals, and plant missiles in Thailand).
Blackmail from that single deed sat Onassis in the White House and no. 10 Downing Street. Self regulation and Mafia looting proceeded — Joseph P. and the S.E.C., the A.B.A., Mafia elections, Mafia candidates. For a third term, Roosevelt wanted World War II. Joseph P. and Onassis had already blackmailed Churchill — again. Roosevelt rigged the murder of 40 million humans in World War II. Hitler could have been squashed at any time. The Republican Mafia refused to mention the fact that Roosevelt was an insane Mafia creep — in the election of 1944. Mafia courtesy. And Roosevelt was elected. We, of course, then, had Yalta. The Republican Mafia refused to mention the fact that Teddy Kennedy was a murdering Mafia slob during Teddy’s 1970 Senatorial race. Mafia courtesy. And Kennedy was elected. We, of course, now have Teddy as the leading presidential candidate. Chuckled Tunney, “Nobody can impeach us Senators.” (His sister took a hike to Europe — after Chappaquiddick — because of Tunney’s call from her Tiburon house. She was kidnapped by Mari and Adamo — two of San Jose Bonanno’s killers — kept for two months, hyped, released in Marseilles — and then when hubby squawked at all the hiding she chopped his head off. She is currently buried in a nut house in England (Mari and Adamo were pressed into a wrecked-car press — and today Sciacca, Bonanno’s successor in New York, has been indicted for questioning into that).
The exposure of the key — Mafia candidate selection and Mafia election process of the Mafia back room Party boys — brought about the order for my family’s murder — by the President, whom I elected because of an Alioto hit-run cover-up on Sept. 16, 1968.
The exposure of all the historical layers of shit at Chappaquiddick is out in the open for every human to read. The Pope, Mafia parties. Self-regulation, rape of the constitution, crooked hack judicial system, Mafia legal system, Onassis and the hard core Mafia, McNamara and the World Bank, Ted Sorenson and General Motors, the Mafia Presidency,

Page Sixty Five

Mafia Congress, State Legislature, City Halls, Coroners, medical examiners, news media, TV. Name anything — it’s all represented there in full view. All with their hooded asses on Mary Jo’s grave — even Ma and Pa Kopechne.
Any of you females out there who read this could be Mary Jo tomorrow. Any male could be me — on the murder block. Any child could be one of Newsom’s barbecued nieces. Of 100 thou of you could go as 100 million did at Hiroshima — on a whim by Truman — against the advice of the eight big scientists who developed the weapon. Or 100 million of us could go — about half — if the original plan for World War III, set up by Onassis at Appalachin in 1957 is carried out. That called for state by state Mafia vote rigging to get Joseph P.’s son John in the White House. It worked and in 1960 Onassis purchased America. He moved into the White House with his old friend Joseph P. Kennedy, who was also Hoover’s close friend (JFK and Bobby welched somewhat and they were bumped. Teddy bowed to Onassis in August, 1968, on his yacht and he was saved). World War III was — maybe still is — to be a nuclear noose around Russia and China — the last remaining haters of the Mafia — a limited Nuclear War to blow off the other half of the globe — entirely — with only about half of us exterminated. Constant prods: Vietnam, Greece, Turkey, Mid-East — all on the far side — missiles planted in all of them — right at the commie borders — West Germany to South Korea (One missile site near Greece had to be moved back a mile — it had been planted on Russian soil).
Or — one man could destroy it all. It’s easy. He could booby trap himself with a new field of physics. Ten seconds before Hiroshima — who, of the dead ones could conceive of an atom bomb? He could distribute proof, in various ways, for timed release. With a button pushing effect. He could tie the two together. Scared Mafia hating countries — and minerals.
What if he were on the murder block? Don’t you think he’d remember that deleted commandment — Christ’s last words — “Murderers on the cross — not me”?
Mary Jo’s tortured last thoughts.
They both want off the cross. He’s been up there 2000 years. The church symbolizes that tortured, skinny, spiked body and advises “Turn the other cheek.” And the State chops that one off too.
Christ says: “Get me off this cross. I’ll show you how to kill cancer. I’ll clear up the cover-up. All 2000 years of it. First I’ll wanna talk to the Pope. Second, Dickie and Teddy and Onassis.”
Fatima says: “Satan will reach the summit of the church. The great war will happen in the second half of the 20th Century.” That’s a quote. But we’re halfway through that last half of the century. And you can

Page Sixty Six

comprehend missiles as well as you can comprehend the strata of shit exposed as Chappaquiddick or at Franklin and Lombard on Sept. 16, 1968. Why worry about something new in high density physics?
Jefferson said: “Political power belongs to the people. If tyranny corrupts then the public should be informed. They should be educated so that they can control their own destiny.”
Richeford (or somebody) said: “Presidents fear one thing. An historian. One with knowledge, who writes of current history — and traces it back. This man has the power to rewrite the inscriptions on tombstones. And shape the course of the history he writes about.”
(I think, when I read this, of Nixon and Johnson at Johnson’s Memorial Library dedication. A mammoth monument to MMORDIS. And Dickie’s vow: “I will never allow a president of the United States to be demeaned.” And a congressional resolution: “Death to anyone who demeans Congress.” And then I note that Teddy will officiate at the dedication next week of the mammoth Kennedy Memorial in Washington and I recall the memorials of JFK and Bobby in Arlington National Cemetery — two who were murdered by the Mafia because they welshed on the Mafia — and reside there with innocent GI corpses, some of whom they murdered, and Roosevelt murdered and Truman murdered — and through it all the murdering fingers of Joseph P. Kennedy and Onassis and the Mafia boys in the back room who own Congress and the presidents — and I remember a man hanging somewhere, spiked to a dilapidated cross, and a beautiful girl buried in an isolated Pennsylvania grave with a broken nose and not a visit from her Chappaquiddick friends or her ‘satisfied’ Ma and Pa — and I think back to Teddy, our next presidential candidate, hosting those hordes of ‘American’ well wishers, and grinning and I…)
Write the following quote — my own words:
“Aristotle (not Onassis) said: ‘Give me a pivot and a long lever and I will lift the world.’
That’s a simple experiment. A written history became the lever.
An historian (not Aristotle) has placed a weight of writings on the long end of that lever. The pivot arrived at Chappaquiddick.
Daily, the lever of history lengthens. And this writer pushes the weight further out. And adds a chapter. And then he listens for the creaks. And then he writes chapters on these. And adds that. And assistants push the weight further out.
That’s an interesting experiment.”
Jefferson said, “Educate ‘em.’
Have you learned anything yet?
Perhaps you don’t wish to. Greenagel, Nixon, Hoover, et al are burning

Page Sixty Seven

They’ve been around the full 45 years of this conspiracy. Anyone could have corrected it at any time. No one did.
Life is short. Eternity is long. He wants off the cross. I’ll have credit for a ticket when I get there. I’d like to have the number two job in eternity — that’s what I want. I despise this Mafia shit so much that I not only have arranged to take them with me but also to hang them on crosses over a hot fire and barbecue them through eternity — like Newsome’s nieces.
“Murderers on the cross — Not me,” says he. “Kill cancer.”
Fair enough. I’ll do that. There. Or here.
This is a lawsuit. These papers.
It is a corporation charter.
Since Congress and the legal system is Mafia, and illegal, exact filing will have to await correction.
That correction includes qualified candidates — selection by testing, grading, etc. — no lie, no cheat, no steal, no bribe, no conspiracy. Compulsory. Best eleven must run for each office. Immediate recall for first stutter. Three congressional shifts — 24 hrs. a day — seven days a week. A tour of duty, like sentries in an army camp. For bribery — confiscation of all property and 20 years at productive labor. Offering a bribe (lobbyists): death.
Elections on income tax day. Written campaign statements — by each pre-qualified candidate — mailed out with income tax forms on January 1st. Four months for a voter to read them. They are signed. First lie gets prison. 206 million people vote — all of us — compulsory. Pa votes for the kids — they breathe the same polluted air and drink the same tainted water that we do. To them he’s the deity — and he votes for them. Voting in this way will phase out the necessity for filing an income tax return. That personal income tax return is all Mafia take.
Mafia criminal statutes of limitation — on crime? Torn up. Expost facto laws on crime? Torn up. Padlocking the barn door after the horse is stolen — that’s fine — as long as the horse is tracked down and returned, with interest, plus penalties.
Nader estimates $200 billion a year in corporate criminal thievery.
Crime statistics estimate $200 billion a year in hard core criminal loot.
Mafia governmental take is about $100 billion a year — that’s Federal, State and local.
There it is. Half a trillion a year. Criminal loot. Half the gross national product. That is why the nation, the states and the cities are broke and in debt. Six million Mafia hoods are robbing the 200 million. Murder, bribery, treason, conspiracy — every crime known to man.
That’s for one year. But back through time — oh yes — back to the signing of the constitution — 200 years — every crooked judge’s ruling, every congressional cover-up. Plus penalties and damages. It comes to trillions. It is collectible. The constitution

Page Sixty Eight

restored to its original intent.
It comes to $100 thousand, or more, apiece — cash. With a six million cancer work force — producing to pay of their damages — to the 200 million who have been robbed, who’s families have been murdered by war, disease, pollution — or — heroin? A shot in the back of the head to any pusher.
This could force the correction of commie tyranny — or dictatorship tyranny, anywhere. It could be a U.N. race to clean up shit — instead of a race to blow us all to hell.
The law suit — hereby filed — in the public’s “right to know” — under the law of humanity — can never be placed under Mafia “secrecy” laws. It can be established over a four day holiday — a fly over and a body count of humans in the open. 51% of the population would mover qualified interim candidates into Mafia congressional seats — in an orderly fashion. Surely these Mafia Senators — who committed treason when they took their oath of office, and bribery when they accepted their first “campaign fund” or “lobbyist offer,” and conspiracy the moment they joined the club of silence on matters already mentioned briefly here in — would agree to this.
That church that squats its hooded ass on Mary Jo’s grave has more than a hundred billion in tax-free assets. Have you ever seen an accounting? Foundations have $50 billion. Criminal corporate loopholes leave another hundred billion. That would pay a lot of taxes.
It would take many millions of us — full time — just to investigate the fraud of the last 45 years — let alone the last 200 — or the last 2000, back to the murder of Christ. That’s employment. Collecting that would be downright fun.
I will control that corporation (or my heirs will). I trust me. I work for the man on the cross. And I’m not even religious. When he gets off that cross he can go his way and I’ll go mine. I don’t want anybody telling me whether I can or can’t have a martini. We, as citizens, can do anything we damn well please within the boundaries of common decency. It’s only those selected sentries in Congress patrolling the perimeter — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — that can’t make a mistake. They’ll be floodlighted and covered with a muzzle every step of their rounds. And we’ll be expecting good clean original thoughts about what’s good for us — at all times. Most of them will be happy when their tour of duty ends — but at least it won’t be the way it is now — The Tuesday to Thursday Mafia Club in Washington — all of them — selling the Mafia the right to slit our throats while we sleep.
Read on — for documentation — and solutions. Or burn it — as the Mafia does. Other reading arrangements have been made — in countries that are interested. And still other arrangements have

Page Sixty Nine

been made involving panel adjustments in missile silos.
It’s a timed affair.
He wants off the cross.
And murderers up.
He’s gonna get the job done. At last his law has teeth.
Mine. Right where they should be — as Nader says — in the jugular.
Doesn’t it strike you as odd that no “man of God” anywhere — and there are hundreds of thousands — would read such a thing as this from his pulpit?
And they know. Billy Graham knows. The Papal hierarchy squatting on Mary Jo’s grave knows.
Presidents know. Legislators know. The six million Mafia MMORDIS cancer know. They own communications.
Someone said: “It’s too bad J.C. didn’t own a printing press.
Well, I think he just found one.
I know he found his teeth.

Page Seventy

Feb. 10, 1972

I write this from the hallway outside the intensive care ward of Hahnemann’s Hospital. In a room over there is my father. “Critical” — says the doctor. “Critical” — says the nurse. “There isn’t much hope,” says doctor 2. Transfusions and all that stuff.
On Sept. 16, 1968 — when Alioto clobbered my car — he was healthy. Emphysema, but not bad. That was three and a half years ago. Then, he was campaigning for Nixon and working with local Republicans. The Democrats were crooks and the Republicans were for law and order — said he. Today, his bodily symptoms aren’t bad — but — he has a bleeding ulcer. He never drank booze in his life — once played professional football. Ulcer source? Nerves. He and mother have waited daily for a Yablonski blast. And for people to show up to take depositions about the most monstrous Mafia conspiracy in history. His Republican “friends” disappeared. And then a year and a half ago you were to appear — at his house — to hake depositions and examine copies of evidence I left with him — for that purpose. Friends, foreigners, and mother and father read them. But you didn’t show. A year ago, Fellmeth, from St. Louis, said he had just talked to you and that some of your sleuths would be there soon. No show. One day he said, “Nader isn’t going to come, is he?” I told him, “No, they bought him off — Nixon, Onassis, Kennedy, Billy Graham and the Pope.” I remember asking Harry Miller a year ago if Nader was Mafia and was surprised when he said calmly “I don’t know.” After the October collapse of your consumers party — when you didn’t show and the Mafia wound up on the board of directors and Harry Miller hid from me in the same manner you did — my father hit hospital road rather regularly. Ulcers on his feet. Nervous stomach. Heart worries. At night he’d wake up at any noise and wake mother and tell her, “Here comes the shotguns. Go do something.” He was helpless, you see, Nader. Hasn’t been out of bed for months. Living for one thing — to get the truth out. He believed your propaganda — that you were the last remaining hope for a clean country. He doesn’t any more.
(A quote from James Reston, I believe — “The difference between a Mafia dictatorship and a democracy is that the Mafia dictatorship suppresses the truth and a democracy searches for the truth.” How come you run the other way, Nader?)
I have placed a heavy price on murder, Nader. Mary Jo’s to my own family. Accessories — before and after the fact — to Gene Caesar, who clobbered Bobby at L.A. and Iron Bob Mahue who directed the series for Onassis’ “Hughes” from Dallas through Memphis and L.A., and purchased President Nixon, plus Humphrey, O’Brien, all the Kennedys — and you. It is covered under a separate document (currently out in several languages) — labeled “The Murder Of The Family Of The Man Who Elected Nixon By President Nixon.” Would you like a copy?

Page Seventy One

And speaking of “last hopes,” Ellsberg wrote a centerpiece for the new magazine “Ms” — sponsored by Elizabeth Harris, Gloria Steinem and Barbara Phillips, an attorney (a new political party of women formed here in San Francisco to collect their votes to clean up this country). Said Ellsberg: “This group of women is the last remaining hope to kill the cancer that’s killing this country.” They featured his article in this charter edition. I read it. And then Barbara Phillips appeared on TV — as you did a year and a half ago — pleading for money to help their glorious cause to “cure the cancer.”
So I called her on Feb. 4, this year. “Barbara, I saw Nader on TV a year and a half ago in which he pleaded for money. I arranged for a big chunk of money for him four days later. I saw you in TV the other day asking for money. Your aims sound better than Nader’s. I can arrange some money for you.” She: “You sound like some kind of an angel.” Me: “Not exactly — but I do get the job done.” She: “When did you get interested in the consumer movement?” Me: “Sept. 16, 1968 — two months before the last presidential election, when I presented a legal matter to the legal firm of Nixon and Mitchell.” She: “Now I really am interested. Come and see me Tuesday at 11:a.m., 1204 International Building.”
I was there at 11 — and shades of Derrough at CBS — she had been briefed and I was out at 11:10. And before I arrived, I rather figured that, since I had been informed that she was some kind of a friend of Nicholas Katsenbach — Johnson’s Attorney General — and was a specialist in international law — and had an office in the firm of Patrick, Buchanan and Phillips — believed to be specialists in international law — you know, oil, minerals, banking, corporations — the multinational bit which the CIA supports — and the adjoining offices were those of Indonesian Oil. Her previous client was ushered out from behind a closed office door and I was ushered in and the door left open. At least she wasn’t as crude as Mafia Derrough at CBS, who conducted his fantasy in the receptionists lobby with a hood reading over my shoulder. The subject was the same.
She was cold, non-communicative, negative. Her manner was Papal, rather than hard core Maf.
I handed her the first Nader letter and the preface. She read it and stated, “I don’t see how this concerns me.” Me: “You asked for money on TV. You can have any amount you want. That’s any amount. Nader got a small chunk — as you can see. Your magazine — and you, on TV — state that you wish to be a political power and clean up cancer.

Page Seventy Two

“As I said to Nader — one of your group can be the president. Members of your group can be Senators and Congress people. Your magazine can have a Pulitzer Prize. I offered that once to Dick Carlson. A United Nations attorney once told me I could have it all. I offer it to you. The evidence is here for you to clean up the cancer — your central theme. As a reporter I covered the Progressive Party formation in 1936 — and watched it fold — and last October the Consumers’ try for a 3rd party folded before it started — ruined by Nader’s cancellation, because of me. I can put yours together — with money and reform — your requests, remember? — or watch it fold.” She: I will have to take that up with the group. I have your phone number. I will call you. Good-bye.”
Me (a few quick shots): “Gene Caesar murdered Bobby Kennedy. Three shots in the back of the head. JFK got his from the overpass in fronts — one shot that blew off the back of his head. Mahue ran the assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King and Bobbie. That’s IBM — Iron Bob Mahue — who was first hired by the CIA to assassinate Castro. He now wants $50 million from Onassis for his deeds. Hughes died on April 16, 1971. He was hyped by Onassis in 1957 in conjunction with Apalachin, where the 1960 Mafia outright purchase of the United States was arranged.” (Lanza — Alioto’s S.F. godfather — was present at Apalachin — and also at my side on the street at Franklin and Lombard on the morning of Sept. 17, 1968, when I was picking up debris from my car which had been clobbered by Alioto the night before. Said he to me: “Get out of the street, you’ll get sunstroke. Nothing happened here. It’ll be taken care of.” I had seen him before at Alioto’s son-in-law’s pizza joint — and that, of course, helped me to know the global nature of Alioto’s hit-run cover-up within a few short days.) “Onassis’ ‘Hughes’ empire is the Mafia money funnel which ‘washes’ money and purchases presidents such as Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson — and their contestants too — such as Humphrey. Peking has phrases such as ‘Chappaquiddick Big Dickie’ and ‘Chappaquiddick Little Dickie’ — meaning Nixon and Richard Carlson. Dickie is crawling to Peking because of this: I asked Nixon to sell my stones for me — just after I told him what happened at Chappaquiddick — three weeks after it happened. His hatchet man just held them for a year — that’s all. But two weeks after I left them I sold others around the world — along with the history that went with them. Chiang Ching has one of my stones — together with the history that goes with it — and she tells Mao what to do. I didn’t accept

Page Seventy Three

money. I purchased information. That is how I purchased the Onassis diary. What is censored here is not censored there. 37 of the countries which purchased my stones — and the history that goes with them — voted against the United States in the United Nations — and ousted the Dope Pushing handmaidens Chiang Kai Shek and Cardinal Lin from the United Nations and invited China in. Taiwan — for whom Dickie’s boy Reagan says, “We will fight World War III to defend,” — and Dickie’s boy, Senator Murphy, bribes for — and Teddy’s boy, Tommy ‘The Cork’ Corcoran, washes the loot through the Miami National Bank. America is going down the drain. Don’t these things interest you?”
She, coldly: “No. They are out of my field.”
Me: “I have a second Nader letter with me — a copy thereof, which is currently on its way around the world picking up endorsements by various world leaders. The people who read it are the leaders of the civilized non-Mafia world. They are intensely interested. It either has been of will be delivered to Nader — with the endorsements. It is worth all of the money and political power that exists. Here it is. Would you like to read it?”
She, coldly: “No.”
Me: “You can have all the money you want, elect one of your women to the presidency, clean up the cancer, as you and your group and your magazine specify to be your purpose. Pulitzer Prizes, fringe benefits. I offer it to you. Free. Now. Do you want it?”
She, coldly: “No. Good-bye.”
Me: “Good-bye.”
And on the way out I paused in front of the Indonesian Oil offices as I remembered that this day Rogers had said we may have to dump Thieu in South Vietnam and the communists might take it all back again, as they did in 1954 at Dien Bien Phu, and that would cancel all the fat Nixon, Rockefeller, Getty, Onassis, Connally, Johnson, etc., Indonesian oil leases and the CIA Air America geological raids into Yunnan Province, and of course the CIA-Onassis heroin flow from the Taiwan run “Golden Triangle,” and knock the Vatican loose from part of its Fatima #2 booty (Vietnam and Taiwan — and possibly the Philippines and India). Almost like a “domino theory,” right Nader? — Only this time collapsing around the Vatican-Mafia handmaidens with their bloody hands in the till.
I guess it had to happen sooner or later, Nader. A man can get mighty tired of hanging on a cross for 2000 years. Would you like to try it?

Page Seventy Four

At any rate, Nader, the name of the game is dissipate and destroy. Right.? Corner the voting blocks and steer them to women’s liberation or stir them up over bum deodorants. Don’t you agree? You and Barbara Phillips. Clean, sweet, treasonous, murderous cancer.
A quote. Today’s L.A.Times. D.J.R. Bruckner: “What we are seeing now is panic at the very top of our government.”
Oh yes, Nader. The legal Mafia, which you and Barbara espouse — in total cancerous treason — is shuddering a bit. The Vatican-Billy Graham Mafia cringes a little. And those Mafia who own the press and TV (one of whom is Onassis, whose “Hughes” TV station has been airlifted to Peking to beam back Dickie’s image by way of a “Hughes” Intelsat satellite over an Onassis controlled Comsat satellite system, while a bill is waiting quietly in Congress — to be attached to the first convenient “urgent” major bill — which will grant “Hughes” the world rights to launch a private world wide satellite system — those Media Mafia are feeling stomach pangs).
A quote. LA Times. Column of TRB on press censorship: “We aren’t even allowed to ask Nixon why he pardoned Jimmy Hoffa.” The reason, Nader, is because Hoffa “loaned” Loeb, of the Manchester Union Leader, $2 million. Loeb is the one to whom telephone credit card records of Teddy’s phone calls to and from the cottage at Chappaquiddick were given. He published part of them. And all were copied and are out (Would you like to see them? Breshnev has copies). But Loeb was asked by Dickie to bury those records. And Loeb asked Dickie to get his “friend,” Hoffa out of prison. And the deal was made. Reporter Arthur Egan — to whom the records originally came (from a phone employee), was assigned to go to work on Hoffa’s freedom. Eventually everybody from Mitchell through Texas Willie Wilson — Justice Criminal Chief, recently dumped because of Texas Mafia dealings — got into the act — and Hoffa is free to murder more.
I’m going back in that room down the hall and check on just how well the CIA-Mafia-Nixon “slow murder” is working on my father — and get my mother home — because she stumbles a little — she’s 83 — so that she can sit there all alone and wait for the Yablonski bit. It’s a sweet life Nader — when you think that — as I told Nixon — pre-election, 1968 — he could clean it all up right then — and you, a year and a half ago, the same thing — and you both earned places on crosses. As Chappaquiddick Dickie says, “Presidents must earn their places in history.” So be it. I am the dirtiest son-of-a-bitch in the world.

Page Seventy Five

He’s still alive, Nader. Full of tubes and needles. All he can really do is blink his eyes. But he did whisper something. Said he: “Kill ‘em.”
That’s a paternal order, Nader. Should I listen to him, Nader? Or to you, and Chappaquiddick Dickie, Teddy, Onassis and the Pope, who persuaded the Kopechnes to say “We don’t care if Mary Jo was murdered. We are satisfied.”
Mary Jo isn’t. But of course your legal Mafia, Onassis’ press Mafia and the Vatican Mafia have arranged that she can’t be heard. Wouldn’t it be a thing if she somehow could have arranged to booby trap herself as she suffocated for 2 hours and 13 minutes in Teddy’s floorboard airbubble trying to breathe through her buster snorkel, and fix things so that when all the hooded assholes had squatted securely on her grave she could blow herself up and ream those Papal-Vatican-Mafia assholes out in the accepted style of Dickie’s American Dream? Vietnam-style — body count — “Hang the coonskins on the wall” — “Better to have Hoover inside the tent pissin’ out that outside pissin’ in, youall.” (These quotes are now in Johnson’s pyramid in Texas.)
Said Thieu yesterday — reacting to Dickie’s panicked threat to remove him from office: “Dickie can’t withdraw any American troops until I tell him it’s all right. He couldn’t even make the China trip if I hadn’t okayed it.” Thieu, you see, is calling up his blackmail reserve. He knows of the Onassis-Joseph P. Kennedy English booze and heroin smuggling bit in 1932 — under the sponsorship of President Franklin D. Roosevelt here, and Winston Churchill in England. Would you like to see the Onassis diary, Nader? And the documents that go with it? And the external corroboration — such as the recently released (twenty five year secrecy clause) Churchill papers — in which Churchill stated bluntly: “Roosevelt and Joseph P. Kennedy rigged World War II. They could have stopped it, but they didn’t. They promoted it.” He makes no mention of the third partner to the deal — Onassis, who moved into the White House and #10 Downing Street in 1932, who served all the warring parties — Stalin, Hitler and us — and who never lost a ship, or a deal.
The first key — The Alioto hit and run cover-up that elected Nixon in 1968 — exposed the big thing — the Mafia election process — and the lid went on.
Lids bring internal pressure. And that hit and run caused the second key — Chappaquiddick — which once more exposed the big thing — the Mafia election process.
Both events brought total positive proven exposure and led back to the Onassis-Kennedy heroin and through World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the assassinations, the Vatican “Deputy of Christ at Auschwitz” Holy Crusade (the Kennedy-Spellman direct quote about Vietnam was a “Holy Crusade”).
But the third key is the most exposed and vulnerable of all — Hopped up Howard Hughes — Deceased: April 16, 1971.

Page Seventy Six

Most vulnerable because it’s current. There is no “seventy five year secrecy” on it. It was the end. It’s operation — to be viable — must continue — and “all who run can read.”
1932: The original blackmail — Kennedy booze, Onassis heroin — direct to Boston under the auspices to the two “leaders of the civilized world” — Roosevelt and Churchill.
1939: World War II — courtesy of the same group. And Fatima #1 became a reality. Rigged, but none the less a fact.
Post war: Fatima #2 plunged ahead. “Convert the world.” Dulles and the CIA went into action — all over the world. The handmaidens of history — Vatican and Mafia — joined in the looting — one for the bodies and one for the souls. A profitable joint venture. “We must destroy communism” was the creed — from J. Mafia Hoover and his “Catholic Boys,” as Mike Novacs labels them — both ways. Korea. Wars and Mafia financing all over the world. Onassis lived with every King — every dictator, Franco to Batista.
1957: Apalachin. Called by Onassis to announce the “hyping” of Hughes — by Cesar Davis (who changed his name to Chester in New Jersey after he arrived from Italy. Mafia leaders from the various states — including my Lombard and Franklin Street friend, Lanza — Alioto’s godfather — were to spread out and scientifically purchase all elections — local, state and federal. Hughes — alive and on his own — had already purchased Dickie Nixon for a tax favor to the Medical Research Foundation, which serves as a tax-free fountain head for all Hughes ventures. When notified — by Dietrich — that accepting that loot was treason, Vice President Nixon said “Fuck them. My family comes first.” (Fuck America became the national motto that day — courtesy of Dickie Nixon. My father is across the hall being murdered — courtesy of Dickie Nixon. Mary Jo — Courtesy of Dickie Nixon. Teddy only assisted, Nader. As did you. And Barbara Phillips. That year — 1957 — Joseph P. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy hashed it out on Onassis’ yacht, off Monaco.
1958: Apalachin worked. An amazing Democratic Mafia sweep of Congress.
1960: It worked as in Vote stealing and all. Daley’s Illinois and Johnson’s Texas. Dickie knew and cried. He too had been purchased by Onassis — as a hedge — half a million bucks, hot Mafia Vegas loot. Onassis already owned Kennedy and shared the ownership with an ally — the Papal envoy, Cardinal Spellman. The Mafia wants the world and so does the Pope.

Page Seventy Seven

(Today, the legal Mafia has rewritten our Constitution. Crime has become legal. Election to public office carries with it a license to steal and murder. And, as in all dictatorships — Onassis’ Greece for instance, or Cardinal Lin’s Taiwan, or Papa Thieu’s Vietnam — that election is Mafia rigged. The Pope wrote a new constitution declaring himself to be God. But some dirty bastard passed out pictures of Mary Jo Kopechne to the Synod in Rome — and the hierarchy actually voted against the Pope on that constitution. My, my. What a rotten dirty trick).
1960 — on a golf course, Joseph P. Kennedy said to V.P. Johnson, “My sons, President John F. Kennedy and Attorney General Bobby Kennedy, are too young to really be effective. You and I will really run things.” And he glanced at the club house and waved. In the club house, Onassis was watching this — waiting for the wave — to be sure that Joseph P. Kennedy delivered his message. And Johnson hurried to Vietnam to deliver the “Holy Crusade” message from Cardinal Spellman and President Kennedy to Catholic Mandarin Diem and his brother Nhu — the police chief who ran the opium out of the Golden Triangle for Onassis — and the third brother, Archbishop Thuc — Roman Catholic prelate of Vietnam. The Vietnam “Holy Crusade” — a part of Fatima #2 — was on. The Onassis owned CIA hired Mahue to assassinate Castro and promoted the Bay of Pigs in an attempt to regain Cuba for the Batista type gambling — including the recovery of $8 billion stolen from McLaney by Castro when he took over the island (McLaney ran the casinos for Lansky. McLaney set up a Florida camp and trained Maheu’s original Castro assassination crew.
1963: Bobby is after Hoffa — “The Enemy Within.” Hoffa is in charge of Onassis’ Labor-Hood Mafia — a real bunch of rigged votes. Bobby indicts Wally Bird in Vietnam (Bird is the opium dealer for Onassis). JFK orders Taiwan dope smugglers out of Laos and then — in mid year, decides to dump Diem — to appease the American public (Fatima #2 and the heroin is becoming too apparent). These things violate Onassis’ orders — and Joseph P. can’t intervene — he’s speechless with a stroke. To make it short — Onassis orders double murder: Diem and Kennedy. As with Thieu’s blackmail today of Nixon, Diem would have talked and so would JFK.
Nov. 1, 1963 — Onassis’ man Captain Nung blasted Diem and Nhu at the railroad track. Maheu’s assassination crew missed in Chicago because JFK canceled the trip (a witness saw the crew in Chicago, noticed that they reappeared in Dallas on Nov. 22, and told the Chicago CIA. He was murdered. But he had already told Hampton and Clark. Hampton and Clark were murdered by Daley’s Hanrahan in Chicago four months after Chappaquiddick —

Page Seventy Eight

which, of course, reopened the “75 year secrecy” on Dallas, Memphis and L.A.
Mahue was successful in Dallas. And JFK knew it was coming.
On Nov. 1 — when he learned of Diem, he knew. He had a tantrum and called Jackie on Onassis’ yacht. “Get off that yacht, Jackie, if you have to swim.” She didn’t and Onassis walked down the gangplank with Jackie — in Turkey — to impress the Turk who — for self preservation — had kept a diary on Onassis, dating back to Onassis’ opium pushing in Turkey as a boy of 14 in Smyrna. At 14, Onassis was a seasoned murderer and dope pusher. If is because of this Turk’s diary — and the stones which purchased it — that the world took a flip. The Alioto hit and run caused Chappaquiddick, and that purchased the diary, and that exposed the Onassis’ “Hughes Empire Mafia money funnel” — a tax free money washing affair, which purchased all public officials and assassinations, and many thing, such as Elizabeth Jean Peters (lecherous Howard needed and image to “disappear with — a beautiful famous girl. Onassis purchased Jean Peters — she dropped the “Elizabeth.” Two phony signatures on a marriage license in Tonepah, 1957. Two phony signatures on a divorce agreement in Tonepah, May, 1971 — two months after Hughes’ death on April 16, 1971. Settlement? A flat $2 billion, plus a permanent CIA army around her — to “protect” her — her mouth, that is.
Maheu’s old Castro assassination crew worked at Dallas. Among them was Roselli. Roselli was later given Lana Turner. Later placed in “cold storage” for Mafia manipulation of ownership of the Las Vegas Flamingo. Lana’s next hubby after Roselli was Eaton — copies of whose book were recently allowed to “leak” through Rosemont’s screen for one reason alone — namely, to establish the fact that somewhere in Hughes’ thinking was the idea that immediately upon death he would be hermetically sealed — forever — in a cryogenic vault — for purposes of later being brought back to life. This of course would prevent anyone from examining that body and Onassis could continue to run the empire with immunity.
Maheu was then rewarded. Hired by John Meier at half a million a year — “for life” — to run Onassis’ “Hughes” Vegas. John Meier then “quit” “Hughes” and became Onassis’ right arm. Today John Meier rides herd on Jackie. John Meier, the younger, went to work for Maheu, participated in the aborted “salting of the mines,” was fired and now is running for Senator from New Mexico. He will be elected — all Maf are.
Greg Bautzer, New York attorney, has two clients: “Hughes” and Krikorian. Onassis owns Krikorian and is “Hughes.”

Page Seventy Nine

Maheu was called on again to conduct Martin Luther King — a reformer on the Mafia election process — and Bobby Kennedy, whom he hated with a passion — and left notes which Mary Jo Kopechne went through in L.A. after the murder. Her next step was Whelan, the Jersey City Maf, where she gathered more of the Vatican-Mafia-Kennedy background — and went to Chappaquiddick seething. She was on her way to see you when Teddy murdered her. My father is being murdered across the hall. He wanted to talk to you too. Did you ever think about crosses, Nader?
Pre-election, 1968: The Alioto hit and run, Onassis’ Maheu purchased all presidential candidates — with Lansky skim money from the Las Vegas joints — half mill to Dickie — half mill to Humphrey, Larry O’Brien and Mafia politicians in every congressional, state, and local election — a well organized affair stemming from Apalachin. “Weird October,” 1968 — the entire mass on my back, Pope to Onassis, Kennedy-Alioto, Dickie-Mitchell — and Onassis arranges a contract — through his partner, Cardinal Cushing (“Welcome, Aris, and don’t forget your checkbook”) — with Jackie and a marriage made in hell is consummated.
The total lid. Then Chappaquiddick — the Onassis diary — and it’s all open again — including the Onassis’ “Hughes” Mafia money funnel. Panic. In late 1970 Onassis flees Vegas in the form of a “Hughes” disappearance (but he bounces back again, through Intertel and Chester (Cesar) Davis. Maheu is now a liability. But Maheu wants his pay. $50 million he wants from Onassis for those assassinations.
Merryman is worried. He is one of the “Hughes” nursemaids. He gives information and tapes to Clifford Irving, with the understanding they not be released until “Hughes,” who was fading from heroin, was finally dead (Irving showed McGraw-Hill the story — for the first time — on the day after “Hughes” was buried — April 16, 1968). From December, 1970 — a month after the “Hughes” Vegas disappearance — Merryman’s name is never mentioned again by the press Mafia. He died (or was murdered, probably) sometime just before Hughes died in early 1971. His widow, Louise, approached me in the Mark Lobby in late June, 1971. (Note: the Bobby murder had just been solved, the Pentagon papers were out, including segments that corroborated the double Diem-Kennedy murders — Elizabeth Jean Peters had her divorce — Lockheed, one of Onassis’ “Hughes” funneled purchases) was just being granted that loan. Penn Central was out. And Hughes heirs — the Lowry’s, had been seen talking to me at

Page Eighty

intervals since Chappaquiddick.) Actually, it was Marie Elena Merryman — Louise’s sister in law — who tapped me on the shoulder. These women can have any man. I was unkempt and angry. She asked me to come and sit with them. I said no. She said please. Marie Elena’s husband was a Bechtel executive. Bechtel is the number one Defense Contractor in Construction. It used to be Bechtel, McCone, and Parsons. McCone was CIA chief in charge at the time of the Diem-Kennedy murders. Helms — now in charge — was his assistant. For a few minutes we spoke of this. Marie Elena informed me that this was Louise’s first night out after her mourning period over her husband’s death. Suddenly everybody left except Marie Elena and I. She said, “My husband is at the Bohemian Grove. Come with us up to my place.” I did. Her place was Onassis’ building — across the park from the Mark. Her neighbor was Eckersly — the top man of the “Hughes” nursemaids — currently under indictment for Mafia frauds in Canada (everybody tried for a piece of the pie after “Hughes” died). One thing fascinated me — an autographed copy of the book “Cardinal Spellman” — Spellman, who with Kennedy espoused the “Holy Crusade” in Vietnam.
I’ve gotta get back to that murder room, Nader, across the hall, and the complete details of the Onassis’ “Hughes” Mafia money funnel are out all over — to interested non-Mafia countries. If any of us are still here, you may read them. I don’t know. But that loot that comes from oil, opium — whatever — doesn’t stop with the purchase of presidents and countries. It also owns Bechtel, GM, Lockheed and on and on. Your bribe came from Onassis, with the knowledge of the entire group. You are allowed to rave around at the edges (better, they say, to offer token reforms than have it all get atomized) and you in turn are ordered to avoid any keys — Legal Mafia, press Mafia, Vatican Mafia — anything key. Your objective — you state — is to have a nation of lawyers. Run by the ABA of course, who refuse to open their files on Governor Koerner — the Mafia Governor of Illinois — who is guilty of every known crime. Ah, yes — and the ABA is one of the Mafia groups that squats collective assholes on Mary Jo’s grave. And they — and you — and Dickie — and Teddy — and, and, and — all squat on the murder of that man across the hall. My father, Nader.
Merryman’s disgruntled tapes won’t do too much damage. Justice — “An unidentified source” — states positively that Hughes is alive and well. There is only a slight mention of political bribery, treason, presidential purchase, etc. Naturally, Onassis doesn’t like it, but business goes on. He and Dickie’s brother Donnie are in the housing business together. And for fifteen years the CIA and Onassis have been buying

Page Eighty One

up all old photographs of Hughes — switching fingerprints in police and government files and signatures (It’s easy, Nader — you should see what they did in the S.F. Hall of Justice with those Alioto hit-run records — and back east with the Chappaquiddick records). You see, back in 1963 an honest judge and honest experts ruled that Howard Hughes’ signature was not genuine in the TWA suit — and that is why he lost the original $120 million. Now, of course, all the judges are purchased — and the experts — and they have nice new fingerprints and signatures which do match all the switched files.
And I read where there are 6 million illegal aliens in the United States — customs just can’t control it. And I smiled — a bit, at least. At times people have approached me and asked me of I had more evidence for Nader — and I asked one finally, “Are you from Nader?” and he said “Da.” I gave him a batch. And all of the others. I’m not too sharp at languages. Once one of them told me that Russian citizens were going through the S.F. Justice files and lawyers files and other places in an effort to assist the United States in solving crimes — such as assassinations. They seem to feel that the question of the century, “What causes crime” can be answered here.
Wouldn’t that be something if the friendly Russians are solving our crime for us because we here are to criminal to do it ourselves? Do you suppose that subject is on the agenda for Dickie’s Peking and Moscow talks? Do you suppose Dickie would thank Breshnev if the total solution to all the United States crime were handed over to Strangelove Kissinger?
A remark was passed to me recently that Hughes’ “body” had been recovered — and authenticated by dental records. Supposedly by a country that doesn’t care much for Mafia America. It seems some dirty bastard had told them where the body was and who had the dental records and authentic signatures. That dirty bastard should be placed under CIA surveillance. That bastard acted against “national interest.” Didn’t he, Nader? How will your legal Mafia cover that up? Pull Fatima #3? The blow off of the non-Vatican half. Or will the non-Mafia half pull a first strike on the Mafia and justify it be the evidence — plus a basic desire just to stay alive — self defense, I believe they call it?
I don’t understand Strangelove. I can see Breshnev and Mao anytime. No secret trips, I don’t even need a visa. Us people, we don’t have any law at all — as youall, the legal Mafia, do. Us people — that’s me, and Mary Jo, my father, Yablonski, my mother,


Page Eighty Two

Martin Luther King, and a batch more — including Christ himself (he was murdered, wasn’t he, Nader? And by the ancestors of the same group that squats on Mary Jo’s grave — you know — that includes you).
We’re ghosts, Nader, in a never neverland land of no law. How does your ABA Mafia regulate a thing like that?
Archbishop Sheean voluntarily dropped out of contention as the next Pope. Said he: “I can’t pay the price — disloyalty to my own principles.” Part of his disgust was against the “Holy Crusade” of Spellman in Vietnam. Said he is 1967: “If Johnson withdrew all troops from Vietnam he would be the moral leader of the world.”
Cardinal Terence Cooke then became the leader. To him and the K. of C. Dickie promised loot. Daniel Schorr labeled Nixon either a liar or a traitor for his actions. It was unconstitutional. Schorr now has a conga line of FBI after him, waiting for him to spit on the sidewalk. Lodge, of course, who set up Diem for dumping in 1963 (and then wound up as a Judas for Onassis) is now the Ambassador to the Vatican.
Noah Dietrich, who made the Hughes “loan” to Nixon in 1956, and received the Nixon reply, “Fuck America,” was of course fired by the Onassis’ “Hughes” in that same year, 1957. That “loan” set up the Hughes Medical Research Foundation, which owns Hughes Aircraft, and pays no taxes. It is in Miami where the Miami National Bank funnels Lansky loot, via Lou Chesler (loot from Tommy “The Cork” Corcoran — Teddy’s boy — from the CIA opium route in Laos, and skims from the “Hughes” Vegas cocaine, hot stocks, etc.) to Switzerland for “cleansing.” That comes back, with billions in Mafia cash, and is funneled through minor hoods in, say, stock purchases of Lockheed, and, voila, Onassis owns the board of directors. This of course is how the hard core Mafia shifted into Corporate ownership and then compounded that through the Pentagon and the Pope — the joint handmaiden affair that is Vietnam. It was a message from the Pentagon — via a midwest radio station — that gave Johnson the message, on the plane from Dallas: “No conspiracy. And whoop up that war — or you’ll never land in Washington. We’ll name McCormack President. He’s been letting the Maf out of prison for years and works well with the Pope. He’s one of ours. Voloshen owns him.”
J. Mafia Hoover? Gallinaro dug up the shit on him — and Rosensteil and Johnny Torrio and all of the hoods. Mrs. Rosensteil was the key informant. And the following day Hoover’s friend, D.A. Hogan, New York (did you read about the Knapp Commission there, Nader?) arrested Mrs. Rosensteil for spitting on the sidewalk. The hard core Maf put a quarter million price on Gallinaro. And down in Texas they beat the shit out of him because he turned in the Mafia dealings of Texas Willie Wilson, Mitchell’s Chief of Criminal Investigation. Hoover runs a school for Fagins. Onassis “Hughes” doesn’t hire anything in Vegas but ex FBI, ex CIA, or ex Justice people —

Page Eighty Three

such as assassin Maheu from the FBI, Hundley from Justice who rigged the “Look” Alioto Mafia bit for Mitchell and helped to put out the barbecue fire of Newsom’s nieces, or the Intertel Boys from Justice who ran the Bahamas and Caribbean for Onassis and then moved into Vegas when Cesar Davis replaced Maheu. Hoover and Justice and CIA, plus the Pentagon (two members of the 116th Intelligence Group from the Presidio here witnessed the Alioto hit and run on my car that started this entire bit. Copies of their statements are out. They have disappeared), Secret Service, Defense Intelligence (Gayler runs this — or did. He’s been shipped to Iceland), and on and on down to little people, such as one of Kissinger’s girlfriends — Osmer, I believe — who later turned up with him in Paris — all sit on the lid of this thing — all of it, from Alioto to Chappaquiddick, Onassis in 1932 through the assassinations to the burial of Hughes on April 16, 1971.
The Mafia, you see, has moved up to the corporate Boards of Directors, the Presidency, Congress, State and local governments. And around the world — multi-nationally “corporate” — along with the Vatican — multi-nationally pushing Fatima #3.
Dead Howard Hughes is the visible, working, exposed link to all of this. They can’t hide it. All They can do is try to cover it up. And this they try to do. All of Justice and FBI and Interpol climbing over everything Clifford Irving said and did. Nothing about Eaton, who only followed orders — “Make the thought of Cryogenic freezing of Hughes’ body public.” Or the “disembodied voice” of “Howard Hughes” from the Bahamas — which is now being sued by Maheu for another $17 million.
There is no investigation of Hughes. A private — drafted in the army — gets a security check. “Hughes” — who is the tenth largest defense contractor (and controls all of the others) — and deals in the keys — global satellites, Laser work — will remain unquestioned forever. If the cancer lives. Known for total treason, bribery, murder, and the purchase of everything — from Presidents on down — he is totally immune. As is assassin Maheu. And the next Senator from New Mexico — John Meier. And Chappaquiddick Teddy and Tunney — who today are in Switzerland plotting a Teddy-Tunney Demo Presidential ticket this fall to run against Chappaquiddick Dickie. They will be supported by Jackie — Onassis’ wife — and Rosie, the wife and mother of the Mafia — and Pope Paul, who has written a constitution declaring himself to be God — infallible — and beyond questioning — as “Howard Hughes” cryogenically frozen body will be — and all of the rest of the two Mafia parties, who are currently passing a new “security” bill that puts a 30 year secrecy clamp on everything. A total freeze. Actually, they might cancel the ‘72 election (a memo was seen on that subject). “Disorder” or “Anarchy” or something will be the excuse.
But then, of course, there are complications, Nader — such as a billion and a half — all people — who don’t care much for the Papal Fatima #3 oblivion —

Page Eighty Four

and might lob things the other way first. That’s in your direction. And there’s some anger over Spellman’s “Holy Crusade” and your “Nader Crusade.” The “Holy Crusade” wants to conquer the world with “soldiers the church.” “Nader’s Crusade” wants to do it with Mafia attorneys — the legal Mafia — 40,000 of them, you said, to start with. The “Women’s Crusade” (Ellsberg’s “last hope” to “kill the cancer”) of Barbara Phillips does not want to kill cancer. She told me so. Your “crusade” does not want to kill cancer. You told me so. The “holy crusade” does not want to kill cancer. Look anywhere — Daley, Chicago — Alioto, San Francisco — Teddy, Mass — Cardinal Cooke and Dickie — Chiang and Cardinal Lin — anywhere and you will find the pope holding hands with the Mafia. You hold hands with the Press and Legal Mafia — even the Party Mafia. No one wants to kill the cancer, it would seem. Not true, as you shall see.
What are you gonna do about Hughes’ body? And Mary Jo’s busted nose, when she comes up? Clever people, these Chinese — they have a thought on that. Or those POW relatives who have my stones — and the history that goes with them? Any one of them could present that history to Hanoi and Fatima #3 would be here — in reverse — coming this way. One I know, is about ready. She’ll trade getting hubby home for the entire Mafia here she has learned to hate.
A sage has stated that once corruption sets in there will be no reconversion. History proves this. It is identical with cancer. It grows until it kills the source it feeds on — and consequently itself.
Of course, some dirty bastard has juggled that around a little bit.
Well, I’m going back in and see how the murder is coming along. I remember that Maheu tried to murder Castro with a chemical the caused a heart attack. He tried poison in Castro’s food. And other things — the whole CIA murder bag of tricks. He missed on Castro but, of course, he did better on two Kennedy’s and a King.
And I’m beginning to wonder about all that blood that’s pumping out of his stomach. The doctors are now puzzled. They’ve never seen anything like it. They’re trying to find out what it is. So am I.
Usually when things get uptight, the Mafia — complete owners — just sit and wait. The CIA “die on the vine.” The death wait. Like that — right across the hall. Nixon’s slow murder. Nader’s crusade.
Let’s see — Dickie’s going to Peking next week. Maybe there’s an urgency about the murder of my family. But then — nothing can change my own clock schedule, and there are events that could automatically speed it up. Dickie’s a Mafia cancer, but he’s not stupid. We’ll see.
(Said Chappaquiddick Dickie — Vice President Nixon — when he took his first “Dietrich-Hughes” bribe in the famous year 1957: “You say it’s treason, Dietrich? Fuck America. My family comes first.” Says President Chappaquiddick Dickie today: “Fuck America. Murder the family of the man who elected me — my family comes first — my Mafia ‘Hughes’ family.”)

Page Eighty Five

February 13, 1972
He’s still breathing, Nader. Tough old bastard. So while we’re waiting for murder, lets take a look at this Onassis-”Hughes” chronology: August, 1969: My full memory of Hughes, Chappaquiddick, and Alioto to Nixon hatchet men Greenagel and Mack. Still August, 1969, Nixon refuses to sell my stones — two weeks later others start their way around the world — with the history that goes with them. Spring, 1970: four hour detailing of the complete affair in Mack’s Penthouse in bank that holds part of the Lockheed Loan and a batch of Alioto’s tax free, interest free loot. It was all being taped and suddenly he’s called out of the room, returns, fully shuts the door and gets right to it. Says he: “Tell me all you know about Howard Hughes.” I di________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ot and keeps his word. The first time he shows McGraw-Hill his script is on the day that Hughes was buried in Greece — April 18, 1971. Onassis panics. He hires these boys “for life.” He finds out — suspects Maheu — but can’t kill him, because of papers on the assassinations. He “kidnaps” “Hughes” from Vegas at Thanksgiving (Hughes has been in Greece for years) and fires Maheu — puts Cesar Davis in charge. Intertel takes over Las Vegas. December, 1970: Onassis learns Merryman released the memos which strike at the key — the Mafia election process and the “Hughes” Mafia money funnel. Around Christmas, Merryman disappears and is never mentioned again in any of the Mafia press releases. From then on, the press mentions Five — five only — nursemaids (It was six months later, almost to the day, that Marie Elena tells me that Louise, sitting across the table from us, is on her first night out since her husbands death. Louise is Marie Elena’s sister-in-law. And the accepted six month mourning period takes us back to a Christmas demise, 1970, of Merryman).

Page Eighty Six

Nov., 1970: Three days after the “kidnapping” in Vegas, Kitty Lowry (Hughes’ aunt — about 85 and spry — one tooth in the middle) comes to see me (I had only seen her once before. She looked me up for a chat after Chappaquiddick). Said she: “I just saw Howard Hughes in England.” Said I: “He’s been in Greece for years. How’s his habit?” Total fury. Said Cliff Jones, watching this: “What did you say that set her off?” Me: “I don’t know. She was telling me about the special artificial volcanic glass in the runways of Hughes’ new airport in Vegas and then it got into the subject of his whereabouts and health and I commented on those — and there she was — an erupting volcano. Her last words to me were: “I hate you. You’ll get yours. You heard them.” Two weeks later, that same locale, Noel Gayler — Head of Intelligence for the Defense Department — showed up for a chat. Senator Proxmire’s niece interrupted that chat (related earlier) and he had his moment of fury when I mentioned the subject of “smuggling” papers and stones out of this country. One month later, January, 1971, same locale: This UPI reporter (CIA) quizzed me on Bobbie’s murder and a “cultural exchange” between myself and foreign “students” (based on “what’s censored here isn’t censored there,” and vice versa). I told him I’d bring him a Pulitzer Prize on the following night — the biggest story in history. He snarled: “Nothing gets out of here.” And he hasn’t been back since. June, 1971: By now Maheu wants $50 million from Onassis — for the assassinations, the Pentagon Papers are out, Charach has reopened the Bobby murder in L.A., Stanton brings out “The Selling Of The Pentagon” and in late June Marie Elena Merryman taps me on the shoulder and says “Please” (Though I didn’t know it then, she was asking me for help — remember, it was her sister-in-law’s husband who had been dumped for committing a breach of omerta. She knew me. And within 5 minutes I knew these two. Marie Elena made sure that I did. She mentioned approval of Nader. Walking across the park from the Mark to her place she said, and it surprised me: “You are the only good man left.”). As the four of us — the two women, myself and a stranger I grabbed from the bar for Louise — sat there, an apparent drunk descended on us and directed questions to Marie Elena and me. “Are you two married?” “Who are you?” At the time we all dismissed it as alcoholic aberration. As I think back now however, I recall that he resembled the one who was reading my papers over Dick Carlson’s shoulder — as he read the Alioto hit and run details in my car at a drive-in in early October, 1968 — one month before that event elected Chappaquiddick Dickie to the presidency. At the Merryman apartment — next-

Page Eighty Seven

door to Eckersly’s — the head nursemaid — in Onassis’ Olympic style building I was wondering “What’s up?” The stranger — apparently a gentleman — said he had to leave. Marie Elena and Louise held a conference. I felt they wanted me to stay. Something childlike. “Please.” But — let’s face it — Onassis is no friend of mine. I left with him — the stranger, that is. Next day, I called Marie Elena to thank her for her hospitality. Her husband would be at the Bohemian Grove for a while so I told her I’d call her in a week or so and we’d go out to dinner. Said she — and here it was again — the “please” ‘s: “I’d like nothing better in the world than that.” And then I said, pushing a bit: “Besides, you mentioned some names the other night that are currently making headlines — big ones — and I know them too and we should talk about them, shouldn’t we?” And she answered — again, thinking back — in relief: “Yes. Please call soon.” (A month later — after Derrough pulled the CBS censorship bit on me — And Christopher Beam appeared and we were discussing IBM in the Mark Lobby — when I called during her dinner party — her words were “I’ll be there if I can — but I have dinner guests — but please call again — I’d like nothing better in the world. Remember that.” I haven’t called since, primarily because of something else I did).
All these details are out elsewhere — exact — but briefly, two days after the original Merryman meeting, I was angry over everything — I called Nixon’s barking hatchet man — I told him about the Merrymans and Eckersley and that I figured Onassis wanted to talk to me (see how you can be wrong sometimes? It is quite the reverse — I know that now. Those Merrymans are caught between the devil and whatever else is rotten) and how would he like to comb missiles out of his hair while a mineral goose went up his keester because of the censorship of the fact that Vietnam was a “holy crusade” whipped up by Onassis and the Pope and based on Fatima #3, partially to keep the opium flowing. His final statement: “I’ll do whatever you say. Do you want to see Mitchell?”
There’s more, but this was late June, 1971. In July, 1971, Kissinger made his secret trip to Peking. And Dickie canceled his speech at the Bohemian Grove in July — said he: “I’m afraid reporters might ask embarrassing questions. Something is going on there.” And Dorothy Hartcher, from Australia, who knew of my plans for that Bohemian Grove speech, left for home on the day the papers carried news of the cancellation and when she said good-bye she pointed to that news item and said, “You bastard.” I guess I am.

Page Eighty Eight

Read the chronology again. You’ll see strange drunks with strange questions — Mitchell’s sudden availability — Kissinger’s funny trips — Hughes’ nursemaids reactions, all through this thing — anytime someone — that’s me — pushes the “Hughes” button.
We see it again around Oct. 1, 1971. To Neilson I state: “I’ll give Carlson the entire Howard Hughes empire to prosecute dog pounds from, if I can only find him. I’ll give him a Pulitzer Prize on the IBM assassinations. I’ll give Mary Pongales the Onassis building at 1170 Sacramento Street — and she can give it to you. I’ll give you the $12.5 million from the Alioto “Look” suit of — make it $50 million, like IBM wants from Onassis — and I’ll give that to you, In any event, that phrase in Peking — ‘Chappaquiddick Big Dickie, Chappaquiddick Little Dickie, and Chappaquiddick Alioto’ refers to Little Dick — meaning our friend, Dick Carlson — and we’ve just gotta get him off that list.” From CIA Neilson only a blink. But a week later Kissinger announces a second trip to Peking to check on the agenda of the talks.
And a week later that information about your assassination to Neilson and to Harry Miller’s secretary — using the name of “Hughes” — brings about a 100 man FBI flush of S.F., but your cancellation anyway — and the falling of the consumer movement. Odd it is, Nader, that the plot to assassinate Ceasar Chavez was thoroughly and publicly investigated by the FBI — but in your case, where the damage was real, no one, that’s no one, asked me what it was all about. Not even the FBI army that was here — or you, who hid in a phone booth in Washington of Hairbreath Harry Miller, who was also on the list.
After Hughes’ death even the nursemaids wanted a chunk — Eckersley and three more of them staged a raid on the Canadian Stock Exchange. Irving felt he was home free (Onassis’ cover — Dickie, the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, DA Hogan — the lid for Hoover’s Rosenstiel connection), all of them are now on his ass. Said he, yesterday: “I don’t understand why this draws all that amount of prosecution.” By now he does. And they can’t kill him any more than they can kill Maheu. They know too much. As does Thieu in Vietnam. Said Thieu, yesterday: “Nixon can’t withdraw American troops from Vietnam until I say he can. Nixon had to get my approval before he could visit China.” Said Dickie, in response: “That’s right. We support Thieu.” Ah, that blackmail is potent.

Page Eighty Nine

Merryman’s tapes — through Irving — were damaging — right at the key — just as the parts of the Pentagon Papers were damaging — and a phony “Hughes” voice — “disembodied” is Maheu’s term — was forced to deny any cooperation. In the meantime, Eaton — one of the shady crew since Lana — was allowed to leak out a bit about the cryogenic sealing of “Hughes” body immediately after death (I wonder who the body will be in that cryogenically sealed package). You will note that he isn’t being investigated or harassed. And this shit will continue. “Hughes” TV from Peking — Dickie’s visit — on “Hughes” worldwide satellites, the “Hughes” defense contracts, the “Hughes” Mafia money funnel to purchase all public officials, and all private corporations, banks, insurance companies, foreign countries — and all with the beneficent approval of the Vatican, who gain the souls in this worldwide Fatima #3 movement — “Convert ‘em or kill ‘em.” Check Vietnam, Mindanao, No. Ireland, Spain, anywhere). Hughes is as vulnerable as the Alioto hit and run and Chappaquiddick. It is as current. A daily Mafia process. An integral part of everything. With Dickie in Peking. Dickie’s brother in Greece. John F. Kennedy’s ex wife — Jackie — in bed with the boss — Onassis. Teddy and Tunney running on a ticket against Dickie and Dallas Bullet Connally for the position of next President of the United States. And so it goes.
By the time you read this I will have kept that date with Louise and Marie Elena Merryman. Others from within the “Hughes” chain contact me at Intervals. Now, they too say “Please”. There’s the “body” of Hughes. And possibly Mary Jo’s busted nose carcass.
As Bill best (Nixon’s 1968 campaign manager — No. Calif. — to whom I first distributed these papers in early October, 1968 — and has since disappeared) said: “You are in Mr. Nixon’s hands” (he wasn’t president yet — those papers elected him — and this, by the way, was computer verified) “and it will be and interesting period.”
Yes, this year, 1972, is scheduled to be either a re-run of 1968 — Onassis Hughes’ Nixon vs. Onassis Hughes’ Humphrey — or a re-run of 1960 — Onassis Hughes’ Nixon vs. another Onassis Hughes’ Kennedy. Either way, Nader, who would win? America or Onassis?
Onassis bribed you. Who bribed Barbara Phillips? Anybody we know? Today her partner, Gloria Steinem, is campaigning for Democrats in New Hampshire. Said she: “Us women will make the required changes. We will be the conservers of life. We will run group politics for reform. We love this system.”

Page Ninety

If the drunk and the Mark Bar — who kept zeroing in on Marie Elena and I — backed up tight against the wall where he had to tightrope to get to us (indeed odd, considering the decorum of the place — “unheard of” was Louise’s comment, “Here? Unbelievable,” quoted the stranger) — if he were the same one who was peeking over Dick Carlson’s shoulder in early October, 1968 — so obviously — then the desperation was the same to find out about a critical situation — and the source would be Alioto (since in early October, 1968, he was the chief one concerned and Dick and I agreed that even Humphrey didn’t know about the hit and run cover-up at that time, and that means Onassis and if Onassis was desperate to know what I was doing with the Merryman women, that means they were playing some opposing game — not his — probably their own — all alone). I had called Carlson back that same day — in early Oct., 1968 — and given him the description of the man who was shuffling back and forth from the back of the car to the window where he could be seen. I checked back in my written records and my memory, and the drive-in “shuffle” was the same as the Mark Bar “tightrope.” Everything else was identical. At the drive-in — in the same sunlight, he wore glasses and had papers sticking out from his coat pockets. At the Mark Bar — no glasses and no papers, but everything else was the same.
And on the way up to the Merryman apartment that night — 10-A — I was watching Marie Elena. She had already identified her husband’s executive position with Bechtel and the relationship to CIA McCone. So I said “Merryman publishes books, doesn’t he?” Marie Elena didn’t look at me. She just said “Yes.” Louise didn’t react. It was as if that was what was on their minds and they assumed I knew — and that’s what this meeting was all about — the Merryman tapes released to Irving, and his first display of his manuscript to McGraw-Hill two months before, on the day following Hughes’ death in Greece.
In the news today (this is, by the way, Feb. 14, 1972 — and he’s still alive, Nader) — “Time” quotes as a source of Irving’s writings “current and former Hughes employees.” (This in addition to Dietrich and Phelan — whom Dietrich fired for inadequecy — and Phelan was the one who wrote articles knocking any investigation into the JFK murder) And that quote: “current and former Hughes employees,” was as close as any of the press Mafia will get to saying “Merryman” — the sixth “Hughes” nursemaid, who “died” and “disappeared” around Christmas, 1970 (Wouldn’t it be a thing if his body — on ice — would be the one that will momentarily be “cryogenically sealed” as the body of the “suddenly dead” “Hughes”?).
Says Irving, today — in response to the “Time” charge of pirating Phelan and Dietrich’s stuff: “It’s more complex than you ever think. You haven’t seen the bottom line yet. There is going to be some big news breaking. So be careful.”

Page Ninety One

You see — like Mafia Thieu and Mafia Maheu — he knows. Those prosecuting him — Hoover’s Rosensteil cover-up man, D.A. Hogan, and Mitchell’s cover-up, Seymour, who can’t find any Mafia in New York, as Stern does in Jersey — will work out a deal for Irving. No wonder he still smiles. That’s potent blackmail.
(Dietrich was fired by “Hughes” in that famous Apalachin year — 1957. He knows nothing from then on. The Irving writings — and the tapes — which our FBI desperately seized — and buried — contain references to the purchase of presidential candidate Nixon in 1960 — and again of all of them — Humphrey, Larry O’Brien, and Nixon in 1968 — and many other Mafia purchases of people from 1957 to 1968. Only the six nursemaids had that tape file. Only Merryman is missing. He “died” a month after the “strange Vegas kidnapping.”) All those hordes of FBI, CIA, Justice, etc. people who currently work for “Hughes” and guard Elizabeth Jean Peters know this. Why don’t they just bring Howard out into the open for a few days, Nader? Everybody knows that this is the greatest breech of “national interest”, “national security” in history — a Mafia empire that purchases Presidents, Congress, the Press, the Legal System, the total economy, runs war for heroin. Why don’t they do that, Nader? Is it [Unreadable ] that the U.N. legal group says: “National Security — shit! This is the whole frigging ball. Fatima #3 — and you say — going one way or the other — or probably both.” The only cure — they say — is to correct it at the source — right here — now. Why are Dickie and Onassis and McNamara and Teddy and Connally — everybody — rushing around the world to put on the clamp? Meanwhile — doing the digging here — for bodies — are only those eager searchers from non-Mafia countries around the world. Why didn’t Harry Miller — last Valentine’s Day — run to Jack Anderson — as he suggested I do? He knew it all. I showed it to him. Or Fellmeth, same time. You and he were in town. I had a long talk with him about the exact Mafia names in Washington. You and he ran like rabbits from that evidence. And you took Onassis “Hughes” bribe six months before that and didn’t even inform your followers. Sylvia Siegal was right when you ducked out on that consumer’s third party start. Said she: “I’m sick of Nader. He is a traitor. I think he’s shit.”

Page Ninety Two

And speaking of Mafia — to Greenagel (and others) in early October, 1968 — the papers that elected his boss — Nixon. In August, 1969, the entire bit — Alioto, Chappaquiddick, Hughes — with remedies — to him — with instructions: “Do something or call me and I’ll come and get the papers.” January, 1970 — more, with amplification. Sept., 1970 — I finally get through to him. I yelled, “I showed those papers to the lawyer running the Alioto Crime Commission and he said, ‘I know it’s time but I want to live and I shoot skeet with Earl Warren, Pat Greenagel and Alioto — please take your papers and go away. I have a family.’ Well, Greenagel, I want to get my papers back and where are Carlson and Best hiding?” Greenagel: “I won’t help you find them. I burned your papers. Dickie and I don’t want that hot stuff lying around.” Me: “You destroyed my property. You and Nixon failed to act. That is treason. That is a hanging offense. You will hang.” Have you ever heard a tough murdering CIA creep sob over the phone? Well he did. And then he asked “Please call somebody else.” Me: I did — long ago — and they’re the ones that will hang you.” More sobs and I haven’t seen him since — except on TV, where he runs Alioto and Swig’s projects like a good little Mafia soldier — and a column on him by Nolan describing his CIA “top secret” activity with the local Cop group, the Chamber Of Commerce, Alioto’s club.
Jack Anderson? I asked Miller what it was — with all his exposes — what had Anderson ever accomplished in 47 years? It was a good question. The answer is nothing. The cancer has grown steadily. Today Jack Anderson stated: “The Senate of the United States is a gentleman’s Cosa Nostra, which enforces its own code of silence.” (Everybody else says “Mafia Omerta”) “Above all it is strictly taboo to expose or embarrass a colleague.”
That includes, of course, Chappaquiddick Teddy and Chappaquiddick Tunney and ex-Senator Chappaquiddick Dickie — plus another 98 — all purchased by Onassis “Hughes” and Associates. This particular column relates to Senator Sparkman stealing your money for the Bankers, and Senator Proxmire — “the only reformer” — bowing to the priority of Sparkman’s higher Mafia ranking — and ceasing to criticize the theft, and apologizing for calling Sparkman a thief.
Do you think, Nader, that these Mafia will stand up and confess the treason

Page Ninety Three

they committed when they took their oath of office: “Defend the Constitution against the enemy within and the enemy without” (both of whom are Mafia — Grecian Onassis and American “disembodied voice” Hughes — and their assorted associates)? They had already accepted Mafia bribe loot to be able to take the oath of office. Their own individual and collective Mafia treason is thereafter a matter of public record. “Fuck America,” is what Dickie said as he first took Hughes’ bribe in 1957 — “My family comes first.” And the bribe and the statement are public record.
Do you think Teddy will stand up and unravel himself like a ball of string for the Mafia shit that he is — and confess that he did not Jesus-walk on the waters of Chappaquiddick — and that he busted Mary Jo’s nose and murdered her and buried the body in a grave on which sits the most monstrous hordes of Vatican Mafia ghouls since the beginning of time — as I suggested he do in a letter in which I quoted his Mafia brother’s words: “Ask not what your country can do for you…”(such as rewarding you by electing you to the presidency for murdering Mary Jo) “…but what you can do for your country” ( such as bringing Christ off the cross and mounting, voluntarily, the thing yourself and requesting that the Pope do likewise) — do you think Teddy will do that, Nader?
Akar said: “No corruption will ever reconvert itself. History proves this.” “Cancer will never kill itself. It only grows. And Kills. Unless you kill it.” This came from a doctor across the hall, Nader, where my father is being murdered.
Do you believe the doctor, Nader? He said, “There is 100% human approval for the killing of cancer.” I asked: “100%? The Mafia too?” He said: “Of course. They’re people too. Cancer — and the killing thereof — is the one thing all humans have agreed on since Christ.” I noted: “Christ’s Eleventh Commandment, the one that he screamed from the cross when he suffocated slowly, as Mary Jo Kopechne did — through a busted nose — his Eleventh Commandment was: ‘Murderers of the cross — not me.’ Most religions carefully omit — or cover up, as they say — this fact. Do you believe that murder is cancer and that murderers should be on the cross instead of Christ?” He: “Yes.” Me: “Do you believe the murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne should be on a cross instead of Christ?” He: “Yes.”
There’s a doctor’s view, Nader. Do you believe that the President of the

Page Ninety Four

United States should murder the family of the man who elected him to the presidency? Do you think that man being murdered across the hall shouldn’t have been relieved of a three and a half year reign of terror three and a half years ago by his ”friend” — Chappaquiddick Dickie, “Fuck America” Onassis’ Hughes Mafia purchased President Nixon? Do you believe that the cancer would be three and one half years on its way to curing — that Mary Jo would be alive — plus millions of others — dead from war or Dickie’s CIA heroin or neglect or whatever the 41% Mafia siphon causes?
You were quoted as saying in Saturday Review: “The system cannot change and it will not die. How long can I go on?” Poor boy. Maybe you’d prefer to join us who are being murdered by President Chappaquiddick Dickie in a little trip, as I suggested to Mack — Remember? — the meat sandwich bit? — where we spoke of combing missiles out of our hair while receiving a mineral goose up the keester. It immediately prompted Mack to ask: “Would it help if you talked to Mitchell?” And the next day, Mack went into limbo. “The system cannot change and will not die,” you say. You’ve been as puny as Anderson. And completely cancer since you took the Onassis bribe.
Now, you quote: “Congress is the one institution that can change things around.” Is that the same “Cosa Nostra” that Anderson speaks of? The one in the files of Brezhnev — much more detailed? The one that Senators Mansfield and Smith say they can’t get enough together for a quorum? Where the Mafia “legislative aides” (such as those that scurried around with Mary Jo’s busted nosed body for Teddy from Chappaquiddick to Pennsylvania dust) cut up the loot and pass it out to the Mafia? And Chappaquiddick Dickie and Dallas Bullet Connally sock “youall” (that’s a Johnson Texas phrase) with another $50 billion debt — this year — more next year — in order to finance the Mafia in future murder and looting of “youall?” “Well,” said Johnson to Dickie, “We hang together or we hang separately. Keep Hoover inside the tent pissin’ out — we don’t want him outside pissin’ in.”
“Fuck America” Chappaquiddick Onassis-Hughes Mafia Purchased Dickie, the family murderer (all but his own), now hides behind a world-crawling crusade for peace, instead of cleaning up his own shit, which is the total cause

Page Ninety Five

of war and crime — just what Russia and China have always said — we are gangsters, because the Mafia owners are. Now he has Haldeman declare that anyone who exposes the Mafia cause of all shit is guilty of treason. Chappaquiddick Teddy circles the globe — Ireland, Israel, Germany, Bangladesh, spouting about Freedom, Treason, Health Care, Judicial Process.
Murdering Mafia Hoffa — the subject of Bobby Kennedy’s “The Enemy Within” — which the Mafia censored — is loose again, courtesy of Loeb (the Chappaquiddick phone calls) and Dickie. Back on TV making his payoffs. First he endorsed Nixon for re-election and then he vowed to help all the other criminals in the world. We need him. The New York Times believe this. They committed total treason when they ran the Jerry Llellyveld cover-up of the Chappaquiddick phone calls — as reported to Loeb — who could overcome that, but not the plum of Hoffa’s release and Dickie’s presidential Mafia deal. Who the hell else could Loeb turn to? The Pope? No — his hooded ass rests on Mary Jo’s grave too. Nader? No — he’s the one Mary Jo was running to — his “holy crusading” ass covers that same section of Pennsylvania dirt. As I’ve said, the filming of this massive cancer cover-up is more incriminating than the murderous events themselves.
And yet — a certain foreign consensus — to me — “You can have it all — and take care of your own ‘personal placement’ right here.” I think they were referring to crosses, Nader. How about that?
The obvious remedies to this shit were submitted to Nixon along with the exposure — along with the note that he, Chappaquiddick Dickie, could be another Lincoln. He burned those papers and set about the murder of my family (He’s still alive, Nader. I just checked. And he asked me to do something for him. And I’m gonna do it).
Reston, commenting on our own Mafia government, asked a question: “What kind of monsters are these?” Between tears, my mother has been asking me that for three and a half years. She figures a Yablonski every time the doorbell rings. But she doesn’t hide. You — you hide in a phone booth while your precious consumer movement party folds when

Page Ninety Six

somebody only mentioned a Yablonski, Nader — and an army of FBI combs the town. Sylvia calls you “shit.”
Yes, Nader, if Miss America were selected in the Mafia manner our candidates are — she would be a syphilitic, cankerous slob — a 500 lb., three foot high, snake haired, fang toothed, shit dribbling, perverted whore, down in the audience guzzling bloody unborn lamb and peddling heroin while she buys the judges and the legal Mafia declares her the constitutional winner and the press Mafia whips up an image of Camelot — and whatever patrons escaped the mugging would run home and declare, “Well, we voted, didn’t we? What else was there?” and the following morning, Onassis knocks on the door with a tax bill and a draft notice. ‘Tis an American Dream, Nader.
As they say, today it’s not Concord Bridge. It’s America under Edgartown’s Dyke Bridge — holding Mary Jo’s busted nose under water for Teddy and peddling Heroin for Onassis Hughes Dickie.
Say you: “The system cannot change — and will not die.”
Wanna bet?
There’s a murder going on across the hall. His name is not Pa Kopechne, or Kennedy, or Nixon, or Onassis, or Alioto, or Pope Pontius.
It’s Roberts. And that’s my name too. And I’m not after any one Mafia cancer. I want all of them. Any way.

Page Ninety Seven

All of this Mafia group squat on the grave of Mary Jo and Howard Hughes and are digging one for that man across the hall. His crime? He’s the father of the man who elected Nixon to the presidency. Today Beckman — head of Nixon’s “Golden Circle,” to which Mack suggested I contribute $1500 when I first brought him this matter in October, 1968, said: “Nixon would have lost the election if he had lost California.” A legal crime, that was, since such has been the complete reversal of the Constitution — and the key — the Mafia election process. Beckman and his Lincoln Club claim they purchased California for Dickie. As in the case of “Syphilitic Miss America,” who also was there to elect but Chappaquiddick-Onassis-Hughes-Mafia-owned Dickie? Chappaquiddick Onassis Hughes Alioto Mafia owned Hubert Humphrey?
The Pope’s mission: “Convert ‘em or kill ‘em.” Fatima #2 and #3, respectively. The Mafia mission: put up the missile muscle for Fatima #3 period — take it all — atomize the non Mafia half of the globe. Dickie has made a complete reversal of his lifetime, Fatima #2 “hate the commies” banner. It appears. But the last time Mafia diplomats were scurrying all over the world preaching peace ( and Onassis and Kennedy were rigging the war) — whop! — the Roosevelt-Kennedy-Onassis war was here. As with Oswald, Ray and Sirhan later — Hitler made a beautiful, highly visible decoy to take the rap. The pope beneficently blessed Auschwitz and all the mass murders — He was the “Deputy of Christ.” 40 million were murdered in that war. 30 million of those were Russians. The Pope beneficently blessed this too. Russians are non Vatican, you see. Fatima #2 and #3.
The drive is on. Vatican and Mafia — handmaidens of history since the first “deal” in the year 325. They either take it all or they go.
Is this why “youall” (Texas again) — youall “holy crusaders” — Nader, Pope Pontius, Dickie, Onassis, Congress, Legal Mafia, Press Mafia — all the cancer — squat on Mary Jo and Hughes and dig a fresh one for the man across the hall? Is there any other reason? Youall could let it all hang out and mount your crosses and the rest of us could live — mighty rich, too, on the recaptured loot of the centuries of this Monstrous Mafia crud.
Why won’t you do that? Is it because youall are cancer? Is there any other answer? Do you think cancer should be killed? Doctors do. All of them. With 100% human approval.
Or do you feel you’d rather push the world into Fatima #3, killing 90% of everything, but allowing the 10% cancer to remain?
This latter, of course, is the Vatican-Mafia choice. Said Dickie: “Fuck America. My family comes first.” And this is what we now see, and the Vatican-Mafia, CIA to World Bank, Dickie to Onassis, Pentagon to Oil, Legal to Press — all the Mafia groups march on “Peace” missions around the world — Moscow to Peking, and Africa and So. America and on and on. But of course that non Mafia, non Vatican

Page Ninety Eight

half of the globe — scheduled for Fatima #3 extinction — know this — and they too have nuclear buttons. “Trust us,” CIA Helms says as he ships the heroin out of Laos, and roams deep in Yunnan Province looking for a rock — a fruitless search, since it is already on its way down his Mafia throat.
Should they trust the President of the United States — Chappaquiddick Onassis Hughes Mafia Dickie and Deputy of Christ Auschwitz God By Constitutional Amendment Fatima #3 Vietnam Holy Crusade Pius — and the entire handmaiden group that squats on the closed graves of Kopechne and Hughes and the still open one of Roberts?
What do you think?
Says Dickie today: “Just after my China trip I’m gonna have my diplomats blitz the world.” Lining them up for Fatima #3? Breshnev and Mao think so (for at this time, Laird, the Pentagon Chiefs, British War Dept., are suddenly screaming in unison about a “dangerous Russian arms buildup). And they know that, from the cover-up of the Alioto hit and run, Chappaquiddick, and the Onassis Hughes Mafia money funnel — he advanced to the cancellation of the United Nations. The next step is obvious: Fatima #3. He and the Pope have nowhere to go. Dickie said it, for both of them: “Fuck America. I come first.”
Too monstrous, you say? Take a look at the precepts and how they developed — 1932 — Onassis, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Churchill, all hooked by that heroin-booze bit. Joseph P. Kennedy’s crap game, the SEC — easy — as with all self-regulated, self-perpetuating controls. World War II (rigged by Onassis, Kennedy, Roosevelt — and 40 million murdered). Truman’s murder of 100 thou at Hiroshima (every AEC advisor said, “Pick an empty mountain.”). Mafia purchase of the U.S. — stemming from a coalition of Apalachin and the Hughes hyping. Vietnam. The murder of presidents, reformers, and would-be presidents. Mary Jo, Newsom’s barbecues, Tunney’s head hatcheting, Niarchos’ belly stomping, the Yablonski blasting — were indeed minor. Fatima #3 is a natural. The Pope watched all this and Auschwitz and Vietnam without a protest. As in the year 325, Dickie made a deal — Cardinal Cooke (the next Pope) and the Knights of Columbus (Daniel Schorr said Dickie was a “traitor” — the deal was unconstitutional — zap! — Schorr gets a CIA FBI shroud). Like Teddy, they say “We can live with it.” Chow en Lai said, publicly, seven days before Dickie’s “peace mission”: “He speaks of peace and redoubles his aggression — in Vietnam and everywhere else. His sole desire is re-election — self-perpetuation.”

Page Ninety Nine

(Kennedy felt that way in 1963 — “Keep the troops in Vietnam until I’m re-elected.”)
Dual headline today: “Dickie Off To China On Peace Mission.” “Hughes Vanishes Again — from Bahamas to Miami to Nicaragua — Customs won’t talk — nobody will talk.” Peterson (Justice’s new Criminal Chief — replacing Mafia Texas Willie Wilson) was asked, “Why don’t you drag Hughes out of his crypt and clear this up?” After weeks of stalling, he said, “We will, if necessary. But if Clifford Irving turns out to be a fraud it won’t be necessary.” (This was a few days after Irving confessed that he, personally, was a fraud) Asked Irv Kupcinet, “Who gave Irving such accurate up-to-date facts — damaging to “Hughes” and all politicians — that McGraw-Hill and Life both certified the facts to be genuine?” (He was speaking of the Presidential Purchase — and the key — the Mafia Election Process). No answer. (Says Rosenbaum: “Alioto did not come from nowhere. He was suddenly publicly pushed for Mayor in 1959 in North Beach.” That push would be Lanza — Alioto’s godfather) (Lanza, to me: “Get out of the street,” as I picked up pieces of my clobbered car at Franklin and Lombard, Sept. 17, 1968.) (Said Hoffa, who yesterday endorsed Nixon: “Teddy should be the man to run against Nixon,” He is loose, and owns them both.)
For bringing out some truth — Ellsberg will go to prison for 50 years. For bringing out some truth about Onassis Hughes purchase of presidents and the national economy — the Irvings face 25 years in prison (The Mafia election Process and the Mafia Swiss money cleansing machine is also exposed). Murderers Teddy and Dickie — Chappaquiddick lads — wholly owned by Onassis — will be the only two candidates you can vote for. And only one quarter of the population will vote. The winner will elected by one eighth of the population — a totally rigged, purchased deal — patterned, as was Thieu’s election in Vietnam. Onassis and the Pope, with aid from all Mafia governments and total Mafia economy, swing on their merry way to Fatima #3. The Mafia wishes to annihilate the United Nations. In Congress, Vatican representatives, led by Buckley, demand this. Goldwater demands it. Meany and Mafia Rooney shut off U.N. labor funding and even “75 year secrecy” Warren — the Maf from “Dallas,” laments: “The United States is now openly violating the charter of the United Nations — the last bulwark of world Peace — into dissolution.”
Dickie — by way of a Hughes bribe in 1957 — set up the Hughes Medical Institute that became the base for the Onassis Mafia Money Funnel, which purchased

Page One Hundred

control of all government and all of the economy — and results in the 41% Mafia siphon and the trillion dollar gross national product and finances the purchasing of nations around the world (for the “producing bodies”) while the Pope pushes for the souls — and now, because the non-Mafia countries know, Fatima #3 has become a Mafia reality , rather than simply a Vatican plan.
Teddy parallels Dickie in his trips around the world and the Mafia murderer speaks of freedom and smiles to Mama Mafia Rosie at Hyannisport (“The only thing that matters is what you can get away with”) and says, “I can live with it.” — as they recall that Mary Jo is now pulverized Pennsylvania dust.
Mitchell quit his Crime job to run a bigger crime — the re-election of Chappaquiddick Dickie. Said Martha: “He has solved all crime. He has eliminated the Mafia.” (That’s the truth — Mitchell has banned the use of the word). “He has done more than any crime fighter in history.” (And that’s the truth. Much more. He’s probably wiped us all out — along with the word.)
The cancer goes, Nader. Either way — surgery or Donnybrook.
I have some surgery on the road. And there’s always Donnybrook. If so, we’ll know “why,” won’t we, Nader? And who.
Jack Anderson notes in his column today that you are an asshole (Sylvia Siegal labeled you “shit.” Christopher Beam compared you to Murderer Maheu. Harry Miller wouldn’t state that you were not Mafia. He said that you were owned by those around you — Kennedy, Legal Mafia, Press Mafia, Congressional Mafia). Saturday Review describes your own private CIA — and says you are devious and deceitful even to your own associates. It’s as if you conceal things from them. Fellmeth and Miller verified this for me. The words “treason, bribery and high crime” are written in the Constitution. Along with words, they are tagged as hanging offenses in the intent of the original — not, of course, in the current legal Mafia defacto perversion of the document. I believe in that original constitution and its intent. I believe in that Hippocratic oath , the doctor’s quotation — and Christ quoted on the cross: “Kill Cancer. Murderers on the cross, not me.”
Nader, you qualify.
I’ve arranged for some placement here. “Personnel Placement.” I said it. And in case of an accident, I’ve arranged for the same job hereafter. Anderson states that you supplied the truth and use your new found power (from an Onassis bribe — and the blackmail that goes with it — both arranged by me) to harass a biographer — McCarry. He charged that you rigged the Yablonski

Page One Hundred One

effort that carried out the labor Mafia shotguns, and then joined the lid that sits on the Yablonski family wipe-out. You know that my family has been sweating out a Yablonski for three and a half years. They waited for you with depositions — for a year and a half. One of them is now in that room across the hall. We know your Mafia ass squats on Mary Jo’s busted nose decomposed face along with Teddy and the entire family of Mafia cancer. She too was on her way to see you. I delivered her message to you one year later and that was a year and a half ago. You have participated in these murders — both before and after the fact. I kept you from being assassinated (Your reaction was predictable — you hid in a phone booth — and Sylvia Siegal said “shit.”), for a purpose. I did that. Your reaction — and Harry Millers. If any of us are still here I shall be present at the hanging of all traitors and murderers. And who will be in charge of that personnel placement? The name is on a tag across the hall.
If Fatima #3 arrives and we all take a trip, when you get wherever we go, guess whose name will be on the check in charge of “Personnel Placement?” Same name, Nader. I figure I have died — him off the cross, me in charge of personnel.
I’m not happy with a quickie. I want “youall” cancer on an eternity yo-yo.
Said FBI Sullivan and partner to me — on Cambodia Invasion Day, April 30th, 1970: “You have just been through the biggest con game in history.”
Said Clifford Irving: “This is the most complex thing that has ever happened. You have not seen the bottom line yet. Be prepared for a huge surprise.”
Said Chappaquiddick Dickie: “Fuck America. My family comes first.”
They’re all wrong. Complete understatements.
Part of my family lies across the hall. He came into that room belching blood and hydrochloric acid. The nurse first told me that I could expect a call at any time. From here I’m watching a green line on a TV screen. It moves and jumps every time his heart beats.
Said Teddy: “I can live with it.”
I wonder. I watch that green line and the last part of Irving’s quote comes back — “You have not seen the bottom line yet. Be prepared for a huge surprise.” “Kill cancer,” said the doctor. “Kill cancer,” said Christ. “Kill cancer,” said Chappaquiddick Dickie. “Kill cancer,” said Chappaquiddick Teddy. “Kill cancer,” said the “disembodied” voice of Howard Hughes.
“Kill that cancer,” said the man across the hall. His name is Roberts. So is mine. Bruce Porter Roberts. You’re gonna see it on “Personnel Placement” doors. He was murdered because I elected Nixon.

Page One Hundred Two

Feb. 19, 1972
Another phone call got some action. Two, really, to a relative in Spokane. The whole story, including the Onassis Hughes Mafia Money Funnel, and the fact that Chow en Lai — if he wanted to — could introduce Dickie to the proven skeleton of Howard Hughes as he stepped off the plane in Peking — and then slap Mafia Dickie all over China on a “Hughes” TV pickup, relayed by “Hughes” Satellite and picked up in the U.S. by the “Hughes” network. And if Chow didn’t do that it would be for worse — it would mean a planned first strike by the entire non Mafia world to avoid the Mafia-Vatican Fatima #3 — and then the release of the evidence, to justify the act. And Chow en Lai would be correct.
Wed., Feb. 16, 1972, these calls were made, about 11:30 a.m. The reason for the calls was to notify this relative of the critical condition of my father and this time in the process of Nixon’s three and a half year murder. A few hours later the entire Onassis-”Hughes” mob vacated the Bahamas and the invisible disembodied ”Hughes” was reported in Nicaragua. They were received and verified by a Mafia U.S. ambassador (one of three who purchased their jobs) and the dictator of Nicaragua. Neither the U.S. or Nicaragua customs saw this ghost — but they passed this ghost through. Neither did the Ambassador or the Dictator and they vouched for his presence.
This was the end of a campaign since Christmas. On Dec. 27, 1971, I gave a 62 carat, heart-cut sapphire to Elizabeth Dole to sell — instructions: sell it to a private party — with the history that goes with it. “Do not mention my name or take it to anyone who knows me. They will not buy it at any price.” The history included everything in here, including the “Onassis Hughes Money Funnel” and of course, his burial. She: “Will you repeat this to a multimillionaire friend of mine?” (That was odd). Me: “No. Let’s see what you do. POW wives have my stones, and the history. They can start World War III by giving the history to Hanoi in exchange for the POW’s. A relative of one of the Chappaquiddick broads threw hers off the Golden Gate Bridge — a futile attempt to bury that history — since she was filmed as she threw it into San Francisco Bay. That stone there was offered to Mrs. Nixon, along with the request that Nixon sell the other 150 for me. That was when I turned in to him — a month after Chappaquiddick — the full solution to Teddy’s murder, Onassis Hughes’ capture and the entire 50 year conspiracy.” A week later she said she had done what I asked her not to do — and received the answer I told her she would. “…Won’t buy at any price.” (This was a local Onassis-Nixon effort.).

Page One Hundred Three

Over New Year’s I went to Tahoe and laid the whole shitty thing on a friend of Jimmy The Greek (Jimmy worked for Maheu and “Hughes” — before the Thanksgiving kiss-off). A week later, Jimmy The Greek quoted public (and differing private) odds on whether Howard Hughes was dead. He added: “If he is, the entire government is in on it and it would be the biggest conspiracy in history.” (And that’s what FBI Sullivan and partner told me I had been through on Cambodia Invasion Day, 1970.)
During January, I laid it on a number — the full story of the “Onassis Hughes Mafia Money Funnel” — (and it was getting through) — Al Strom, Kish, Harp, Bill — many more — plus likely looking strangers. Around the end of the month I laid it on Barbara Phillips, Gloria Steinem’s partner. Correction — that was Feb. 8, 11:a.m. “Chappaquiddick Dickie”, the Peking phrase, was mentioned — assassinations — and dead Howard Hughes. Feb. 9, 5:p.m. he started vomiting blood and hydrochloric acid — ambulance and to the hospital. While waiting for doctor and ambulance, I wrote a long letter to this Spokane relative — and walked out and mailed it — just as I did yours. (I have a sheaf of affidavits with me on the Mafia control of the Postal Service. Interceptions are a daily routine of the CIA, who have been with me since I elected Dickie.) Sat., Feb. 12 — I called Spokane — determined delivery there that day — and discussed the contents (the entire shmeer — “Hughes”, Chappaquiddick, Alioto, Dickie in Peking). That too was monitored. And then on Wed., Feb. 16, a.m., the two calls in which I verbally recited the entire affair and the possibility of missiles coming in — because of the Onassis Hughes Mafia Money Funnel — and Dickie, and Chappaquiddick, and Alioto. That afternoon, Wed., p.m., the entire “Hughes” Onassis mob pulled the Bahama exit. “Political problems,” they stated, starting in January. My campaign had become concentrated in December, with monthly jobs way back to June, 1971, when the Merrymans looked me up.
Two phone calls — about you — and a letter — brought you a half million cash action — four days later.
One phone call — mentioning dead Howard Hughes — to Harry Miller’s secretary — accompanied with the proposed assassination threat disclosure — on you — brought me a return call — 5 minutes later — from someone other than Harry Miller — possibly from “Hughes” direct dialing system in the Bahamas. “Police” were mentioned


Page One Hundred Four

and police were there. 100 FBI men combing the town picking up a few winos on your assassination day — even though you were safely hidden — by cancellation — in a Washington phone booth. They didn’t bother me (who started the whole bit), but they did protect Neilson-Green — where in early October I dropped messages of “Chappaquiddick Big Dickie, Little Dickie, and Alioto — Peking style” and offered the “dead Howard Hughes Empire” to Carlson, Assassin Maheu — and five days after that Kissinger announced a surprise second visit to Peking to “check the agenda” of the talks.
When Irving’s book subject — De Hory of “The Fake” — heard of the Bahamas kiss-off, he said “That’s the biggest hoax. Hughes has been dead for a while. I know.” Wallace Turner reports that, under heavy public pressure, the IRS admits that “Hughes” has not signed a tax return in 15 years. “Maybe,” they say, “we’ll look into it.” Forget it. Same public pressure — quotes Turner — forced “unnamed government sources” that they had no proof that Hughes was alive — but none that he was dead either. Three months ago, an “unnamed, unimpeachable Justice source” publicly announced — in a special press conference: “Howard Hughes is alive and well.”
The alternate flight destination of the Onassis Bahama hoods was San Jose, Costa Rica — adjacent to Nicaragua. San Jose, Costa Rica, is a Mafia hub city. Lillo, who at the Maurice Hotel on Aug. 9, 1968 (when Carlson’s “Look” story was due out and my papers and stones were in Dickie’s hands — papers about Alioto, Hughes and Chappaquiddick) notified me about the violent death of my family — in front of witnesses — mentioned that he had just come from San Jose — and did I know it? Yes, I said, thinking San Jose, California — at the time — which also has a Mafia group of Bonannos, etc. The “Lillo”, “Jardin Baru” was stamped on the back of the bill he paid for his drink. His passport read, “Munoz, Columbia.” After the eye squint, throat rattle and shoulder tap — he departed. Later, it was determined that Lillo was a Mafia “sponsor” — liaison man — all over. He “sponsored” Mari and Adamo, who left New York and never returned. What they did was kidnap John Tunney’s sister in Norway — release her — hyped — in Marseilles a month and a half later, with “shut up” instructions about the first Chappaquiddick phone call — from her Bay Area home — by big brother, John Tunney. Joan Tunney then chopped off her husband’s squawking head in England and beat the rap in a nut house. Mari and Adamo were later found pressed into a bale of scrap car metal. They fowled up the deal because Joan Tunney’s head hatcheting off bit re-exposed what they were supposed to cover up. Lillo doesn’t believe in witnesses. Nor does J. Mafia Hoover, or Dickie.

Page One Hundred Five

In “The Nation” — William Turner politely describes J. Mafia Hoover’s Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI. Says he: “They have penetrated the highest eschalons of the nation’s security-industrial complex, and Congress, the Executive, the Judiciary, and state and local governments. Their luminary is Robert A. Maheu…Hughes’ mastermind before going out in a blaze of controversy.”
He goes on about how they are phone company tappers, run Hughes Aircraft, Las Vegas and Caribbean gambling, Lockheed, Ford, Law Enforcement, American Security Council, parts of the CIA (their pattern follows the plan of Onassis at Apalachin — and they work side by side). Dissenters — a la Jack Shaw — are punished (Always, they follow the “hate the commies” Fatima #3 policy — labeled by Mike Novacs under “Hoover’s Catholic Boys”). California Attorney General Younger, who wants to be Governor, naturally is listed. He covered up Bobby at L.A. The head of the Defense Intelligence Agency is among the group (That’s Noel Gayler — who chatted with me in the presence of Proxmire’s niece — and was so irritated by 1. her presence and 2. “smuggling” of papers out of this country — This chat occurred within two weeks after the “Hughes” departure from Las Vegas).
Turner is very polite. He doesn’t mention J. Mafia Hoover’s connections to Neilson, Johnny Torrio, Al Capone and Joseph P. Kennedy. Or Gallinaro’s busted body, because he dug up these matters. Ah, these people are all alike. Let out a little in order to avoid the big burp.
I’m watching two TV’s. One has a jumpy green line and the other is focused on a “Hughes” TV broadcast of Dickie’s forthcoming landing at Peking. Both have a relation to whatever future you have. Here’s Dickie — on the opposite side of the globe — searching for “world peace” — when, for three and a half years he has been aware that the cause of crime, the cause of war is right here — and exposed. For three and a half years he has prosecuted the murder of the man who is responsible for that jumpy green line. Because his son elected Dickie and exposed Dickie and the shit — at the same time. The Mafia election process — conducted not by the visible Mafia parties in a rigged wrestling match, but by the real Mafia families — 1. J. Mafia Hoover’s select club that murders by the blackmail in his files, the “Infectious Shit Club.” 2. Onassis Hughes Maf, who murders the Maheu direct way, the “Mouldering Mass Of Rotten.”

Page One Hundred Six

Put together (and they do work together — Hoover’s group is why it was so easy for Onassis to set up the Apalachin deal and the Hughes hyping in 1957) — this spells: “Mouldering Mass of Rotten Dribbling Infection Shit” — MMORDIS. And that’s a much truer name than “Mafia” — since it includes all of the cancer — for instance, you and the Pope — who join all the rest on Mary Jo’s grave — and Howard Hughes’ — and that of the man attached to the jumpy green line.
Today Onassis got Jackie into the “verification act” of Hughes’ existence. He had Jackie order his man, Johnny Meyer (formerly “Hughes” man), call “Howard” and demand an interview with Jackie. Johnny Meyer reports that “Howard” told him “No.” (but that, of course, “verifies” that “Hughes” still exists, doesn’t it?). And Johnny Meyer now reports that Jackie is angry at the “proven living” “Hughes” and “will get even with him” for the slight.
Remember Jackie? She was snatched by Onassis from the dead hands of JFK, who was murdered by Maheu-”Hughes”-Onassis — with the aid of Cardinal Cushing (the marriage) and Cardinal Spellman (the original Mafia purchase of the U.S. in 1960 — or rather, the change of ownership from Hoover’s mob to Onassis’ mob). Mafia policy — snatch the murdered slob’s wife and shotgun — in this case, Jackie and the Pentagon.
This is an example of Onassis’ desperation. It’s an all out affair, Dickie’s trying to buy China — Mafia style. Here at home, the California Supreme Court (appointed by Mafia Pat Brown, whose record includes the huge water swindle, the IOS swindle, and active participation with Voloshen and McCormack in the release of Mafia from jails) — ruled the death penalty illegal — by the State Constitution, regardless of what the U.S. Supreme Court has said or will say. By poll, 80% of the population favor the death penalty. Said Reagan: “This makes a farce of constitutional law — it exposes the public to crime and treason and murder with no deterrent.” (I sat in his office in Oct., 1968, relating these matters you have now read and was told “This is the biggest thing ever — go home and wait for a call.” I’m still waiting.) This, with the Mafia “statute of limitations,” now makes all crime legal — even Treason and Murder. Said Teddy — and Pat Brown — and Moretti — and another local Maf I talked to lastnight, “Great — now there’s no way they can hang us for

Page One Hundred Seven

for our murder and treason.” Your legal Mafia works well, Nader.
Tablets discovered recently — from the year 325 — dating to the Council of Nicea,” when history fell prey to the canons of the church — which escaped Holy Father censorship in the 10th Century A.D. — have aided in exploding the Vatican cover-up — and subsequent use of — the murder of Christ.
“Murderers on the cross — not me,” said that man, as it took him eight hours to suffocate in that cross position.
Two hours and thirteen minutes was all it took for Mary Jo to suffocate in that air bubble — and not because of lack of air — because of the swollen tissues of her nose, busted by the mighty backhand of MMORDIS Teddy.
There’s a jumpy green line going on up the involved in another slow murder — this one, courtesy of Chappaquiddick Dickie — who, on the other TV, is just landing in Peking — in search of world peace and the cause of crime and the cause of war.
I’m gonna watch and see if — in the receiving line — as already intimated to me — will be the skeleton of Howard Hughes — and if Chow en Lai will introduce Dickie to the Hughes that’s “conducting the TV of his arrival” — and then whip Chappaquiddick Dickie all over China with some choice revelations. Or — if they don’t do this — which is worse — just how they plan to defend themselves against Fatima #3.

Feb. 21, 1972
Says the Pope today: “Very important events are taking place in the world. We are busy trying to draw predictions of the future of people and of all mankind.” Yes, Nader.
The crux of the matter is this — a legal matter — Legal Mafia Nader: “The exposure of the Onassis Hughes Mafia ownership, purchase and destruction of the United States — the positive link between local and international Mafia — MMORDIS — and the total of public officialdom and private economy — the wedding of Hoover’s “Infectious Shit” Club and Onassis’ “Mouldering Mass Of Rotten Dribbling” — the total cause of crime and war and murder — all this automatically escalates any bribery charge — a non-capital offense — into treason and conspiracy to treason, murder and conspiracy to murder. Hanging offenses.

Page One Hundred Eight

“Aiding and abetting the enemy, without and within.” In the constitution. And knowing this, Brown’s Mafia California Supreme Court promptly and suddenly declares the death penalty — for any reason — to be invalid. “Not even the Supreme Court can overrule us,” say they. True, the Supreme Court is Mafia too. Most of them were appointed by Mafia Nixon, some by Mafia Johnson, some by Mafia Kennedy.
This “Treason and Conspiracy to Treason” and “Murder and Conspiracy to Murder,” now includes — in addition to the bribery (which Alioto states that all legal Mafia and all public official Mafia commit) — any attempt to suppress, distort, discredit, or knowingly and willfully failing to act or assist. Hanging offenses, explicitly in the constitution, the rights to which I have been excommunicated. Do you know how many people will hang for this, Nader — if any of us are still here? Millions. And if we’re not here, they’ll go with me and I’ll hang them there — that eternity yo-yo I spoke of.
This is why today, Justice declares “Hughes” fled because “we” had a subpoena for him. “Too bad we missed.” The man who arranged the Bahama escape was James John Golden — formerly in charge of Secret Service for Dickie Nixon. William Turner has described how Hoover’s ex-FBI agents club runs everything for Hughes. Isn’t it sad that these people — who surround “Hughes” can’t give him a paper? Even JFK, Bobby, Martin Luther King Assassin-FBI Club member Maheu — IBM — Iron Bob Maheu — a luminary of the club, along with California Attorney General Younger — the bid on Gene Caesar, who fired the shots that killed Bobby — who now enforces that new Supreme Court ruling — “no death penalty for anything.”
No Mafia wants to hang. So Dickie and Congress destroy the United Nations — it is a threat. They pervert the Constitution to make Mafia crime legal, and then the legal Mafia throws out all deterrent — even the death penalty for Treason — of which they are all now proven guilty by the Onassis’-Hughes expose, Chappaquiddick, and the Alioto hit and run.
1.) “Keep them in Vietnam until I am elected.” Quote from JFK, who pushed the Holy Crusade with Spellman — a pungent example of the Mafia election process and the Vatican-Mafia handmaiden approach to Fatima #3 — the blow off of the other half. Normal MMORDIS policy. Mafia creed.
2.) “We hang together of we hang separately. Better to have Hoover inside the tent pissin’ out than outside the tent pissin’ in.” Quote from Johnson. Normal MMORDIS policy. Vatican-Mafia handmaiden. Fatima #3 creed. (Senators Brewster

Page One Hundred Nine

and Montoya carried $100 thousand suitcase bribes from Hoffa — as part of their Senatorial duties — to Lyndon. Body Count McNamara covered Chappaquiddick well — after conducting mass murder in Vietnam and around the globe — where he now buys countries for the new Mafia Boss, Dickie.
3.) “Fuck America. My family comes first.” Quote from Dickie — as Hughes’ Dietrich handed him a $205 thousand bribe and warned him it was treason. Mafia creed indeed. All Mafia families post this creed on their family walls.
There are quotes from three Mafia Presidents of the United States — since 1960. All were bribed by Onassis-”Hughes” cash — Mafia blood cash — murder cash — skim loot — Swiss washed murder money. All committed Treason. Hanging offenses.
Bill Best — Northern California campaign manager for Nixon in !968 — Said he to me in October, 1968: Nixon has your papers — you are in his hands — you will be told what to do.” Yes. I’ve had it on all sides — from Nixon, Mack, Greenagel, and various other Mafia hoods — listed elsewhere — and it’s always the “murder of my family.” “We murder when necessary.” “I might kill you myself.” “Sometime tonight, or tomorrow.” And in October, 1968, I sat in Best’s office and Greenagel had been brought in. I flipped them a copy of the phony “VXT 264” license verification from Sacramento and told them of my visit to Reagan’s office, and said, “This country is in deep trouble.” No answer.
Well, what is Dickie doing in China? They aren’t attacking anybody — as we are — in murder — on their doorstep in Vietnam — and Mafia purchase all over the world — Taiwan to Greece. And Chow tells Dickie this: “You speak of peace — and escalate the physical and economic war. You try to purchase us as your Mafia crew has the rest of the world.” What is he doing around the world? “Journey for Peace,” he says. He is running away for his life. The cause of war, the cause of crime, is here. They have nothing to lose by trying to purchase the non Mafia world. Failing that, they will pull Fatima #3 — with the Papal handmaiden blessing — still hoping to survive the event. “Fuck America. My family comes first.” And the non Mafia world — in total self defense — might lob in the first strike — in total justification — as our own constitution proves, in regard to the Treason and Fatima #3 — World War III, mentioned above. Or — they could both go at once, and there we are — I get a new job in “Personnel Placement,” where I will be employed stringing Mafia cancer on an Eternity Yo-Yo.

Page One Hundred Ten
The horrible fact is that Onassis used Dickie to set up the Mafia money funnel — the Hughes tax-free Medical Research Institute — which owns Hughes Aircraft. Dietrich did this with his announced treason bribe — that Dickie accepted in his “Fuck America” recorded quote. This is the date when all bribery became treason — and dragged in all bribery from the past, under the same charge and the equal hanging offenses — treason and conspiracy to commit treason, and murder and conspiracy to commit murder.. Dietrich was then fired and Onassis was home free — sheltered by more potent blackmail than Hoover. And the two Mafia groups have worked together ever since — in complete collusion in murder and treason, the cause of war, the cause of crime — in complete accord on the prosecution of Fatima #3.
Dickie — now exposed — has, visibly at least, taken a 180 degree turn on the “hate the commies” theme and slinks around the world — buying, selling, begging — anything to get off the hook, and always, slyly aware of the potential of popping Fatima #3.
Teddy — now exposed — has, visibly at least, taken a 180 degree turn — (POW’s, for instance, that his brother first sent over on the “Holy Crusade”…) He is desperately trying to expiate Chappaquiddick. But he can’t. He reverts to form and sucks on Onassis and the Pope. “Invade North Ireland,” says he. Teddy has slinked from the weeks of Chappaquiddick to the “Leading Presidential contender.”
Onassis — now exposed — has pulled out all the stops — money flows like water — but his disease is catching up. His disease? A fear that he will wake up some day to see his entire Mafia empire gone.
The rest? CIA, FBI, Congress, Legal Mafia, Press Mafia, right down to those who discredit, demean, block and otherwise prevent disclosure — especially by omission of action — are faced with hanging. Treason is any aiding or abetting the enemy within and without. Based on our Constitution — international law and even the shreds of our own national law, and established by “Howard Hughes.”
Nader slinks. All the way from Yablonski and Mary Jo to the murder of the man across the hall. Ambassadors, such as Nicaragua’s, purchased positions in true Mafia style. The Pope travels the world and writes an edict declaring himself God. Ah, this vermin blankets the world. And two billion of the world’s non Mafia population — out of a three and a half billion total — are angry at this blight — even some Americans. And the man on the cross. Go ahead — fight it. It’s here. Missiles exist on both sides. And something new — which I gave to them.

Page One Hundred Eleven

All bribery became treason in 1932 when President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill sponsored Joseph P. Kennedy and Onassis in the introduction of illegal booze and heroin into Boston. International and National treason and war and crime — and Murder worse than Auschwitz — “Of the Mafia, by the Mafia, for the Mafia” sprung from that. World War II — rigged by Onassis, Kennedy and Roosevelt — 40 million murdered (30 million Russians). That was Fatima #1. The Pope was joyful and overlooked Auschwitz.
John P. Kennedy and Spellman — and Onassis and Joseph P. Kennedy and the Pope — held a “holy crusade” in Vietnam as part of Fatima #2 — a joint Mafia-Vatican venture.

March 12, 1972
The writing above was done in the hospital room on the evening of Feb. 21, 1972. On Feb. 22, 1972, Nixon completed his murder. My father died at 11:40 a.m.

Page One Hundred Twelve

March 11, 1972
My father was murdered on Feb. 22, 1972.
Several weeks ago.
By Chappaquiddick Dickie Nixon, whom I elected. “Stress” — reads the death certificate. Two days before Dickie took off for China we took him to the hospital — Coughing blood and hydrochloric acid. Two days after Chappaquiddick Dickie landed in China, the murder was complete. Three and a half years of “Stress” — a total CIA type slow death clamp. On the entire family. He knew who was murdering him, and why. We talked in the hospital. He fought it all the way. A helpless old man bursting to belt the truth out. He left a legacy. For all his murderers. And Dickie had a host of helpers. The same group that squats on Mary Jo Kopechne’s busted nosed grave (July 18, 1969). And on Howard Hughes’ Grecian water burial (Onassis’ Tinos — April 16, 1971). And a batch in early 1970: Joan Tunney’s husband (the first Chappaquiddick phone call); Newsom’s barbecued nieces(the Alioto hit-run cover-up); Yablonski family (Nader instigated the Yablonski union reform movement and the family was murdered for the same reason Robert A. Maheu murdered Martin Luther King — to prevent any exposure of the key — the Mafia Election Process, by which they rule and murder and promote Fatima #3 — their ultimate goal — the blow-off of the non Mafia, non Vatican half); Eugenie Niarchos ( an inter-Mafia murder performed by Stavros Niarchos because on another overheard phone call — from Charlotte Ford — of the Ford Foundation clan — which, led by Body Count Bundy and Attorney General John Mitchell, and in response to my plea to Nixon for help in capturing Alioto for the hit-run that gave Nixon and Mitchell their jobs — brought in a bundle of loot (in the week following Nixon’s inauguration and Mitchell’s first official act) to Alioto to form the Alioto Crime Commission, which became the lid on my exposure of the key — the Mafia Election Process — laid out by the Alioto hit-run and the Onassis’ Maheu “Hughes” Vegas skim money bribes to Nixon, Humphrey, et al, going on at the same time — 1968.
They thought they had the lid on then. But nine months later — Chappaquiddick! I exposed that two weeks after it happened. And Johnson rushed to Nixon and they issued a joint statement — “We hang together or we hang separately. And it is better to have Hoover inside the tent pissin’ out than outside the tent pissin’ in.” At the same time I exposed the Onassis “Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel — to Nixon — and he burned his copies of all of that. And the handmaidens of history — the Vatican and Mafia, moved massively to cover it all. It worked. They covered Chappaquiddick. They had to. They have nowhere else to go. Except Fatima #3. And that is why that is urgent — now. As with Roosevelt in Fatima #1(World War I) — “Blot it all out. Take Over.” The other half knows all of this. And that makes their reaction urgent. Because the Onassis “Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel is current, bubbling — and they can’t hide it. It is the way of American life. They are living in their own shit. Created by themselves — and nothing to do but eat it.

Page One Hundred Thirteen

Or pull Fatima #3 — and that’s a two-way street — now. They’re worried. Check any Mafia action in the past 3 years. Mafia Executive, Congressional, Judicial, Legal Mafia, Press Mafia — any branch. Corporate, for instance — such as Onassis’ ITT, Onassis’ GM, or Onassis’ Lockheed.
Dickie can’t leave Vietnam or desert Thieu, the Maf, or Chiang Kai Shek , or the Grecian Maf, or the Vatican Maf…they’re all one — with a nuclear noose poised around the non Mafia half for purposes of Fatima #3. While he was in China the CIA was still running 200 miles into Yunnan Province on geological field trips looking for a mineral I was experimenting with when Alioto clobbered my car. The U.S., Russia and the common market countries are all working desperately — in billion dollar labs — to develop it artificially. I was working with that stuff when Alioto clobbered my car. And I solved that too. The dirty end at least. It, with these papers, is up the Mafia ass that squats on the graves of my father, Mary Jo Kopechne, assorted assassination victims, 40 million murdered by Roosevelt, Kennedy and Onassis in World War II, the dead at Truman’s Hiroshima (all the scientists who developed it said: “Please — pick an empty mountain — it isn’t necessary to murder people to demonstrate annihilation.”). But then Truman’s boss was Prendergast and Truman was a typical selection of the Mafia election system. Prendergast was Mafia and Truman got his start in life washing whorehouse towels from Prendergast’s joints. Oh well, Onassis owned them all since 1932 — when he and Joseph P. Kennedy brought in booze and heroin in presidential pouches. 1932, the date that all bribery and collusion became treason — a hanging offense. And you will note that lately, Mafia California quickly moved to outlaw any death penalty. And that Mafia Congress and the Mafia Judiciary is hastily lining up to delete any death penalty from the constitution. Yes, they’re worried. But — they no longer control the timing of murder. That rests in my sweaty hands. And Dickie know this — and runs, and Teddy, who runs. The handmaidens — Vatican and Mafia — Religion and Politics — the two no-no’s — the Mafia in a flag and a robe, all running. Going nowhere. Anchored to the dead body of Howard Hughes. The American Mafia way of life.
A year ago I repeated all of this to Nixon’s hatchet man — Mack — whose bank has a hunk of the Lockheed loan, and a hunk of Alioto’s loot. And then I said, “I will take all of your criminal loot — all of these criminals — political, religious or corporate — back through time — back to the original murder — the cover-up of the murder of Christ — and I will hang you all for treason — and spread that loot around to the 90% innocent. Or I will take the loot and all of you with me and take my time hanging you all up there somewhere. On an eternity Yo-Yo.” He answered, meekly, “Would it help if you talked to Mitchell?”

Page One Hundred Fourteen

Presidential intellectual timbre is based, in our Onassis “Hughes” world, upon how efficiently the potentials wash the Mafia whorehouse towels. What the Mafia looks for is a combination of the rotten immorality, murder capability, heroin pushing adeptness, cunning, greed, and of course, strict adherence to omerta. These, they make public officials, via the Mafia election process — and voila, there you are. In nature, the opposite to this combination exists. Where there is anti-matter, there is matter. Always. Any imbalance of this results in an implosion.
I know humans who are the opposite of this cancerous Mafia growth. Some of them do exactly what I tell them to do — knowing there is only one solution for the 90% innocent to remain in existence. It requires a fatalistic attitude. And it is why a document is out entitled “The Murder Of The Family Of The Man Who Elected Nixon To The Presidency By President Nixon.” My father, knowing he was being murdered, was one of those, and got his legacy out. In the hospital on the night before he died, he told my mother and I that one of us was going to be “knocked over” between 9:30 p.m. and 9:30 a.m. He even beat them at. He didn’t die until 11:40 a.m. That’s two hours and ten minutes he beat them out of. And I remembered something else he said a long time ago: “There isn’t anything in this world that can’t be done in less than an hour — including the total destruction thereof.”
Missiles? No. Maximum would only take out 80% of us. Any doctor wouldn’t just cut out 80% of a cancer. He kills it all. And that’s what the CIA is prospecting for in Yunnan Province. Too late. It’s already tamped.
The only way out, of course, is by all the Mafia taping a chorus. The Mafia Chorus. And so it is that needles have been jabbed in. As of Feb. 22, 1972 — truth day — Washington’s Birthday — the date of my father’s murder by Richard Nixon — everything from harpoons to missiles is on its way — and not necessarily in that order. I’m dead anyhow. My family is dead. Said Dickie, when he was told it was treason to take the Onassis’ Hughes bribe in 1957 (Onassis moved in while Dietrich was on Safari in 1956): “Fuck America. My family comes first.” Hoover and Mitchell and Nixon wash Onassis’ whorehouse towels. Including Jackie’s, when she goes to Turkey to sleep with Mustapha, whenever Mustapha orders, since Mustapha kept the Onassis diary from 1914, and I purchased a copy of that with the sapphires that Nixon refused to sell for me (the money clamp) — when I sold them to 37 embassies around the world — together with this history as to why I couldn’t sell them in the Nixon-Onassis-Mafia America — all of whom voted against the U.S. during the ouster of Dope Pushing Taiwan from the U.N. — since they also noted that Kissinger was in Peking at that time — sent there by announcing to Neilson-Green (CIA) the Chinese phrase “Chappaquiddick Big Dickie, Chappaquiddick Little Dickie (Carlson) and Chappaquiddick Alioto.”
“Cancel the United Nations!” scream all the Mafia leaders.

Page One Hundred Fifteen

Around last Christmas, Elizabeth Dale: bugging me for money for Mexican orphans. I offered a letter to the Mexican reporter who reported Chow en Lai’s scornful remark, “Facts of JFK at Dallas are still not out.” Said she: “No, that would be political blackmail.” Me: “Then you either work for Onassis or Chappaquiddick Dickie.” She: “No, I’m a nobody. But my husband is a VP for ITT.” (Boing! That one had been under way for some time.) Me: “Here’s a 67 carat heart shaped sapphire. Sell it, with the history that goes with it. It was in a batch given to Nixon to sell for me because I elected him and I wanted money to buy information with. He wouldn’t do that, or let me sell them anywhere else — in America. I offered them to foreign outlets. They said, ‘Why sell them to us?’ I told them ‘why’ — the whole sordid history. They paid me well — for instance, $3500 for a ruby that sells here for $900. Once I sold a piece of gravel from the S.F. Hall of Justice for $2500 — together with additional history. The history of a stone — or a coin, for instance — gives it a value far above any normal rating. That heart shaped sapphire, for instance, was offered to Mrs. Nixon. Dickie couldn’t touch it. POW wives have my stones — they can start World War III tomorrow, simply by giving a stone — with the history — to Hanoi — in exchange for their husbands. Chiang Ching has one of my stones — along with the history. A relative of one of the Chappaquiddick broads threw hers off the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to destroy the history — and she was filmed doing that. The filming of the cover-up is far more incriminating than the events themselves.” She: “Thank you. Will you repeat the history to a multimillionaire friend of mine?” (There it was — big bribe loot from ITT). Me: “No. I have my own way of doing things. I used all that stone money to purchase information comparable to what has been denied me — here — from Mafia Hoover’s blackmail files — for instance, the Onassis diary, the Maheu assassinations, the Mafia Election Process, the Onassis-Nixon-”Hughes”-Hoover-Mitchell-Kennedy Mafia Money Funnel — the total cause of war and crime — the handmaidens of history — Vatican and Mafia — all of whom squat on the graves of Mary Jo Kopechne, Howard Hughes, and a murdered horde of millions. They are currently murdering my family — and the history of my own father’s stones and coins is now out working around the world amongst non Mafia people. That sapphire — and its history — is worth a fortune — in fact, the whole ball of wax. Let’s see what you do.” She wasted no further time. She: “Where in Asia did that heavy density mineral come from?” (Only a few people know about it. Mack and Nixon are two of those.). I mumbled something useless. She: “Why does it take 22 hours to work?” (That surprised me. I didn’t think Helms or Gayler would ever be desperate enough to let that out. To anyone.) I left. She was, of course, referring to my experiments that were ended when Alioto clobbered my car on Sept. 16, 1968 — and set this entire thing in motion. Several weeks later she told me, “I hate you. I am more dangerous to you than any of those others. I might kill you myself.” Me: “That, of course, is one way to get the job done. We’d all take a trip — and I’ll hang you there. I’m ready, are you?” No answer.

Page One Hundred Sixteen

My father was murdered Feb. 22, 1972. I called the hierarchy — all who weren’t with Dickie in China — on the morning of Feb. 23, 1972 — to notify them to be sure and be at the funeral that afternoon. None showed. On that evening and the next, Feb. 24, 1972 — Dita Beard, the ITT Mafia, was pressured. On the next day, Feb. 25, 1972 — Anderson, supported by Nader, released the Dita Beard ITT memo describing the usual treasonous Mafia bribe of Nixon, Mitchell and the Republican Mafia by the Onassis’ “Hughes” Mafia money funnel, while Chappaquiddick Dickie’s treasonous face was being picked up by a Chinese “Hughes” ITT satellite and reproduced here on TV stations controlled by Onassis’ Hughes. This memo — just a needle. Harpoons are on the way. Mafia style — belly to asshole.
Said Greenagel, when I told him of the murder and the funeral: “Thank you” (he burned all his copies of this). No card — no appearance. Nothing.
Best — Nixon’s California campaign manager in 1968 — who unwittingly cooperated in scaring Humphrey out of the bay area — and his V.P. Muskie — and denied me access to publisher Knowland — sent nothing, did nothing.
CIA Neilson-Green and Dick Carlson sent nothing, did nothing.
Dick Nolan took my message on a tape recorder. Silence of the grave.
Mummert — my father’s coin club friend — and the insurer of my car, who was present at the cover-up of the hit-run from the beginning — and realizes the historical value of my father’s stones and coins — said “Thank you,” and pulled a total fade. A week later he sent me a premium notice.
Last week my mother received a death sympathy card from a stranger. It included a Mafia warning to her about me. She cried.
She too would like to get the truth out. Her own deposition. But this massive Mafia is back at the business of the slow kill of the weakest link. Her, now. My brother is locked up. Has been for three and a half years.
Sound sad? It isn’t. It’s just the way it is. And makes the murder of my murderers just another detail.
Let’s face it — Christ was murdered by the same group that murdered Mary Jo Kopechne and my father. It took Christ 8 hours to suffocate of the cross. Mary Jo Kopechne two hours and thirteen minutes, because of swollen busted nose tissues.
The covered-up eleventh commandment — right from the cross: “Murderers of the cross — not me.” Slow and tortured — the way Lillo described my own.
I sincerely hope people don’t get jumpy and pull a Fatima #3 going both ways. It would all be over in an hour.
I prefer the 22 hour way. A day to listen to the Mafia chorus. And understand “Why?”

Page One Hundred Seventeen

The Republican Mafia — because of the exposed ITT-Nixon Treason — exposed the Democratic Mafia AT&T treason. But only part. They don’t mention that AT&T sits on the lid of the Chappaquiddick phone calls (In S.F., Police Chief Cahill was transferred to the Telephone Company as Security Guard — one job — sit on the lid of the calls from Tunney’s sister’s house to Chappaquiddick and Teddy’s call back to Alioto).
The real reason for Dickie’s China trip was to beg Mao for some form of a non-intervention pledge in the internal affairs of the other nation. That is the reason for his Moscow trip. He must achieve in internal label for Chappaquiddick, the Onassis-Hughes Mafia money funnel, the Vatican-Mafia handmaidens of history. He knows it’s hopeless. It all stems from Greece and Rome — Onassis and the Pope, the Deputy of Christ at Auschwitz. It is Worldwide Economic Robbery, International War, International Crime, International control of the soul by the self declared Infallible God — the Pope.
Father Andrew Greeley issued a report on a five year study of the American Catholic Church — commissioned by the U.S. Roman Catholic hierarchy (the ones who hold the hands of Alioto, Daley, Kennedy, Onassis, and all who squat on Mary Jo’s grave). “The Catholic Church is on the way to chaos. Its leadership is morally, intellectually, and religiously bankrupt. The naming of the Bishops from Rome — instead of election in their diocese, has resulted in a hierarchy of men who are unfit and unable to govern.”
Substitute “government” and “Mafia” for the above words “Bishop” and “hierarchy” and you spell “The United States of Mafia.”
And Greeley’s report was finalized when Bishops carried pictures of Mary Jo Kopechne to the Synod in Rome and voted against the Pope’s new constitution declaring himself to be God.
The Pope today ordered all dissident Bishops and Priests to stop exposing the myths of the Vatican hierarchy under the threat of the direst punishment — and Fatima #3 plunges on. Blow off the other half — put the lid on the entire globe. The “other half” knows this. The evidence is there. Missiles can come this way first. And they would be morally correct. America is shit — owned by shit — and sustained by the apathy that breeds more. Mafia shit. Proven. What has any American done to prove that it isn’t?
You, for instance, who read this. What did you do to prevent this mess? What will you do now, while dedicated people — totally correct — adjust their nuclear buttons?
I once repeated this entire history — on request — to a Republican Mafia “Executive” (owns banks, corporations). Said he: “What else can you tell me in five minutes?” I took out a list of names and wrote his name on it. Said he: “What is that for?” Me: “I’m going to hang you.

Page One Hundred Eighteen

“Not for any of your treason, bribery, which has been treason since 1932, or collusion and conspiracy to commit murder and treason, as part of the “enemy within or the enemy without.” I am going to hang you for apathy. For taking my time. For blocking my efforts. For failure to do anything. I will reshuffle the Mafia legal system, and take your banks and corporations, and hang you. Or I will take you and your loot with me and hang you there. I figure I have a deal. I get Him off the Cross — he gives me the job I want in his group — complete charge of the “Personnel Placement” department. And that means ‘Hanging You.’ Here or there. You have a phone there and direct access to Dickie, Mitchell, Hoover — all the hierarchy. Don’t just sit there all pale and shaky. Call them. Report this threat. You know I mean it and you know I will do it. See if they can protect you.”
He didn’t call. That was a long time ago. I will hang him. Here or there. For apathy. No one sits on the fence in this donnybrook. Polarization in the extreme. Cancer or non cancer.
Nixon and Mitchell received the ITT memo message. Dole in Congress rattled blackmail at Teddy and Tunney who are pushing the ITT charges. He charged the AT&T with Democratic cash bribery and “other considerations.” Dole’s “other considerations” was a reference to the cover-up of the Chappaquiddick calls by AT&T. Say all the Mafia Senators: “Anderson is insane and the memo is discredited by decree of ourselves.”
Says Anderson: “It’s a crime — treason (ITT bribe). But Justice won’t investigate itself. And who else is there?” I wonder why he doesn’t try the Pope. That Vatican group conceals all the murder and treason of the world in its confessionals. Aren’t they the moral leaders? Something odd there — 2000 years of inquisitions and “holy crusades” — ancient through Auschwitz and Vietnam. It’s been difficult for their handmaiden — the Mafia — to keep up in the murder and looting.
No — the legal Mafia, Party Mafia, Vatican Mafia — none of the branches will investigate itself. That’s my baby — and it’s out and under way — you’re seeing it — surgery, massive, and all branches are feeling the needles graduate to harpoons and meat axes. And, at any time, we can have “glob.”
And Jack Anderson? Nader’s Miller told me in Feb., 1970, they might turn it over to Anderson. Said I: “He’s been lipping off for 25 years. Has he ever changed anything?” In 1960, he — along with all branches of the Mafia — withheld the facts of the Nixon treason bribe that set up the Onassis-”Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel (remember Dickie’s “Fuck America. My family comes first.”?) — because “we don’t wish to bring up a scandal during an election campaign (Translated: “We must maintain a clean image for the

[text at bottom of page missing ]

Page One Hundred Nineteen

This was of course then leaked by Mafia Kennedy in order to help win the Mafia election — and move Onassis into the White House so that he could proceed with heroin and other businesses in Vietnam and Cardinal Spellman could join hands with Onassis ( and Chiang Kai Shek and Cardinal Yu Pin in the Taiwan dope pushing end) in a “holy crusade” to convert Vietnam — Fatima #2 — or kill it. Fatima #3 has been altered somewhat. By me.
What a Mafia shit pot. Chappaquiddick Dickie and Poucha Pond Mitchell — whom I elected — and who murdered my father — locking horns with Teddy and Tunney, the Mafia murder Senators from Chappaquiddick — over the ITT treason bribe — exposed by the press Mafia — Anderson — backed up by Mafia Nader. And not a word about the Onassis “Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel shit stream in which they all swim — the shit stream that only has one way to go.
Merryman — the sixth “Hughes” nursemaid — released information to Irving at Thanksgiving, 1970. “Hughes” took a hike from Las Vegas — fired assassin Maheu — whom Onassis had suspected had released it. Onassis discovered it was Merryman and murdered him at Christmas, 1970. Louise Merryman — his wife — came out of mourning 6 months later and about June 25, 1971, tapped me on the shoulder and invited me up to Onassis’ 1170 Sacramento Street — where another nursemaid — Eckersley — has evaporated. Louise and Marie Elena wanted help — from me. Hughes died April 16, 1971. Jean Peters got her “divorce” a month later. Eckersley and three of the nursemaids made a raid on the Canadian Stock Exchange. And Irving first showed his manuscript to McGraw-Hill on the day after Hughes’ death. Today Hoover’s cover-up DA, Hogan, covers this up in New York, just as he did Gallinaro’s revelation of Hoover’s Rosensteil connection. 100 years in the jug they want to give Irving — international prosecution. Censor all publication about Hughes. Except Eaton, who was peacefully permitted to leak the “hint” that Hughes — when dead — would be forever sealed in a cryogenic casket. But Onassis’ Mafia are still worried about the “source” behind all of this. They accused Maheu and he rattled blackmail back at Onassis. Said he: “If I write a book about Hughes, it’ll be a lulu.”
Two heated and lengthy phone calls — by me — to a relative — recorded — about the entire Onassis Hughes Mafia Money Funnel on a Tuesday morning — sent “Hughes” hiking from the Bahamas to Nicaragua. The Justice Department — Poucha Pond Mitchell — then covered this up.
How do you think they’ll try to cover up the body of Hughes — which was recovered and lodged in a foreign country? Who do you think the source of this harpoon is?
Why do you think Nixon murdered my father?
Why do you think I will murder my murderers? And hang apathy?

Page One Hundred Twenty

March 14,1972
The mushrooming of events described herein will continue for as long as time remains — however brief. Today, Noel Gayler, Pentagon Intelligence Chief, was pulled out of an NSC deepfreeze and given charge of the Pacific fleet (actually a Kissinger punishment). Proxmire’s niece — Jo Fulton — who joined me in needling him during his inquisition of me — is appearing on a BBC television bit. I don’t know what she has in mind. Mitchell — again a citizen running Dickie’s campaign, calls the ITT facts a lie. Geneen, ITT head, calls Mitchell a liar and lists dates and names of all Dickie’s hierarchy, plus Congressmen he dealt with. The ABA head, Walsh, an ITT attorney, admits getting McLarren a Chicago judgeship (They need more Mafia judges in Daley’s Chicago to keep the lid on the Hampton-Clark murders — since that too relates to the double Diem- Kennedy murders — and of course to Chappaquiddick and Onassis’ “Hughes”). Hoover’s cover-up DA Hogan, and Mitchell’s cover-up U.S. Attorney Seymour, today made a “deal” with a smiling Clifford Irving. He probes no more, and mentions no more about his knowledge of “Hughes” death and prior captivity, and he gets off with a few months vacation — with a fortune assured. The missing McGraw-Hill money? The “Grand Jury” — conducted in secrecy — ignores it — as is true in all Mafia cases. It will disappear in the selected Mafia pockets. “Hughes case is complete,” says “Justice.” “Forget it.”
Says Alioto: “All attorneys bribe and steal.” Says Gianelli (re: Brown’s water boondoggle): “All politicians steal.” Says Senator Hruska: “All political conventions are purchased by the Mafia.” Says Dita Beard’s doctor in Denver: “The only heart trouble she has is a fear of testifying on that ITT memo.” Says another doctor, briefed by Justice in the Senate hearing (He is an AMA hero): “I say she’s nuts. She didn’t write the memo. It doesn’t exist. I discredit her — and Jack Anderson. I speak for her and the holy ABA, the holy AMA, Justice and the Pope. I am under indictment for stealing from the aged in Medicare. So is my wife. We, however, like the ABA and the Pope, regulate ourselves. We declare ourselves innocent. And the ABA will ‘fix it’ so.”
A friend and his wife visit. PhD’s. Education specialists. Back from five years in the Philippines, setting up schools for Mafia Marcos, sponsored by the Ford Foundation ( the one who joined Mitchell in putting a local clamp on this, via the “Alioto Crime Commission.” The one who suddenly — recently — withdrew all backing of Public Broadcasting — the last remaining partially uncensored news source. Run by Body Count Bundy. Ford, daughter of whom originated the phone call that murdered Eugenie Niarchos). In the Philippines — Mindanago — Catholic Bishops pay a group to murder Moslems (documents attached) — part of Fatima #2. Marcos loots the Archipelago. It is one of the 50 acknowledged Vatican-Mafia wars going on now around this world (Start with Vietnam and No. Ireland and count them yourself). These educators — deprived of news — read these papers and departed for Nigeria. Same Ford Foundation project for Nigeria. Nigeria recently committed genocide on Biafra. Biafra is one huge pool of oil. Onassis now shares in those oil leases (The Ford Foundation buying — for the Mafia — countries around the world. “Body-Count” Chappaquiddick McNamara doing the same for Dickie’s World Bank. Dickie’s old Treasury Secretary — Kennedy — doing the same for your Treasury Dept. — now run by Johnson’s Connally — the noted Texas comrade of BRT way back to Hoover’s Del Mar deal. Dickie himself, trying to purchase China — they said no — Chiang Ching has my stone and the history that goes with it. And Russia soon — likely — stone and history).

Page One Hundred Twenty One

Well, 37 countries bought my stones — and voted China in and dope pushing Vatican-Mafia Taiwan out of the U.N. Kissinger was in Peking at vote time because of the phrase, “Chappaquiddick Big Dickie, Little Dickie and Alioto,” that I quoted to CIA Neilson-Green. Six more countries switched and voted against the U.S. because he was in Peking. That was enough to get the job done.
Asked this friend, “What’s the name of your group?” There wasn’t time to answer. But if you will examine anything that’s happened since Sept. 16, 1968, you can add Russian newsmen are around the U.S. — smiling. They publicly state that they’re watching the “political” trials — Ellsberg (friend of Nader’s) for the Pentagon Papers, Berrigans (friends of Mary Jo) for Anti- Vatican-Mafia-Vietnam War, the Dailey-Hanrahan murder of Hampton-Clark, even Angela Davis. They’re probing the 1968 Nixon election (Onassis-“Hughes”-Maheu-Nixon-Humphrey bribes), and the Onassis’ “Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel. Father Greeley reports on the total corruption of the Vatican hierarchy. The Cardinals (Cushing, Cooke), Bishops, and general hierarchy furnish proof daily. A laity group is in full revolt for everything from money disclosure to the murder of Mary Jo. Nader’s dinging at GM and all corporate Mafia. Fellmeth’s dinging at Congress, and FBI Turner and Shaw and Sullivan are dinging at Hoover. Gallinaro spits on him — publicly. Fensturer, Charach and others (Weisberg, Marcki, Tung) have the assassinations blocked out. Ex-CIA groups have some interesting plans. Hoover’s FBI files, for instance — where total civilian surveillance occupies all of their time. Every Maf, they note — that was here, alien or not, when Hoover took office, is still here — and not on a hang rope, but instead in Congress and corporate boards.
Group? It’s a “deal.” Like Mitchell and Nixon and ITT. Like Mitchell and Nixon and Onassis’ “Hughes”. Like Mitchell and Nixon and Chappaquiddick Teddy and Dyke Bridge Johnson. It’s a “deal.” I get him off the cross — the original cover-up murder — and I get the eternity job I want — hanging this fucking cancer there — in case I don’t finish it here. I offered Nixon the total solution three years ago — an orderly transition over a four day holiday. The hanging of all criminal only cancer. The confiscation of all criminal only loot. It’s enough loot to cancel taxes forever and gives us all — who aren’t cancer — a half million apiece. Criminal only — back through time. A legacy from those murdered millions who have already paid for it. Dickie proceeded to murder my family.
I don’t have any problem communicating with Breshnev or Mao. I don’t need any secret bellyaches. There, they shoot dope pushers in the back of the head. They don’t have a dope problem. There — for a bribe — they confiscate all property. If it involves any officer of public trust, they hang him. They hang all Mafia. They don’t have any bribery or any Mafia.
And that is why the Vatican-Mafia — Onassis’ Dickie and Pope Pontius — proceed with the plans for Fatima #3. They blot it all out — or they go on crosses. Gayler — in disrepute — must now crawl through the hills of southern China with the CIA and find that mineral — or else. His new title? Commander of All Pacific Forces.

Page One Hundred Twenty Two

Said this friend’s wife: “Interesting. We’ll be watching to see what you do.”
Mack is bank attorney for Bank of California, a two billion dollar conglomerate. When he suggested that I talk to Mitchell he also asked me to let him know what he could do. I said, “I know exactly what to do. The question is — who for?”
Ma and Pa Kopechne: “We don’t care if it was murder. We are satisfied.”
Nixon: “Fuck America. My family comes first. Murder the Roberts family.”
To Belli, Trial Lawyer’s Head Lewis, Mack, Davis, and on and on — attorneys — Derrough, CBS, “Look,” Carlson, Nolan, New York Times — news media — Best, Greenagel, Martin, and hundreds — Mafia politicians: “Fuck You.”
Total money clamp — Nixon to fixing my wrecked car. CIA, FBI, Secret Service. Needles. Phone taps. Massive torture — on me and on my family. No help. Murder.
“Watching.” That’s and “interesting” word. “The Watchers” — on the fence — are the most guilty of all. This is the apathy that rises from bed in the morning sucking Onassis’ chankred cock — pays 41% of its paycheck to support that Onassis-Vatican-Mafia in it’s daily round-the-world murder — by all known means — from heroin and neglect right on through blunt murder of themselves — and eats Onassis’ shit throughout the day — except on Sunday — when it goes to church piously to worship the image there — a skinny man hanging on a cross, tortured — the original murder cover-up — and walk away smugly — as all do from Mary Jo’s grave — with the message from the Pope: “We don’t care if it was murder. We’re satisfied.” That image is the Pope’s idea. “Preserve it. Let it be. Turn the other cheek .” He would never propose and image of a healthy doctor with a scalpel cutting out a cancer, would he? That’s what it should be. And the book the Pope swears on describes the cancer in detail. But he, like the legal Mafia, hides any attempt to kill the cancer, in graves like Mary Jo’s and my father’s, whom we go out to Cypress Lawn to inter tomorrow. Total blockage — Vatican-Mafia. All right. Apathy — on the fence — “watching” — goes first. That is the breeding ground of cancer. Without the 41% financing by them and the giving of power by them, this cancer would be dead. The cancer at the top goes. There is where the loot is — Divide that amount of loot by the remaining amount of doctors (who hang this criminal,

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