Part 3

only, cancer, and criminal, only, apathy) — and you arrive at a startling amount of individual loot. 
Is that you — who read this — who daily masticate Onassis crap and pay the 41% tribute to the Mafia? For years, this “group” has been “watching” you. “Who for?” That’s what it’s all about.
When you’ve read this you will look in a mirror — sometime — and say, “I’m not cancer. I don’t breed cancer. What can I do about it, anyhow? I’m just one person — just one lone brave, free American. Besides, I don’t want any trouble. I’ll just join the Chappaquiddick crowd and run in total secrecy. If the “Big Bang” gets here — so what? The Pope tells me to meekly turn the other cheek. And where do you go from him, God?” And you’ll go back to your Onassis TV.
You will not remember what you’ve just read. What one man did. Verified and out to “doctors” who use meat axes for scalpels and don’t much care for the cancerous patient anyhow. If the hanging doesn’t get done here — and missiles and “big bang” make it first, you won’t even remember “why?” But when you get there — I’ll be there to repeat it to you and assign you to your eternity Yo-Yo. That’s my deal. I figure I’ve already eased my father’s path — and accept Chappaquiddick Dickie’s presidential dictum for my own — “Fuck America. My family comes first.”

Page One Hundred Twenty Three

This is still March 14, 1972, and, as I said, these events (started on Sept. 16, 1968) are mushrooming fast. As noted — this day — Irving’s “Hughes” hoax case quickly closed by Mafia Justice and Mafia Hoover’s “deal”: no more mention of Irving’s proof of Hughes’ captivity and death. Previously — the “Hughes” flight from Vegas because of Merryman’s release of papers — and Merryman’s murder — and Maheu’s firing because he was suspect. Then Maheu’s $50 million suit — payment for assassinations. My calls that chased him out of the Bahamas.
All right. just now — a series of news reports (Remember the Irving papers finally flushed out a phony “Hughes” voice in denial): 1. Maheu goes to court tomorrow demanding the physical presence of “Hughes” in court (and Maheu has the most potent blackmail — bribes to Nixon, Humphrey, etc. in 1968, for instance — plus presidential protection as the assassin of JFK, Martin Luther King and Bobby). 2. The Democratic Mafia just announced investigation into other major corporation bribes of Nixon — expanding the ITT bribe investigation. This means it must get into Onassis-”Hughes” (GM, Lockheed, Hughes Tool, all of it). Congress itself could not avoid demanding the physical presence of Hughes — soon, maybe tomorrow.
The “body” of “Hughes” has become prominent. How does Onassis put it out of reach?
Onassis’ Hughes Rosemont blocked all publication about “Hughes.” Prosecuted Irving. Made a “deal.” But they allowed one of their own — Eaton — to get out a magazine story — undenied, unchallenged, unprosecuted — which was based around one point — one point only — that Hughes specified that upon his death, he be immediately sealed in a cryogenically sealed capsule in order that he be brought back to life a hundred years from now. No one could tamper with that capsule for those hundred years (That’s better than Warren’s 75 year secrecy on JFK).
There’s no cryogenics firm in Nicaragua. The only ones I know of are in the United States. 3.) Tonight Mafia dictator Somoza of Nicaragua announced “Hughes” departure for the United States. Onassis Mafia aides remain to clean up Nicaraguan affairs and affirm the “Hughes” United States presence.
No one can predict the future. Right? (Unless he knows the delineation line direction from the past.) And so it is that “Hughes” will “die” — in brave, free, Mafia America — soon — and be immediately cryogenically sealed.
And this paper will complicate that. By a 24 hour watch on the cryogenic joints (there aren’t many) — and a little trick with the real, already dead (April 16, 19__) recovered body of Howard Hughes — now on ice, elsewhere.
Said strike Force Team Sullivan and partner to me: “You have just been through the biggest con game in history.” Said De Hory: “Hughes has been dead nearly a year.” Said Irving: “He’s dead, but I made a deal. Nixon won’t let me talk.” Said Jimmy The Greek: “He’s dead. And it’s the biggest conspiracy in history. The government is in it up to it’s ass. I want to go somewhere. This isn’t safe.”
That’s right. They’ll all hang. I inter my father’s remains tomorrow. He knew of the cryogenic bit a year ago. What’ll you bet that the body that goes in the capsule — they’ll try — won’t be that of Merryman?

Page One Hundred Twenty Four

March 18, 1972
There has been another interruption.
A few days ago I went out to Cypress Lawn on the matter of my father’s interment. 
The same group of assholes cover that grave cover Mary Jo’s, Newsom’s nieces’, Christ’s, 40 million from World War II (30 million of those were Russians), and batches from Vietnam and other wars, and private assassinations, such as JFK, Martin Luther King, Bobby, the Yablonski family, Joan Tunney’s husband, Eugenie Niarchos — the entire group — Popes to Presidents, Senators, Judicial and Press, Corporate to private murder — all the collective branches of cancer Mafia — MMORDIS — rest there too.
It is some comfort to know of the massive interment arranged for this murderous, treasonous cancer Mafia group. Cancer alone — or cancer along with the breeding apathy group. Business wise — as they compute murder — the larger that group, the more the loot to each of those fighting that cancer. Of course, we could all go. Whatever it takes to kill the cancer. All doctors agree with this.
The question is: Do you wish to be rich and free of cancer — or dead with it? And you no longer have the right to make the decision. Your apathy keeps you on the fence. Others are making that decision — people with potent meat axes — and there will be no one on the fence. Fence sitters are the breeding ground of cancer, and that’s cancer, and it goes.
All right. Back on Aug. 1, 1969, two weeks after Chappaquiddick (and a half hour before I told him the answers of Chappaquiddick), I asked Greenagel, “What’s Carlson doing about that Alioto hit-run ten and a half months ago, on my car, that elected Nixon?” Said he: “He started in October, 1968, with your handful of papers and now he has volumes to release. Five reporters are working on it.” (I assumed it was the hit-run, the Mafia Election Process, the Howard Hughes Mafia Money Funnel of Onassis, and the new thing — Chappaquiddick — and I was shocked to learn — several weeks later — that on Election Day, 1968, Nixon had put a clamp on everything — and instead released raw files on Alioto’s Mafia connections for Carlson to copy into his article for Look — “The Alioto Mafia Web” and raw Treasury files for a prosecution of Alioto on bribery charges in Washington) Said I: “What’s Mitchell been doing about it?” “He’s been working hard,” said Greenagel, “and everywhere those reporters go, Justice has been there ahead of them — and the FBI and the CIA.” (That fit — then — since local papers were quoting that every phone in the Hall of Justice was tapped and all the local chiefs were making their calls from phone booths — and those too were tapped. Once more I was shocked, several seeks later — when Lillo offered me a bribe that started with a million and wound up “What do you want?!” — and I learned that those Justice, FBI, and CIA people had been around all right — but only for the burying of evidence, disappearance of witnesses and discrediting of anything they could) Me: “My attorney, Wright, wants to sue everybody for many millions. Why don’t you help him in that process?” Greenagel: “We don’t like him. We won’t help him. Besides, what have you got?” Then I told him the solution to Chappaquiddick — and he went silent. So did everybody else (At that time Johnson made a special trip to Washington and warned Dickie, “We hang together or we hang separately.” Later, in defending himself against the Pentagon Papers, he repeated that phrase in his book, “Vantage Point.”) Next day I handed Mack a written summary of Chappaquiddick, elaborated verbally — and offered Mitchell the proceeds — for Justice from million dollar suits. Mack went pale — and silent — and refused to assist in furnishing any attorneys. The total block was on. Ten days later, back to Greenagel — with the first volume of the whole history. Instructions: “If you like them (these papers), act on them and arrest them all. If not, call me and I’ll come and get them.” While I was waiting in his outer office, a man came out and stared at me for a while. That man, I was later to see in the paper,

Page One Hundred Twenty Five

was James Browning (“Peek-a-Boo” I call him), who became the U.S. Attorney hero on the following Feb. 1, 1970, on the same day that Alioto transferred Police Chief Cahill to the job of Security Guard at the Telephone Company, in order to sit on the Chappaquiddick phone calls — from Tunney to Teddy and from Teddy to Alioto.
At the same time, I took some of my stones to Mack and discussed the sale of them by Nixon — and the gift to Mrs. Nixon. Two weeks later I knew what that action was and started selling them to foreigners — with the history — and purchasing such things as the Onassis diary (A year later I finally went to Mack’s office and picked that batch up. They were still in his drawer).
And this of course was about the same time as Lillo’s bribe offer and the issuance of Carlson’s “Alioto Mafia Web” story.
Another volume went to Greenagel (and others, of course) on Jan. 31, 1970, one day before Browning took over as U.S. Attorney. And another volume went to Greenagel on April 29, 1970 — on the day after Judge Janet Aitken refused to let me describe these matters in court — under oath (That was the day Dickie issued the order to invade Cambodia — at that hour — when I appeared in Janet Aitken’s court — she had already mailed my bail money back to me on the day before that hearing. At the time she was running for election to a higher court. She lost, of course, and then was made an Asst. U.S. Attorney under Browning. Mack was her campaign manager. Mack had told me on August 1, 1969, that Aitken and Browning were the two between whom Nixon would select the new U.S. Attorney).
But the treason doesn’t stop here — with these cancerous murderers. Let’s talk about their connection to Taiwanese-Laotian heroin. Way back, just after Chappaquiddick, I had told Mack that 80% of the world’s supply came from Laos — the Golden Triangle, not Turkey, which always has been a joint Mafia-Justice decoy (This I know from my ex-wife — locked up in Hanoi after Dien Bien Phu — the French Consul’s daughter in Phnom Penh — and other sources connected with my stones).
This heroin is one of the Onassis (and Government ) keys to the Vietnam War. The other commercial elements enter along with the heroin — oil, for instance (Remember: Indonesian Oil and Barbara Phillips’ reaction to this), and the second party to the deal is the Vatican. Spellman’s “Holy Crusade” that Sheean objected to so loudly they canceled him out of contention as the next Pope (substituting Terence Cooke, whom Dickie collaborated with — and Daniel Schorr labeled a “traitor.”) Diem’s father, Archbishop Thuc, was the Roman Catholic prelate of South Vietnam. Diem’s brother, Nhu, barbecued the Buddhists. JFK and Bobby’s mild objection to the raw nature of the dope running (via CIA Air America to Taiwan — Chiang Kai Shek to Tommy The Cork Corcoran and on into the Onassis Hughes Mafia Money Funnel — cleansing by Florida and New York Banks through Onassis’ Swiss Bank — and back to purchase all public officials — starting with President Nixon — and other contenders on down) — and the raw nature of the 10% Catholic Mandarin persecution of the Buddhists — largely, the taking of their land, won at Dien Bien Phu — and then their overthrow of Diem — was the motive for their murders — a fact Mary Jo uncovered in L.A. in Bobby’s files after his death and confirmed while working in Jersey City for convicted Mayor Whelan — just before she went to Chappaquiddick, boiling. (Tommy The Cork Corcoran was Roosevelt’s advisor and on of the Kennedy’s closest business partners)
All right. World publicity about any heroin arrest connected with Turkey. For instance, the Turkish Senator caught a week ago at Marseilles with $10 million worth. Headlines — even in San Francisco. And early this year — banner headlines

Page One Hundred Twenty Six

about the biggest heroin catch in history — of Marseilles — $500 million worth — an accidental catch by two honest cops. Turkish stuff. The world of dope prosecutors deliberately decoyed to Marseilles and Turkey. With complete cooperation of U.S. Government leaders (now, who would that be?). Just after Chappaquiddick — to blackmail silence about the Murder of Mary Jo — Senator Tunney, the Chappaquiddick murderer, punched Dickie. “Nixon is pushing Indo China control — he will never leave — in order to keep open the opium routes.” This is a quote. And as Dickie stepped off the plane from a round-the-world trip he shook hands with a waiting Teddy — fresh from the Chappaquiddick cover-up inquests. A bargain. A deal. Of the Mafia, by the Mafia, for the Mafia. When the Pentagon Papers hit, Senator Gravel punched Nixon. He cried, “The complete dishonor of the United States pushing heroin along with the lowest Indo Chinese — and fighting a war to sustain their joint heroin venture — sickens me.” Gravel was censured by the Senate and a lid went on him. Ellsberg, of course, has dropped from sight. The Legal Mafia — headed by Mitchell — has him buried. And the ITT bribery of Nixon and Mitchell — prosecution pushed by the Chappaquiddick murder twins of Teddy and Tunney — massive lying denials by Mitchell and Nixon — follows the same pattern of massive Mafia blackmail used to cover up the Alioto hit-run that elected Nixon and exposed the Mafia election process, Chappaquiddick — which did the same, and the Onassis-Hughes Mafia Money Funnel, assassinations — pick a few: JFK, Martin Luther King, Bobby, Yablonski, Eugenie Niarchos, John Tunney’s sister’s husband, Newsom’s nieces — and a host of others. It’s all the same group, the same pattern. Dickie jumped in — eagerly — in 1957 — “Fuck America” — with his first Onassis bribe that helped Onassis set up the funnel. Onassis and the Pope pushed JFK into the dope running business in Vietnam. But a huge group has been in it during all the years Hoover’s been sitting on the lid. Hoover grew up in the business with Joseph P. Kennedy and Roosevelt and Tommy Corcoran and Onassis. The takeover of “Hughes” was a minor matter for such a massive cancerous group. The hyping of a nation was easy. Heroin for many — clobbered apathy and bribes for most. Shit for the rest — to eat. 
All right. Back to Alioto’s San Francisco. U.S. Attorney Browning’s town. Assistant U.S. Attorney Aitken’s town (She took U.S. Attorney Metzger’s place — he was convicted — and released — for running dope. The legal Mafia got him off and today he is — yes — a leading attorney) (or was it Ladar’s place? He was in charge of the Criminal Division for the U.S. Attorney’s office. He covered up a gang rape by some friends of his and, when caught in that one fix, resigned. The legal Mafia got him off and today he is — yes again — a leading attorney). 
Sept. 15, 1971 — last year. One month before the U.N. vote that ousted dope pushing Taiwan (run by Chiang Kai Shek and Cardinal Yu Pin — of the 10% Vatican group that rules the 90% Taiwanese — same shuffle as in Vietnam — two weeks before I hit Neilson Green with the Peking phrase “Chappaquiddick Big Dickie, Little Dickie and Alioto,” and “Onassis-Hughes Mafia Money Funnel” phrase that sent Kissinger scurrying back to Peking to “check the agenda” — his being there at U.N. vote time lost 6 votes. My stones and history of this cost 37 more — and, voila, Taiwan was out — and China was in).

Page One Hundred Twenty Seven

Sept. 15, 1971 — Don Warner drove a semi truck from the S.F. docks — U.S. President Lines — to importer Harry Yee, Lombard Street, San Francisco. Don had FBI clearance — had been delivering these truck loads for eight months. At the Yee warehouses — a gigantic FBI, Secret Service, Justice, Customs raid. Inspectors snapped the dishes. They were made of sugar, opium and heroin — mixed. They had come from Japan. The heroin and opium had come from the Golden Triangle, on CIA Air America planes — rented by the CIA base at Long Chang in Laos (they are still there) to the Air America base in Taiwan. It was then shipped to Japan — pressed into dishes — and delivered via U.S. President Lines to S.F., where Don delivered it to respected S.F. Chinatown Civic Leader — Taiwanese Chinese Harry Yee. The loot from the sale of the dope was to go through Tommy The Cork Corcoran and the Hughes tax-free Medical Research Foundation (which Dickie arranged the tax-free status for), which owns most of the “Hughes” empire — tax-free — to Florida banks (Miami National, Citibank, NYL, for instance), to Onassis’ Swiss banks for washing and then to reappear — “clean” — through the “Hughes” tax-free Medical Research Foundation — to purchase all public officials — from Nixon here to dictators everywhere (the CIA aids in this), and as much of the U.S. and World economy as rigged stock purchases will buy (Lockheed, for instance, which recently received a U.S. guaranteed government loan — and GM, from whence came Body Count McNamara, and the half mill bribe to Nader to get off Teddy’s ass and stick to bum deodorants). 26 years of notes had been kept on the Laotian Golden Triangle producer. 10 years of the Air America CIA supply connection in Taiwan, 6 years on the Japanese end. They had known of Harry Yee for 25. But this time there was a hitch. Some of the CIA and FBI people in on it had seen friends hooked on this shit — and suddenly sickened. They revolted and forced this actual raid — seizing the timing (as I did at Neilson-Green at just before the critical U.N. vote on ousting dope pushing Taiwan). This was the biggest dope haul in history — from Laos. $6 billion worth. Six billion. One of the dissidents — the chemist who went through the sheds to estimate the quality and the value — announced this — publicly and in a loud voice to Don — and 25 other teamsters who had gathered there — and deliberately dwelt on the dope route (what he did was to “be careless” about “secret information” just as my “carelessness” in getting these papers to Nader results in their turning up in Moscow and Peking). He also stressed that it was a mix of opium and heroin.
Those Teamsters walked away knowing many things. 1.) The source of the biggest dope haul in history (known, that is) — the Golden Triangle in CIA Laos(not Turkey) — where the Vietnam war, started by Onassis-Kennedy and Vatican Spellman-Thuc, and continued by Johnson-Nixon, still rages and the CIA there now range 200 miles into China searching for a new thing — a mineral, 2.) The existence of a heroin refinery in the U.S. (the mix of Opium in the haul) and probably in Alioto’s San Francisco, where the group ran illegal booze at the same time Onassis and Joseph P. Kennedy were bringing illegal booze and opium into Boston in 1932 — the original blackmail and treason,

Page One Hundred Twenty Eight

that captured Roosevelt and Churchill and Hoover and Tommy The Cork Corcoran (Roosevelt’s advisor, Kennedy’s advisor, and permanent “legal counsel” to the Soong’s — Madame Soong is Chiang Kai Shek’s wife and it is the remnants of Chiang’s Koumintang in the Golden Triangle who initiate 80% of the world’s supply of heroin) — and one of those for whom Maheu performed “services” after he quit the FBI in 1948 (others being Niarchos and Onassis), and before he — Maheu — took on the CIA-paid job of assassinating Castro in 1961, just before he went to work for Onassis in assassinating JFK , Martin Luther King and Bobby — and winds up today suing Onassis for $50 million for performance of these functions (Madame Nhu — Diem’s brother’s wife — the “Dragon Lady” — is only a minor CIA Air America pusher, compared to Chiang) — anyhow, captured Roosevelt and Churchill to such an extent that World War II — arranged partially by Joseph P. Kennedy and Onassis (check Churchill’s part of the just released “25 year secrecy” English papers) — became a “blot out” necessity.
(And by now you probably realize why it is that Fatima #3 is a “blot out” necessity of this monstrous group. Many reasons — the expose of the Vatican part in the cover-up of Christ, Mary Jo Kopechne, World War II (the Deputy of Christ and Auschwitz), assassinations — and the murder of my father — and the parallel expose of the other Mafia branch — MMORDIS — that includes everything from Onassis-Hughes Mafia Money Funnel, and everybody’s blackmail — from Hoover, both ways. And why it is that the other half — no, the other two thirds — now aware of this — finds an equal urgency. And there is — now — nose to nose with missiles. That’s enough. Why discuss a new thing?)
Both know the answer is the killing of the cancer. This side — the pure cancer side — won’t kill itself. The other side might do it for us. But because of other elements there is a hesitation. And the great bulk of America sits in Mafia shit up to the snorkel — total apathy — without a spine — brave, free Mafia Americans — votes stolen, economy stolen, pride, honor, everything gone — murder, treason. bribery, anything the Onassis-Hughes Mafia Money Funnel Way Of Life — and waits for they know not what…
I do.
All right. So those teamsters learned something Sept. 15, 1971. How did the press and legal Mafia cover that up? Easy. They couldn’t have the Taiwan-Vietnam dope thing exposed with the entire Vatican and U.S. hierarchy fighting desperately to keep Heroin Taiwan. And the vote a month away. Reagan, Agnew, Connally, Nixon — all poised for support trips to Taiwan. Buckleys, Alsops, and other Vatican mouths all poised to destroy the U.N.
So — in the press — back pages — a small article on the raid — small local value — seven million, I think. Don Warner and the Teamsters — and the CIA-FBI dissidents were boiling. As with the Merrymans (caught between a rock and a hard place), some contacted me. In court —

Page One Hundred Twenty Nine

Yes — Peek-A-Boo Browning — Greenagel’s boy — U.S. Attorney Browning — and his Assistant U.S. Attorney — Janet Aitken — who — in total treason — kept the lid on me — and the entire history — in her courtroom, April 28, 1970, while Dickie — confident of using part of this for his re-election — at that hour, decided to invade Cambodia. But they hadn’t counted on this sudden CIA-FBI defection. So — closed court, secret one, only witnesses, closed decision — nothing more heard about Harry Yee. Greenagel’s Browning, Mack’s Aitken, Carlson’s “Mafia Web”, Best (Nixon’s campaign manager), Nolan (the Hearst Mafia columnist) — all were present in that court- room to keep the lid on six billion from Taiwan and Laos. And three months later sponsor banner headlines about $500 million — “from Turkey” — “The biggest dope haul in history.”
I, of course, explained to some of the dissidents (CIA, FBI) and some of the teamsters why these things happened — the entire history. I’m a bit careless too. In fact, I don’t give a shit about anything. Except for killing cancer. I’ve already arranged for that — total. Including the apathy that breeds it. 
While waiting, I jab harpoons just to prime the background for a symphony — a Mafia chorus. Here or there. 
And now you can understand why it was that — two weeks after that $6 billion Yee opium raid — when I laid in CIA Neilson-Green about “Chappaquiddick Big Dickie, Little Dickie and Alioto,” “Onassis-Hughes,” the stone/history sales to embassies, the Nader assassination, the “Greenagel-Fred Martin” Russian phrases, the U.N. vote, and the fact that there is no difference between Mafia, CIA, FBI, and IBM, Robert A. Maheu committed all the assassinations — and on and on — why it was that they paled, and meekly crawled, and left town, and Nader canceled, and the funny phone calls and a hundred FBI — count ‘em — combing the town “for a few bookies” — appeared on that day — to prevent any of the “Mary Jo Kopechne Public Interest Research Groups” from contacting anybody. And why the hard core Mafia moved in — enmasse — to take over the Association Of California Consumers and kill any political formation of consumers. And why Sylvia Siegal called Nader “Shit.” 
Read the description of those events again. It’ll help you to understand why Dickie gave Taiwan back to China on his recent trip. World Peace, he says. His only concern is getting out and covering up and keeping the lid on. That’s what Hoover’s doing. And all of them. There is no Congress at all. No government. Total squabble over who bribed who. Or everybody running for re-election. Or everybody blackmailing everybody else. Teddy and Tunney on Nixon and Mitchell — and on and on — a Mafia Shit Pit.
More important is the haste of the legal Mafia to remove the death penalty — from everything — specifically treason and murder. For it is that of which they are guilty. Bribery became treason in 1932. Murder is still murder. And collusion, conspiracy, and being an accessory before or after the fact of murder and treason — whether it be war criminality, or heroin, or just neglect — of which they are publicly participating in right now — these are hanging offenses.

Page One Hundred Thirty

Alioto? Let’s see. I offered him to Nixon — on a cross — in October, 1968. Blackmail and stall ever since. Legal Mafia at work. As all Mafia, since Hoover got in, he’ll get off. The judge — in a civil trial — drew up jury instructions that almost ensure a verdict of “innocent.” Alioto’s blackmail is really potent. He’s read these papers. He nominated Humphrey. In 1967, Onassis and Teddy Kennedy were recorded in a conversation in which they stated that Alioto, the new S.F. Mayor, would some day be president. Onassis buys all the presidents — so if he says so — that’s the way it is.
He (Alioto) figures deep in this Taiwan dope route. Harry Yee is an old friend. 
In the Mafia, he’s bigger than Hoover. In the Vatican, he’s bigger than McGucken. The Pope speaks of Alioto for Cardinal. And that’s potent power — hierarchy ranking in both of the handmaiden groups — Vatican and Mafia. And although Nixon is the one who murdered my father — he was pressured to do so by the handmaidens who own him — these same handmaidens of history.
They’ll all hang. Here or there. On the basis of their own epitaphs — quoted in oaths of office: “Aiding The Enemy Within And The Enemy Without.” The Pope wrote a constitution declaring himself to be Christ (He wrote it, I didn’t.). And that’s part of my deal. I want to get the man off the cross. And the Pope said he wanted to be Christ and save humanity. So be it. That cross will soon be vacant. The Pope’s own words. I believe him and I will see that that is done. 
Teddy’s Mafia brother said it — “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” President Kennedy’s words. Teddy, like the Pope for humanity, can confess and mount his cross.
Actually, I think it’ll boil down to the 22 hour bit — when I know the Mafia chorus will be sung.
My car stalled at the cemetery. I asked Nixon and Mitchell and the Insurance Mafia to come out and fix it in October, 1968. They didn’t show. And since, if any of us are still here, it will be stuck on the top of the Washington National Monument, I think I’d better fix it. That takes money. No brave, free American Mafia will buy my historic stones or my father’s historic coins. That’s from Nixon on down. I’ve stated that before. I know the one remaining way out of this. And those in the other half are aware of this. And they place a high value on those stones and coins. And so it is that more stones and coins go out — with additional histories — including more names and epitaphs.
And the truth is — I wrote every epitaph. For all concerned in this most monstrous crime in history. Unfortunately, that includes you, who read this.
What did you do about any of this in your lifetime?
What are you going to do now?
I don’t stutter. I know what I have done. And I know what I will do. I’ve made a deal with the only one who really counts. He’s coming off the cross. He’s a friend of mine. So is Mary Jo. And my father. 
Whom do you deal with? Who cares? Soon you will deal with the Manager — Personnel Placement — and that’s me.

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Page One Hundred Thirty Two

March 20, 1972
This is a synopsis of a documentary — The Murder Of The Family Of The Man Who Elected Nixon To The Presidency By President Nixon.
The Motive: Cover up of the Alioto hit-run cover-up, Sept. 16, 1968 — which elected Nixon and exposed the key — The Mafia election process. This caused Chappaquiddick, nine months later. The cover-up of Chappaquiddick was necessary — by all — to prevent the exposure of the Alioto hit-run and the new exposures — the 1932 heroin to Boston, by Onassis, with Joseph P. Kennedy’s illegal English Whiskey, under the auspices of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill (“Campaign” bribe by Kennedy to Roosevelt — Roosevelt pressure on Churchill through Kennedy and Roosevelt’s son, Elliott). Onassis moved into the White House, #10 Downing Street, and the FBI offices of Hoover. Then. In 1932.
Onassis “hyped” Hughes in 1957 — called Apalachin in 1957 — and arranged the “grass roots” for the complete Mafia election process take-over. They purchased VP Nixon in 1957 — the “Hughes” bribe (“Fuck America.” said Dickie, then, “My family comes first.”). In 1960 they purchased the White House — Joseph P. Kennedy — Onassis — and JFK. Vietnam was here — Laotian heroin — 80% of the world’s supply — and more loot than oil — and also Fatima #2 — Spellman’s “Holy Crusade.” (In 1957, the Nixon bribe set up the Onassis-”Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel — “Hughes” tax-free Medical Research Foundation. Loot flows through American banks to Switzerland for “washing” and back through “Hughes” Medical Research Foundation to purchase all American public officials and private economy — stock purchases by lower “soldiers” that seat the Mafia on all boards of directors.)
World War II was rigged by Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Onassis (see attached British documents — especially Churchill’s words). It was a “blot out” to cover up 1932 and the mushrooming shit. It became Fatima #1. 
In the 1960’s — assassinations. JFK, Martin Luther King, Bobby. All by IBM, Iron Bob Maheu, Robert A. Maheu — for Onassis (The Kennedy kids welshed slightly — an indictment of one Laotian opium dealer, the removal of one Catholic Mandarin — Diem — the “Enemy Within” about Hoffa and the Mafia. Martin Luther King hit right at the key — the Mafia election process). 
Mafia code: “Kill the enemy and take his broad and his shotgun.” Onassis murdered JFK and took Jackie and the Pentagon. Johnson — on order — whooped the war. The handmaiden — Fatima #2 — “Convert ‘em or kill ‘em” — cooperates with the Mafia in 50 wars raging today. Cushing fixed Jackie and Onassis — and Teddy after Chappaquiddick. 
Said a man from Hoover to me recently: “What if we produce Howard Hughes? Would that satisfy you?” Said I: “He died of heroin Sept. 16, 1971 — in Tinos. Onassis’ island. Buried at sea. Friends of mine recovered the body. Identified the dentures. You have a problem.” He left, angry. But they tried anyhow — a disembodied voice and a fake in Nicaragua. It will fail too. They leave nothing out — blot out — (as Fatima #1) and that is Fatima #3 — the blow-off of the other half.
Brezhnev and Mao have read these papers. My father was murdered because of these things. The rest of the family is on the line. Locally by Nixon and the entire group — internationally by other methods — which would take us all. That, at least, takes the cancer. What have you done to kill that cancer in some other way?

Page One Hundred Thirty Three

The history doesn’t stop at 1932. It goes back to 1800, when Senator Whitney said, “We’ve only been in business 25 years and there isn’t a bill we vote on that hasn’t been drafted somewhere else by people with special interests.’ I takes in the Vatican Deputy of Christ at Auschwitz in World War II and goes back through all the “Holy Crusades,” the Inquisition, the original Mafia-Vatican deal in 325 (Emperor Constantine to the Pope: “You leave us alone, and bury our murders in your confessionals and we’ll leave you alone. We’ll take the bodies. You take the souls.”), and right back to the cover-up of Christ (His Eleventh Commandment, from the cross: “Murderers on the cross — not me,).
Dickie, as you will see, is crawling to China and Russia because of these papers.
The massive group described here in squats on the graves of millions — war dead, heroin dead, assassinations, and singles such as Mary Jo and my father. Their cover-up pressure is great. And I wonder about families.
Ma and Pa Kopechne: “We don’t care if it was murder. We are satisfied.”
Dickie, as he committed treason in 1957 (All bribery connected with Onassis became treason in 1932): “Fuck America. My family comes first.” 
This cancer could have been killed three and a half years ago — when these papers first went out — and elected Nixon. All murders since then — as with World War II — and Vietnam — need not have been. Nixon and this entire group have committed massive treason and massive murder. Concentrated for those three and a half years — since along with the exposure of this shit, I also submitted a concise summary of corrections.
The non Mafia half of this world is nervous. They were informed of these things. They worry about Fatima #3. Self defense. Urgent. 
The Onassis-”Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel group — and that’s everything that rules you — is nervous. Their only “out” is using Fatima #3 for a “blot out” “Holy Crusade.” Urgent.
The Vatican? Very nervous. Too many tablets turning up. Lay revolt. Bishops with Mary Jo Kopechne’s picture in there tunics refused to ratify the Pope’s constitution declaring him to be God. They’ll all unite, however, in refusing to let Fatima #1 and #2 go down the drain. These were necessary preliminaries for Fatima #3. Fatima #3 is urgent.
And I’m nervous. Also dead. But you may be sure that the man who solved all this crud also solved the disposition of the cancer. Dead or alive.
If I live — I’ll own it all — and hang cancer here. If I don’t I’ll take it with me and hang it there. 
I’m curious about my own family. I didn’t ask for this shit, but I’ve made arrangements for its flushing. All of it — including the apathy — or fear — that breeds it — watchers — on the fence.
We’ll see. Read on.

Page One Hundred Thirty Four

Mother: Every member of the Kimball family and the Roberts family is entitled to read these papers. This is the family being murdered. This copy of these papers comes back with you. Nixon, Mitchell, Kennedy — and the rest who received copies — all burned their copies. Remembering the Kopechne family — “We don’t care if it was murder. We are satisfied.” — I am interested in the reaction of each reader. If someone wants a copy, there are Xerox machines. My Xerox bill is already in the thousands. The price of three and a half years of terror on you and my father is incalculable. 
You are aware that none of our American legal institutions appeared for any depositions. These had to get out another way. You are aware of the (futile) destruction of evidence and the disappearance of witnesses. 
But you are not to be quizzed and interrogated. If you wish to corroborate some details to any member of this family — for their better self defense — do so. Any badgering — or quizzing — should be on the subject matter herein — murder and treason — and those who committed it — and directed about and to them — not you. You have had enough terror.
They all know the source of this expose. Me. And copies, and documentary evidence, are scattered in many places. I’m available. So are others. We can direct them to the evidence. Or hang them.
Critical comments on my language or manner of presentation — or anything else, would bare the stench of shit. The subject matter is shit. And each reader is sitting in it up to his snorkel — and in this family — about to go under and suffocate along with Mary Jo and my father. The only thing that should interest a reader should be a sudden interest in the cancer that is murdering him. Positive. Against cancer.
The nuclear moose around the non Mafia world has been reversed somewhat. A first strike — coming in — from them — would be justified. This thing — described herein — and visible daily even in the Mafia owned media — is the cause of war and crime. The non Mafia world knows this. These papers — and tape and film and documents — are there.
This is what I call “the biggest gun in the world.” Pointed Mafia way. And on my shoulder. Object — kill the cancer — any way.
That gun is why I am still alive, why I jamb harpoons up the assholes on the graves of Mary Jo and my father and millions more — with impunity, and why they run and hide and keep the silent pressure on and lie so openly that even the censored public today can openly see the hypocrisy. Admitted again — today: “The greatest issue in 1972 will be the credibility of the U.S. Government.” And then he lies some more about ITT and San Diego. They have nowhere else to go.
It’s deliberate. There are more harpoons out. Designed to build a symphonic background for that Mafia chorus. Which will be here.
Relax, Mother. Let this letter answer any critic. If there are any brave, free Americans there, it will show. If they run and hide, they’ll hang by me — or suffocate in shit — by the Mafia. Whichever comes first.

Page One Hundred Thirty Five

And a late nite for you to read on the plane, mother — along with the news in your paper.
McCone — head of CIA at the time of the Diem-Kennedy double murders, the one who hired Maheu to assassinate Castro in 1961 (his crew — who later murdered JFK, Martin Luther King and Bobby — tried everything from poison to untraceable “heart attack” dope and telescopic sights), McCone — the subject of my talks with the Merrymans last June, 1971 (they of the “Hughes” nursemaid bit) in the Onassis building — 1170 Sacramento Street. McCone — the target of my Christmas 62 carat sapphire gift — with history — to the ITT wife (read back in here somewhere). McCone is a director of ITT. (That was his reward. Maheu wants $50 million — cash — for the assassinations.) McCone still rules the CIA. He called in William Broe — Director of Latin American Clandestine Services — CIA — and arranged for economic chaos in Chile — through ITT, GM, Ford and Bank of America. “Shut off their money.” Then attempted to instigate armed revolt in Chile. Object? To beat Allende in the local elections. Along with the Vatican, McCone has six other Latin American countries on the murder block. He did accomplish Vietnam — and another batch — but he was hurt deeply by the Taiwan loss. 
Well, Mother, his affairs are finally getting out in the cancer killing sunlight. “Sunstroke” — as Lanza quoted to me. And it’s part of the same harpoon. Quotes a Senator (now, finally, sensing the wind direction): “The Government is run by the FBI, monitored by the CIA, and paid for by the ITT.” That was Cranston.
That harpoon, mother — is still working its way in. It was designed to go belly button to asshole — Mafia style. More are on the way. 
This one, though, is one of the many that relate to the key: The U.S. refused to join a U.N. committee to investigate the internal affairs on any country whose internal affairs might lead to war. That, of course, would mean an investigation of itself. Of everything you have read in here. 
The international group who represent me have noted these things. And they tell me, “You can have it all.” That, of course, means the power to kill cancer. Which is what I want here. 
I’ve made my own deal with the big one. The power to kill cancer there. 
That’s not bad, Ma.
Just about covers things. Right?
Have a beautiful vacation. And let these written words do your talking. They are indeed potent.

Bruce P. Roberts

Page One Hundred Thirty Six

Mon., March 27, 1972
Delighted you enjoyed your trip. Mine was beautiful too. I didn’t tell you but that trip was not really accidental. At Tahoe with me, was Jack Anderson ( the one who, with Nader, produced the ITT memos and the CIA-Mafia-Chile connection — specifically, McCone — Louise Merryman’s friend — CIA Director at the time of Vietnam and the dual Diem-Kennedy murders).
There are a group of harpoons on the way. Read the papers. One of the people present was one of the first firemen on the scene of the Pelosi daughters’ barbecue fire — Newsom’s nieces, remember? One of his quotes: “There was still the smell of gasoline — from the basement. It was like a molotov cocktail. Basement full of fumes — and a downdraft that certified a straight up — total — barbecue.” Murder, mother. Two girls ages six and eight, plus their nurse.
I even made a few bucks in Tahoe. 
Paid the light and gas bill ($4.25), and I’m enclosing your health stamps and your food stamps.
As I predicted — Alioto got off in his court trial. That blackmail is potent. 
Following Jack Anderson around in Tahoe were contingent of CIA creeps and Mafia characters of all types. Even Carmen noticed. They are really worried
Mrs. Ark kept my things and everything is in order . I am now going out to mail this and start fixing my clobbered car.
You have the most powerful papers in the world in your possession. I want to know what happens to them.
Let me know. This is no game. People will hang. More will be murdered.
Say hello to everybody — especially Beverly. She will be interested in the past Feb. 22nd synopsis. Let her read anything she wants to. She’d better know she’s gonna own it all. Tell her she’s my only girl.
Mrs. Ark is feeling better and going out shopping. I let her read your letter and she says she misses you.
So do I.

Love, Bruce.

[Page One Hundred Thirty Seven — Missing ]

Page One Hundred Thirty Eight

March 30, 1972
Delighted to know you’re enjoying your trip. Am enclosing check that came for you yesterday. Paid the paper boy and will pay the rent tomorrow. Everything around the apartment is fine. I’m still working on the car. Lots of funny things were wrong. For instance, sealing wax on the interior inlet jets.
And lots of other things going on since my Tahoe trip. Said Diehl (Nevada Gambling Commission), “We won’t transfer any ‘Hughes’ license until his body appears before us. I get the feeling we’re involved in some kind of a game. And I don’t know what the objects of the game are.” (He knows the whole bit, but he’s getting nervous. He says, “We now know all signatures were a fraud. The same experts who “verified” Irving’s false signatures were the ones who “verified” the ones we received.”) 
Greenspun (Las Vegas Sun): “Lansky is the world’s top criminal.” (Greenspun knows that Lansky is just the fall guy scheduled to be indicted for the $35 million Las Vegas skim — most of which went to Nixon, Humphrey, Larry O’Brien and a batch of Senators and Congressmen. Pure purchase. “Hughes” is now suing John Meier — for $8 million — for the mining claim swindle in Las Vegas — for which Maheu fired him. Meier is now running for Senator from New Mexico. His opponent is Senator Montoya, who — with Senator Brewster — carried $100 thousand cash suitcases to President Johnson — from Hoffa — to keep him out of prison (despite evidential proof of these $100 thousand cash bribes, the indictments against both of the Senators were dismissed — -Congressional Immunity.)
New York Times headlines: ITT hires Intertel” (“Hughes” security guard), “to discredit Dita Beard.” “Nixon hires Intertel to discredit Jack Anderson.” “Intertel,” composed of ex-Justice officials, “expands ‘Hughes’ protection from Bahamas and Las Vegas to Nicaragua and Vancouver.”
“FBI Declares Dita Beard Memo Not A Fraud.”
(There it is — the two gangs at war).
Reston, NYT: “A vast deception has been perpetrated on the American people. Diem, for instance, was pulled out of Mary Knoll Seminary in New Jersey (a Kennedy Cushing Sanctuary) to be placed as Premier of South Vietnam.”
Here, mother — another Superior Court Judge race. Hallinan vs. Judge Allen (Remember Judge Aitken, who knew all this bit, kept the lid on — on Cambodia invasion day — lost her job because of that — and then was appointed U.S. Attorney by Dickie?). I loaded both of them with this entire bit. Both have disappeared. This will be an interesting election campaign to watch (whichever one loses will be appointed a U.S. Attorney. Wanna bet?).
` I’ve been busy. The CIA (McCone) and ITT (McCone) have now been exposed in Chile, Columbia, and Vietnam. Steve Ambrose reports that Truman started Fatima #2 — with Greece (in 1947) as the excuse — a “Holy Crusade.” This was followed by Korea, and Truman knew in advance of the Chinese attack. Ambrose presents files that Truman ordered the 38th Parallel crossing — not MacArthur. Other files — “six days before U-2 planes discovered the Cuban Missiles, President Dorticos of Cuba offered to remove them. JFK refused and took us to the brink.” “Kennedy was the prime initiator of the military effort in Vietnam — using Diem.”
Joseph Kraft, a dissident with Dickie in Peking, squeezed off a shot. He writes, “The Republican jitters over ITT are not because they are so far wrong there but because of the ‘cover-up of a deeper fix’.”
That “deeper fix” is what you have read herein. This was illustrated

Page One Hundred Thirty Nine

by Alioto in Vancouver. He didn’t do anything that every Mafia public official doesn’t do. Bribery is treason, but the Mafia has declared it legal — and for a hedge, canceled the death penalty on everything — treason, murder or conspiracy. He was acquitted and congratulated by a jury of apathy, in which the Mafia breeds. In his first big anti-trust trial — Goldwyn — the judge “died” in the middle of the trial — and he won the case. In Vancouver, the judge “died” in the middle of the trial and he won his case. Here the Newsom nieces “died” in the middle of his “Look” Mafia trial and he won his case. The federal judge for his criminal trial went to the hospital yesterday — case delayed. What so you think the chances of survival are for whatever judge conducts that case? Not that it makes much difference — since the prior acquitted — same charges — renders the case worthless. 
And all this — these trials, on raw Justice files of his Mafia connections, and on “accepted” bribery charges — is only to “cover up the deeper fix” — the hit-run that elected Nixon, exposed the Mafia election process, caused Chappaquiddick, uncovered Onassis’ “Howard Hughes” and placed it all in perspective — Vietnam, Korea, World War II, heroin in 1932, and the handmaidens of history — Vatican and Mafia — all the way back to the cover-up of Christ. 
Said Alioto, of the case: “Pure Political Venom by Mitchell. Justice even wanted a sealed verdict. They knew they have no case.” He was correct. Bribery, treason, murder — all these things. But these things are now legal. Mafia law says this.
“Cover-up of the deeper fix.” In Santa Monica, the Rand Corporation now rivals Hoover and the CIA for blackmail files. Ellsberg got away with the Pentagon Papers. The harsh 150 years in prison they want to give him — for telling the truth — is because of a greater fear. In that building at the beach is one file — rated “higher than top secret” — Project Star. Rand can’t destroy it — just as they couldn’t destroy the Pentagon Papers — because they need it for blackmail. And yet they can not release it. Project Star is a study of the JFK assassination.
Most of that is out, mother. Yesterday, to tighten security further, Dickie named Rice, a 31 year old super-guard, as head of Rand. His job? Sit on the lid of that file — just as Cahill sits on the phone company Chappaquiddick call records here — and Loeb in New Hampshire sits on the eastern end (his reward was getting Hoffa out of prison). Empty nests, they sit on — and they know it. And that is why murder is their only out. Local to Fatima #3. And why the non Mafia half is quietly planning the same thing — in self defense. They know things too.
Any of these things — Alioto hit-run, Chappaquiddick, “Hughes,” JFK, Bobby, 1932, 335, 35, and a host of others — exposed to public view — would hang them all. That is why — as the Media FBI files revealed — 95% of all FBI, CIA, Justice, etc., surveillance is of that public — a gigantic lid. It is why all the Maf are still here — running things. It is the cause of war and crime.
Attorney William G. Thompson — one of Sacco and Vanzetti’s lawyers (currently under a tight lid) states: “A government that has come to honor its own secrets more than the lives of its citizens has become a tyranny.”
The lives already expended are many. I’ll mention just one — Mary Jo Kopechne. And one bit of apathy — her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Kopechne.

Page One Hundred Forty

“We don’t care if it was murder. We are satisfied.”
Political philosophy? Dickie. 1957. Onassis bribe. “Fuck America. My family comes first.”
Teddy: “I can live with it.” These are the 1972 Mafia selected Presidential candidates. Vote for one.
Papal philosophy? “Sign this constitution declaring me to be God.”
Three days, mother, out on a public street, under my car, scraping off sealing wax and carbon from sugar and playing with parts. Today some guy said he’d been watching me for three days and where was all my help.
I told him Alioto clobbered my car and neither he nor the insurance companies would help me so I asked Nixon and Mitchell to help me. They wouldn’t and told everybody else not to either and I was surprised he hadn’t heard.
He said, “Fuck ‘em. I’ll be here to help you tomorrow. I feel sorry for you. You could get yourself killed with all this traffic along here.”
So I explained that I wasn’t concerned over a local killing because I had already been assured of that — and made arrangements to take things along with me — and wasn’t he a bit leery of being seen with me.
“Not a bit,” he said, “I figure missiles could be here any hour. And I don’t give a shit. There’s nothing here worth defending. I was a marine but when I read the papers these days I’m pulling for the Viet Cong to wipe us out. I don’t understand myself.”
I smiled, mother, for the first time in months. Here he was talking to the man with a grenade up everybody’s ass — and he’s sorry for me, he’s gonna keep me from getting killed.
Well, so much for my days. Nights are for harpoons. I’ll tell you about them after they’re sunk in up to the hilt.
And I’ll send this as soon as I hear from you. And remember — anything I put in writing is not secret — is not to be destroyed. I don’t care who reads it. 
Only the Mafia keeps a lid on the truth. Only apathetic shit does nothing with it. And lets the murders roll on. Including their own.
Coming back from Tahoe Carmen said “Your mother certainly doesn’t have to worry about you. I’ve never seen such a cover. You be sure to tell her to relax and enjoy herself.”
So — relax and enjoy yourself.



Page One Hundred Forty One

April 1, 1972
I received your card today and am enclosing another check for you and more health stamps. Gave Mrs. Isnardi the rent check today.
I checked with the stranger — who decided to help me fix my car (he’s a mechanic) and he said, “This really stinks. I’m going through this whole car and see what else we can find.” In the distributor I found that the hot wire plug in (from the battery, to provide electricity to the distributor) had been cut through — half way — causing a short — an electric spark. The distributor neck (into which this wire goes) had been cracked (marks from a screwdriver — inside, as a wedge to crack it, are visible). This allowed a constant spark — from the distributor — to be exposed — through the crack — to any gasoline — or fumes — from the carburetor — six inches away. It was not enough to cause the distributor to stop working — the object was the exposed spark. Then the plug-in wire had been sealed in (sealing wax again). Some type of acid was then poured in the top of the neck — and it ate partly through the bakelite neck. This plug-in was part of an insert in the hot line. At the other end of the insert was another plug-in. When inspecting — to see if the distributor was getting electricity — since I couldn’t get the “sealed in” insert out — I always checked the other plug-in, and it always showed plenty of spark.
In the carburetor — a big four barrel affair — the lid had been removed (gas entering this lid is filtered through a screen as fine as needle points). There are two outlets for the incoming gas (into each side of the carburetor) — about the diameter of a pencil. The pump side (carburetor pump) was completely clear — and functioning. The other side had been plugged solid with sealing wax (impervious to gas, solvents and most acids). (When it was poured in — hot — on heated metal — the hollow center sagged and in cooling a crack developed — and that crack is what has kept the car running ever since. It wasn’t planned that way. It was planned to be solid, thus forcing all the gas to go through the other side — the pump side — and then gush out the flooding overflow holes and open pump plunger top hole. Gas and gas fumes in the presence of a spark is known as a Molotov Cocktail. It is a flammable and explosive situation.)
I checked with Carmen and we both agree, Sept. 10,1971 was when this “work” was done (that was just shortly after the Merrymans contacted me — McCone’s friends, “Hughes” dead nursemaid), and the Pentagon Papers were out, and Charach had publicly named the Bobby Kennedy murderer (Gene Caesar) and I had been to CBS over the matter, and Christopher Beam and I were discussing IBM, Iron Bob Maheu, and his series of assassinations, in the Mark Lobby (It was also 5 days before the $6 billion Harry Yee S.F. heroin raid and 3 weeks before I pulled that Neilson-Green bit about “Chappaquiddick Big Dickie, Little Dickie and Alioto”, Nader, “Hughes,” Onassis, IBM, etc.). 
On that date we were at the end of an isolated mountain road — 9000 feet high — south of Tahoe. Car in perfect condition all the way up — recent tune-up (two years before — at the same spot — four Stanford law students returned from a hiking trip to find their car stolen. I drive them into the Sheriff’s station and we found the car — wrecked). We were gone all day — over a mountain. Late that afternoon we returned (to go to Tahoe). The car started — just barely — and coughed and lurched down the 25-mile grade to Tahoe — the nearest civilization. Five miles from our camp it conked out completely. Half an hour later it started again — just barely. Lurch and cough all the way back and ever since (I’m no mechanic — but when I checked the distributor spark — I got spark. When I checked the gas jets in the carburetor — I got gas jets from the carburetor pump).

Page One Hundred Forty Two

What was planned was that the car be destroyed — by fire or explosion — or both — in an isolated place — where the “fixing” could be done without a witness. It was to appear natural — even to me. And had it occurred — I would have assumed it to be an accident. Object was the destruction of the car — natural accident. Bad luck Just as the barbecue murder of Newsom’s nieces (Pelosi’s daughters) during the Alioto trial was — to warn everybody — Newsom, Pelosi, Judge Brown, Jury, Attorneys — by fire — rather than murder anybody. Of course murder did come out of that warning fire. And it is possible that injury or death could result from a car fire or explosion. In Tahoe, Chartrand — owner of Barney’s Casino — got his in second gear forward — after reverse. That was so that the car would be somewhat away from the house. They only wanted to murder him. They didn’t want to hurt the house. He was the target. As with the five hit-runs on my car — in succession — after the first one by Alioto — my car was the target on that mountain road. In Pelosi’s case the two girls were not the target. Newsom was. A fire warning, that’s all. The barbecued meat that turned up in the mortuary — two girls and a nurse — was just bad luck. A natural accident. Like Mary Jo’s.
Those “mechanics” that “fixed” my carburetor should have had me around. For 10 years in that lab, mother, I played with sealing wax (and higher temperature epoxy mixtures) to hold my stones on dop sticks (I’ve tried wooden dops, metal dops — solid and tube type, and anything else I could think of). The center sag — and crack — of sealing wax in a hollow metal heated tube was a common thing. I recognized the shape of the crack in that sealing wax they daubed in my gas inlet tube. Wax keeps well in fluid. In air it deteriorates slowly — crumbles eventually).
So there was no fire or explosion — as planned. What did happen, since, has been a succession of problems. Back carburetor pressure blew out a fuel pump. Misfiring and misses have plugged the cylinders. Slow starting burned out the starters, batteries. Malfunctioning ruined resistors in the coils. We still don’t know what else is fouled up . But this bit is why the car conked out on us at the cemetery when we were there recently. And why the carburetor pumps finally quit altogether and backfire occurred on the day before you left.
It is the murder of a car — “natural” and slow. A piece of evidence. As was Mary Jo Kopechne. And many more, as you know. 
Yesterday it was announced that presidential candidates — Mafia purchased — would not campaign, in order to piously attend church in honor of the death of Christ. With them, in the pews, were their Secret Service guards. One million a month is the cost of guarding their lives. Today I had one volunteer — a stranger — keeping cars off my back. I wouldn’t trade him for all of that million dollar monthly Mafia crud. “Fuck ‘em,” says he, as he fingers that sealing wax glob. “Fuck ‘em,” say I, and buy more parts and wonder how many millions Dickie (“Fuck America” Chappaquiddick Dickie) spends daily protecting his life and Teddy’s and how many millions Gayler blows daily in his Pacific command — especially in heroin Vietnam.
They will all be in church tomorrow — Easter. So will Thieu, and Chiang Kai Shek, and Onassis and the Pope. 
I will be under my car — with a stranger working above. It’s cool there, mother, out of the sun — and thoughts come through. I put them in action tonight.

Page One Hundred Forty Three

Easter, 1972
I’m enclosing another check for you. Everything is all right in the apartment. 
Today — Easter — the image of a man hanging on a cross still hangs there. He was hung before he could get the job done.
That image should be one of a doctor with a scalpel cutting out a cancer. All of it. Including apathy — the breeding grounds. The deleted Eleventh Commandment — “Murderers on the cross — Not me.” From the cross.
One of the documents that escaped Papal destruction was a record by Tacitus, the Roman historian. He writes — in the first century — that Nero burned Rome in the year A.D. 64, partially to destroy all records of the crucifixion of Christ — by Roman command — through the Roman Procurator, Pontius Pilate — and divert attention from the affair. Nero then laid the blame for the fire on the followers of Christ — the group called Christians.
Thus continues the cover-up of Christ.
Today we see carbon copies of that — Mary Jo Kopechne, Newsom’s nieces, my car, Tunney’s sister, Vietnam, and on and on.
Today, the U.M.W. Boyle (convicted of giving labor bribes to politicians) fights back — says he: “The law also prohibits political candidates (in 1968 — $30 thousand to Humphrey, thousands to congressmen) from taking illegal bribes.” Federal Judge Richey ordered, “No talk on that subject” and hung the heavy verdict on Boyle for mentioning it.
Which is Mafia? Boyle? Or Federal Judge Richey (who paid $50 thousand for the job)? Or Humphrey and the congressmen? Or all of them? Spit here — > O. 
ITT did the same thing — $400 thousand to Dickie and Mitchell — “business expense.” There will be no “Boyle” prosecution of them. Boyle drew on the Hoffa-Onassis murder group to hire the shotgunning of the Yablonski family. ITT participates in the murder of the world — using Onassis’ “Hughes” equipment — along with the rest of the Mafia handmaidens — Dickie, Teddy, and the Pope. CIA-ITT McCone is a murder expert.
Today, in S.F., Dennis — a local collector for the Irish Republican Army — at the Abbey — says sadly about Northern Ireland the same thing Bernadette Devlin says — that “The problem always has been the churches — both of them — with their handmaidens. Onassis owns the shipyards.”
Today — a $15 million suit — invasion of privacy — by an investigator — against a religious group, is patterned on Nader’s GM suit. The article is in the New York Times, which printed the Joseph Llellyveld cover-up story of the Chappaquiddick phone calls. Once more the Mafia press tries to rewrite dangerous history. Quotes the Times: “The attorney, Paul D Rheingold — former Justice Dept. lawyer — was the one who, in 1970, filed a suit for Nader against GM in a similar action, which was settled out of court.” (Nader’s suit was filed in 1966 — by attorney Speiser — “Suit of the Century” — blocked by GM attorney Chappaquiddick Ted Sorenson through the century — and suddenly settled by Sorenson and attorney Speiser four days after my Nader letter was made public. This Onassis-Kennedy cash bribe was paid to Nader and attorney Speiser in Speiser’s office.)
As with the omission of Merryman’s name from the “Hughes” nursemaid list — after his “death” and the switched date of the JFK hot call to Jackie — on Onassis’
[Last line of page unreadable ]

Page One Hundred Forty Four

Today — a statement by Fulbright — after examining the Pentagon Papers — “The Vietnam war could have been avoided.” And UThant, former boss of the U.N.: “If the American public knew how the Vietnam War started they would force their leaders to pull out tomorrow — pull out everything.”
(Cardinal Cushing announced in 1968 — “Weird October” for me — on the eve of Jackie’s marriage to Onassis: “If the world knew what Jackie told me in her confession, they wouldn’t believe it. But I sanction the marriage and I welcome Onassis — and his checkbook.”)
From the recently released 25 year secrecy, World War II British papers — a quote by Churchill: “Roosevelt and Kennedy rigged World War II — it could have been avoided.”
(World War II was Fatima #1. Fatima #2 was started immediately after — according to Fulbright — by Truman and Roosevelt’s leftover Secretary of State Byrnes — The Ho Chi Mihn rebuke and the “hate commies” theme — followed by Greece and Korea.)
Today — a report by Vera Glacer of massive Mafia bribes to the GOP by Onassis and Pappas — secretly — in Washington — repaid by U.S. aid to Greece and support of the Onassis-Pappas Greek Mafia hierarchy — Greece, where the body of Howard Hughes was laid to rest — April 16, 1971. 
Today — a report by Anderson — of a new Versailles Mafia World Summit last month. 1957 Apalachin all over again (that was for America) — desperately mapping Fatima #3, this time (for the whole ball of wax). “Their discussions were to shape the policies and economics of 100 countries, owned by these multi-national, multi-billion dollar conglomerates. ”The boards of directors (Mafia-seated — as a result of Apalachin) of the big ones were there — ITT (CIA Double Diem-Kennedy murder McCone) , GM, Ford, Fiat, Oil, Steel, Chemical. “Corporate nations with more wealth and power than most nations — contriving their corporate interests ahead of our national interests.”
Today — the Pope: “The Silent Church should speak out.” This — at Auschwitz — was the “Deputy of Christ.” Today — by his decree — this is God. Who do you suppose is holding his tongue? His group is also one of the biggest stockholders. He exiled a South American Cardinal who published documents that the Pope’s mother — -Mrs. Montini — was Jewish — and that the Vatican has corporate connections to Free Masonry around the world. How come the Pope hates the Jews? Is it because they are non Vatican? Does he hate his mother? She’s Jewish. Does he hate himself? He’s half Jewish. Why is he ashamed of his corporate Free Masonry connections? Aren’t they a secret swindling branch of the Versailles group, to which he belongs? Incidentally, don’t Free Masons attend the funerals of their members’ families? My brother is a Mason. No Masons attended my father’s funeral — and they know why he was murdered — and who murdered him. My brother wasn’t there either. Ain’t that odd? But then, he’s a Mason. Right, mother? It was a little lonesome, wasn’t it?
Today — McGovern spoke: “Nixon and the GOP are owned, lock, stock and barrel, by big business.” Had he substituted the word ‘Mafia’

Page One Hundred Forty Five

for ‘big business,’ he would still be only half correct. After ‘Nixon and the GOP,’ he would have to add, ‘himself and his Mafia group.’ He did add: ITT did the same thing Boyle did. They won’t be prosecuted” He knows. He knows everything that’s in these writings. Who’s holding his baby-faced tongue?
Well, mother, it’s only part of one day — called Easter. Let’s see — oh yes, it’s some kind of a holiday — celebrating the murder of Christ. Isn’t that it?
Now — harpoons go out. Carmen says to wish you a Happy Easter. Me too.


April 3, 1972
Today — magnetic steel filings — deep in the carburetor. Gasoline in the oil. Apparently, this was done the night before you left — the night before the backfire. I’m no mechanic, but I think the short in the carburetor blew out the resistor coil — which cuts down the 12-volt starter current to 6 volts for the carburetor base — and allowed the full 12 volts to go through to the carburetor (more and better sparks — which caused the backfire — fortunately, not enough for a major explosion because, at that time, the carburetor pump was out and the jets were plugged).
The gasoline in the oil partially freezes the motor — builds up compression. That car was meant to go — on the day before you left. Possibly to delay — or cancel your trip — with these papers.
Your husband went to the hospital — suddenly vomiting blood and acid — two days before Dickie left for Peking. He did not go to the hospital because of emphysema. He died while Dickie was in Peking. He did not die of emphysema. He died as a result of the blood and acid eruption.
He was a witness. Suppressed for three and a half years.
So are you. So am I. So is the car.
You haven’t witnessed the run of the rabbits — including your other son. Why do you avoid my questions as to the reaction of those papers?
Anderson, Nader, etc., are only safely nibbling at the edges. These papers, tape, documents, etc., provide positive, clear, evidential linkage to this entire cruddy, worldwide Mafia affair. And the solution to the mess — without a nuclear blow-off. They are the most important papers in the world. 
Why are you dragging your feet? You must know by now that you are on the murder list. Surely your name is not Ma Kopechne, is it? — -”We don’t care if it was murder. We are satisfied.” 
I have sent you four letters — dated March 27, March 30, and April 1 — plus the one dated Easter. Have you received them? Who read them? Who read the synopsis you took with you? What was their reaction? Did you reach any of the Roberts family? What was the reaction? What did you do? Answer these questions.

Page One Hundred Forty Six

Open my sealed letter — given to you three years ago. You will see that it predicts an accident to the car. Do not destroy it. Do not destroy anything. Do not suppress anything. This is what this Mafia cancer does. This is cancer Anti-Christ.
There are only two sides to this thing — Cancer or Non-Cancer — Mafia or Non-Mafia. Mafia Cancer will be exterminated. Apathy and obstruction are cancer. Part of the Mafia. Breeding grounds.
Which is your other son? Which are the other members of this family?
This Mafia group is murdering the world. Including this family. Are you — like Ma Kopechne — Satisfied?
In God’s world, there is no place to run and hide. I’ve fixed that. It’s either kill it, or die with it.
Mary Jo Kopechne — and other murdered millions mentioned in here — can’t do a thing. It’s up to the living to try to prevent their own murder.
I want — from you — answers. There isn’t much time left.
(For instance, before Dickie took his Peking trip in February — and during that trip — your husband developed a problem — he died from a sudden bleeding belly. You held a cup holding the sudden vomit of blood and acid — that — taken in by a pill — came up burning passages, mouth, tongue, and lips. He died “naturally” — like Mary Jo Kopechne and Newsom’s nieces.
My car was scheduled to blow up “naturally” in the mountains Sept. 10, 1971 — and again on the day before your trip. Those papers were already packed in your suitcase.
Dickie made the desperate Peking trip to try to buy the country — Mafia style. It didn’t work. Mao has read these papers. Chiang Ching has one of my stones — with the history.
Next month, mother, Dickie rigs his biggest Mafia purchase — Russia. Another trip, and something will happen here. I don’t know what. The murdering Mafia CIA is devious.
Brehznev has those papers. Dickie knows that.
Read that sealed letter again. A prediction come true. So have my others. And that’s not “telling the future”. It’s simply notification of “a mixture of gas fumes and spark — an explosive situation — Molotov cocktail — with only one possible result — catastrophe.”
I know from your deliberate absence of comment about those papers that either you have deliberately left them in your suitcase — or others, having read, are already suppressing what they have read. When sad things happen soon, are you prepared to take the responsibility for permitting — say — murder to happen because of your suppression? Is the rest of the family prepared for that? Your other son was. After months of pleading, he finally showed up — 20 minutes after his father’s death. He delivered a Mafia message to me — “Lay off the Mafia” — read the synopsis — commented that the Mafia had murdered two more that he knew about in that way up where he was — and took off running, white-faced, four hours later.

Page One Hundred Forty Seven

He wouldn’t stay for the funeral. Didn’t leave a flower, card, or message, or anything. That was a month and a half ago. Not one word, letter or call to me since. We did receive a Mafia message from his ex-wife, Golding — a message that upset both you and I. It was delivered in a death-sympathy card.
I think, mother, that his name is Kopechne.
Remember the Nixon hatchet men I notified of the funeral? Your husband’s “friends”? None sent a card, flower, call, anything. In view of these things, I’ll put the question this way: Are you and your other son and the rest of the family prepared to take the responsibility for your own murders?
As I wrote of Nader — the greatest crime of all has been committed against me. I solved the whole bit and devised a peaceful method of rectifying it. And rigged a total flushing of shit, just in case.
The total pressure is on me. Pressure from 1957 Apalachin through the Versailles Mafia Summit last month. Despite that, I am winning. If you think not — look around and read the news. Which is good. Because if I don’t win I’ll knock this whole shit ball all the way out. I own the bat. 
Would you rather cooperate with Chappaquiddick Dickie and Chappaquiddick Teddy (Presidential candidates) — and Onassis and the Pope (King of the world and God) — who collaborated in all of the past murders — and have yours and the rest of the world’s on the drawing board?
Or with me? I want the man off the cross. I want to hang every cancer cell — all of it. I want to collect all criminal loot — back through time — a legacy from those murdered dead. And do some good with it.
Try this on for size. Say tomorrow every member of this family suddenly coughs up blood and acid. To whom would you say one survivor take his murder complaint? Alioto and his S.F. police? Taiwan Reagan and his Bobby cover-up Attorney General Younger? President Chappaquiddick Dickie and Poucha Pond Attorney General Mitchell? Teddy and Tunney who run the Senate Judiciary Committee? The Pope or Dickie’s Billy Graham? ITT and GM and Ford, fresh from the Versailles Summit? Any purchased judge? Or appointed U.S. Attorney? Any church? Press Mafia? Legal Mafia? “Hughes”, maybe — with TV control and the International Satellites? Jackie’s hubby, Onassis? Either Mafia party? Any Senator? J. Mafia Hoover? Murderer, CIA McCone or Helms? Onassis-bribe Nader — to whom Mary Jo was running when Teddy murdered her? Jack Anderson, who has been lipping off around his muzzle for 25 years — and accomplished zero? Any Supreme Court? (You will note that these listed above are one part of the ghoulish group that squats on the graves of Mary Jo — and on and on)
Or to me? Louise and Marie Elena Merryman did — re: “Hughes”. Don Warner did — re: Laotian-Taiwan heroin to Harry Yee. Another on the Newsom nieces’ Molotov Cocktail. Another with the Onassis diary. Much more, mother. [Unreadable ] Thousands More.

Page One Hundred Forty Eight

and my father — and you — and anyone who reads this — knows he can’t do a damn thing from the box. Think about that.
I can. Two ways: One — earthly: a booby trap. The one who put this thing together — that’s me — and laid out the peaceful remedies — also arranged that, in failure, the Mafia Fatima #3 precept be faithfully followed — -”Blot it all out” — flush the murdering shit — all of it — my way. Two — a philosophy — a deal: I get the man off the cross — I get the job I want — there. “Personnel Placement.” Take them with me and Hang them there. Eternity yo-yo.
Rocheford’s quote: “Presidents fear one thing. An historian. One who writes from knowledge — and affects the history he writes about. This man has the power to change the inscriptions of tombstones.”
You have already seen this. For instance, John L. Lewis — through the conviction of his successor — murderer, Mafia Tony Boyle.
You will see it all — from the Mafia Kennedy mausoleums in the GI national cemeteries to Johnson’s Pyramid in Texas, faces on coins to Dickie’s “world travels for Peace” — on Onassis’ Lockheed planes, with McCone ITT communications over “Hughes” satellites.
If we are all still here, you will see the Pope hanging from the cross — instead of Christ. Said the Pope: “I will give my life for humanity.” His words. Fine. The murdered one is coming down. We’ll put the Pope’s loot to use for humanity (It’s a chunk — more than $50 billion). 
The Kennedys: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Their words. Fine. Crosses. And that loot will be well used. Some will go the patch up Mary Jo’s busted nose.
Loot from the group at the Versailles Mafia Summit? From the group at Apalachin? Onassis? The 41% Federal Mafia Siphon? Every Mafia Judge and legal settlement — back through time? The banking Mafia lobby — noted in Anderson’s column today? Insurance Mafia? (I’ve already given the New York Times to a Russian physicist — part of a deal for my international legal support. His attorney is the one who told me, “You can have it all. That paper will be yours to give. We accept.”)
You get the idea. No major changes. Only the criminals on crosses. Only the criminal loot reshuffled. The constitution is a good one. The Bible is a good one. Only the perversion, the cover-up, the murder, the treason and the conspiracy goes.
Even our “enemies” agree to this. Russia and China. “It is,” they say, “as we have always said — and as you prove now — America is Mafia owned — and is using that Fatima #1, 2 and 3 stages. You have our support.”
They have nuclear buttons, mother.
I have a thing of my own. All alone. The bat. They’ll use theirs, if

Page One Hundred Forty Nine

necessary. And I’ll use mine, regardless. Dickie knows this — and he crawls to Moscow next month — while Brehznev and Mao ship massive supplies into Vietnam — publicly — humiliating.
“The hierarchy’s shudders over the ITT affair is not because of ITT, but because of the cover-up of a deeper fix.” — Joseph Kraft.
“The United States of Mafia is being picked apart.” — TV news.
Yes. It’s a massive judo. Maf against Maf. Sparks all over the place. Fumes all over the place. Molotov cocktail.
Today Mafia Murderer Teddy — Senate Judiciary Committee — is publishing the facts that Murderer McCone’s CIA-ITT 20 billion dollar conglomerate — paid no income taxes for the past five years (Mafia Nixon, Mitchell, Hoover or Rand cannot release any file on the Kennedys). ITT — as Lanza in 1957 at Apalachin — attended the Versailles Mafia Summit last month.
Your Social Security check, which arrived and I am enclosing, is $6 short. Carmen will have to borrow to pay her taxes this year. Proxmire’s niece had $30 thousand stolen from her by S.F. and state Inheritance Tax coffin roaches.
Whom do you, or Carmen or Proxmire’s niece complain to? Shall I repeat the list of those in power — along with the itemized list of their Mafia crimes? No.
Or would you rather that I collect for you? I want it all. I’ll get it.
Merryman was a “Hughes” nursemaid. Merryman and McCone were with the same firm — Bechtel, McCone, Parsons — the number one defense engineering contractor (missiles, etc., all over the world). McCones and Merrymans and Spellmans and Eckersleys and Onassises and “Hughes’s” are all represented at 1170 Sacramento Street — the Onassis building where Louise and Marie Elena Merryman took me. “You’re the only good man left,” said Marie Elena. “Please.”
I believe that. There are others that I know. But I place no faith in anyone. They’re gonna have to prove themselves — the hard way. 
I wish to know, one way or the other, how each member of this family stands. Whether he is Kopechne or non-cancer — about his own murder. We already have a clue about your other son and his ex-wife, Golding. Let’s hear about the rest. 
This letter — like everything else — is not secret. You can’t destroy it. Pass it out. It will be printed in Russian — as well as in English.
The truth is harsh. So is murder.
Which do you prefer?
Once more. About those papers. Did you give them to anybody? If so, what was their reaction (“Nothing” is also a reaction…That has a meaning.)?
“ITT, Corrupt Government, Corrupt Vatican, Corrupt FBI, Corrupt Justice, Insurance, Banking, Conglomerates, Courts — yes, the

Page One Hundred Fifty

United States of Mafia is being picked apart.”
Yes. A friend of mine told me lastnight: “You do your work well.” I’ve been told that before.
Yes, I do. All part of a symphonic background for the “Mafia Chorus” played to the tune of everything from harpoons to missiles — and another thing.
Said a local Mafia politician who once threatened to blow my head off — long ago (now he pops up, friendly): “Before this is over, no-one with the tag ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat’ could be elected dog-catcher. It would take someone who never voted in his life. Voting for any of these bastards is treason. You never voted, did you Bobby? Have a drink. What are you doing now?”
Me: “Nothing.” I thanked him for the drink and left.
I will hang him.
Said Jimmy The Greek: “Christ! The maw-maw is knee deep here in Vegas. If we don’t cool off that ‘Hughes’ bit, the whole world will be laughing at us.” He worked for assassin Maheu — for “Hughes” — for Onassis. He knows the whole bit and sits on the lid.
I will hang him.
I want the man off the cross.
I want all criminal cancer to hang. Here or there. 
I want all criminal loot, back through time (Total employment for the non cancer, just digging up the loot — the legacy of the murdered dead — I know where it is — who has it.).
Cancer-only. Criminal-only.
Think about it. Those were His wants — back in year 35 when they murdered him — and covered that up.
Just as you cover up these papers in your suitcase. Or someone does. Who? 
As I said — “Nothing” is a reaction too. And that is what I have received from you. “Nothing.”
Rectify that, mother. Now.
The stranger disappeared. I can understand that. So did your other son. The pressure is heavy. Ma and Pa Kopechne, and an entire nation, squatting of the graves of Mary Jo — and on and on.
Dickie goes to Moscow on the “big con” next month. All press releases on “Hughes” have been shut off. “The U.S. of Mafia is being picked apart.”
Like that Molotov cocktail — gas fumes and a spark — I am aware of a building, tight situation. Something will happen. Soon. There’s another prediction. I rarely miss.
Answer my questions. Exactly. That is the very least you can do. For yourself — if nobody else.
I’m not angry at you. I want the truth. That’s all. I’ll get it. Easy way or hard way. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Page One Hundred Fifty One

And a license to use any method to get the job done.
I’m delighted about your swing in the sunshine. Just pass the papers out and note reactions and keep swinging.
Read the papers and watch TV. Even through the Mafia media you will see how this mental judo works in picking the United States of Mafia apart.
The object is the killing of cancer.
That will be done.
The Social Security Lump Sum Death Payment for your husband arrived today. It is ten dollars short. $245.10.
I called the funeral parlor and they, at least, are considerate. They are in no hurry. They wish you a pleasant trip and you can take care of it whenever you get back. I will keep that here — unless you wish me to send it to you.
I am enclosing your current Social Security check and another stamp thing.
Aside from the “minor” distractions mentioned herein, everything is fine here.
This is Holy Week and the world is fine. The Pope says so. “Full of Peace and Justice.”
I will go out and crawl under my Molotov cocktail tomorrow. If it stops raining.
Tonight I will slog through the rain to deliver one harpoon personally. That’s the only recreation I get.
But that ain’t bad. Works up an appetite.
Let me know how many of my letters you have received — when you received them — and bring them with you when you come back. Do not burn them — as your other son did — despite my warning — “Do Not Destroy.” Let anybody read them. It’s a matter of truth. I am alive because of that. So are you, and everybody else. The timing of World War III has been preempted. Witness Dickie’s trembling crawls to China and Russia. Months ago Mack said, “Would it help if you talked to Mitchell?” I said “No.” Wouldn’t it be a thing if Dickie showed up at my door and said the same thing Marie Elena said — “Please.” Or when Dickie gets to Moscow — Brehznev — introduces Dickie to a fellow American — me.
This has been suggested. I am told the remains of “Hughes” are there — maybe I should present those to Dickie — at that time. Everybody is looking for “Howie.” (Aren’t they?)

Page One Hundred Fifty Two

April 5, 1972
This is “Holy Week.” Right?
A sick Jesuit — “distinguished Jesuit scholar, Dr. Malachi Martin, former professor at the Pontifical Institute in Rome” — a dissident, who carries Mary Jo’s picture in his tunic — brought out a book — an authentic, searching study of the Vatican.
It’s called “Three Popes And The Cardinal: The Church of Pius, John and Paul in its Encounter With Human History.” The Cardinal is Cardinal Bea, depicted as a tragic witness to the church’s crumbling.
Quotes: “Well before the year 2000 (this is 1972), there will no longer be a religious institution recognizable as the Roman Catholic Church.”
“Pope Paul is dry of compassion, locked in a fervid maze of circumstances over which he had no control, and from which there is no escape.”
The narrative, written with authority and lucidity, is tinged with regret of one who sees the old order passing without yielding place to new. Only a Catholic scholar — disgusted — could speak with the candor Martin displays in these pages.
“The church of Montini (Paul VI) is a house divided. The ferment of ideas, the clash of opinions…the trend toward liberalization contending with a long entrenched and prejudiced conservatism, have rendered Montini’s position as Pope theoretically untenable. It has, in a sense, unpoped him. He cannot act as Popes have acted before. Montini does not know what to do. Nobody alive can help him.”
It’s true, mother. Bishops carrying Mary Jo’s picture would not vote Montini’s constitution declaring him to be God. And I did tell him what to do in a letter. Copies are out.
Locked…in circumstances…from which there is no escape.” That ranges from the cover-up of Christ and forward from the Versailles Mafia Summit (the handmaidens — for they own the governments) to the completion of Fatima #3 — a joint venture promoted by the Mafia and sanctioned by the church — both totally committed, since that is the only solution for the salvation of cancer — cover-up of the now-exposed past and present by blow-off of the non Mafia, non Vatican half.
Around the globe with the conglomerates (ITT, McNamara, Onassis).
Around the globe with the church (Vietnam — Diem, Kennedy, Spellman, and up to now — Thieu, Chiang, Cardinal Yu-Pin — Taiwan. Anywhere.)
The handmaidens with a nuclear noose around the non Mafia, non Vatican half, are now losing. That started when they covered up the Alioto hit-run, which caused Chappaquiddick, and exposed Onassis’ “Hughes” and now all of it — the conglomerate world wide Mafia Summits, the Pope’s desperation, which of course exposes the key — the Mafia Election Process. Used by the Vatican — Papal selection by appointment of the hierarchy — the election is a show. And no restrictions on the Pope. God. Infallible. Used by the United States of Mafia — candidate selection by the money of the Mafia. And no restrictions on any President, Senator or judge. All the Maf are on the boards of ITT, GM, Lockheed — and they own the candidates. All the Maf are still here — for the full 47 years of Hoover. The election is a show.

Page One Hundred Fifty Three

They are losing. Visibly. The unpoping of Montini. Last October, China in the U.N. — dope pushing Taiwan out. Read back in here somewhere how that happened. Suddenly. It was done. All over (Kissinger’s second sudden trip was the tip — over — and the U.S. of Mafia decided to discard the United Nations). Despite U.S. and Vatican support, dope pushing Chiang is going down the tube. Despite Vatican and Nixon support, dope pushing Thieu is going down the tube. Russia and China are pouring it on — right now — in Vietnam — just after Chappaquiddick “Hughes” Dickie’s Peking trip, and on the eve of his Moscow crawl. Chile is in full revolt against the CIA and ITT. (Written documents are potent.) You read the papers. Think about it. Pakistan, Northern Ireland — where Teddy and Dickie pander for American-Irish votes. It’s nothing but hatred for the exposed fangs of the Vatican-Mafia handmaidens that own the United States — and squat on all those graves — from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to Cypress Lawn (Mary Jo rests in one, my father in the other). These handmaidens can’t afford to lose — any more than they can afford to allow the exposure of the massive cover-ups — the Alioto hit-run, Chappaquiddick, JFK at Dallas, Bobby in L.A., Yablonski family, Martin Luther King. And they are massive.
So — Fatima #3. “Circumstances…from which there is no escape.” The non Mafia half knows. So — there it is. Nose to nose with missiles. Now — Suddenly — it will be done. All over. Cancer — and everything else — dead.
No time to read documents then, mother. Maybe time for one word — “Why?”
The cure is the killing of cancer — cancer only — without killing the patient. But the cancer that owns the hospital won’t kill itself. And the patient, in addition to cancer, has another complicating disease — a dense concentration of yellow — apathy, if you will — “I don’t want to get involved.” “I don’t want to know.” “It’s too deep for me.” “Let someone else do it.” “What can I do?” “This has been going on since the beginning of time.”
I wonder what happened to the descendants of those at Concord Bridge in 1776. They must have all been murdered in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, etc. — and the breed watered down. Look around. Descendants of Mafia and the apathy that breeds it. It’s a massive breed of shit. Infectious shit. America has that dense yellow concentration disease. I call it MMORDIS — Mouldering Mass Of Rotten Dribbling Infectious Shit. MMORDIS. I named it that because that’s what it is — and Nixon and Mitchell have banned the use of the word “Mafia.” The murdering Mafia Chappaquiddick slobs, whom I elected — because I had no choice, either. They at least spoke of “Law and Order.” And proceeded to murder Mary Jo and my father — and — upcoming — all of us. Courtesy of the Mafia who pays them — Onassis’ “Hughes,” CIA-ITT, Ford, GM — and on and on — holy sounding names, until you examine the carefully hidden Mafia connections of the key stockholders, who appoint the Boards of Directors, who appoint the Presidents, Judges, Congressmen, Governors — holy sounding names until you examine the murder, treason,

Page One Hundred Fifty Four

conspiracy, war crimes, and necrophilia they commit. Mary Jo. Heroin. “Hughes.” The list is long.
You will find the complete list in the confessional blackmail files (Ah, yes, these are choicer than Rand’s, or Hoover’s or Justice) of Montini’s (God) Roman Catholic Church and the lower branches of Bishops who hold the hands of Alioto, Daley and that list is available to all. Has been for some time. (Fellmeth, Nader’s partner, now “investigating” Congress, ran from me — and that list about Congressmen — in San Francisco Feb. 14, 197[exact year unreadable ]. He ran to Washington and has been in hiding ever since. Nader hides in phone booths in Washington. Harry Miller ran from that list, here — and from me on about that same date — and now hides in a washroom in one of Alioto’s police stations. 
Montini beatifically sanctions the monstrous mess with a saintly smile — as his hooded ass squats on Mary Jo’s grave, and my father’s, and the other millions. And Malachi Martin writes “Pope Paul… locked in a fervid maze of circumstances… from which there is no escape. His position is untenable. It has, in a sense, unpoped him. Montini does not know what to do. Nobody alive can tell him.”
(Repetitious, many have said of these words I tape. True. Deliberate. Works well in a computer. Delineation lines. Triangulation — multiplied many times. Every line intersects at the cancer — MMORDIS — -)
“Nobody alive can tell him.” True and not true. Not true — because I told him what to do — and why. True — because Christ has been hanging in a cross for 2000 years — and is coming off that torture rack to tell him personally. And make arrangements for replacements on crosses. Malachi Martin “sees, with regret, the old Roman Catholic Order passing without yielding place to new.” Not true — only the cover-up of Christ will be exposed, only the cancer removed, the handmaiden Mafia connection severed, the blackmail confessional files released — for instance — Cardinal Cushing — Jackie’s confessional — eve of wedding to Onassis — “Weird October”, 1968: “If the world knew what she told me, they would not believe me…welcome Onassis and bring your checkbook.” Or Cardinal Spellman — to his flock: “Vietnam is a Holy Crusade. The Pope approves.” Kennedy had already started it. The handmaidens at work.
“…without yielding place to new,” says Malachi. Not true. If any of us are still here, the new image will be that of a healthy doctor with a scalpel cutting cancer from a patient. It won’t be the image of a skinny man skewered on a cross with a spear in his belly — “turning the other cheek.” And all of his commandments will be listed — including the Eleventh: “Murderers on the Cross — Not Me.”
And the murderers will be on crosses. Said Johnson: “We hang together or we hang separately.” He keeps repeating this to the boys. He’s right. And he’s wrong. They will hang, that’s right. But not “together or separately.” Together and separately and sideways and crosswise and every other way.

Page One Hundred Fifty Five

Holy Week. The eager volunteer — the stranger didn’t show since Easter. But an Alioto cop did. Tow away warning. “Get this car off the street or we’ll impound it.”
Two mechanics within two blocks. I saw each and asked them to tow my car in and fix it. Fine, they said. We need the work. I stopped at each today and said okay let’s go and then I told them what happened to the car — the hit-runs by Alioto, sealing wax in the carburetor, exposed spark in the distributor, Chappaquiddick, the fact that I wanted to preserve the car as a piece of evidence and would they check closely for tampering while they were fixing it. You would think they were reading from the same script. “Sorry, I can’t tow you in — too busy.” Me: “I’ll bring it in.” Him: “I have more work than I can handle. I don’t want to get involved.” Me: “In fixing my car? I’ll pay you well.” Him: “Try somebody else. I’m busy. Good-bye.”
So I went down the street ten blocks to the next mechanic. I did not tell him the truth. I simply said, “My car won’t start. Can you fix it?” He: “Sure. Bring it in.” 
And I will not say a word. I’ve gotta get it off the street anyhow. Maybe he’ll fix it. If I don’t tell him the truth.
I hope there isn’t something else rigged in there — like the Molotov cocktail rigged for me on Sept. 10, 1971 — and again on the day before your trip. If so, he might not be so pleased in performing this particular job.
That’s the way it is. A picture of the depth of that American yellow disease — infectious shit — MMORDIS. Brave, free Mafia Americans. When the cop tagged the car — “Get it off the street!” — I had a thought that maybe the stranger was in jail. I don’t know. But as with the Sept. 10, 1971 rigging, these little things usually add up at a later date. He did have my phone number and he did live just across the street from the parked car. And he was digging into the problem. And he disappeared. Three days before you left I discovered that a teaspoon of gas in the carburetor started it right up. Inconvenient, but I was happy. Then something new happened — and the backfire through the carburetor. Explosion and flame — but not enough to burn it all up — or blow it all up. Because by then both the carburetor pump was out and the spray jets were plugged.
Evidence must be destroyed. My car is evidence. Your husband was evidence. Mary Jo was evidence. It took everybody — CIA, FBI. Justice, Supreme Court, President and Pope to destroy the JFK evidence. Same with Chappaquiddick. Same with “Howard Hughes.” I’m too tired to complete the list. 
But the reason this group is losing is because the Alioto hit-run cover-up was like swallowing a fish hook. The more they swallow the deeper it sinks in and the line is still attached. I can jerk it up anytime I please. I prefer to let it get half way out the asshole during the “sigh of relief” shit out process — and then jerk back, asshole, belly and all — inside out — and expose that deep yellow concentrated cancer disease to the “curing” rays of sunlight. All of it. That is one way to kill cancer. Doesn’t help the patient either. But what can you do without a scalpel?
Missiles — nose to nose — both ways? Well, one way to kill fleas on cats is to tie the cats’ tails together and throw them over a clothesline. It’s a sure way to kill the fleas. Doesn’t help the cats of course. But there is no scalpel.

Page One Hundred Fifty Six

There’s a new thing around.
Cruel? Absolutely not. Declared legal and honorable is every known form of murder. Christ on a cross (“He died for your sins,” says the Mafia — who murdered him). Mary Jo in a 2 hour and 15 minute total terror suffocation — with a busted nose — in a tomb — provided by Teddy — in the cold waters of Poucha Pond.
Declared legal and honorable by Pope and President — Vatican and Senate — and an entire U.S. of Mafia nation. “I don’t want to get involved.” “We don’t care in it was murder. We are satisfied.”
A commander — any war — position overrun — calls for the artillery — right on his head. Kills everybody. All of his, but also all of the enemy. And that is the name of the game. Kill the enemy. The commander gets the Medal of Honor — posthumously. From the President of the United States of Mafia.
“The Enemy Within” — by Bobby — suppressed. Onassis bought it, blocked it, buried it. The title was taken from the “treason” definition. Too dangerous.
“The Enemy Within and Without” — amplified and described herein. Given a tag — MMORDIS. Individual crimes and wholesale crimes documented and detailed. The cause of war. The cause of crime. Proven.
The constitution of 1776 — in word and intent — reads, “Treason is aiding and abetting the Enemy Within and the Enemy Without.”
Hanging offense. Johnson knows — “We hang together or we hang separately.”
The Mafia courts — for the Mafia — violated the constitution — and this time — even the apathetic public — -”No death penalty for any crime — including treason.” So works the Mafia legal cancer.
They will solemnly convene and declare missiles coming in to be illegal — as the first ones come in. They will resist the killing of cancer up to and including the bitter atomic end. Unfortunately, for you, where they go, you go too. And you can talk to that missile — as it comes in — and tell it, “I’m too busy. I don’t want to get involved.”
Mack, to me, re: a talk with Mitchell: “Let me know what you want to do.” Me to him: “I know what to do. The question is, who for? The shit that I see?” (That’s a good question. He didn’t answer.) And the next day, when I called with an outline for scalpel conditions — he disappeared. He hides in a shit bowl in the penthouse of the Bank Of California — occasionally opening the lid to receive Alioto’s interest free deposit money — and pass out loans to Onassis’ “Hughes” Lockheed. It would indeed be ironic if the lid fell on his nose and busted his beak and it took him 2 hours and 13 minutes to suffocate in that cold shit pond water, because that lid has a time lock — 4 hours — once for the Alioto take and once for the Onassis give. Without the busted beak, Mary Jo would have lived until the diver dragged her out. And if that happened to Mack — in that shit bowl — he would feel, personally, how the terror murder of Mary Jo was committed.
He is hiding in that shit bowl — under a Federal time-lock lid — from me. But there’s always an answer. I could always train cobras and put them in the sewage lines so that they would crawl up his ass and poke their mouths out his mouth and grab the Alioto take and the Onassis give and drop that down the pipe to me and then they could chomp away on the Mafia meat. His own bank’s policy — “Who cares how you get the loot or what happens to the body afterward.” Dickie’s Policy. Montini’s. You can’t go any higher than that. Or any lower than a shit bowl. Which Onassis would then promptly flush. To remove the evidence.

Page One Hundred Fifty Seven

April 7, 1972
Dear Mother:
Today Agnew stated: “The Vietnam War is the most moral act in United States history.” 
Humphrey states: “I want Teddy for my V.P. That way I can shelter him from antagonism about Chappaquiddick. I swear to serve one term only — and then Teddy can take over.”
Herb Caen asks: “Why can’t McGovern be as phony as FDR, JFK or Bobby? To add some zest.”
The answer is that McGovern must be clean — in order to cover up for Teddy. McGovern’s campaign managers are Salinger and Mankiewicz — stalwarts from all Kennedy campaigns. They beg Daley to join their campaign. McGovern was the first Senator to assure Teddy of “full support” for Teddy in his “Chappaquiddick troubles.”
Quote from Daley about McGovern: “This McGovern’s going to have all those woolly heads around him. He might as will forget about the support of our kind of people.” Regular Democrats quote? “Stopping McGovern at Miami Beach is a holy cause.” And continue, “We think the nomination of McGovern would mean the end of the Democratic Party. The means of nominating Teddy are shrouded in ambiguity.” The hierarchy of the AFofL-CIO “sees McGovern as a menace.” 
McCabe states: FDR and JFK were phony but did become human once in a while. Nixon and his mob are cold, cold hearted.” Schorr called Nixon a traitor. True. Murderer too. Bribery? Yes. Conspiracy? Yes. High Crimes? Yes. Misdemeanors? Yes. Aid and Comfort to the Enemy Within and Without? Yes. War Crimes? Yes. Necrophilia? Yes (“Hughes” — Mary Jo — my father).
His record reads like Teddy’s. These two will run for the next presidency. The Mafia election process. One of them might be elected.
Carl Rowan states: “The Peking trip failed. China didn’t budge (Chiang Ching has my historic stone.). The Russian trip will fail. Dickie already knows it as he watches Russian tanks “invade” South Vietnam. (Brehznev has a historic stone. Everybody has copies of this history — except Dickie and the full Mafia hierarchy. They buried theirs.)
And so Dickie’s cranking up Fatima #3. Anderson — today quotes dissident top security people (now dismissed, jailed, etc. — all but seven, who are still there). “Contingency plans are set to A-Blast Vietnam.”
Myers was pronounced dead today. Like your husband — another bit of evidence dead. The mechanic said, “Your motor was eaten out from inside. It won’t start again.” Does that sound familiar? New motor, mother, when I bought it. The owner guaranteed me 50,000 miles without any major motor trouble — if I cared for it properly — in writing. 20,000 miles and it had the best of oil — from me. But something was intermittently added to that oil. Just as sealing wax in the carburetor — and distributor “alterations” — were added on Sept. 10, 1971. And a deep carburetor adjustment was made — two days before


Page One Hundred Fifty Eight

you left with these papers.
The history of the car is interesting. Clobbered by Alioto — two weeks after I bought it. Five more hit-runs — none before, none since — in the year I was supposed to go to the insurance company and accept much money. Intermittent oil “additives.” Sealing wax and “spark” adjustments on Sept. 16, 1971. Death — suddenly — two days before you left — with papers. The car was a potent witness. 
“Stress” — reads my father’s death certificate. That started the night Alioto clobbered my car. Three and a half years later — one week before Peking — came the hydrochloric acid and blood. While Dickie was in Peking, death.
A month and a half of problems for you and I, too.
The car went out as you left. Three more weeks of problems — for me. As of today. This weekend I will entomb it — temporarily — just as we did my father (The car — if any of us stay — will go on the Washington Monument).
You see — Dickie goes to Moscow next month.
You said it — “What kind of monsters are these?” You were the one who got up at intervals during the nights of those years — when he asked you to check a noise and see if Yablonski shotguns were out there. He was worried about us the night before he died. He told both of us, “One of you is scheduled to be knocked over tonight.” (Two weeks later I told Jim Lindberg I would hang everyone in the CIA — top to bottom). Whatever else — he had guts — and he was honest. He would have been an excellent witness. Nixon — to Nader — all the hierarchy — left him with his “stress.” And you. And me.
“Natural” — these things are. My father, my car, Mary Jo.
My car — 14 years old — and non-running. Eaten up. Three strangers offered to buy my motor. Almost eagerly.
It has already had an autopsy. It will have another.
So will Mary Jo. And millions more.
These letters weren’t entirely meant for you — as you know. They go out to many — in different ways. You — or anyone else — can’t burn them, destroy them, or forget them. Please, do exactly as I tell you — and sit back and enjoy your swing in the sun. 
That sun you enjoy can be blotted out — in one hour. It is indeed fortunate that some are still trying to kill the cancer before it kills us all.
Today copies went to McTernan and Vuvaris — two more running for a Superior Court Judge job. Senator Proxmire’s niece delivered one. She’s a good one. And that will be an interesting election to watch. 
Delighted you will see Beverly — and are enjoying yourself/ 
Just one question — What about the papers? Reaction? 
People have been murdered over them. More will be. One of the questions is “who?” There are only two sides.
Another is — ”All of us?” And another is — “Why?”


Page One Hundred Fifty Nine

April 9, 1972
Bunch of people here at the house say hello. Mrs. Pushkaroff just brought me part of her Easter breakfast (Russian Orthodox).
The car has been interred — with a flower in the radiator. Some friends of mine will quietly conduct an autopsy. (They did this on “Howard Hughes” — and have a plan for Mary Jo’s resurrection. They’re foreigners, mother. No American would do it. Americans — as you have seen — are a Mafia breed of shit. You call them “monsters.” You are much too kind)
Hallinan, who “has made his peace with the establishment and has full backing of the Democratic Party” (he once ran for President on the Socialist ticket) is already rattling his blackmail. Says he: “San Francisco courts are scandalous. Judges are alcoholics, lazy and incompetent.” (“Incompetent” is a general term, about which all of the others will immediately attempt to arrange a lid.) Judge Allen, his opponent, is still hiding.
Laird and Gayler state: “Russia is behind the current North Vietnam ‘invasion.’ It is a flagrant violation of Johnson’s understandings,” which Johnson — all alone — declared — six days before the 1968 election — when he — all alone — announced, “Peace in Vietnam — Stop the Bombing — Elect Hubert.” (And that would have elected Alioto’s Hubert — if Hubert hadn’t been frightened out of the Bay Area by Alioto’s hit-run — a flight that cost Hubert 100 thousand votes — and the state — and the election.)
(Let’s see, Judge Aitken still hides in U.S. Attorney Peek-A-Boo Browning’s office — and in another Superior Court Judge race, McTernan and Vuvaris have so far maintained an ominous silence.)
Kuwait’s ambassador to the UN — Bishara — states: “We have no political prisoners in our jails. I dare you, in the U.S., to tell me you have no political prisoners.” (He speaks of Ellsberg, the Berrigans, Sirhan — and a lengthy list. He does not — yet — mention those who were murdered — such as Mary Jo and my father.) “We were asked to solve the U.N. Monetary problem, not because we were the wealthiest,” (Oil) “but because we are the fittest. Kuwait was asked — instead of the United States” (of Mafia) “because the U.S.” (of Mafia) “would put conditions on its financial” (Mafia) “assistance.”
(Bishara also knows that the U.S. of Mafia is now scuttling the U.N. because — somehow — the U.N. kicked out heroin pushing Taiwan — and brought in the heroin hating Chinese — who are currently resurrecting Mary Jo’s busted nosed body.)
A year or so ago, when that “legislative aide” (from Javits, I thought — written back in here somewhere) was needling me, I quoted him the Chinese prices on the ears of every murdering Senator, etc., and suggested he watch for a nasty U.N. resolution from Chile. That is shaping fine, mother. By the sheer weight of their own Mafia shit — -ITT, CIA, Ford, B of A — and the U.S. of Mafia —

Page One Hundred Sixty

Chile’s finally gonna spring it. (Kuwait is a prelude.)
That ITT memo — released the day after your husband’s murder — the day I invited Dickie to the funeral (and he didn’t show because he was busy in Peking trying to purchase the country) — was indeed potent. 
I get your letters, mother, two days after you write them. You get mine 6 days after they’re mailed. They’re being read, just as Nader’s first one was — before delivery. And they’re only delivered because it is sadly known that copies are going out — from here — in all directions.
Since your departure, this has been going on — just after the murder of a car. A month after the murder of my father. March 21st, you left. On April 7th — Johnson — (“Hang together or hang separately”) had a heart attack. Said sad Lady Bird: “He has been very nervous.” 
Yes. I expect Montini to get sick. And a batch of other Mafia stalwarts mentioned herein. The stench of barbecued girl flesh is nauseating even to the barbecuers.
‘Let me make one thing perfectly clear’ — It is simply the ‘proliferation’ of hydrochloric acid and blood — and sealing wax — and Poucha Pond Holy Water — flowing freely in ‘intergressive interdiction’ and ‘protective reaction.’
As I said to Betty Waterhouse: “I am the hangman.” Here or both. I guess I haven’t mentioned her. Lived with Howard Hughes — 1945 to 1949. Told me much about Howard, McNamara, and Ronnie’s dual nature at Ciro’s (corner table, next to the hat check room — Ronnie — and it is noted that Ronnie has since graduated to dual ‘holdings’ with dope pushing Mandarin Thieu and dope pushing Mandarin Chiang) and accompanied the good with the rotten — ”We’ve gotta get your car off the street.” “I like the Mafia.” “You’re dead.” “With all your problems, where is the rest of your family — your brother, for instance?” “Tell me about that mineral.” And finally — a few days before my father’s murder — when I was really uptight — a bitter attempted discreditation of the Alioto hit-run.
I told her the truth.
Her husband, Levitus, “died” a few days after my father “died.”
Enough about death. Here’s something about eternal life.
Twelve have done it. And 360 “living” people have made financial arrangements for cryogenic freezing after death (There’s that word again). One of these is “Howard Hughes” — who died (again) April 16, 1971, was buried off Tinos, Greece, by Onassis, on April 18, 1971, and was “resurrected” by friends of mine…
Quotations came, of course, just as on the Jean Peters marriage license in Tonepah during Apalachin — Dickie’s “Fuck America” year — 1957 — and again in June, 1971, two months after “Hughes” death (again), when Jean Peters obtained a Tonepah divorce.

[Page One Hundred Sixty One Missing . May be misnumbered ]

Page One Hundred Sixty Two

The CIA — and Onassis — guards her around the clock. Things are getting tight. She is one more human who will have an accident in a pond. Care to watch a murder?
Forget it. Keep a mirror with you and watch your own. You, who read this, are now more dangerous than she is — to MMORDIS — and they murder all witnesses. All of them.
Others also have views about hanging and the dissipation of shit. Me, for instance.
Burning bridges, they call this. It’s a small atomic world. Where do you run?
We will see if you love shit enough to go down the shit drain with it. And we will put that on your tombstone. Your place in history, along with the revised inscriptions on memorials and pyramids. And, as I say, Mother, this is not written primarily to you. It has already been read — by competent, angry eyes. Pass it out and keep swinging in the sun. At least you have a front row seat to history. So did my father. He had lots of faith in me. I do too. Someday I’ll tell you what he said to me those nights in the hospital. You would be very proud.
I am.

Luv Ya

Page One Hundred Sixty Three

April 14, 1972
Andre at Alexis said to say hello to that beautiful girl. So, Hello. (He was robbed the morning after you left — $5 thou — the weekend receipts. He didn’t make a dime from our cokes, did he?) Say hello to Gloria and I’ll write you a longer letter later.

My questions are simple and blunt. So is murder. I have no time to play games or cater to someone’s false pride. Or Mafia endorsement. On a slab in the morgue the blood doesn’t run and the shit flows freely. Mine, yours, my father’s, Mary Jo, Newsom’s nieces, the Yablonski family —
Yablonski family — yesterday (after two years), Justice finally releases a confession that ties it to Tony Boyle. Pressure — they had to do it. And that is where it will stop. As with Lansky in Vegas, Boyle is slated to be the fall guy. It will not go on to Hoffa (release by Dickie because of Loeb’s Chappaquiddick phone call records) or Onassis or Dickie. It was Nader who promoted Yablonski into his union reform movement (and then — after the family murder, Nader took Onassis’ bribe and took a hike) and it involved the stealing on $135 million in Union Pension Funds and the Mafia purchase of elections. But the total U.S. Pension Fund is $135 billion — that’s billion — that is being looted. Boyle is merely the tip of the iceberg and that is where they will cap it off (that is, they will try). The petty Mafia murderers were promised life jobs — like Maheu. The methods of murder they planned were poison in the food, arsenic in the cigarettes, car accident and shotgun blast. Do those two underlined sound familiar? 
You are not bound to any April 25th date — for anything. You know that. You can cash any authorization anywhere. I will take care of rent, bills, etc. I will meet you whenever you arrive. I have another car, and five more in the wings. You deserve a vacation. Take as long as you like. There are, however 30 — as I count — 30 — adult Roberts and Kimball family members within reach of you and those papers — where you are. It is their murder that I speak of. I want them to know and I want to know their reaction. You don’t have to do a damn thing. Let them read. You take a vacation. You mention one instance where someone there — in three weeks — March 21st to April 9th — still hadn’t finished reading it. That’s not normal — Brehznev read that segment in 1 hour and 10 minutes — eagerly. Dickie read it in a half hour (of course, he was well aware of the facts), and then he burned it. Around S.F. the average reading time is 2 hours — and no one puts it down till he’s through. 
Your other son burned his “do not destroy” letter and ran like a rabbit after reading these papers — and from his own father’s murder. His wife, Thelma Golding, worked for Schulman (National General Corp. — theaters, etc.). Schulman is a Mafia partner of C. Arnholdt Smith — who purchased San Diego for Dickie (and himself). In this murderous, treasonous shit pit — there are no coincidences — and that is why Golding included that Mafia barb in her death note. Stop here for a moment and count the massive millions who squat on Mary Jo’s grave — beginning with Mafia Mama Rosie, the Pope, and Dickie — and going right down to the local narcotics captain whom I cornered in “Grant’s Tomb” on Irving, the other night —

Page One Hundred Sixty Four

and laid out the details of the Harry Yee heroin bit. (Quickly, I had to do it — since, as I got to the address in S.F. where — at that very moment — opium was being refined into heroin — he was jerking his girlfriend out the door — white faced, as was your other son). At 4:a.m., Bob Kusick pointed a small gun at me — since, by that time I had run through the entire thing — Onassis, 1932, to date. He put it away — and the next night — with a friend at each end of the place — I had a talk with him. One way conversation, since I was there to kill him. Said he: “Bob, you know, we talked for four hours last night and I don’t remember one single thing. I must be slipping. We’re friends, huh?” (He’s an ex-cop and a bunch of local cops hang out there. He’d had a day to check things). I said “Sure” and left.
(I will hang him and the narcotics captain.)
Betty Waterhouse (married name Levitus) is the heir to the Price-Waterhouse money ($40 million, she says). We met because she lived with Howard Hughes family from 1945 to 1949. In 1938, in Tacoma, she had an abortion — courtesy Robert McNamara (remember him — Body Count McNamara from Johnson’s Vietnam?). He threw new money in her face — “Damn you, you made me sell my car for your stinking abortion.” (It’s back in here somewhere). She nearly bled to death. She hates him. She intimated collecting some of that $400 and using my method s to give Robert McNamara one gigantic abortion. But around Christmas of last year when I was delivering that 62 carat heart shaped sapphire to that ITT wife — Elizabeth Dale — I met her on the street and showed her the stone. Later that day — she was white faced and solemn — said she: “You really do have that Onassis diary.” And that’s where the bitterness really started. Her hubby — who “died” days after my father “died” — worked for Sarnoff (high security clearance — once ran part of the DEW line — Sarnoff’s Early Warning Radar System. Sarnoff was the big lip-off in 1959 at Kruschev’s meeting with the “real rulers of America”. Part of the Harriman-Roosevelt-Lehman Mafia cruddy group). Betty’s needles kept getting sharper — “Where’s your brother during all these things?” About you — “Oh well. They’ve lived a long time.” At any rate — you should know this — when I couldn’t stomach that Mafia twist any longer I told her, “Betty, I will hang you for your attempts to discredit me — couched among valuable tidbits of information. I am the hangman. And I will hang my own brother, if he is involved as Ma and Pa Kopechne were — and all of the Chappaquiddick broads — and many like Elizabeth Jean Peters (Jean Peters, to you) — who ‘married’ and ‘divorced’ Howard Hughes — who participated, knowingly, in the biggest con game in history. Murder, treason.”
Betty Waterhouse Levitus was the discarded daughter of the original Waterhouse. The family who raised her includes a “brother” called Maheu (I haven’t checked this out yet). Her doctor is Bruhon Kawala, who signed the death certificate of my father.
Some news notes — Dickie — re: Amchitka: “Fuck the Constitution and the Supreme Court — I have done it anyhow.”(a direct Reagan quote). Dickie: “More American tax money to Montini for ‘schools’.” “Fuck the constitution. I’ll get the loot to Montini anyhow.” Headline: “More delay in Alioto trial.” News item: “Walters approved as #2 Director of CIA. Only five

Page One Hundred Sixty Five

Senators were on the floor of the Senate when the approval went through.” New York Times: “Chappaquiddick is the issue that will not die. There is no longer any safety in hiding.” — True. Muskie: “Nixon can’t reform. He owes too much to Mafia corporate America.” Buckley: “It is Mafia government greed that brings home the consequences of corruption — murder, treason, looting.” Hearst’s columnist Nolan: “San Francisco — the city that greed built — and waits to die.” (He runs — white faced. I invited him to the funeral. He didn’t show.) News — re: Smith and Schulman’s San Diego U.S. Attorney Seward: “There is treason in Seward’s connection to the San Diego bribes — and yet he was cleared — by Justice, and retained ‘for the sake of the public image of confidence in law enforcement’.” News item: “The CIA stated it’s crews are no longer roaming China’s Yunnan Province. Instead they are patrolling the Laotian opium routes.” (Yes — all the way to Harry Yee — and they’re still looking for minerals.) News: “Alioto is set to run for Governor now — and plans to nominate Humphrey for President again.” (Re-run of 1968. That blackmail is potent.) News: “Both doctors who kept Dita Beard from testifying (“heart attack”) were under indictment for fraud.” (Pressure blackmail). Local news — McTernan, who has read these papers: “My opponent, Judge Vuvaris, should be condemned for his public support of Mafia Greece.”
Congressman Gallagher, New Jersey: Indicted by a friend of mine, U.S. Attorney Stern (whom Dickie hates), who hung it on Mary Jo’s last employer — Kennedy’s Mayor Whelan (and Mayor “Pope” Addonizio). The job with Whelan drove Mary Jo to Chappaquiddick, berserk and disillusioned — to be murdered by Teddy, the next President of the U.S. of Mafia. (Yes, mother, that’s the way I want it. The film of the total United States support of the murdering Mafia — by the election of the murderer of the Pond — will then be totally complete. And there is nothing any of these murdering Mafia bastards can do to stop it. And what follows. A totally committed Mafia Move-out long ago on a “future script” — jazzed up somewhat to make the film more vivid — and stirred up to keep the actors hot and hopping. Which they are. And will be. More harpoons are on the way.)
Anyhow — Gallagher. A direct employee of the Mafia Ziccarelli family. Seven term congressman. Ran foreign affairs in the House of Representatives for Johnson (Vietnam). Split $600 thousand loot with Whelan. Kept his half. Whelan deposited his half in the Miami National Bank for Swiss washing (Miami National has secret accounts and is one of the banks Onassis uses to wash the “Hughes Medical Research loot — and is used by the heroin loot boys — and Lansky and Tommy Corcoran — for Chiang — and, and, and…)
I have to go now. This letter too is not really meant for you. You know what I want. Do it. Or don’t. That will be on film too. “There is no longer any safety in hiding. Chappaquiddick [Unreadable ]. Vacation. Stay longer. Let others read. These letters too. Everybody

[Bottom of page unreadable ]

Page One Hundred Sixty Six

April 26, 1972
Dickie spoke tonight about Vietnam.
“America has a destiny to rule the world” (Fatima #3). “Johnson’s DMZ is an international boundary” (Map makers can now put this on the map). “Johnson’s” (six days before election) “‘understanding’ was violated by the enemy” (no war was ever declared) “as they crossed that international boundary” (this was not so when Dickie crossed Cambodia’s, and the CIA crossed China’s, looking for minerals, and the Joint Chiefs of Mafia occupied Laos in order to funnel the heroin out).
The DMZ was hacked out of the jungle as a military measure by Johnson. His whim. There is no “understanding” — written or verbal. That was voiced by Johnson — 6 days before the 1968 election — in order to win the election for Hubert. Both Hubert and Dickie were bribed by Onassis-Hughes-Maheu, plus the regular batch of other Mafia groups. Dickie had already sold out to Onassis-Hughes in 1957 (Fuck America — go ahead, Onassis, and set up the tax free Howard Hughes Medical Research Mafia Money Funnel) and again in 1960, 1968, as mentioned, and again to the same group, plus all of the others three weeks after Chappaquiddick when I laid the solution to Mary Jo’s murder in his lap. At that moment Johnson was repeating to Dickie the same message he received on the plane from Dallas (Midwestern radio station, from the Pentagon), “We hang together or we hang separately.” And Dickie supported the Mafia dictatorships everywhere — Taiwan (Chiang and Cardinal Lu Pin), Greece (Onassis and Pappas), South Vietnam (Thieu and the Pope) — and everywhere else through the Mafia CIA, Body Count McNamara’s World Bank, Ford Foundation, Purchased and pressured United Nations, Montini — anything and everything. He is a committed member of the Alioto-Onassis-Hughes-Yu-Kennedy Mafia group — a portion of MMORDIS. And declared — in his speech — that he cannot be prosecuted — since he is president — and he will not allow the presidency to be demeaned — or Teddy Mary Jo Kennedy or Onassis+Jackie+Howard Hughes or Alioto or ITT or God Montini+Graham. In his speech he commits the entire American public to the defense of dope pushing Catholic Mandarin Thieu (knowing that the double Diem-Kennedy murders will happen to Dickie and Thieu — if he doesn’t).
He committed the American public to be murdered for Fatima #3.
Says Senator Gravel: “We are killing hundreds of thousands to save the face of one individual — Nixon.” “Nixon is guilty of malfeasance in office, murder, genocide and public information suppression. His Capo, Senator Griffin is blocking my new release of the Kissinger 1969 Vietnam report.” (Griffin was following Hubert around in the 1968 campaign — as part of a Republican truth squad. Aware of the Alioto hit-run that frightened Humphrey out of San Francisco — he couldn’t help from uttering cute remarks about Hubert’s frightened run that cost him the election — despite Johnson’s 6 day before the election “understanding.” No record

Page One Hundred Sixty Seven

of any understanding can be found. But Griffin’s remarks — and Hubert’s — and many more — about that situation — are fully and publicly recorded. How could they know then (since, as when Teddy charged his phone calls at the Chappaquiddick cottage, no key exposure murder or key Mafia election process exposure had as yet occurred) that their very cute remarks then would come back to hang themselves?)
On March 21st, these papers went out in many places — 1972. On April 7th, more went out (and on that day both Johnson and Onassis had a heart attack). Primarily because on April 3rd a letter to my mother — from me, was mailed. It was unusually late in delivery — and had been well read — en route — just as the Nader letter (which brought Onassis’ half million bribe to Nader) was read. Read it. It’s attached. It’s dated “Easter, 1972.” That was April 2nd. It is the only one in the batch of six that I sent her that doesn’t have a legible postmark. The key quote from that one is:
“Let me know how many of my letters you have received — when you received them — and bring them with you when you come back. Do not burn them — as your other son did — despite my warning — ‘Do Not Destroy.’ Let anybody read them. It’s a matter of truth. I am alive because of that. So are you. And everybody else. The timing of World War III has been preempted. Witness Dickie’s trembling crawls to China and Russia. Months ago Mack said ‘Would it help if you talked to Mitchell?’ I said ‘No.’ Wouldn’t it be a thing if Dickie showed up at my door and said the same thing Marie Elena Merryman said: ‘Please.” Or — when Dickie gets to Moscow — Brehznev introduces Dickie to a fellow American — me.
“This has been suggested. (I am told the remains of “Hughes” are there — maybe I should present those to Dickie — at that time. Everybody is looking for “Howie” — aren’t they?)”
April 3rd, 1972, that went out (April 7th, heart attacks — Johnson and Onassis).
April 20th to April 24th — Kissinger was in Moscow — secretly — checking the “agenda” (as one week after my “Chappaquiddick Dickie” discourse with Neilson-Green, secretly, suddenly in Peking — a trip which caused the expulsion of Taiwan and the admission of China to the United Nations). Dickie had said Kissinger was with him at Camp David during those days. And a news headline asked, “Why does the President of the United States — and his entire staff — lie? Why is it necessary?” Capo Kissinger presented a scowling face and said he discussed the upcoming Dickie Moscow trip with the Russians and that the world situation is ‘delicate’.”
And another notch in history. The entire Republican Mafia running

Page One Hundred Sixty Eight

[Top line of text unreadable ]
on a piece of paper — an anonymous letter about ITT. This Mafia Republican Convention “fix” was further embarrassed in San Diego about Mafia criminal conduct by the San Diego U.S. Attorney’s office (re. Smith, Schulman and co.). But at any rate, this time — 1972 — we have both Mafia parties conducting their election “fixes” in Miami — where the “Hughes” Medical Research Mafia money funnel “fix” (courtesy Dickie) has been running successfully since 1957. (The new U.S. Attorney General — Kleindienst — heartily endorsed the San Diego U.S. Attorney’s office Mafia action. We do have law and order.)
Editorial quote from the London Sunday Express: “The inquiry by the American House of Representatives into Northern Ireland was set up because a few Americans, notably the contemptible Senator Edward Kennedy, wish to advance their political careers. How would Mr. Kennedy like it if Parliament started probing into the death of the girl at Chappaquiddick?”
(He just doesn’t understand the American Mafia election process, does he?) 
But Mafia Mama Rosie does. Says she: “I’m so relieved that Teddy didn’t get hurt in that accident at the bridge. I think there is too much risk for Teddy to run for president right now. If he wants it, it would be better to run a little later — say about July at the Demo convention — where he will be acclaimed a hero for running — against great risks — and filling the great gap of leadership in the Democratic Party.”
Says Teddy (re. Flanigan’s “offer” to testify about ITT — on condition) “We will not allow a witness to dictate what we can question him about.”
Let’s see. An entire Mafia nation backed Teddy at the Chappaquiddick inquests in dictating what he would allow himself to be questioned about. All in his glorious fight against one terror stricken, busted nose, murdered girl — (running in fright to Mafia Crusader Nader) — condemned — a la Judas — by all, including her own parents and God himself — Montini.
Says Schlesinger, the fatuous fart for previous Kennedys: “Teddy can wait to be president. Nixon will be defeated in November anyhow because he is playing the role of global godfather.” (Fatima #3, he is referring to — a course Dickie has stressed for 25 years and strongly since he sold out to Onassis “Hughes” at Apalachin). “Hang together or hang separately” is the motive — for all — Schlesinger, Teddy, Dickie, and McGovern — Schlesinger’s temporary choice.
And the Mafia UAW leaderships — a la Tony Boyle’s Mafia UMW leadership, and Mafia Hoffa’s Teamster’s leadership — all rise and scream “We Want Teddy”.
McGovern — the first to offer Teddy support in his fight against murdered
[Rest of page unreadable ]

Page One Hundred Sixty Nine

And having spake thusly — to the loud cheers of voters — he then calls Mafia Mayor Daley — (who murdered Hampton and Clark — after Chappaquiddick — to shut off any possible exposure of their knowledge of the aborted Nov. 1, 1963, JFK Chicago Stadium assassination) — to beg for an alliance — and then resumes his asshole squatting on the grave of Mary Jo Kopechne. 
Senator Margaret Chase Smith — called the ultimate in American womanhood — states: “The U.S. Senate is in trouble. Members regard it as a means to an end. Their personal interests are a detriment to the public and national interests. No wonder the American public is so fed up with Congress.” And having so stated, she resumes her asshole squat on Mary Jo’s grave — along with those other senators she spoke of, and the Chappaquiddick broads (Mary Jo’s friends), and probably whatever ‘American’ broads are currently reading these words. Mafia Mama Rosie, and Ethel and Joanie and the entire Kennedy brood laugh outright, while they squat. Ma Kopechne sports a religious grin and declares, “We don’t care if it was murder — we are satisfied.” Elizabeth Jean Peters — co-partner in the rottenest, necrophilia in history, “Wife” of “Howard Hughes.” The fucking of the dead.
McCloskey — Marine hero — running against Dickie — re: Vietnam: “We kill for pride.” “We must speak out.” (I told him he could be elected president — re: Chappaquiddick — he has been running ever since — off at the mouth about anything else — and like a rabbit — from me. A brave free American War Hero.)
Same day — Reagan: “We should use nuclear weapons — and pave over Vietnam and Russia and China. Hurt the enemy — kill him — until he sits down and begs for peace.” Enemy? Kill him? Let’s see — Mary Jo, Yablonski family, Newsom’s nieces, my father…
Representatives Dowdy and Gallagher (Whelan’s friends) — convicted — are still voting in Congress. One dissenter objected to criminals running the country. And the House of Representatives voted to censure the dissenter. Said Gallagher — in defense: “Hoover is guilty of Mafia corruption — and should be fired — but who will fire him? There is Mafia corruption at the very highest level.” Said Dowdy: “Fuck you all. I have congressional immunity. And precedent — Senators Montoya and Brewster, the $100 thou Johnson-Hoffa suitcase capos.” And all those Texas Mafia congressmen will have lunch with Mafia Dickie and Mafia Johnson tomorrow at “the ranch” — no doubt to discuss the subject of hanging. One more Mafia Apalachin Summit. (Mafia McCormack’s Sweig got out of the can today. So did Mafia Johnson’s Bobby Baker. Mafia “Papa” Addonizio and Mary Jo’s final employer — Mafia Whelan — haven’t gone in yet. They refuse to go. All of these will probably be at “the ranch” for that lunch. And probably Onassis, Alioto, Marcello, etc. Why not? It’s all out in the open now. And there’s no place to hide. Missiles and minerals [Unreadable ]. And neither can I.

Page One Hundred Seventy

On the day Kissinger returned from Moscow, a man announcing himself as Howard Hughes called a news conference in New York. A man appeared — in a wheel chair, head completely bandaged — and announced that he was Howard Hughes and was going to have himself cryogenically frozen for twenty years or so. This was an obvious gag — of course — but not to scowling Dickie and Kissinger. All news of the press conference was immediately censored. A “cryogenically frozen Howard Hughes” is not to be taken with scorn. They scratch for a way out of that one and the cryogenic bit is a perfect fit. They feel that a lost “Hughes” body at sea — or somewhere would be just a little too much for anyone to swallow. 
So the con goes on. About the time of “Hughes” public phone call from the Bahamas — changing Irving’s story — Teddy started lipping off heavy against Dickie. A Nixon hatchet — Dole — responded — referring to Chappaquiddick — and then Onassis responded to Dole by having wifie Jackie publicly “attempt” to talk to “Hughes” — Dickie’s sponsor.
Simon Rifkind — who paid Nader his Onassis-Kennedy-GM bribe- — as a result of a previous letter (Rifkind, whose cruddy Mafia career goes way beck to the Judge Crater disappearance in 1929) is currently Jackie’s attorney — in a case. The judge hearing that case was turned down by everybody — even the Mafia Bar Association — until Rifkind — a former Roosevelt Federal Judge — intervened and “fixed” the job for that judge. Whom do you think will win that case?
It is interesting to note that the Irvings — who know of “Hughes’ “ death — presented those McGraw-Hill checks — an obvious forgery, even to the Mafia Swiss Banks — only to Swiss banks owned by Onassis. But Onassis figured an easier way out of that. He got Hoover’s hatchet — NY D.A. Hogan (who covers for Hoover on the Rosensteil bit — by arresting Mrs. Rosensteil — the informant) and Mitchell’s hatchet — U.S. Attorney Seymour to pressure the Irvings (future loot, and short — or no — prison terms) to forget the whole affair.
Dietrich was easy to buy. He hasn’t talked to Hughes, or seen him, since he was fired by the Carl Byoir switched phony in 1957. Dietrich — like Eaton, who was allowed to publish the cryogenic bit — was allowed to go on the air and state positively that Hughes is alive. Mentally incompetent, he says (Hughes is the tenth biggest defense contractor — tax free). Jean Peters, he states, is a sweet clean country girl who saw her hubby “Howie” only once every few months for a half hour session. 
News notes: “Funds for Refugee Aid are diverted to CIA secret Laotian Army. Civilian Health Funds are diverted to the same purpose. Chile says U.S. Foreign Policy is dictated by a large CIA Mafia group (referring to the McCone, ITT infestation). Victor Marchetti — CIA dissident is prohibited

Page One Hundred Seventy One

by a (Mafia) court from writing anything derogatory of the CIA — a la “Howard Hughes” (Marchetti resigned from the CIA one month after Chappaquiddick. “Twilight Of The Spooks” is what worries the CIA Mafia Branch. “Federal Court dismisses servicemen’s suit demanding impeachment of Supreme Court, Nixon, Mitchell, Agnew, and Laird for refusing to consider the Constitutionality of the Vietnam heroin War.”
Outcome Of the massive FBI raid to pick up 35 bookies in S.F. on “Nader Assassination Day,” “Nader Cancellation Day” — at the time of my Neilson-Green talks (Peking’s “Chappaquiddick Big Dickie”) and Kissinger’s sudden second trip to Peking, which forced Taiwan out and China in the U.N. — news item: “35 were picked up — all 35 were released. None were connected to any national syndicate. ‘It was mere petty stuff — forget it,’ said Judge Zirpoli.”
“210 Italian priests proclaim a ‘priest liberation movement.’ They accuse the Vatican of depriving priests of their freedom through alternate strategies of ‘moral pressure and concrete blackmail’.” ( Not a word yet about Mary Jo.)
“CIA charges that Bulgaria is the core of all dope pushing — and they are cracking down hard on Bulgaria.”
“Vatican paper, ‘Twin Circles,’ demands U.S. reconnaissance flights over all of China to locate opium fields. That is where all the opium is.” (These people should talk to Don Warner or Harry Yee or Chiang Kai Shek or Tommy The Cork Corcoran, Maheu, “Hughes,” Onassis and Dickie.)
“Teddy Kennedy: “The Department of Justice has a dual standard of Justice. One for Kleindienst — of ITT and San Diego — and another for the rest of us.” (Including, of course, “himself” — the murderer from the Pond.) 
“Vatican bishops vote down a ‘censure the Vietnam War’ resolution.”
“Nixon’s speech tonight certifies his protection of (Mafia) Thieu and (Mafia) ITT.”
“Total censorship and suppression of a book — ‘Washington Payoff’ — because it deals with only one Mafia lobbyist and exact bribes paid to which Senator, Congressman and Judges.”
Connally quote: “A democracy without a high degree of public confidence cannot long survive. I wish to protect the SEC.” The rottenest, rigged crap game in the world, says Richard Ney. (Connally will be at the ranch for brunch with the Apalachin bunch tomorrow.)
McCloskey: “All the politicians are crooks” (about ITT, Reinecke, Flanigan, Mitchell, Dita Beard, Reagan, Gerrity Merriam — all prove this — and Chappaquiddick Twins Teddy and Tunney discuss this — and then all join to cancel the ITT hearings. On to the 1972 rigged wresting matches — and Fatima #3. Chappaquiddick Teddy vs. Chappaquiddick Dickie.).

Page One Hundred Seventy Two

Alioto’s days? Back from trial acquitted to entertain Humphrey at campaign dinner. Demand for dismissal of the Federal trial. Says he, truthfully, “The entire Justice Department is crooked — witness the ITT case.” To Portland for testimonial dinner by AFofL-CIO — honoring the Mafia himself. Back to S.F. to officiate at AFofL-CIO Mafia bribery committee — COPE — $72 million bribe cash per year to elect Mafia candidates (“$9 million — we’re in debt,” cries Larry O’Brien). The COPE group coughs up this $72 million to bribe. Nixon had just been forced to indict Tony Boyle (that’s as high as it will go), and the UMW for murder contracts, bribes, and it’s part in the looting of the $135 billion — that’s $135 billion — pension fund system. And that is breach of omerta for Nixon, and of course cancels any prior credits for him for covering up the Senators Brewster and Montoya $100 thou suitcases to Johnson to keep Hoffa out of jail — and then finally getting Hoffa out of jail in order to keep the lid on the Chappaquiddick phone calls — with the aid of ITT and AT&T and “Hughes.”
Said Alioto: Nixon would crucify unions if they made illegal bribes like ITT did to him.” (Man, he’s loose with that word “crucify.” What “crucify” means is to stick a Maf on a cross instead of Christ. He doesn’t understand that — yet.)
Last year, Sweig — who buys Mafia candidates and boats with 75-year-secrecy Warren — was winner of the Brotherhood award (Swig’s partner is Wyler of New York). Year before, Alioto, I believe. This year, the one is Papal Mafia handmaiden Archbishop McGucken, who clutches Alioto to his holy heart. Sweig is both a 33rd Degree Mason and a Papal Knight (Mafia Mama Rosie is a Papal Princess.). Saluting McGucken were top ranking Masons and other Papal Knights. Mafia Montini is close to both groups — as is Mafia to both Mafia parties. The entire gathered group at that Brotherhood Award squats on Mary Jo’s grave, and “Hughes” and more who were murdered that evening. Three and one half years ago, Nixon — or any of these could have cleared it all up. Mary Jo would be alive, my father, Yablonski family, Tunney’s sister’s hubby, Newsom’s nieces — and yet, there they were rejoicing. Said Mafia Hearst’s Considine: “In China we finally found one Catholic Church — and the priest there stated that Maryknoll Bishop Walsh was a CIA agent. I would like to give that Chinese priest three Hail Mary’s and 24 years in jail.” No doubt. The Deputy of Christ at Auschwitz and Spellman’s “Holy Crusade” in Vietnam are ample precedent for anything — including the religious “Holy Crusade” squat on Mary Jo.

Page One Hundred Seventy Three

Foreign newsmen — watching a succession of American Mafia trials — Ellsberg, the Berrigans, and dozens of “political” persecutions — know this entire bit. 
McCabe said it: “We have a national inability to call a rose a rose. There are so many terrible things around we are afraid to call them by their right name.”
The name is MMORDIS. Mouldering Mass Of Rotten Dribbling Infectious Shit.
And the man on the cross can’t stand the stench. 
A quote: “In the event of warning of an atomic attack follow all the suggested precautions. And then, if you see a white flash, place your head between your legs and kiss your Mafia ass good-bye.”
Those in the bunkers get a special goose. From that squat position — 22 hours to watch themselves rot — and sing that Mafia chorus about the squat on the busted nose of Mary Jo.

Page One Hundred Seventy Four

May 9, 1972
Dickie — trapped, angry, desperate — today mined Vietnam waters. Quoted Dave Perkins: “Nixon’s plan to end the Indochina War is to create a global war.” True. Fatima #3.
The common denominator to it all — Montini and the Maf — Nixon and Graham — Hoover and the myth — Spellman and the Holy Crusade — Religion and Politics — the two no-no’s — “convert ‘em or kill ‘em.”
“Murder is as institutionalized with the UMW as it is with the Mafia — the order to kill our whole family was routinely transmitted and carried as an order to call a strike or settle a grievance.” — the Yablonski sons. 
Prater — union official who handled the Yablonski murder fund for Boyle — Hoffa — Onassis (in order) — was asked by murdering Mafia Annette Gilly — ”Would the union still pay if we murdered more than just Yablonski?” Prater’s answer (with approval of Boyle, Hoffa, Onassis — plus the whole Mafia hierarchy that squats on Mary Jo’s grave) — “The union will pay regardless if the whole family or the whole town is killed.”
He spoke of killing the Yablonskis — or the whole town of Washington, Pennsylvania.
As with Mary Jo — at any time — this can be you, your family, your town, and — via a defensive switch — your country — the U.S. of Mafia. Who’s to censor it? J. Mafia Hoover’s FBI? Mafia ITT McCone’s CIA? President Chappaquiddick-Onassis-Hughes Dickie? Next President Chappaquiddick-Onassis-Hughes Teddy? Any Mafia court? Any Mafia Attorney? Any Media Mafia? Who? Mafia Alioto’s cops? Mary Jo’s necrophiliac Mafia Montini in Rome? Necro Nader? Chappaquiddick Dickie’s handmaiden Graham? 33rd Degree Masons and Papal Knights — a la Alioto’s Sweig , J. Mafia Hoover’s ex-FBI agent group, featuring Maheu, the assassin at Dallas, Memphis, and L.A.?
Teddy’s successful murder of Mary Jo was paid for by a higher official — President Nixon — just as the Yablonski family murders were paid for by a higher official — President Nixon (who released Hoffa from prison because of Loeb’s copies of the Chappaquiddick calls). Nixon was paid by Onassis via “Howard Hughes” and secured for “history” by the handmaidens of history — Mafia and Montini, the partners in Fatima #3, currently being strewn in the coastal waters off Vietnam. 
At the time of the start of the Kennedy-Spellman-Onassis “Holy Crusade” in Vietnam — early 60’s — the Chinese were mulling over the thought of obliterating the Golden Triangle — producer of 80% of the world’s opium — on its borders. Immediately Kennedy-Onassis-CIA and Diem cooperated in planting missiles in silos on the Thailand-Burmese border. This

Page One Hundred Seventy Five

was followed by American air bases all along that border (today Thailand has more Air Force personnel than we do here. The same thing was done in Turkey — a decoy heroin producing nation). China couldn’t — then — obliterate the cancer of the Chiang-CIA-Onassis-Diem Golden Triangle — without starting World War III. As of today that prod exists again and Dickie has added a new one — mining off the Chinese coast.
The U.S. of Mafia must protect this most lucrative heroin source — on the Chinese border — at all costs. Just as they protect Turkey and Onassis’ Greece on the Russian border. 
One joint missile — all nations — on the Golden Triangle — would end that war. Nothing left for the Mafia to fight for. (The Vatican — of course — “Twin Circles” — recommends U.S. surveillance overflights of all China to “locate” the opium fields.)
Lucian Truscott quotes an American Brigadier General: “I must lie, cheat, steal, murder, and be corrupt in order to remain as battalion commander in Vietnam. At West Point we were evicted for violating our oath.” — not to lie, cheat steal, or tolerate those who do.”
Five months after Chappaquiddick — Boyle deferred the Yablonski murder until New Year’s — “too close to Chappaquiddick, the mine elections.” In December, Daley murdered Hampton-Clark — to hide their knowledge of the aborted JFK Chicago assassination plot on Diem murder day in Saigon (“Get off Onassis’ yacht, if you have to swim, Jackie,” said pale faced JFK on that day — 3 weeks before they nailed him in Dallas). But Boyle had to murder Yablonski — fearing the expose of the pension fund fraud ($137 billion is a lot of loot). And so he did. Routine. As was Joan Tunney’s head-chopping-off of her hubby — four months later — because of brother John Tunney’s originating Chappaquiddick phone calls from her Tiburon home. And a few weeks later — the barbecue of Newsom’s nieces during the middle of the Alioto Mafia web trial.
These murders — plus Mary Jo’s, my father’s, war deaths, heroin deaths, the Charlotte Ford-Niarchos phone call that murdered Eugenie Niarchos — the list is long — and all treason and bribery (a la ITT, “Hughes,” etc. — are all the responsibility of Chappaquiddick Dickie Nixon. He, or Montini, or anyone in authority could have prevented them all on the morning of Sept. 17, 1968 at the corner of Franklin and Lombard — when Lanza, Alioto’s godfather from Apalachin, was giving me a “sunstroke” speech at the curb where my car parts were scattered — along with those of Alioto’s daughter’s car.

Page One Hundred Seventy Six

Three and a half years ago, I elected this monster to the presidency — by accident. He spoke of law and order. You get Fatima #3. His plan to end the war. Where, by a twist of fate, it is you, who, “when you see the white flash — bend over — place head firmly between legs — and kiss your Mafia ass good-bye.”
A true documentary — “The Nixon-Hughes Loan” — by a friend — English, Nicholas
North-Broome. On publication day it is blocked by a Mafia court injunction brought by a Mafia non-lawyer, Victor Schaub — who presented a highly Mafia legal professional suit protecting that the facts in the book interfere with the right of free elections.
The book doesn’t even state all the facts. It ignores the Onassis-”Hughes”-Maheu bribes — to all candidates via Vegas skim money — in 1968. It ignores the establishment of the Howard Hughes Mafia Money Funnel — the Hughes Medical Research Foundation — by Dickie, and its relation to Apalachin in 1957. But, it is irritating to Nixon and Montini and all the rest of the Mafia. For it lists affidavits from former Hughes employees that were involved in funneling the funds to Nixon, and a $150 thou bribe to an accountant to keep quiet about the $205 thou “loan” to Dickie. It relates how the tax free Mafia Money Funnel, seven days after the bribe, loaned TWA $5 million (from “Hughes” Aircraft — owned by the tax free foundation), a loan rejected by CAB for the previous ten years. Eleven days after the bribe, the new routes were granted to TWA — previously turned down by aviation officials. Four months after the bribe, the Mafia SEC granted TWA permission for a huge stock transfer — previously turned down by the SEC. A la ITT, it records that when the bribe was paid, Justice dropped a suit against “Hughes” for monopolizing foreign trade in oil and gas drilling equipment.
It even deletes the fact that Hughes lost TWA (and $150 million) because some non Mafia judge (How did he ever get into that office?) stated flatly: “That Hughes signature is phony.” (This, in 1963 — the year Onassis’ Maheu murdered JFK).
Said author North-Broome of the Mafia injunction: “I don’t understand what the fuss is about. Most of this is public record. The loan papers were notarized in Vice President Nixon’s office and the notary was the paymaster of the Senate. They were well hidden, but we found them. This is obviously a put up thing by one of Hughes’ many tentacles.”
Yes. The tentacle he refers to is Chappaquiddick Onassis-Hughes Dickie Nixon — murderer, president and sewer of the mines of Fatima #3. Dickie went to lunch in Texas. Lunch with a bunch

Page One Hundred Seventy Seven

of high looting Texas Maf at the ranch of Secretary of Treachery Connally (Connally’s Texas Mafia mob — Governor on down — had looted Texans out of a few hundred million in stock frauds — and the voters last week voted in another bunch of Mafia — sometimes voters get weary of the stealing and looting by the same Mafia bunch year after year, and this is the only change they’re allowed — a change in Mafia dictatorship.). Said Dickie: “I wish to boost the oil depletion allowance and the war in Vietnam.” They cheered. Said Secretary of Treachery Connally: “Ah loves the SEC and oil allowances and Ah’m fur all tax loopholes — and lest youall forget — it is my department that has charge of narcotics — not the FBI, nor Justice — Me — alone — and Ah’m fur whupping them Chinks and Commies and surrounding them purty poppy fields in the Golden Triangle with American planes and missiles and keeping that opium line flowing through Laos, Thailand, Thieu, Chiang, Tommy The Cork and the Hughes Mafia Money Funnel and the good ole CIA. That’s $50 billion a year, youall, and that even beats oil and looting pension funds. Mah friend, the Pope, agrees and we will push that Holy Crusade all the way to Moscow. Mah friend, Reagan, says we might pave all of Indo-China — except for the poppy fields — to make the Air America flights easier. Ah’m fur blasting them Chinks and Gooks and Commies and Nixon’s mah friend — and let’s youall elect usall this year.”
Everybody cheered. Loudly. Even Johnson — trembling from a heart attack across the Pedernales — heard it and took heart (that’s a pun.). Truman, trembling in Missouri heard it and took heart (that’s a pun.). And Truman thought back to the day when he was younger and washing whorehouse towels for Mafia Prendergast and Prendergast said to him, “I’m gonna send you to Washington as a Senator.” Prendergast did (He purchase governors and senators by the gross — that’s a pun) — and went to jail for a few months — Mafia style — and then made Truman President. Truman had fun — like murdering a hundred thousand at Hiroshima. Johnson had fun — with his coonskin-on-the-wall Vietnam body counts. And here they were hearing those glorious things again from Treachery Secretary Connally and Chappaquiddick Dickie — glorious new murders on the way. Said Dickie: “The office of the American President (that’s me and Johnson and Truman) will lose respect if South Vietnam falls. I am not going to let that happen.” New murder — Fatima #3 — on the way. The boost in morale for Johnson and Truman from those speeches by Dickie and Connally will give them a new lease on life.

[Page One Hundred Seventy Eight: Missing ]

Page One Hundred Seventy Nine

cover-up of the Chappaquiddick phone calls (Loeb, Manchester Union Leader, repaid a $2 million Hoffa loan, by his hiding of those to force Dickie to release Hoffa from prison). The New York Times got a Pulitzer Prize for printing a “heavily edited” (edited out were the Kennedy “Holy Crusade” and the Diem murder bits) Pentagon Papers Publication. Ellsberg, who sacrificed everything to get them out, will get 150 years in prison. 
Jack Anderson got a Pulitzer Prize for printing the Dita Beard ITT memo — sent to him in an anonymous letter.
Question: Do you think Brehznev and Mao will get a Pulitzer Prize for releasing the tape, film and documents contained herein? If so, will they get it before — or after — they push all the buttons they can get their fingers on?
News item: “The Alioto ‘Look’ Mafia trial is homeless again. ‘Look’s’ attempt to settle that case (two weeks before Alioto’s election — to help him get re-elected) Poisoned the well from which jurors might be drawn.”
News: “New Jersey Secretary of State convicted of extortion and bribery. He was formerly proposed as Chairman of the Democratic Party.”
News: “Representative Gallagher — convicted of extortion and bribery — today introduced legislation in Congress to authorize two FBI directors.” (“The one they had, convicted me. Us congressmen gotta legislate some new laws.”)
Prior restraint. Unconstitutional. (Today Dellums “sneaked” the Kissinger Papers into the Congressional record. The Senate had held weeks of secret sessions to suppress the whole matter) Prior restraint — “The Pentagon Papers,” “Howard Hughes,” The Hughes-Nixon bribes. Prior restraint on me? Yes. And murder, treason, conspiracy — every crime ever committed — concentrated on the graves of Mary Jo and my father.
The “Pulitzer Prize” for that is the power to change the inscriptions on tombstones — and many other things…
“Places in history” — that Presidents and Popes prize above all else.

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