Part 4

An anonymous letter with an ITT memo forced the Mafia Republican Party to flee from San Diego. The two Mafia Parties will convene this year behind the moats at Miami Beach — Mafia gladiators, fending off the peasants.
Sprague labels the Yablonski family murder “the discount murder.” Boyle, UMW President, who checked with the entire hierarchy first (and that includes Rome, Washington, and Hoffa), set up a Research Murder Fund of many thousands cash. Mafia Union officials kept a piece of the Murder Fund as it filtered down. (This is the

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Nixon-Onassis-Hughes Mafia Money Funnel American Dream way of life — life? The stupid trigger squeezers got a measly $5 thousand. Boyle and Hoffa are back running the unions and the pension funds. Murderers Dickie and Teddy vie for the presidency. Montini and the Masons push on for Fatima #3.
(Why else do they squat on Mary Jo’s grave? Why do you?)
This is the Mafia Election Process — the selection of Mafia murderers at the top — Boyle, Onassis, Kennedy, Nixon, Montini.
This is the cause of war — the cause of crime. The U.S. of Mafia. From heroin in Vietnam — to cold blooded murder around the world — for profit.
Twenty years ago this was called Murder Incorporated. Today it is simply The System. “Work within the system” advises Nader. He “advised” Yablonski to fight Boyle — and then Nader ran. Mary Jo was running to White Knight Nader when Mafia Murderer Teddy clobbered her. Nader ran from that. He joined the group via the “Ted, Simon, Ted” Onassis GM bribe — in the murder of my father, and then he ran from that (Nader’s father was fearful when I called him in Winsted, Connecticut to verify the receipt of that “Onassis bribe” letter). Nader — of course — ran from the warning of his own assassination on Oct. 8, 1:32 p.m. — and that fearful run has filtered down through his spineless ranks — Eddie Cox, Fellmeth, Miller, Kay Pachtner (a local California Consumers Confederation official, who operates in an attic furnished by Alioto and the local Labor hoods of the Tony Boyle variety, and refused — in total fear — to view the evidence relative to her own survival. I told her most of this crud of May 4th, this year — since at her elbow, on Nader Assassination Day, sat Miller and La Follette, who knew this whole bit — and didn’t tell her. Her “protector” — currently — is Neil Gendel — assistant Attorney General to Evelle Younger — who covered up the Bobby Kennedy murder and wants to be Governor. He is also a member of Hoover’s ex-FBI Agents club, whose prize member is Robert A. Maheu — the assassin of JFK, Bobby, and Martin Luther King). Pachtner and Gendel were scheduled to join me — and my mother — a witness, still alive — and avoided all this time by Nader and Nixon — lastnight at 6:p.m. They didn’t show. That was expected. It is typical of the brave, free American Chappaquiddick breed. There is a stench of fear.
Senator Scott — returned from China — on TV: “We are the Apostles of truth. You can look me in the eye and see that.” I did, back in October, 1968, when he and Senator Griffin — the “Republican Truth Squad” —

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were checking the Alioto hit-run affair in San Francisco — and the Humphrey run from the Mafia scandal (which now has Carson and “Look” magazine hooked on treason and murder counts) — which elected Chappaquiddick Dickie to the presidency — and caused Johnson — in desperation — to declare the “bombing halt understanding” — six days before the election — a myth, created by “Coonskin-On-The-Wall” Johnson, which has become Nixon’s basis to declare aggressive international violation — by Hanoi — across a DMZ line, carved out by Johnson and then labeled — by Johnson — an international boundary.
“International Outlaws” — Nixon labels these people. (They did not bomb his lunch with the Mafia Bunch at Treachery Connally’s ranch in Texas. They did not set up an “Americanization” of Mafia Alioto’s San Francisco. They did not pothole California with bomb craters. When “pavement contractor” Chiang-Thieu-Ronald Reagan — in whose office these matters were discussed in October, 1968) looks up, those are not Chinese, Russian or North Vietnamese planes flying over — and the California border does not bristle with Russian, Chinese or North Vietnamese missile silos and air bases protecting opium fields in Mexico. Those ships in S.F. Harbor are not endangered by mine fields — and they are unloading CIA-Thieu-Chiang Golden Triangle Opium — via American President Lines — and Teamster trucks — to Taiwanese Harry Yee — for processing into heroin in Onassis-Kennedy-Nixon-Reagan-Alioto’s San Francisco (Last load: $6 billion, tax free. Better than Oil, says Connally, who supervises all narcotics, as Secretary of the Treachery. $50 billion worldwide, tax free. Not too far below the 41% siphon of the GNP by the GOP, ITT, ATT, GM — or the Vatican-Onassis Mafia take around the world in “legalized” government-Mafia International swindles.).
News item: Teddy: “The Political life of Thieu is not worth the deaths of hundreds of thousands.” (Shyly, and sweating, he said this). “The Thieu regime will wash away in the stench of its own corruption.” (More sweat). “I fear that Nixon will whitewash Kleindienst and the ITT affair.” (Someone in the front row said “Chappaquiddick” and that night Joanie washed out his shorts — shitty presidential shorts can’t go to the laundry.).
News: “The U.S. has no options to end the Viet War.” U.S. Rear Admiral La Rocque. “Why does the U.S. want such a heavy build-up around the world? They lie. We’re already double the Russian strength.”

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Let’s see: Johnson and Onassis had their first heart attacks on April 7th. J. Mafia Hoover had his on May 5th, or thereabouts. So, since the Mafia places top priority on those FBI files — one of the most loyal Republican Mafia is appointed to the now-vacant job. As with Secretary of the Treachery (in charge of $50 billion a year in narcotics from Thailand and Laos on CIA Air America planes to Taiwan from 10 million Meo Kuomintang opium farmers in Taiwan and Laos — evicted from China with Chiang — none of whom have been captured, killed or disturbed during this entire war — and receive their loot from the CIA ), the new man has no experience in anything — except loyalty to the Republican Mafia and a professed hatred of newsmen who report any truth, such as the Pentagon Papers.
What difference does it make anyhow? Clark said Hoover had a crusade going — for aggrandizing his own position. Said Clark: “Hoover was using Communism — hate it — for personal motives. He never did push the Mafia.” Congressman Hogan — ex-FBI: “We never did have the tools to work with.” Turner: “To get information we had to run suicide taps — if we were caught we were dead. Hoover was sensitive about Martin Luther King.” (The FBI is in charge of electioneering crime — and this is what King was raising hell about — and got murdered for). “He saw southern bureaucrats as fine. There were too many ties between Hoover and the Southern Mafia.” [Unreadable ] Britton — S.F. Agent: “Any remark in a S.F. bar gets back to Hoover.” “No agent will talk about anything.” (check Assassin Maheu). Mafia Congressman Rooney got Hoover his loot — no one policed the highest policeman. Clark says Hoover let out raw files — a la Alioto. Rooney says Justice let them out — not Hoover.
Who watches the watchers? No one watched Hoover. He assured his own place in history — during the 47 years he nurtured the Kennedy-Onassis cancer which has grown to what we see today. He was a 33rd Degree Mason — as is Sweig — and a Shriner — and squatted on Mary Jo’s grave, and is now being dangled on an eternity Yo-Yo by my father, who knew that Hoover was murdering him.
Said Bobby: “Hoover stinks. He doesn’t work for the U.S. — he runs a private investigating firm.” JFK, with Bobby as a front — jumped on Hoffa and Bobby indicted Onassis-Opium-Wally Bird in Thailand, and JFK decided to dump Diem (who just might have settled with Ho Chi Mihn) — so both Diem and Kennedy were dumped by Onassis — consent of CIA, FBI, et al, and when Bobby and Martin Luther King popped up spouting reform of the Mafia Election Process — they too were dumped — by Onassis and all the et als.
Alioto committed breach of Omerta — Sept. 16, 1968 — a hit-run — and the rest followed — Hughes, Mary Jo, Yablonski, Joan Tunney’s Hubby,

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Newsom’s nieces, Eugenie Niarchos, more singles and of course the regular batch of war dead, heroin dead — and my father.
(More important than losing in Vietnam to these bastards is the lid on the FBI. Dickie slammed that shut — with a new man. But the hinges on that door were stolen a long time ago.)
New Bribes — 1968 — To Humphrey —
Mafia Jake The Barber Factor — $300,000
Mafia Onassis-Maheu-Hughes — $150,000
Mafia Tony Boyle — $100,000
He was beaten by a hit-run accident — despite Johnson’s “Understanding” bombhalt.
New Bribes — 1968 — To Nixon —
Mafia Onassis-Maheu-Hughes — $150,000
Mafia Insurance — $500,000
Mafia ITT, Smith, Schulman, Alessio $1,000,000
(He was elected by a hit-run — and murdered Mary Jo and my father. The “understanding” — he now uses to murder the world — via Fatima #3.)

  1. Same Bribes. New Murder:
    Anthony Lewis — New York Times: “Nixon could have stopped all this murder three years ago.” “He Now will use nuclear weapons — in total contempt for the concept of law.” “It is the duty of those who know this country is on a path of self-destruction, to try to stop it.”
    John Ward — President of Amherst University: “To whom would I write a letter of dissent? Kissinger states that nuclear confrontation is preferable to defeat in Vietnam. Words will not now change the minds of men in power who make those decisions. Instead I will join passive [Unreadable ] resistance at Westover Air Force Base.” (He did and he was arrested).
    Shapiro — N.Y. Ethical Culture Society: “Nixon’s action is irrational to the point of being bizarre.” (unless you check things mentioned in here — his election, Alioto, Mary Jo, “Hughes,” heroin, any Mafia election, Boyle, Hoffa, Onassis, any Kennedy, any Maf, all Maf, Fatima #3). “Nixon’s action’s actions jeopardize the very existence of this nation and it’s people.”
    Newsmen freely today discuss it — ”Saigon and Thieu means heroin. Chiang and the CIA and the Meo growers from Burma through Thailand, Laos and all the way to Hunan ship it openly to San Francisco. American air bases and missiles in Thailand

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protect it.”
Those “peace talks” have been bitterly contested by the American-Vatican Mafia because the Vatican Mafia role in the proposed new Viet coalition government would be reduced to its 10% make-up of the population — rather than ruling the 90% — as it now does — and as Heroin Chiang does in Taiwan — and Heroin Onassis does in Greece — and as the 10% joint handmaidens — Vatican and Mafia — now do in the United States.
This is the domino theory Dickie fears. “Hang together or hang separately.” It started with the Taiwan U.N. ouster. Vietnam is coming up. Onassis’ Greece. We might eventually get Lansky away from Israel — and hang him. Maybe even the United States of Mafia will be set free — and the original Constitution restored.
(Hearst still plugs for Teddy. A front page photo of Joan — ethereal picture — delicate lights — Madonna image. Good Housekeeping, 1972. And yet — above the holy smile someone wrote a caption “I ate Mary Jo’s liver” and sent it around the world. Sub-caption: “Mafia Mama Rosie attributes her long life and courage to this type of diet. The Meo opium growers kill their enemies and eat the still warm liver. The CIA pays for this and the Meo produce good heroin and our family hero — Onassis — lets our advisor, Tommy The Cork Corcoran, funnel this money into the Onassis-Hughes Mafia Money Funnel — tax free — in order to purchase our family security — from Nixon — so that Teddy can be president this fall.”)
Reagan: “In order to avoid any confrontation with the American public during our convention behind the moats of Miami — we should have each of our state Mafia Republicans meet in their own state Mafia halls and vote for our Mafia candidate — Nixon — by a nationwide TV hookup. That way we’d get Nixon nominated and can thumb our noses at the American public.”
Winterberger — “Washington Payoff”: “The difference between Republicans and Democrats is the difference between cancer and tuberculosis. The treason listed in my book was given to the Attorney General, U.S. Attorneys, and four Grand Juries. They

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buried it all. The very top level of government. What hope is there?”
Agnew (on his way to take loot to Thieu): “Press and media are responsible to no one but the corporate Mafia owners. Public officials are responsible to the peeeepul.” (Do you think he will bring heroin back in his diplomatic pouch — for his good friends Onassis and Pappas — coffee money for he and the mammoth group that squats of the graves of Mary Jo and my father? Or will he bring back fresh killed liver for lunch for the necro bunch?)
News: “Canada closes doors on foreign ownership in Canada. Canadians alarmed at Hughes’ nursemaid group swindle of the Canadian Stock Exchange.” (Eckersley and the capos made the move just after Hughes’ death on April 16, 1971. Onassis hates it, but the lads are nipping at him — Maheu wants $50 million, John Meier thought he’d squeak out at $17 million in the mining claims in order to purchase a Senate seat from New Mexico, Lansky skipped with a batch of skim and juicy blackmail for Golda Meir for Phantoms — and Dickie’s trying to get it all back for his boss through the United States of Mafia Internal Revenue Service.)
Berrigan: “GM and the Terence Cooke (next Pope) N.Y. Archdiocese are alike — except that GM, sometimes, calls their models back to improve them.” “I am a priest and I say that there would be no war if there were no so-called ‘Christians;’ such as Hoover, to conduct a ‘Holy Crusade’.” “In our elections we have a problem of total spiritual bankruptcy. It is not a matter of which candidate.” “Churches in the U.S. are second to only the Federal Government in moneys received and distributed yearly — $22 billion. They have the clout to change things. Why don’t they?”
Rev. Moody — N.Y. Judson Church, re: Terence Cooke: “Any church that claims exclusive use of God’s approval, and a ‘special pipeline’ to His absolute truth in matters of morals had better exercise that power with the most profound humility, even when dealing with its own believers.”
Alioto — on trial again — made a deal with the judge in Tacoma. Time off from the trial to come back to S.F. to perform duties as mayor.

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Newark Mafia Mayor Pope Addonizio did the same gig — just before he was convicted. He’s still out. Mary Jo helped elect Jersey City Mafia Mayor Whelan — just before his prison sentence. He’ll be out soon and collect that $2 million in the Miami National Bank. Mary Jo is dead. Whelan was her final straw. She stated — in horror — at Chappaquiddick — that she finally realized that she was working for the Mafia. Stern just racked up the Atlantic City Mayor and all his staff. They’ll get off.
The Pope issued another proclamation on the Mafia election process in his church. When the papers are read — everything is the same. The candidate selection is by the Pope — a “papal secret” — as secret as confessions — a locked-in hierarchy just as murderer Boyle is locked in with labor and the two Mafia parties are locked in as a front for the rest of the cancer — which siphons the 41% of the GNP.
Today, the loot is secondary. Power is more important. Defense mechanism. To prevent the bursting of the bubble — in their view, Fatima #3 is necessary. And that would burst the bubble.
“When you see the white flash…firmly between legs…kiss Mafia ass good-bye.”
Eat lots of warm liver. Mafia Mama Rosie’s secret of courage and long life.
Today, Wallace got a gut message. Dickie sent the National Guard to protect liver eating Teddy. Said Teddy: “I am saddened by the scar on our method of selecting candidates.” Said Dickie: “Too much violence is being intruded into our method of selecting candidates.” (Gut messages get the truth.)
The common cause — The Mafia Election Process — “our method of selecting candidates.”
Followed by all Mafia cancer — Pope, U.S. of Mafia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Greece — the dominoes — handmaidens of history — Onassis and Jackie — necrophiliacs on Mary Jo — guzzling warm liver — walk in the sun with Kissinger — to Fatima #3.

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“Onassis owns the U.S. of Mafia, Greece, Vietnam, Taiwan, Swiss — Montini, Dickie, Humphrey, Teddy, Thieu, Chiang, CIA, FBI. Pentagon, Party, Legal, Corporate Mafia. He ate the livers of JFK, Mary Jo, Bobby, King, “Hughes,” Yablonski, Joan Tunney’s hubby, Newsom’s nieces, Roberts’ father. He wants the livers of Wallace and McGovern. One of his will be president.”
“10 million opium growers pass heroin from Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, to Chiang’s Taiwan — and on to Harry Yee — San Francisco. CIA Air America flies it and Thieu clears the flights. Nixon’s missile silos and airbases in Thailand protect it. The Spellman-JFK “Holy Crusade” covers it. 80% of the world’s supply. $50 billion a year — tax free — to Onassis. 12 years in Vietnam — $600 billion — heroin. 12 years in Vietnam — 200 billion — bombs. 50 thousand American dead. $60 million per American death. Much better than oil — and considerate — no charge for ‘body-count’ Chinese corpses.”
“The head of our family — Onassis — has courage and long life. Ditto our Mama Rosie — Papal Princess. CIA Meo opium growers have courage and long life. Not one died during this long war. They have courage and long life because they kill their enemies — and eat their livers. Onassis and Rosie have been eating livers since 1932 — when Onassis and Joseph P. Kennedy first brought heroin and booze into Boston with the blessing of Roosevelt and Churchill. This is why ‘We ate Mary Jo’s Liver,’ (Teddy and me and the U.S.of Mafia). Mary Jo’s intestines were chopped into hors d’ouevres — wafers for brave, free Americans who support us and will vote me queen. Courtesy of Ma and Pa Kopechne, who clutch Cushing’s crosses saying, ‘We don’t care if it was murder. We are satisfied.’ On to Fatima #3 — blow off of the other half — heathens who eat the liver of their victims. Convert them to our way — or kill them.”
“Hearst (Kennedy blood pact — 1934) provided images of Rosie, Jackie and me (Madonna style — look). Hearst printed the Cafarkis’-Onassis story in order to establish JFK’s angry phone call to Jackie (“Get off Onassis’ yacht…”) on the planned double Diem-Kennedy murder day — November 1, 1963 — as a “polite letter.” Onassis ate the livers of Hampton and Clark — in Chicago — after Chappaquiddick — because they knew of the aborted JFK Chicago murder. I love Hearst. Cafarkis-Onassis’ former bus boy — is now a millionaire — hotels on the Riviera. I love Cafarkis. And liver.”
And I go to a psychiatrist. Mary Jo heard the angry Tunney-Teddy phone calls at the cottage that night — and was running to Nader — with the entire bit — the Onassis-Maheu assassination of JFK, Bobby, and King (FBI Maheu now wants $50 million for this — from Onassis, our family leader) — the 1957 Appalachin Onassis Mafia takeover of the election process — 1957 hyping of Howard Hughes by Onassis — 1957 set up of the “Hughes” Medical Research Foundation — tax free — Mafia Money Funnel — to and from Onassis’ Swiss Banks — to purchase things, such as Greece and V.P. Nixon, who originally set it up — in 1957 — via the Onassis bribe — and said to Dietrich, “Treason? Fuck America. My family comes first,” (1957 was a vintage year)
— and the Alioto hit-run cover-up, Sept. 16, 1968, on Roberts, who also became angry and made Alioto’s Humphrey cry — by electing Nixon President. That hit-run cover-up caused Chappaquiddick and the death of Howard Hughes in his cage on Onassis’ Greek island of Tinos on April 16, 1971. Teddy backhanded Mary Jo in the back seat as she clutched his arm at the bridge — in total terror. Teddy bailed out on the bridge. Mary Jo suffocated — 2 hrs. and 13 minutes — because of a busted snorkel — while Teddy phoned Onassis. Dickie murdered Roberts’ father on Feb. 22, 1972 — and proceeds now to Fatima #3- to cover up all of these murders — and more — back to that of Christ.”

[The original page #187 consists of 1972 G.H. cover photo of Joan Kennedy and above text ]

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I wrote this from my psychiatrist’s couch. Regardless of what Hearst prints — here we let it all hang out. These are notes to my psychiatrist who is out of the room at the moment. Onassis tells me I can eat Hearst’s liver when all this blows over — and my psychiatrist’s. “No witnesses,” says he. Onassis says my college roommate, Joan Tunney, gets out of her English nut house soon and that she enjoyed eating her husband’s liver after she chopped his head off. Onassis says she gets to eat the livers of everybody at the nut house. “No witnesses,” again, incase they heard her speak of John Tunney’s first Chappaquiddick phone call from her home outside San Francisco (In S.F., Alioto made Police Chief Cahill a security guard at the phone company to sit on those phone call records. Back east, Publisher Loeb got Hoffa out of the clink by promising Nixon to burn his card copies of all the Chappaquiddick calls). During the middle of his Mafia trial, Alioto shocked the jury by eating barbecued girl liver — Newsom’s nieces, Pelosi’s daughters — plus a roasted older Japanese liver, the nurse (After Chappaquiddick — Newsom, who knew why [the Alioto hit-run] — was recalled to Switzerland by Onassis — and Newsom was getting ready to squawk). I imagine the six year old girl’s liver was the tenderest — but my brother-in-law, JFK, and Cardinal Spellman and Diem and his brother, Cardinal Thuc, and another brother Nhu, and his wife, Madame Nhu, all say they enjoyed older Buddhist barbecued livers in Saigon in 1963. Madame Nhu still runs heroin out of Vietnam — courtesy of the Pentagon — for Onassis. Cardinal Thuc is still doing his thing for Montini somewhere. Onassis, of course, ate the livers of JFK, Diem and Nhu. Captain Nung did it for Onassis on Diem and Nhu at a Cholon railroad crossing. Nung is now big with Thieu, and Thieu is big with Montini, Onassis and Dickie — and that’s as big as you can get. Where can you go after the top of the Vatican and the top of the Mafia? Working together? Well, where? The man on the cross? — 2000 years ago the Romans pinned him on a cross — speared him in the liver, and pulled it out and ate that. Tacitus sneaked records of the action out of Rome in 64 A.D. and Nero burned the town. They burned this 11th Commandment: “Murderers on the cross, not me” — retained his skinny body as a symbol of submission — and today you can get a symbolic bite of Christ’s liver in any church. Even without seeing documents of proof — ask yourself a question — “If this is not true, why do they cover up the murder of Christ and the murder of Mary Jo?” Said Cardinal Cushing of the Onassis-Jackie merger, “Welcome, Onassis, and bring your checkbook.” Said Montini and Cushing of Teddy — after Chappaquiddick — “He is a Prince of the Church — if he leaves politics, we will furnish sanctuary, and he will become a leader of our church.” Montini made the same offer to Alioto — Cardinal, I believe. Onassis was gonna give some of JFK’s liver to his Turk blackmail friend, Mustapha, when he walked down the gangplank in Turkey with JFK’s wife, Jackie, my sister in law, on his arm — just after JFK’s call to Jackie (“Get off that yacht if you have to swim.”) — but frightened Jack John canceled his Chicago Stadium speech that day — Nov. 1, 1963 — and Onassis didn’t get JFK’s liver until three weeks later at Dallas, via Maheu (who was still smarting from his earlier failure to assassinate Castro for the CIA Onassis branch) — and he was so hungry he ate the whole thing. (Mustapha had a diary on Onassis — back to the 20’s when Onassis ran Turkish opium into Argentina and later when he ran Marseilles heroin into Montreal and cocaine into New Orleans with

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French brandy and later still when Onassis brought his heroin and cocaine in direct to Boston with Joseph P. Kennedy’s booze — under the sponsorship of President Roosevelt and Churchill, who, with the Pope, ruled the “civilized world — an act which moved both Kennedy and Onassis into the blackmailed oval offices of the White House and No. 10 Downing Street. That was 1932. Joseph P., my father in law, then took what he wanted. The SEC, for instance. Anything. Onassis ran the dope and whatever else he wanted — protected by the President and the President’s boy, J. Mafia Hoover (whose ex FBI Agents Club today runs most business and all of the “Hughes”-Onassis gambling). Roosevelt’s sons loot around the world — Teamsters’ Pension Funds, IOS, whatever is ripe. A legacy. Joseph P. Kennedy and Onassis helped Roosevelt rig World War II — heavy blackmail on Churchill — and got Churchill to place a 25 year seal on documents. They made a pot — oil and things for Onassis (he delivered to Russia, The Axis, and the Allies, and never lost a ship or a sailor. A good “deal.”) Presidential dynasty guaranteed for Joseph P. Kennedy’s family (for instance, I shall be the next queen of America — after Onassis eats the livers of Wallace and McGovern) — sealed in 1940, by Joseph P. backing Roosevelt’s sick third term after his previous years of successfully prodding the war as Ambassador to England. Onassis slapped our current Supreme Court Chief Justice, Burger, around for a batch of free ships after the war and that’s when the fun really began (Fatima #1 — World War II — had been successfully rigged. Fatima #2 — conversion of Communism to the Vatican — The Cold War — was under way. The handmaidens of history were marching on to Fatima #3 — the Deputy of Christ and Auschwitz and the Greek in the command of the blow-off of the other half. All a matter of cover-up — each layer adding more murder, treason, bribery — constitutionally, hanging offenses — to be covered up.). In 1954, JFK met two people. Papa Joseph introduce him to his partner, Onassis, as the future president. And Cardinal Spellman introduced him to Diem (Diem came from our Jesuit Seminary in Maryknoll, Maryland. The Vatican sent him to Vietnam to restore Vatican ownership after the French blew it at Dien-Bien-Phu. In 1954 Spellman brought him back from Vietnam to meet JFK and arrange the future “Holy Crusade” in Vietnam — from the Papal standpoint). Vintage year — 1957 arrived. Apalachin (Mafia takeover of election process. Nixon-”Hughes”-Onassis bribe to set up the “Hughes” Medical Research Mafia Money Funnel Foundation. Onassis hyping of Hughes and the body switch. Phony name marriage license. Tonapah, Elizabeth Jean Peters and “Howard Hughes” — the battered, hyped body of the real Hughes to a cage on Tinos. 1958 — test Mafia election process run — successful — heavy Demo Mafia congressional win. 1959 — Onassis hosts slave Churchill and his partner’s son, JFK, with wife Jackie, on his yacht. 1960 — Onassis-”Hughes” half million hedge bribe to candidate Dickie, but Mafia election process and vote rigging — Daley’s Illinois, Johnson-Connally’s Texas — get JFK in. Dickie cried, but Joseph P. Kennedy and Onassis moved into the White House. Johnson, V.P., immediately to Vietnam to force Diem to take American troops and start Spellman’s “Holy Crusade.” Maheu hired by CIA to assassinate Castro (Castro stole $8 billion in Cuban gambling assets from Onassis’ man — McLaney — when he took over Cuba. McLaney set up a Florida training camp where Maheu trained his assassins — part of whom were in Chicago for the JFK aborted murder on Nov. 1, 1963 — and finally got the job done in Dallas, 3 weeks later). Bay of Pigs launched to get it back for Onassis. That failed. Cuba

Page One Hundred Ninety

offered to remove missiles six days before JFK issued the ultimatum: “Stop or I’ll start Fatima #3 — nuclear blow-off of the other half.” Stalemate. But Cuba was lost to Onassis and the Vatican. Attention switch to Vietnam — pour in troops and “…keep them there until after my election in 1964.” A “Holy Crusade.” Fine with Onassis — but Joseph P. had a stroke and could no longer relay orders to his sons, JFK and Bobby, from his partner Onassis. JFK and Bobby jumped on Hoffa’s group — a branch of Onassis. “I’ll break your back,” said Hoffa. They indicted Wally Bird in Thailand for heroin running (Bird was high in Onassis’ Thai-Laos-Vietnam heroin flow. The indictment was burned after Dallas). Diem barbecued Buddhists and this seemed to be poor public relations for the Pope and JFK. And Diem made noises like settling the squabble with Ho Chi Mihn. JFK decided to dump Diem and continue the Vietnam crusade with a more congenial boy. But Diem was Onassis’ main stem in the heroin bit. Without his partner, Joseph P., Onassis was getting too much static from the sons. They removed Diem from office — and Onassis removed Diem, Nhu, and JFK from their livers. It was a good “deal.” Johnson got a message from Onassis’ Pentagon — on the plane from Dallas (midwest radio station) — “It was no conspiracy. Repeat — no conspiracy. Put a 75 year secrecy on it and whoop up that Vietnam war. Cool it. Cover it up. Burn the Bird indictment. Remember, if your plane has an accident before you get here, Speaker of the House McCormack will be president and our boys — Voloshen and Sweig — own him.” “Yes, Mr. Onassis,” answered LBJ. Mafia code: “If they welsh, kill ‘em, and take broad and shotgun.” Onassis did — Jackie and the Pentagon (Today — at Missile launches to the moon — a full bird Pentagon General flies John Meyer over the site for a better view. John Meyer, as with FBI Maheu, was Hughes’ “right hand man.” Onassis took him over when he took over Hughes. As his “right hand man.” 1968 was a vintage year. April — King’s liver (he spoke of the key: reform of the Mafia election process). June — Bobby’s liver (he would have been elected president — and nobody hated Onassis more than he — as Mary Jo discovered when she went through Bobby’s personal effects in L.A. and discovered horrible things about Kennedys and Onassis and all Mafia politics — and said to a friend, “I will never work for Kennedys again. This isn’t Camelot — it’s all murder.” Teddy surrendered, body and soul, to Onassis on his yacht in August — and offered his brother’s wife, Jackie, to the new head of the Kennedy family. Then Onassis purchased both 1968 candidates — through assassin Maheu, who carried Las Vegas skim loot to Rebozo and Nixon — and Humphrey and O’Brien — roughly a million when you add in amounts from Tony Boyle (who murdered the Yablonski family, with approval of the hierarchy) and Jake “The Barber” Factor and Alioto to Humphrey and batches to Nixon from such groups as ITT (whose director, McCone, was the CIA chief who hired Maheu to assassinate Castro and scrambled things all the way through the Diem, Nhu, JFK murders).
In Vintage year 1957 — “Holy Crusade” Cardinal Spellman married Teddy and Joan. Social event of the decade.
In vintage year 1968 — October 16 — the merger of the century occurred. The two warring Mafia Monster families united. Frankenstein took a suitable bride. Onassis snatched Jackie — widow of JFK.

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at Franklin and Lombard, San Francisco, a car belonging to an Alioto daughter pulled a hit-run on a parked car — Plymouth, BZA-994 — belonging to Roberts (when Alioto was elected mayor of S.F. on 1967, Teddy and Onassis issued a joint statement — “We figure he will be president someday.” For, you see, Lanza was his godfather and Lanza was the Northern California representative at Apalachin in 1957. Upon Lanza’s return to S.F. he debated whether to name Alioto mayor in 1959. He ran a brief public test and decided to bring him on later — which he did, in a Mafia paid blitz in 1967. Once in as mayor, they pushed him fast — one of their own. In June, 1968 he was selected to nominate Humphrey for the Presidency. Humphrey was to select Alioto as his Vice Presidential running mate. But somebody publicly brought to the attention of the Democratic convention — and Humphrey — the FBI Mafia rap sheet on Alioto. Since it was public, Humphrey decided to take Muskie as his V.P. instead. But he did plan his campaign to wind up in S.F. — in the home of the man who nominated him — Alioto — where he could count on an overwhelmingly Democratic, Mafia community welcome that would rouse the populace in a triumphant finale). The Alioto car had just delivered Alioto at the airport. It was returning to Bushati’s Pizza Parlor — Scott and Lombard — owned by Adolpho Veronese, Mia Angela’s (Alioto’s daughter) fiancee. Alioto flew to Chicago that night to accept the Justinian Award as the “Lawyer of the Year,” and shit flew all over And Francisco. Roberts was up all night sorting it out. He finally got his car back from the police garage before they destroyed it and was picking up pieces at the hit-run site when the younger Lanza told him to “get out of the street you’ll get sunstroke. Forget it. Nothing happened. Everything will get settled.” At the same time another Maf — McCracken — was quizzing Roberts’ parents. “Who is he — this son of yours? What does he want?”
I know these things because I know from this end, of course. And then after a while he sent a letter, and documents, and volumes to Teddy and asked Teddy to stand up in the Senate and unravel himself like a Mafia ball of string — with Congressional Immunity — referring to JFK’s “Ask not what your country can do for you — but what you can do for your country” — and he suggested that Teddy get the Pope to do the same thing in the Vatican in behalf of Christ and the entire necrophiliac Vatican-Mafia American nation which squats on Mary Jo’s grave and drools and fucks that broken nosed dead girl with a frenzy greater than ours who eat liver.
Roberts is — why I am on this psychiatrist couch. He elected Nixon, because of that hit-run cover-up — and exposed the Mafia election process, which exposed the entire Vatican-Mafia group — including Nixon. He exposed the Onassis-Hughes Mafia Money Funnel — which purchased Nixon. Nixon murdered his father because of this. The hit-run caused Chappaquiddick. He maneuvered Taiwan out of, and China into the U.N. He wants Christ off the cross — and His murder cover-up exposed. And that’s not the worst thing. I don’t understand it all except to know that it is very bad — horrible. At any rate, he hates cancer, Mafia, murder, treason, bribery, and liver eaters, necrophiliacs and shit. He’s arranged for flushing.
(On Oct. 1, 1968 — Kathryn Hollister — a nurse, paid by Alioto — “confessed” to the crime — at a hearing on the hit-run — was fined — had a fit — and was escorted from the court by Alioto’s wife — Angelina, mother of Mia Angela.

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Hollister — a 35 year old woman — wasn’t anywhere near Franklin and Lombard that night. Hollister’s Chrysler, however, bears a license plate UXT-264. Alioto’s daughter’s Cadillac bore a license plate UKT-264, issued to a fictitious name, fictitious address — “Andy Anderson, 6969 Lankershim Blvd., L.A.” — for the convenience of Alioto sons whose licenses had been revoked — after their convictions for a series of Bay Area hit-runs. Fingerprints identify a youthful Alioto clan member as the driver. A male. By the time Alioto returned from Chicago the cover-up had already mushroomed out of proportion. Participants no longer mattered. The filming of the cover-up from then till now — and on into the 1972 election between Chappaquiddick Dickie and Chappaquiddick Teddy is — who knows the word? I don’t. Try deadly. Cancer killing? Fatima #3? In reverse? A new thing?)”

[Editor’s Note: This is all Joanie gave us on that date. However we had a spy hiding behind a Moosehead and he tells us that the psychiatrist came back into the room and Joanie handed him the notes quoted above and the psychiatrist read them and then Joanie said, “My problem is that the constitution says murder and treason and bribery are hanging offenses and yet we do those things daily and fuck dead people and eat liver and we get elected queen. I’ve learned to love liver and Teddy says he can live with it — meaning being president — and — what is that you’re eating doctor? It looks like 2000 year old liver — 1972 years, to be exact, and well aged, and marinated, and tenderized by a spear hole. Doctor! Is that — the real thing? Lover!” and she leaped from the couch, drooling, and they embraced in a frenzy, chewing their way, opposite sides of the most prized of all livers, toward ecstasy. We, as impartial observers, do not feel that we should report the private actions of consenting adults in the privacy of their own offices and so our observer behind the Moosehead withdrew — at that moment. We do know that they did not eat eachother, like Piranha fish, because we saw Joanie later and she gave us a copy of all those letters, documents and volumes that Roberts sent to Teddy. Buy our next edition.]
[Observer behind the Moosehead’s Note: We don’t consider the actions of consenting adults in public to be subject to invasion of privacy — in the case of the necrophiliac fucking of Mary Jo on her Pennsylvania grave. An entire nation is there — drooling and fucking — Presidents and Priests, Senators and Judges — everybody, including Ma and Pa Kopechne. Hearst is out there now. And if I don’t hurry the crowd will be so huge I’ll have to stand at the Pennsylvania border and hump whoever is in front of me. And, with my luck, that would be Onassis.]
[Janitor’s Note: Hearst and Moosehead rushed out of here drooling — on their way to fuck some Pennsylvania grave dirt — and forgot these papers. And I have something to add. I’m 98 years old and sweep up around here and flush shit. My greatest thrill is going to the bathroom. The relief, you

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Holiday birth dated shifted all over the calendar — to accommodate the interests of Onassis Mafia Corporate Economy.
Funny thing about Wallace’s shooter. As with Sirhan — goofed with hypnosis — Bremer couldn’t get a center shot into Wallace — out of six mechanical hypnotic shots — at 4 feet. Neither could Sirhan — at 6 ft. Sirhan scattered eight mechanical shots — hypnotic — and never did hit Bobby. One of the back-ups, Onassis-Maheu’s Gene Caesar, got him with three shots in the back of the head from 1 foot (sub-conscious hypnosis invariably causes inaccurate conscious action). At Dallas, Oswald actually hit his target — from behind — Connally — one out of every two shots. Here again, it was an Onassis-Maheu back-up bullet from the overpass — in front — that went through JFK’s under chin and blew the back of his head into the face of the cop riding behind. Oswald was surprised. He was there — alone — for Connally — and when he heard the two shots from the overpass and the one from the grassy knoll he knew he had been conned. Ruby silenced that (Onassis was eating livers in Smyrna at 14, and peddling opium to the Turks — during the Smyrna massacre. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren ate the livers — for Onassis — of all those who were murdered over Dallas — such as Hampton and Clark. 15 years of secrecy). Onassis was lucky with his back-ups at Dallas, Memphis and L.A. With Wallace, he goofed. No back-up — and Wallace is still alive. Sirhan and Bremer can’t help. Hypnotics can’t remember (Try one of those Las Vegas casino group Hypnosis floor shows some time. It’s interesting. They quote a joke about a hypnotist who told a group, “Cooperate with me and I’ll hypnotize everyone in the room.” The group did and the hypnotist swung his watch back and forth. But he dropped his watch. “Oh, shit!” he said. And it took two weeks to fumigate the casino). McGovern will probably get a frontal assault — 9000 Maf jamming machine guns in all the holes he has — and making more. Why not? Onassis owns the legal Mafia (On Aug. 14, 1970, he even purchased Nader). All would get off (Maybe he already owns McGovern, who was the first to congratulate Teddy on his escape from the Chappaquiddick inquest. Kennedy Mafia are running McGovern’s campaign. McGovern is begging for Daley help — and Daley helped remove the livers from Hampton and Clark). Only “God” Onassis can decide McGovern’s fate. “God” Montini is in second place, and fading fast.
At the time of the Bay of Pigs — and later Caribbean action (such as Volman and Perlmutter and Supreme Court Justice Douglas — re. gambling and Haiti and the Dominican Republic) — reporters rumbled about maneuvering by a power greater than the CIA and the government itself. Fit it in, folks. It fits.
Re: this, Joyce Maynard, 18 year old Yale Freshman, writes in the N.Y.Times: “Why should I cleanup somebody else’s mess? Who can I blame? I don’t want to be involved — and yet I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I wish it weren’t my life that’s being made into a suspense thriller.”
(What’ll ya bet that she doesn’t flail in frenzy on Mary Jo’s grave during the week and go to church on Sunday to be sure the man on the cross hasn’t escaped and is chasing her with a meat ax — or a missile — or some other thing?)
A Federal Judge declared all ITT bribery, treason and murder to be legal, and

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the Mafia Senate closed its inquiry into the matter. Onassis-ITT-CIA McCone, and Joyce Maynard — reassured in church — are back on the grave piously fucking Mary Jo, Agnew’s visiting Thieu, and Dickie’s off to try to purchase Russia for Onassis, dragging his Haiphong mines behind him.
Roberts laid it out to Teddy how, in Sept., 1968 — and early October — he notified Nixon and Mitchell and Reagan of the whole mess. Nixon hatchet men — John Mack (Bank of California — Lockheed loans, Alioto money), John Greenagel (Sweig’s Chamber of Commerce), Bill Best (Nixon’s Northern California campaign manager), Dick Carlson (who, with Brisson, Kissinger’s pal, was given FBI files for the “Look — Alioto Mafia Web” bit — phony appeasement to Roberts, to avoid the big bit — the hit-run cover-up by Alioto which blew the whole scene). Attorneys Belli, Davis, Lewis. DA’s Ferndon, Winkler, Goldsmith, Owens. FBI. Most of Alioto’s Mafia cops. “Truth Squad” Senators Griffin and Scott. Bausch’s, O’Brien’s, Kosewic’s, Kish’s, Chang’s. Bribes by Doherty’s, McCracken’s, Lanza’s. Witnesses, affidavits, film. By mid October, it looked like a Nixon landslide. Everybody was smug. And on October 16, 1968, Onassis merged with Jackie. It was preceded by a Jackie confessional to Cardinal Cushing, and an Onassis business contract with Jackie. Cushing emerged from the confessional in shock and said, “If the world knew what Jackie told me, they wouldn’t believe me. I dispense with all the Vatican rules. Welcome, Onassis, and bring your checkbook. What else can we do?” Onassis emerged with a cash “deal” — purchase of the queen of the civilized world. And October rolled on. Roberts arranged a noose for the three — Unruh, Alioto, Humphrey — when they gathered in S.F. for the Humphrey triumphant finale to his campaign. And notified — publicly — all — of this matter. And all crawled into a hole. And Humphrey canceled that Bay Area finale — and lost the election by the 100 thousand votes he would have gained. Teddy sent one of the aides, who later turned up at Chappaquiddick, to bribe Roberts. Johnson threw in an “understanding” — “Peace in Vietnam” — “Bomb Halt” — six days before the election (a total myth) — and it helped. But not enough. As the final votes came in — Humphrey lost California — by those 100 thousand votes — and the presidency.
Nixon — on election day — threw a total clamp on the Alioto hit-run (His vital spot was the Onassis-Hughes ownership of him and the Mafia Election Process). They thought it was buried.
But, those raw FBI files on Alioto’s Mafia web were out. Alioto had to be Governor. So, just before Chappaquiddick, Sweig and Shorenstein (Alioto money) offered Unruh loot not to run against Alioto — leaving Alioto a solo shot. In addition, they suggested Unruh run against John Tunney for Senator. Teddy had picked Tunney for the Senate job — his old college roommate. Alioto was desperate to be governor — but Tunney was desperate to be Senator and he didn’t want competition from Unruh either. In total anger Tunney called Teddy — at Chappaquiddick, from sister Joan’s home that night, and raved at Teddy about the treachery of Alioto, who had already blown the presidency

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for Humphrey because of the Alioto hit-run cover-up. Teddy — Terrible Tempered Teddy — called Alioto back — and a Mafia conversation ensued. These calls Mary Jo heard (fresh from Bobby’s papers in L.A. — “I will never work for Kennedys again. This is not Camelot — it’s all murder.”), with a few months stop over to elect Whelan mayor of Jersey City (now in prison) where she heard a bunch of New Jersey Kennedy Mafia tapes — and arrived at Chappaquiddick, boiling and on her way to Nader. A few more Mafia calls by Teddy and Mary Jo bolted in anger, running to the ferry — and Nader. Teddy grabbed a purse — Keogh’s — and the car — and talked her into the back seat — she was too angry to get in front. Still angry at the crossroads. Teddy couldn’t take her to the ferry — and Nader. Nor could he let her talk to the cop who stopped. He headed for the bridge. She clutched his arm — “Take me to the ferry!” — he backhanded her, breaking the beak, and bailed out. The murder occurred as he ran to phone Onassis.
Joan Tunney’s entire family was shipped to Europe — the following day. In Norway, Mari and Adamo (Bonano family) kidnapped her — hyped her for a month — a la “Hughes” — and released her near Marseilles. The following Easter she chopped her hubby’s bitter head off and Onassis arranged for her seclusion in a rest home — out of the way, in total silence.
Newsom had followed Roberts around — for Alioto — after the hit-run — and he knew the why of Chappaquiddick. After Chappaquiddick, Onassis jerked Newsom to Switzerland to work for him there, permanently. Newsom revolted, somehow, and returned to San Francisco — and so it was that Onassis barbecued Newsom’s nieces — in front of Newsom — during the middle of the Alioto Mafia trial.
I don’t like this. So I took one of the shrink’s Roberts volume copies to the nearest Xerox machine (I noticed that, many times, people will pick up their copies, but forget to remove the original from under the rubber mat. And the next one who comes along reads this forgotten copy as if it were the secret formula for Coca-Cola). And I waited for a long-hair to head for the machine. Then I put this volume copy under the mat and walked away. He read it. And walked to the phone. Said he, “When is your next plane to Chile?” and he took the volume and flagged down a cab (probably a rich hippie). I left a bunch around different Xerox machines. One guy read it and asked me “Where’s Bulgaria?” (the CIA declares Bulgaria is the hub of all heroin). Another called someone, “Get the commune together. We’re going to Russia. I’ve got a fortune.” Another, “Baby, you like China? I got ping pong balls.” A John Wayne type — “I’m gonna trade this to Hanoi — they can have Thieu, Indo-China and ropes to hang all the Mafia in the world — we get our POW’s and they can hunt down all the criminal Maf in the U.S. — million per ear — and there’d still be trillions in buried criminal loot — back through time — for the rest of us to divvy up. I’ll take Mafia Texas for my own private shit house and I’ll give Mafia Massachusetts to an orphanage, Mafia Illinois to the blind foundation…” and as he walked out the door — on his way to Hanoi — he gave Marcello’s Louisiana to the clerk at counter 11. A black, with “Zambia” on the back of his motorcycle jacket, rushed out to his bike with the volume, grinning, “We’ll move the U.S. Capitol to Zambia.” A doctor, still in hospital white, walked up to me, seriously, “Sir,

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we have discovered the cure. We even have options. We can push buttons in all non Mafia countries — aim all missiles at Mary Jo’s grave — and that would kill all cancer — because all the cancer squats there — including one entire Mafia Necrophiliac nation. Or, as in India, where they put a man in a cage and let mosquitoes bite him and when one gives him Malaria they follow that one back to his breeding grounds and exterminate the entire family (For instance, Malarial Mafia Mosquito Alioto — and the Alioto breed, with its appendages). All of those on Mary Jo’s grave — by definition — are Malarial, Mafia, Treasonous, Murderous, Bribing Conspirators. We track them back to their breeding grounds and exterminate them — all of them, like putting cancer killing serum on the blood stream to kill the cancer without killing the patient. And then we doctors collect our fee — all of their criminal loot — back through time. Trillions for medical research. Stick out your tongue.”
I did. “Hmm. Looks like apathy to me. I’ll run some tests, just to be sure. If you have apathy or Mary Jo Necrophilia, you’re dead, man. I’ll be checking you out. There is a deadly disease running around. It’s called MMORDIS — Mouldering Mass Of Rotten Dribbling Infectious Shit — Have a happy day.” And then there was one who made me angry. He was a stockbroker type. He read the volume and came over and sat down — starry eyed. “Hey Pop, I just hit the jackpot. I just made arrangements to marry the love of my life — and she doesn’t know me yet — and I cornered all of the loot in the world. I’ll tell you how: Three weeks after Chappaquiddick Roberts went to Nixon and Mitchell — President and Attorney General — with the solution to the murder. He told Nixon ‘You can be another Abraham Lincoln — and free this land from Mafia slavery. I elected you, and I want you to cooperate with me. I know Onassis owns you — through “Hughes.” And I know you turned down my offer on election day 1968, to accept Alioto, and the entire Mafia, including both Mafia parties, Mafia CIA-ITT McCone, Mafia Rosensteil, Hoover’s FBI — all of them — on a platter. I know you put a lid on — to protect the Mafia Election Process. But this Kennedy murder has reopened it all — in spite of your lid — and it exposes completely, the entire web of assassinations, heroin, Onassis, and everything — back to the cover-up of the murder of Christ. It exposes the Vatican — and all of the other handmaiden religions — including that of your boy — Billy Graham. And it leaves you only two choices — the keys. Your Onassis-”Hughes”-Mafia Money Funnel murder, treason, bribery, 41% siphon of the GNP, War, Heroin, Crime Administration is a daily affair — now exposed, currently in motion. Everyone can see it. You can either cure this cancer — or blow off the other half via Vatican Fatima #3 — and preserve the cancer. If you choose to cure it — I offer a new thing — experimental results on a new very dense mineral — experiments which ended when Alioto clobbered my car — an act which precipitated this entire shit-pit. The key word is “Chappaquiddick” and key, where did you two go? Where is everybody?’ And, Pop, that’s where I got the idea. Because, you see, from then till now, I have seen this guy — what’s-his-name — roaming this Mafia country — shouting

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‘Chappaquiddick!’ ‘Anybody for Chappaquiddick?’ — and, when he does this, everybody runs to the bathroom and jumps in the shit bowl and pulls the lid over them (That’s where Nixon and Mitchell hid that day). Now here’s what we’re gonna do, Pop. I’m gonna get girl scouts with bull horns on a certain day, on the balconies of every Mafia City Hall in this Mafia Nation. They’re gonna shout ‘Chappaquiddick,’ at 10 second intervals. the shit bowls will fill up fast and we will see panic stricken city exodus. Hordes of Mafia running for the country to jump in rat holes or dig themselves in beach sand like sand crabs. Then, I send my troops of boy scouts around to padlock those shit bowl lids and cap over all those rat holes. It’s just like capping oil wells, Pop. The scouts hold an honest election and we bring Princess Grace back from Monaco as a chaperone for our youthful government and rename the U.S. of Mafia — Monaco West. Those of us who aren’t capped over in oil wells go around occasionally and lift the lids and shout ‘Chappaquiddick’ and the Mafia sends us up all of their criminal loot, buried funds, secret accounts, corporate stock — and we pass them down food — their daily bread, which happens to be all of our garbage, pollution, sewage, etc. — which is how we clean up the environment that they dirtied up for us. After 2000 years it’s our turn, Pop. They’ve been doing it to us all this time. They call it the ‘National Interest.’ Actually, it is our legacy from those murdered dead, like Mary Jo.” I interrupted, “Princess Grace? What about her hubby, stubby Rainier?” He: “We’ll hang him. He’s a friend of Onassis. We’ll hang Cary Grant, too. He kissed her once in the movie ‘To Catch a Thief.’ And he’s a friend of Onassis.” Me: “What’s your interest in Princess Grace?” He: ”Don’t you dig it, Pop? She’s the one. She’ll be a widow. She, and I, will chaperone the scouts. She will fall in love with me. I want her. She’s mine.” Me: “There’s just one thing wrong with your plan, sonny.” He: “What’s that?” Me: “I’m gonna murder you, you Mafia slob” — and I hit him over the head with my cane. “I’ve been in love with Grace Kelly ever since World War II and nobody gets her but me,” This is where I got angry and he ran out the door with me hobbling after him, clobbering him with that cane, and finally when I was running out of breath on the Marina Green he said, “Okay, you can have her. I’ll take one of the daughters. Can I buy you a beer, father-in-law?” In the beer joint my son-in-law elaborated, “We’ll get the man off the cross and give him back his liver and patch up his nail holes — and Mary Jo’s busted nose — and give her a decent burial, and we’ll have a new symbol — a healthy doctor with a scalpel — cutting out a cancer — and on that vacant cross we’ll hang, on one end, Teddy, who states ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country’ — and on the other end, Pope Pious, who states ‘I will gladly give my life for all of humanity.’ That would have some meaning. That’s what I really want, pop-in-law. What do you want out of all of this?” Apparently he didn’t hear very well out there on the


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Marina Green, and I was about to club him again, when I realized I hadn’t told him everything. So, “I’m 98, you might say, I’m dead. A lifetime is only a speck in geological time — called by some — eternity. I figure if I cam get the man off the cross, he’ll fix me up in eternity. To do this, I can kill the cancer — His murderers — here, or take them with me — and hang them there on an eternity yo-yo. That means I get a ticket to eternity without crossing the Vatican palms with silver. In other words, I deal direct with the boss. And that means angel wings for my princess. Everybody wins but the shit. Shit gets flushed. I’m a janitor. Dickie clips me — to fight the ‘Holy Crusade’ in Vietnam and Fatima #3. My union clips me — to run heroin, keep lids on and murder around the globe. Mafia government clips me — to pay for the squat on Mary Jo’s grave. What I receive is crime, war, pollution, and a job. That job consists of flushing shit. Whatever your job — try to be the best at it. And so, I’ve arranged for the flushing of all shit. Separately — or along with the patient — as the doctor said. ‘Options’ — under the Hippocratic Oath — ‘with 100% human approval’ from the year zero. The killing of cancer. Even Dickie, who — in treason — accepted Onassis’ bribes — and said ‘Fuck America. I come first’ — also said “The killing of cancer is our highest priority.’ Ticket to eternity, sonny — for me and my princess.”
The bartender: “This bar is closed. Me and everyone in here want a ticket to that kind of action. Drinks are on the house. What will you have, Sir?”
(I’m a 98 year old janitor. Nobody ever called me “Sir.”)
Drunk, coming back from the restroom: “There were four turds in the bowl. They looked like Joanie, Hearst, CIA Moosehead, and the liver-eating shrink. They were not human. They were shit. And I reached out and pushed a button and they disappeared down the drain. It was easy. I checked the bowl lid. Good and solid. I’ll bring a padlock tomorrow.”
Bartender to drunk: “Drinks are on the house. What’ll you have, Sir?”
Son-in-law: “I picked a winner. Tell me about that mineral, Pop.”
Pop-in-law: “Sonny, I may have to club you all the way through eternity. That mineral subject is taboo — and you didn’t pick anything…”

CIA Moosehead Observer’s Just-Returned-From-Grave-Fucking Note: “Hearst, I quit. By the time you read this I will be at the South Pole, burrowing deep down with the Penguins. Us Penguins hate you Necrophiliac Murdering Treasonous Mafia bastards. May that radioactive cloud never reach this far south. Us Penguins never hurt nobody.”
Fresh-From-Grave-Fucking Hearst’s Note: “Jeeeeeesus Cheeeeerist!”

Page One Hundred Ninety Nine

June 1, 1972
“Chappaquiddick,” “Onassis-Hughes,” “ITT-CIA,” “Fatima #3,” “Heroin-Thieu-Chiang” — (all these things — and more) — Dickie is winging home from Moscow — at this moment. Somewhere, en route, he will pass a communication — headed the other way. That communication was composed — in part — from the notes quoted below:

“Hughes’ nursemaids up again for fraud in Canada.” Eckersley: “It was fraud. Yes. Phony signatures. Yes. But it embarrasses me and Hughes. It is bad publicity. I hope the people don’t panic. I wish they’d leave us Mafia alone.” (McCloskey’s Primary words: “We hate Pete. He discredits Dickie and embarrasses the Party. He calls our Party ‘the most mediocre men in the world.’ He’s our worst enemy. A Democrat in sheep’s clothing.” These gentle Mafia all refer to murder, treason, bribery, Chappaquiddick — hanging offenses) New York: “Legalization of gambling here soon. Will ‘Hughes’ run it?” Hawaii: “Mafia government okays gambling.” ‘Hughes’ Mafia mob is moving in. Executives furnished by CIA, FBI, and Justice — as per all ‘Hughes’ operations. London: The “Hughes Hoax” expose by the London Sunday Times” — scheduled for release May 15 — one week before Dickie’s Moscow crawl — was deleted. All news of “Hughes” was suppressed. Paper instead carried the headline: “Mafia TV and news censorship covers England relative to ‘religion,’ ‘Hughes’ and Dickie’s ‘insane bombing’ in Vietnam — all on the eve of Dickie’s Moscow visit. Is there a connection?” “We quote Saigon Senator Tho: ‘God — the Pope — is on our side. The U.S. of Mafia is on our side. They can leave. But they have to leave us their Navy and Air Corps. Our President, Thieu, tells Dickie what to do. He’s got drag. And “skai” and “skag.” We can’t lose.’ The key to Irving’s arrest for the ‘Hughes Hoax’ was simply that — in New York — two reporters mentioned they knew about Meyers — and Irving went white and had a fit and ran down to J. Mafia Hoover’s D.A. Hogan and begged for protection and confessed. Hogan, U.S. Attorney Seymour, Hoover, Nixon — everybody — went white and had a fit — and convinced the reporters that the man they spoke of was Stanley Myer — an oscure writer. The reason for the white faces and the fits is that the ‘Meyers’ mentioned was John Meyer, Onassis’ right hand man, who was taken over from ‘Hughes’ after Onassis hyped Hughes and made a body switch in 1957 and purchased Dickie and the ‘Hughes’ Mafia Money Funnel. And this media censorship — here, in England, goes back to 1932 when Onassis, Roosevelt, and Kennedy conned our leader, Churchill , into supplying booze, heroin and World War I (Fatima 1) for the handmaidens — Vatican and Mafia. We note that Pat Grey — Hoover’s successor — was really picked by friend Nixon a year ago — but Dickie, fearing Hoover’s files, patiently waited for Hoover’s demise. Gray’s Justice friends call his reign ‘Vatican II’ (translated, that’s Fatima #3).” Like Saigon Senator Tho and Mafia Mama Rosie and God is on his side. He attends Mass before all missions to request help from God — the Pope. A summary from Gray’s Justice friends: “Hates Press because of publicity on things like the Pentagon Papers, ITT, and Kleindienst. Wants a crackdown — like Reagan — on all underground press, all critical media, and all critical legal services. He is like unto Chris Columbus —

Page Two Hundred

poor boy — devout Catholic, Mafia government loyalist.’ Said he, ‘We keep no dossiers on the revolting public.’ Said Jack Anderson, ‘Here are a few thousand copies from your files.’ Said Gray, ‘Yes, we keep files on the revolting public.’ He is Dickie’s most loyal friend. He will not assign FBI help to organize strike forces. His loyalties — says he — are, in order: #1: Nixon, #2: The Department Family that runs things for Onassis-”Hughes,” and somewhere down the list — #642 (we think): the peeeepul, the revolting public.’
“ ‘Hughes,’ in Vancouver, has six days left on his first 3 month visitors visa. We have Canadian friends who insist on a ‘personal appearance’ for any renewal of that visa. We watch for a sudden ‘Hughes’ disappearance, from Vancouver, or a sudden cryogenic burial or a sudden something — and will try to let you know — by secret carrier pigeon — unless the Pentagon shoots them down — as they threatened to do to LBJ on the plane from Dallas — unless he covered up and whooped the war. You see, we’re peeved. This U.S. of Mafia sent the British Empire down the tube in the past 50 years. We don’t like that. We don’t want the Mafia shit infected colonies back. That’s for sure. They’re worse than we ever were. We are convinced that shit should be flushed.”

May 30, 1972
Memorial Day in the U.S. of Mafia — all the days of respect to the dead shuffled into one — for calendar convenience — as was Christmas.
San Francisco — Alioto: “We respect the dead — derive inspiration from them.” (That’s his shit on your busted nose dead face, Mary Jo). “Vietnam is a danger that could become a tragedy.” (Like Newsom’s barbecued nieces, Joe?). “We have to take this world as it is.” (Hear that, Yablonski family?). “The U.S. must be the strongest military force in the world.” (This — for Rome — Fatima #3.). States Senator Marks (who beat Onassis-Alioto-Newsom in 1968): “you — the revolting public — are at fault. We must defeat apathy. You must tell us your problems.” (The Alioto hit-run elected him). “We need your advice.” “Your responsibility does not end after you have elected us public officials.” And to the dead: “Our veterans made us what we are today.” (Now — the blame has been placed. It’s the dead GIs and busted nose Mary Jo.) Said Dickie: “A nation which condemns those who serve it will find itself condemned in turn.” From Leningrad he quoted the Russian Mary Jo — now enshrined — Tanya: “As some of the millions were being murdered at Leningrad,’ (this was the Onassis-Kennedy-Roosevelt World War II — The Pope’s Fatima #1) Tanya wrote, ‘Today my uncle died. Today my brother died. Today my grandfather died. My mother. Only Tanya is left.’ “ (Dickie started on my hit-run car, murdered my father, and is now proceeding clinically on the rest. My mother is next. She knows it. She’s a witness). “Let us insure that no other girl will have to endure what Tanya did.” And his pious eyes looked upward as he meditated for a moment on Mary Jo — the reason for his being at Tanya’s tomb in Leningrad (on behalf of all

Page Two Hundred One

murderous Maf who squat on all the graves listed herein.)
Teddy’s Memorial Day Response (clutching his right fist of steel that broke her nose): “Nixon wages peace in Moscow — but war in Vietnam. We heard all about Tanya in Russia — but what about all the Tanyas in Vietnam?”
One of these two will be the next President. Mafia, squatting on the graves of U.S. of Mafia Tanyas — Mary Jos — and baying at the world in necrophiliac frenzy.

Prior to Moscow and Peking — Dickie and Kissinger had a talk. “The world’s two big bugaboos are war and crime. We can’t go after crime — because that is us — Chappaquiddick, ‘Hughes,’ Onassis and so forth. So we set up a PR campaign against war — and get set for Fatima #3.”
So Dickie returns from Moscow and tells Congress: “We will not stain the honor of the United States.” (All applaud. The lid is still on.) “We must be proud of what we have done — PR the revolting public into being proud” (of murder, treason, bribery) “and proceed with our mission in the world.” (Fatima #3). “History” (Chappaquiddick), “lays an obligation on us. We must seize it now or we are beaten.” (Johnson phrased it: “We hang together, or we hang separately.”)
Stressed — in Moscow — was Dickie’s plea for non-interference in our “internal affairs” (Chappaquiddick). These were Clauses 1, 2, and 3.
Gray Congressional faces waited for reassurance on this — from Dickie. He informs them of failure by his silence on the subject (and he wasted no time getting from the airport to tell them). Chappaquiddick is the whole ball of wax — Fatima #3, International, and a Mafia Death Threat to the other half. He somberly told the gray faces what Teddy said after Chappaquiddick — “We must learn to live with it.”
Sept. 16, 1968 — “Bury that hit-run. We don’t need it to win. It just exposes the Mafia Election Process, ‘Hughes,’ etc.” Nov. 3, 1968 — “Cheerist, that hit-run elected me — and exposes the assassinations, Onassis and the entire Mafia affair. Bury it deep. And bury Roberts’ family too.” July 18, 1969 — “Oh God. Teddy murdered Mary Jo and that opens absolutely every shit pit, including the Vatican, who wants it buried. In addition to all the other reasons for the murder of Roberts’ family, it is also necessary in order to retain the Catholic vote.”
Mafia Dickie’s blackmail to Brehznev was this: “You — directing the 20 million member Communist Party, which rules all 240 million Russians — are identical to us. We are 20 million Mafia ruling 206 million Americans. You have your tyranny. We have ours. We won’t squeal on you — if you don’t squeal on us.” And Brehznev replied — smiling — “We’ll see…”

Page Two Hundred Two

Because — he knew — as did Mao — that this was a repeat of the same deal Roman Emperor Constantine made to the first Pope in the year 335 — “You leave us alone — we leave you alone. We cover for eachother.”
(And that’s where it is. Right back at the cover-up of Christ. With a difference — everything out in the open — and two and a half billion pairs of feet conscious of the need to stomp out cancer — and get the man off the cross.)
Brehznev smiled again as he arranged for Chappaquiddick Dickie to be guided — in Leningrad — to the shrine of Tanya — Russian Mary Jo.
Dickie got the message — and reacted quickly — “There will be no more Tanya’s.” Teddy jumped out of his skin. “What about Vietnam Tanyas?” (Vietnam — that’s the “Holy Crusade” his brother and the Pope and Onassis started). Congress was gray-faced and Dickie laid it all out —
a la Teddy — “We must learn to live with it.”
In Moscow, Kissinger, commenting on his sudden, secret trip — April 16 — to “check the agenda” (a la the October secret, sudden trip to “check the agenda” in Peking — a trip that cost the U.S. of Mafia the ouster of Taiwan and the admission of China) — this time about the possibility of being handed the remains of “Howard Hughes” and being introduced to an American named Roberts. Said Kissinger: “The Russian Summit was so well prepared — in advance — that the two governments agreed, ‘Don’t let’s surprise eachother at the summit’.”
The U.S. of Mafia couldn’t provoke Russia to cancel that summit. They wanted Dickie on record. They wanted Dickie to meet Tanya — their Mary Jo. In the first big Haiphong raid — four Russian ships were hit. One Russian ship was sunk. Russia backed away from the mines. The Russian Ambassador told Dickie “We wouldn’t cancel that trip for anything.” And he smiled.
Kissinger — en route to Moscow — was questioned, “Why are you so popular with girls?” Kissinger replied “Power is the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world. For instance, our State Department and the Pentagon Generals don’t care what happens, so long as they stay in power. They are power mad.” Question: “What about Samoa?” Answer: “Samoans can’t vote. Fuck ‘em.” (He didn’t come back by way of Samoa. He settled for the Shah’s bellydancers in Iran. Next week Iran gets Phantoms).
Twin headlines, Tehran: “Kissinger fiddles with Shah’s bellydancing broads in Onassis’ Araby. ‘Foreign Policy,’ Said Kissinger: ‘I want to make the world safe for bellydancers,’ as he poked at soft bellydancing flesh. Saigon: “U.S. planes blast all of Indo-China — except the opium fields. Thousands of Chinese dead — not one poppy.” “Foreign Policy,” quoted Noel Gayler — Commander in Chief of all Pacific Forces…as he lobbed tonnage of smart bombs on the soft flesh of Indo-China.

Page Two Hundred Three
Dickie and Mitchell did not stop in Tel Aviv and beg Golda Meir to please give us back Onassis’ Meyer Lansky — who lives with her. Lansky would be governor of New York. He was caught stealing $35 million of Vegas skim money from Onassis. He qualifies — like John Meier as Senator from New Mexico (who stole $17 million from Onassis, via “Hughes” phony mining claims, and wants to succeed Senator Montoya, who with Senator Brewster, carried $100 thou cash suitcases to Johnson in the White House to try to keep Hoffa out of jail way back there sometime) — or Alioto’s Sicilian kin — Sal Balistreri (Rape, Sodomy, Assault) — as San Francisco Judge — or Onassis’ “Fuck America” Chappaquiddick Dickie, and Mafia Pond Murderer Onassis’ Teddy, for President of the World. Says Golda Meir: “The Lebanese are sheltering terrorists. We want to hang them.” At her elbow, as she said this, was Lansky, who murdered Americans for 47 years — and still does. U.S. Justice says it wants him — for the $35 million — not for any murder. They want the loot back for Onassis. Golda Meir won’t give him up. She wants the loot to. And Phantoms.
In Moscow, Dickie: “Soviet citizens ask me, ‘ Does America truly want peace?’ Our actions answer that question far better than words can do.” (Let’s see — Vietnam, Greece, Taiwan, heroin, Pakistan, Mary Jo, ITT, CIA, Chile, Maheu, Daley, Spain, Portugal, Rome, Yablonski — you finish the list,)
In Moscow, Russia really did want trade agreements. They need everything. But the man in charge of that — for Dickie — was ITT Flanigan (these Maf are everywhere). No Russian would sit in the same room with him. They could put up with Dickie — they had a reason. But Flanigan? “Nyet,” followed by puke.
In Moscow — the 12 clause agreement. Key: the same as in Peking. Clauses 1, 2 and 3, backed up by 4 and 5, are what it was all about for Dickie. 1 and 3 state “non-interference in the internal affairs of any other country.” (Dickie is still trying to classify Chappaquiddick as an internal affair, while conducting PR to produce an image that the U.S. of Mafia is not pushing heroin and Fatima #3). Clause 2 tries to give teeth to one and three. Discussion on outstanding issues (Chappaquiddick and Fatima #3) will be conducted (4) “in sacred blood” by (5) “top level only” (that’s Dickie) “in secret” — “in a spirit of reciprocity, mutual accommodation, and mutual benefit” (that’s Mafia bribe offer. Those that were offered me always wound up, “Whaddya want?”)
And in Moscow, the top Russian reporter said “Nixon has a Zig-Zag policy, like a scared rabbit. We have had our doubts about him for a long time. We think he is tricky.” (His title gets longer and longer all the time — Let’s see — Onassis-Hughes-Chappaquiddick-Heroin-ITT-CIA-Thieu-Chiang-Mouldering-Trickie — oh shit, you finish it. And put that in too. Shit. Mouldering Mass Of Rotten Dribbling Infectious Shit. MMORDIS)

Page Two Hundred Four

In Moscow, Dickie settled for an agreement that allowed the U.S. of Mafia to build an ABM ring around Washington — to protect itself, the Mafia Club (This is where the Mafia Government stands today — circled by ABM in D.C., and by the moats of Miami for the Mafia conventions — having been frightened from San Diego by an anonymous letter). What’s to protect in Washington? A S.F. high school group toured there and were asked their impressions. “Depressing. Worse than our ghettos. Pushers all over. The House of Representatives had thirty people on the floor — out of 435 — and they were passing envelopes. We remembered what Bobby Baker said: ‘Thousand dollar bills pass around like confetti.’ Rogers, from State, and our two Senators, Tunney and Cranston, lectured us — ‘The U.S. has always been right and always fights for right against wrong. Our history is glorious.’ And we all knew how they got elected, and what they cover up. It was sickening.”
In Washington the “Bulletin of Atomic Scientists” published its usual front page — The Domesday Clock — showing the time pushed back from 10 minutes to midnight — to 12 minutes to midnight. These people are highly intelligent, scientifically, but a little shy on facts. Not Dickie. He knows. And he interrupted his harangue to the gray faced Mafia Club to look directly in the camera and address you, the peepul, who don’t have an ABM ring around you. To you he said, solemnly: “Every American is in on it now. Either I win — or you lose.” (Teddy was absent from this meeting. He was in Pittsburgh, drafting the Mafia Democratic Platform — for you — the peepul.) That clock is on the final tick. Holding. Dickie knows it. He won’t mount the cross — with “Hughes.” Teddy won’t mount the cross with Mary Jo. And Montini won’t mount the cross with Tisserant. You get the crosses — as did Christ and every murdered GI. This is their plan.
The Mafia Election Process continues. Mafia candidates, selected by the Mafia — no other qualifications — are placed before you for selection — in a rigged election process.
A tricky poll in a selected Illinois (Daley) spot — by Kennedy pollster Quayle — His question: “Did Teddy behave immorally before the car went off the bridge at Chappaquiddick?” 44% said yes, even so. But think a minute. They were Kennedy supporters — and they know nothing but what their bishop tells them. They know nothing. Murder occurred after the car went off the bridge — and Mary Jo suffocated — after 2 hours and 13 minutes — because of a busted beak — while Teddy called Mafia Onassis for cover. (In the New York Metropolitan Museum — for a long time now — has been hanging a Memorial Plaque to Mary Jo Kopechne. No — I repeat — No news media has investigated the matter — or the name of the donor. Observations, however, have been continual — of those who see and know and run.)
McGovern: “The central threat to the U.S. is right here at home. Not overseas.” (That’s as close as he’ll ever get to Chappaquiddick. He holds Teddy’s hand. Teddy’s

Page Two Hundred Five

Mafia runs McGovern’s campaign.
Sacramento — Dymally: “People are angry. Our State Legislature — and all of them — and the Federal Legislature — have been motionless for three and a half years.” (That’s when the shit hit the fan — three and a half years ago — Sept. 16, 1968. Said Mack at that time: “You have opened the world’s biggest can of worms.” Me? I was shooting dice with Herbie Kamatsu at the Black Magic when Alioto clobbered my car. Already — the jackpot — in a lab — had been tapped. My interest, at that time, was solely in finding a gift ruby for Herbie’s wife that Les Williams had dropped on the floor. I hadn’t the faintest idea that — then, at that moment — Alioto, Kennedy, Onassis, “Hughes,” Dickie, and Tisserant’s Montini were already on the middle of my back.)
Texas: “Connally has lost his Texas political base. The Connally wing got caught up in its stealing — Willy Wilson, the Guv, Legislature — hell, everybody.” (This refers to the Sharpstown bank scandal)
Chicago: “Daley, Teddy, Stevenson, and the Cardinal — together raising funds — For Teddy’s presidential race.”
San Francisco: “Humphrey and McGovern purchase $3 million worth of votes in the California primary, so far. This evening, Alioto, Archbishop McGucken, Shorenstein, and Sweig are raising funds for Humphrey. The rest of the local core are working with Kennedy aides pitching for McGovern — until Teddy can call them all together, after the convention.”
San Francisco: “Sweig and Schulman” (who, with Alioto and Shorenstein, started Chappaquiddick: offer to buy Unruh to quit governor primary against Alioto and run instead against Tunney), “were told by Kennedy not to release their ‘campaign funds’ for either Humphrey or McGovern — yet. Teddy plans to use those funds after the Democratic convention — after he has either defeated those others — or disposed of them in some other manner.” (Wallace was gut-shot.)
San Francisco: “Alioto arranged a Lindsay-Humphrey conference — reason: a possible Presidential-Vice Presidential coalition — and then directed Humphrey to get out a series of rumors — “McGovern is anti-Labor, anti-Jewish, anti-Lockheed, pro-riot…” (In 1967, Onassis and Teddy issued a communiqué that they favored Alioto to be president someday. They loved him. Today Teddy and Joseph don’t speak. I wonder why…)
Washington — a Senator: “The top priority on the agenda when the 93rd Congress convenes in 1973 is reserved for prison reform — that’s where we’ll all be — if the ‘campaign fund’ finance law is enforced.” (He jokes, smugly, of course. For who would jail them for murder, treason or bribery? Dickie? Teddy? Montini? Legal Mafia? They have already abolished the death penalty and whomever they can’t keep out of the jug they let out. Care to read the Mafia list?)

[The next two pages appear to be out of order, and are numbered pg. 206a and 206b in the document ]

Page Two Hundred Six [a]

Assassinations for breakfast.
Teddy murdered Mary Jo. Wallace received a gut shot. Dickie sent a Secret Service Army to protect Teddy. All government medical facilities placed at the disposal of Mafia Presidential candidate Wallace. All mines and bomb facilities were placed on the population of Indo-China to protect the heroin of Thieu and Chiang and the Onassis-”Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel. All necrophiliacs still in place on Mary Jo’s grave — with Secret Service, FBI, CIA, Pentagon and Holy protection.
Hearst published Cafarkis’ crud about Onassis. Sole reason for the con relates to Cafarkis’ attempt to rewrite the history of the frantic JFK phone call to Jackie on Onassis’ yacht (Double Diem-Kennedy murder days — Nov. 1, 1963): “Get off the yacht if you have to swim.” Says Cafarkis, solemnly, with approval of the hierarchy of Onassis, Montini and Dickie: “There was no phone call. JFK sent a letter mildly remonstrating Jackie for remaining so long on the yacht. This was early in 1963.” (The entire White House staff remembers JFK’s white-faced hysterical screams over the phone to Jackie. ‘Never,’ quotes one, ‘have I heard such loud uncontrolled anger in the White House.’)
Gervais, whose testimony about Garrison’s pinball pay-offs got Garrison indicted — confessed he’d lied. Says Gervais: “Because of my record, Justice forced me to frame Garrison. I lied and I’m sorry. As my reward, Justice got me a soft job with Onassis GM, in Canada, under an assumed name. It’s too big. I’m afraid. I know, for instance, that CIA McCone is hidden at ITT under the name of Director — with the same salary as Maheu — half a million a year — ‘for life’ — and they aren’t safe. Maheu is in hiding.”
Yablonski sons: “Murder is an institution in the U.M.W. and Labor Mafia leaders.”
Novotny, the whore, states that Fensterwald investigated her in view of his conclusion that World War II and the chain of assassinations were rigged affairs, by the Mafia. She affirmed that — from her personal view of JFK and the International Mafia (looking up from a bed) — everything checked out “real good.”
Said Wallace: “Vote for me. Let your message to Washington be that you are unhappy with Nixon’s brand of law and order.” (Said a Buchanan (Nixon) memo: “If Wallace develops strength, we must destroy him in 1972.”) Wallace is out of the way. Gut shot. A la King, Kennedy and Kennedy. In an identical manner — on TV — where everybody could see who did it — with a proven deliberate stalk — a la King, Kennedy and Kennedy. Open and shut. Clean. “Case Closed,” says the FBI. “No conspiracy.” “We have determined that he had no money — but that he spent a fortune traveling Canada and the East. Hypnotic Bremer was stalking four people — McGovern, Humphrey, Nixon and Wallace. Had he — or the other hypnotics still roaming around — as with Bobby in L.A. — nailed those four — there would be only one left, who would win: Teddy. Just as Thieu — Vietnam

Page Two Hundred Six (b)

Nol-Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Chiang-Taiwan, Onassis-Greece — the heroin chain. Bremer, a pauper — had time and money. Bremer, an idiot — had detailed plans and directions. Bremer, a total loner — had a series of Greek friends usher him across Lake Michigan for hypnotic classes and booster shots, during his stalk. We have prohibited anyone from disclosing the identity of those Greek friends or discussing anything about anything with any witness — or anybody. The case is closed.”
Says Shirley Chisholm, who has read these papers: “ If I were President, I would reopen investigations of JFK, Bobby, Martin Luther King, and others. I have a feeling there is a deliberate attempt to have this country taken over by certain kinds of forces. I feel that Teddy will be the Democratic candidate this fall.” (Bobby never spoke to Hoover after Dallas — even though Hoover faithfully pushed “Holy Crusade” Fatima #3. Ramsey Clark spoke for Bobby: “Hoover was against communism — and for the Mafia.”)
October 23, 1971: “Nixon’s housemaid was easily hypnotized to steal some dresses.” Nixon’s psychiatrist says “It’s easy to do.” (A hypnotic batch was present for Bobby — got him, with the help of Onassis’ back-up, Gene Caesar. A batch was present for Wallace — missed — no back-up handy. A batch is waiting for McGovern, Humphrey and Dickie — everyone but Teddy — Onassis’ choice.)
1933: “Assassination attempt on Roosevelt. Guiseppe Zangara missed Roosevelt — and killed Chicago Mayor Cermak.” Facts — today — by Louis Zangara, nephew, Chicago: “My uncle, Guiseppe, dying of cancer, was hired to kill Mayor Cermak — by the Mafia Syndicate — because Cermak shut down their gambling around election time. Guiseppe’s pay? His widow and family would never have any financial worries (later, they welshed on that). His target was Cermak. He killed him — while he was riding with Roosevelt.”
Sound familiar? It should. Dallas was copied after this. Oswald’s target was Connally. He got a piece of him. Onassis-Maheu back-ups didn’t miss on the real bait: JFK. Oswald was still puzzled by the con when Ruby gut-shot him. Ruby didn’t miss. Pro’s don’t. Only hypnotics, like Sirhan and Bremer — who can’t hit a target at four feet with eight shots.
“And,” continued Shirley Chisholm, “that’s all I’ll say about assassinations, right now. I don’t want to be gut-shot, yet. Instead, nine of us in Congress introduced a bill to impeach Nixon. The Congressional Mafia buried that. So we published the criminal impeachment charge, with some of the evidence, in the New York Times — and the union press Mafia almost stopped the publication of that. Nixon sent the press Mafia a medal for the attempt to suppress the printing.”

Page Two Hundred Seven

Black specks in your soup — that move.
Dickie took the U.S. into debt. $100 billion extra in three years. You pay. He pursues Fatima #3, Onassis-”Hughes” heroin, Mary Jo’s grave squat, and his place in history. Says he: “Either I win, or you lose.”
Vancouver: “PR man called in to examine Howard Hughes big toe. Discovers the toe is bigger than the average and publishes this fact — stating incidentally that Howard is healthy and happy.”
Vancouver: “Hughes’ visa runs out soon. He must appear personally soon. Yesterday, three private planes left for Guadalajara, Mexico. Top secret State Department clearance.”
Washington — Senator Hart: “Since Joseph P. Kennedy set it up 35 years ago, the SEC has been a Mafia cartel, a monopoly of price fixing, discrimination, looting, barring of competition and boycotting of competing markets. I refer specifically to the N.Y.S.E.
Nick Bethell — London Times — re: Churchill-Eden cover-up of Katyn massacre of Poles by Stalin: “Katyn needs a liberal application of truth and facts. This may shock the patient momentarily, but it will disinfect the wound.” (The British Empire sent down the tube — clutching to its breast Onassis-Kennedy-Roosevelt and Churchill. Sleeping with the cancer of Katyn has become a British way of life — as has Mary Jo Necrophilia and “Hughes” Mafiamoneyfunnelitis in the United States of Mafia.)
Washington: “In the Senate — quickly buried — Alfred McCoy named the South Viet leaders (all of them), the CIA and U.S. officials as Onassis’ heroin pushers from the Golden Triangle. Senate inquiry immediately dismissed.” That evening a new flight of B-52’s left for Thailand and two new airbases were activated next to the opium fields.
Rome: “Medallions are out — featuring Italy’s three top heroes — Pope John, JFK and Bobby — who opened up Vietnam and heroin for the Mafia.”
Rome: “Protection at the top level of government and religion keeps the Mafia going. It is a cancer that owns Italy. Luciano and Vito Genovese ran the Sicilian invasion for the U.S. in World War II. American Generals joined them and they helped the U.S. by sending German secrets back to their boy, Joseph Alioto, in Roosevelt’s Justice.”
Jack Anderson: “Rep. Emanuel Cellar — Dean of House of Reps — fingers personal loot from FBI, Lockheed, ABM, Nuclear (and conventional) power plants, Pentagon — He does this through his Legal Mafia firm.”
Lewisburg: “Bobby Baker follows Hoffa out of the jug. Baker, on a salary of $19 thousand, banked a million cash and a $50 million motel — and is now out after 17 months — because he wrote a book about how he “earned” the loot —

Page Two Hundred Eight

Senate thousand dollar bill — passing on the floor — $100 thousand suitcases to his boss, Johnson — and Nixon — and Judges.”
Teddy — in the Senate — screams: “Whitewash!” “The entire Senate is whitewashing Kleindienst. Whitewashing is a crime!”
Washington: “Barboza, a murdering Patriarcha Maf from Kennedy’s Boston, sang about Mafia murder, treason and bribery. Named names. ‘Sinatra fronts for Patriarcha,’ for instance. Barboza’s song was sung in public. Mafia Congress — up for reelection — subpoenaed Sinatra. Chappaquiddick Tunney suggested an ‘invitation’ rather that a subpoena — as they did Mafia Speaker McCormack during the Mafia Sweig, Veloshen, Donato, Heffernan, Pat Brown hearings. Tunney tried to soften it for Mafia Sinatra because Sinatra himself is a singer — and provides loot for any Mafia public official — such as Reagan, Nixon, Agnew, Teddy, Tunney… The Senate committee — because it was public, and election time — issued the subpoena. As with Cermak and Guiseppe Zangara — somebody will get shot.”
Manila: “U.S. of Mafia and Ford Foundation friend, President Marcos, bribed the entire Philippine Legislature to change the original FDR-written constitution to allow him to be President forever.”
Washington — Chief Justice Kleindienst: “I am an Episcopal Priest. My religion allows me to forgive myself in the bribery and treason of ITT, and to forgive U.S. Attorney Seward of the bribery and treason in San Diego. (We have fully atoned by switching the convention to “Hughes” Mafia Miami.) My religion also forgives us for the conspiracy in the murder of Mary Jo and Hughes — and all of the others.”
Seattle: “David Somes for a year has brought charges against U.S. Attorney Pitkin (currently prosecuting Alioto in a rigged suit) and the FBI for conspiracy to commit murder. Finally, when he publicly submitted confessions of five of the Mafia participants to a Federal Judge, that judge ordered the entire matter sealed and buried in a Federal Grand Jury — from which, like a collapsed star, no light emerges. This is known as the density of shit.”
In Onassis’ Peron’s Argentina — a complaint: “As at Bethlehem, we have persecution of all dissenters — particularly the revolting priests — who protest as the Berrigans do in the U.S. of Mafia.”

Page Two Hundred Nine

Paris (Shit Pit): “Niarchos and new wife Tina (Onassis’ ex-wife) — argue with Onassis over daughter Christina (by Onassis and Tina). Niarchos is the Pa. He murdered his wife Eugenie, who was Tina’s sister, and Onassis’ private reserve. Tina is the Ma. Onassis is the Pa. Alexander is around somewhere with Fiona, who is Onassis’ private reserve. Charlotte Ford called Niarchos about their daughter and Chappaquiddick and Eugenie heard and Niarchos murdered Eugenie. And Tina divorced the King of England to marry Niarchos, who is, by this time, somebody’s godfather. Maybe George Livonas, the brother of Tina and Eugenie, who chases Callas and Jackie around the back bedrooms, singing opera. Onassis phones Jean Peters regularly and flies between loves at MGM, 1170 Sacramento Street, Norway and Switzerland. Kennedys and Roosevelts sail the yacht. Got that straight?”
Taiwan: “Chiang’s son elected. 94% vote.”
Cambodia: “Nol elected. 98% vote.”
Thailand: “Government still the same. 100% vote.”
Laos: “100% vote.”
Greece: “Unanimous vote.”
Got that Straight?
Vietnam — Big Minh: “America gives aid to one man — Thieu. Not to the Vietnamese people. They will never leave. They need war to sustain their policies. If they don’t have it here, they will have it somewhere else.”
Washington: “Six billion in interest-free government money is deposited in favored banks.” (Mack’s Bank of California, Fred Martin’s Bank of America, “Jargon John’ — “G” — “Eyes Only” — “CIA” Greenagel’s Chamber of Commerce, Best’s computers, Carlson’s Cowles? They’ve been in on it from the start.)
Washington — Jerry Wurf, AFL-CIO leader: “We should shift our bribery emphasis from the states to Congress. The big crap game is now in the nation’s capital.”
Pennsylvania — near Mary Jo’s grave: “Boyle transfers his loot to wife’s name.” Boyle, who supervised the murder of Yablonski — with hierarchy approval — is running for reelection. His conviction of bribing Humphrey in 1968 bars him from holding public office — not, of course, Humphrey — who accepted the bribe — from running for president. Humphrey is backed by Alioto — also on trial for bribery — in a rigged trial, where the judge has already informed the jury that all bribery is legal. Why shouldn’t murderer Boyle be reelected? Murder, treason, bribery — these are the qualifications of public officials. Check Teddy, Daley, Nixon…anybody…Kenny…
New Jersey: “Demo Mafia Party Boss Kenny — Whelan’s Boss — convicted — conducts political fiefdom of murder from his hospital bed. Judge says Kenny will only continue to do this from prison — so maybe the judge won’t

Page Two Hundred Ten

sentence him.
Halvonik, ACLU: “It is impossible for an independent to run for office. Election laws are rigged to prevent this. Eugene McCarthy couldn’t win a suit of that nature. The Supreme Court threw it out.”
Washington: “Senate rule prohibits one member from criticizing another — ‘Omerta.’ Scott and Griffin — the ‘truth squad’ — label Gravel a traitor for revealing the Kissinger papers. And they demand that he produce whoever gave him the papers so that Justice can hang that one as a traitor too.”
Los Angeles: “Lockheed wins another billion in defense contracts — with government bank loan guarantee for the job to be done in Onassis’ Greece.”
Sacramento — Reagan: “State Supreme Court ruling against the death penalty is a complete reversal of its own decision 4 years ago” (that was just before Alioto, “Hughes” and Chappaquiddick) “and a complete reversal of two hundred years of our constitutional law.”
San Francisco — Alioto: “My police play an essential role in safeguarding the rights and freedoms which are guaranteed by the Constitution to every American.” (City fund shortage — $2 million to the City Employee voting bloc, $2 million to his Police to buy, specifically, two “Hughes” helicopters.)
Women’s Lib: Barbara Phillips read these papers and ran and hid. Last week the State Legislature voted down her project — the Equal Rights Amendment for Women. She has now pulled a lid over the hole in which she hides. Consumer’s Confederation: Kay Pachtner was notified of these papers and the contents. She ran and hid. Last week the Alioto mob turned down her consumers’ bill. She has pulled a lid over her hole. Anybody seen the Chappaquiddick broads around anywhere? Or Elizabeth Jean Peters?
New York — Press Freedom Task Force: “There is a double standard of treatment — one for the free underground press, and one for the established press. There is a threat of complete Mafia press censorship typified by the government’s pre-publication restraint.” (The Pentagon — Onassis’ toy — publishes 371 magazines and publications — about itself. The yearly tax payer cost is $56 million.
San Francisco — McCabe: “Al Capone learned his morals from William Randolph Hearst.” Last week Hearst bought the remaining two papers in Boston. He now owns them all. Cowles ducked “Look” like a hot potato, and last week purchased all the papers in Denver. Loeb, of the Manchester Union Leader — a Mafia animal — suddenly a power. Dickie panders to him. Hoffa hooked him long ago with a $2 million bribe. His copies of the Chappaquiddick phone calls give him great blackmail. He whipped Muskie out of the presidential campaign.

Page Two Hundred Eleven

Made him cry. Vatican Muskie couldn’t respond with “Chappaquiddick.” Horrible frustration — and Muskie cried and cried and quit. Loeb told Dickie and Poucha Pond John to get Hoffa out of jail — and they did. This monster — Loeb — unregulated by anything — has as much power as Thieu. That power is a copy of the Chappaquiddick phone calls. He will rise to Mafia heights. Oh, Dickie, thy lid will be done.
On May 15th, 1972 — a Dickie shuffle. The day after Wallace’s gut-shot, Dallas bullet Conally suddenly resigned as Secretary of the Treachery. Lid-sitter-on-Yablonski Schultz was moved into Connally’s place — in charge of Indochinese heroin. A hot spot. S.F.’s Weinberger (whom I contacted in October, 1968, when I couldn’t get through to DA Ferdon, and Reagan refused to respond after my Sacramento visit) was moved into Schultz’s place — a very hot place — since it is the Mafia cancer rotting of the dollar that is the Achilles Heel to the U.S. of Mafia.
(Treachery Connally rigged votes and came out for Humphrey in 1968 — and beat Dickie — in that state. Upon election, Dickie was about to jail Johnson and Connally for the Austin land steal. Comes Chappaquiddick and Johnson tells Dickie “Cover it up, as I did in Dallas, L.A. and Memphis — or we’ll talk about ‘Hughes.’ We hang together or we hang separately. Appoint my boy to the Secretary of the Treachery — from whence that $50 billion a year, tax-free Onassis heroin flows.” And Dickie did all these things. And, upon resignation, May 15th, Connally, with his Dallas bullet, endorsed Dickie to be the next President.)
All right, Seattle: “Connally, under orders from Nixon, released convicted Teamster Dave Beck from an IRS tax rap — to gain Teamster support of Dickie’s price freeze. The Seattle Post Intelligencer — a Roosevelt paper — started a probe of this to embarrass Nixon — and Connally promptly quit his job — because any probe that might get through to the Nixon purchase of Loeb (release of Hoffa) in order to cover up the Chappaquiddick phone calls (as Johnson ordered — “or else”) would blow the whole bubble of shit. Schultz was ordered to take the Treachery job. He and Nixon were together in affairs for 3 years — such as murder and politics in the UMW, Mary Jo, “Hughes,” oil, and the 41% siphon of the Gross National Product. Dickie’s reasoning: The only one you can trust is a co-conspirator.”

Page Two Hundred Twelve

From Ellsberg: “The Phoenix Program in Vietnam. The CIA put up one billion dollars as an assassination fund. For murder of ‘enemy’ leaders — listed by the CIA — and mainly to brothers and sisters of the victims — exactly as the Legal Mafia branches do here — Marcello, Maheu, Nixon, Onassis, Patriarcha, Kennedy, Lanza, Alioto, Boyle, Daley…”
San Francisco: “Hidden in the balloting is a fight for control of the S.F. Republican Co. Committee. Once again, John Mack — attorney, banker of the Bank of California and his slate are trying to unseat Bechtel’s Emily Pike and her group. He, treasurer of the Nixon campaign committee, sponsors this power play by Conservative Republicans to overthrow the current self-perpetuating County Central Committee.” That entire blurb could be condensed into five letters — MAFIA. When I handed him the solution to Chappaquiddick — three weeks after it happened, I asked him “How much would the Mafia pay for the presidency?” His face went white. He was introduced to me by my father. I offered him Alioto on a platter in October, 1968. Kennedy in July, 1969 — make that August. “Hughes” in December. He read these papers in my mother’s kitchen. His wife wears a gift of my rubies. He owned Judge Aitken on that bit that sponsored Cambodia for Dickie, and FBI Sullivan’s response to me — “You have just been through the biggest con game in history.” Said he: “Tell me what you know of Howard Hughes,” “You have just opened the biggest can of worms,” “Tell me about the assassinations and smuggling and heroin,” “It’ll cost you $1500 to join the Golden Circle,” (Lincoln Club — Arnholdt Smith, Alessio, Schulman — the San Diego Mafia). I said to him “Here’s loot for Justice.” “I elected Nixon. Now he can be another Abraham Lincoln.” “Alioto, Kennedy, Onassis-’Hughes’ on a platter.” “All alone, then — sell my stones, give this one to Mrs. Dickie.” On Feb. 22, 1972, Nixon completed the murder of my father. The next day I invited Mack to the funeral — personally. And Greenagel, Best, Carlson, Nolan. Next, the Dita Beard memo went out.
What these Mafia run from is more deadly than they know. A series of things have placed that clock one tick away.
One of these came from the papers of Cardinal Tisserant. He died Feb. 21, 1972, in a clinic near Rome. He was a dissident at the very highest level of the Vatican hierarchy. Once close to the Pope — but in recent years a hated thorn. Like Ellsberg scooting off with the Pentagon Papers, and Mary Jo scooting toward Nader at Chappaquiddick, he too scooted. His bag was the entire Vatican shit, including Onassis, Hughes, and Chappaquiddick. Papers. They’re out. Montini wants to quit.

Page Two Hundred Thirteen

(Re: that Mafia Republican County Central Committee — and Mack — for whom my father worked for many years — believing in their integrity — a quote from Crimes Of The Upper Court: “Corporation executives weigh the lives of others against (1) their own standing in the corporate community hierarchy, and (2) the firm’s profits. In both cases they do not stop to deliberate. The public cannot protect against this Mafia, who, in cold blood, violate the law to further their own welfare.” They participated in the murder of my father, squat on the grave of Mary Jo, Yablonski, all those named in here, plus that of Christ.)
Tisserant describes how this came about — for a period of a century — in his papers.
It started — for me — in 1966, with a local priest, Father Mootz, a Jesuit Education Professor at the University of San Francisco. Old and crippled (Multiple Sclerosis), he could barely shuffle. His birthday — a party for him by a friend. I was the accidental host. Down the school paths, in the car, up to the apartment — we talked. He knew he was dying. It was his first party — ever. Twenty people, drinks, a religious argument, vying for Father Mootz’ approval — he squirmed — he motioned to me, I helped him to the bathroom. We talked. Party over, down the stairs, in the car, at the school — we talked. Said he, finally: “They’re farming me out to the Jesuit Seminary at Los Gatos. Come by and see me. I want to talk to you. You are not impressed by the religion you see. And you’re smart enough to know the way to the bathroom. Nobody else was. I was ready to vomit.”
Six months later the hostess and I went down to see him. He was in a wheel chair in a beautiful cloistered room. We hoisted him in the car and took a ride. Around the beautiful seminary and down around San Jose. He talked to me, when she was gone. “Do you know the Vatican?” Me: “I was married to the daughter of the French Consul of Indochina. She was in a concentration camp there after Dien Ben Phu. I know of the French Vatican colonization of the area. I know of the French Vietnam heroin. I know of the Cardinal Spellman-Kennedy ‘Holy Crusade.’ I was told of the Diem-Kennedy-Onassis connection. It all added in 1963. Things like that, Father Mootz.” He surprised me — “That’s fine.” Later, I got lost. I didn’t know how to get back to the Seminary — winding, hilly roads, etc. I told him, “Father Mootz, I’m lost. We’re like the Flying Dutchman — we’ll just have to drive around forever looking for it.” Said he, like a little boy, “That’s fine.” And then, “Stop somewhere and we’ll wet our whistles.” The girl disappeared somewhere. Over the beer he named one of those at that party. “Be careful. He is very bad. Always will be. I will tell you about him. For your sake.” He did. He recalled — to me — the guy’s confessions. Finally, I told him, “Thank you for telling me, Father Mootz, but he’s no friend of mine. I’ll probably never see him

Page Two Hundred Fourteen

again.” I felt guilty. Here he was, violating that privileged confessional — in my behalf. But he was intent. “You are just like me. I know about you. I asked.” “Why, Father? I’m not Catholic, and you could never convert me, as you did her (the hostess). I know too much.” And again he said it — “That’s fine. And you don’t like what you know — or what I just told you. I don’t like what I know. But I won’t last forever. You carried me in here. And you’ll carry me out. I want you to know.” The girl came back then and we found the Seminary. I wheeled him into his room. We talked and he found a wallet, pulled out the only bill and pushed it into my pocket. “For the beer.” And I told him, “Well, Father, you said I was just like you, and so you know that I will accidentally lose this five before I get to the door.” And I did. We said good-bye and he said, “Good-bye. I’ll get something to you.” We went home. Father Mootz died a few months later.
Later still — when the hierarchy of shit was assembled on my back — someone — I don’t know who, pushed the Tisserant papers in my pocket — as Father Mootz did the five. And, since I was “just like him,” I accidentally lost them too. Around. Where the finder could get some good out of the thing.
Maybe Dickie would like to study these bits and things. He’s in them. And I know where he can pick up a supply. These are really “foreign affairs.” His major hobby.
The Papal Election Process — as with the Mafia Election Process of Boyle — as with the Mafia Election Process of Dickie — as Thieu — as Chiang — as Onassis.
“The highest priority project in the U.S. of Mafia is the suppression of these papers — documents, tape, film — these that you now read.”
For this summary:
Cardinal Tisserant — a Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals — died on Feb. 21, 1972. The Vatican immediately raided his office to burn his files. The files were gone. Tisserant believed in the public’s right to know, a la Ellsberg, that morality took precedence over loyalty to his church. For years he kept secret records — of the truth — finances, holy murder, Fatima #1, 2 and 3 — back for a hundred years — with fingers back to the murder of Christ. During those years, people smuggled out copies. Even Tisserant didn’t know this (Hochhuth must have seen Schulman in order to write “The Deputy.” I quoted one key phrase to Nader’s father in Winsted, Connecticut in late 1970 — after sending the Nader letter that brought him his Onassis bribe. A key phrase to Nader’s Harry Miller on Feb. 13th, 1971. And another key word to Fellmeth, Nader’s assistant, on Feb. 14th, 1971. All ran in total fear).

Page Two Hundred Fifteen
These Tisserant things are a sordid tale of Mafia, MMORDIS, whatever you call it — using a willing and trapped, nearly 2000 year old institution and it’s fringe religions to subjugate the bodies, souls and spirit of man and of the world. It is why the Roman Catholic Church is collapsing. It is why Berrigan was refused entry to Cardinal Terence Cooke’s Church. Why the Vatican historian writes “Montini is trapped in the most monstrous clutch in history. There is no-one alive who can tell him what to do.” It is why the world’s most massive CIA — from the Vatican — searches the world, to locate, burn, destroy, and murder all who have copies, or have seen them, or know, or even suspect.
Montini’s Mafia record is in them. Onassis. Hughes. (Today a Swiss account was set up for Canadian Customs’ McKinstree. He granted “Hughes” an additional year visa. We had a “voice” from the Bahamas, a proxy view by a stranger in Nicaragua. We will get a proxy photograph. But “Hughes” will be hidden until after the ‘72 Mafia elections — from behind the moats of Miami and the ABM ring around Washington.
It is why — three months after Tisserant died — and Montini knew the things were gone, Pope Paul cried hysterically. Said he: “It would be beautiful to shake off the burden of the Roman Catholic Church and say I do not want it.” Said the headlines: “Pope Paul VI wants to quit but can’t.”
If the final tick doesn’t occur — via Fatima #3 — or a new way — you will read the Tisserant papers. And these. And hear them. And see them. Whether you like it or not. Ding, ding, ding.
Chappaquiddick let it all out.
The man wants off the cross. Father Mootz says so. Mary Jo. Tisserant.
In 1960 — Dickie cried. Lost a Mafia election. “You can’t push me around anymore.” Wanna bet?
Teddy cried at the bridge. “It couldn’t have happened.” Wanna bet?
Mafia Loeb made Muskie cry in New Hampshire. Total frustration.
Montini cried — after Tisserant. “I want to quit.” (I believe that.)
Necro Nader cried. “It’s too much. No one can change it.” Says he: “These people hold the power.” The Power is the skinny one on the cross with the speared liver. It is a busted beak in a Pennsylvania grave — a plaque of the Museum wall. A priest who sends a five dollar bill from the grave. A broken heart and a coughed up belly in Cypress lawn. (That one was my father.)

Page Two Hundred Sixteen

Power to release the hold on the final tick. How can Dickie and Montini keep the lid on them? How can he murder the dead?
In Stockholm (U.N. World Environmental Conference), Secretary of the U.N. Waldheim and Swedish premier Palme violated omerta of the U.S. of Mafia. Said both, “The first priority in the ending of world pollution is the extermination of the Vatican-U.S. of Mafia Vietnam War.” Dickie’s screams are being heard around the world (Barring massive Mafia lidding, the next items on the agenda are the pollution of Tanya and Mary Jo).
At the Kennedy graves — the entire Kennedy clan. A mass. A wafer of Christ’s liver to Jackie, former queen of Camelot, present queen of Onassis, who murdered the man over whose grave she ate the liver wafer. (Jackie is on call to Mustapha, the Turk, who kept the Onassis diary — whose wife divorced him when she found Jackie in her bed. See the Canadian Papers — not all Canadians are like Canadian Customs McKinstree) Liver wafer to nose-busting Teddy from the Pond (see the Chappaquiddick Papers), who sold his brothers out for eternal silver from Onassis, and eternal life from the Pope. Liver slab to Body-Count Chappaquiddick McNamara (see the Pentagon Papers), custodian of the POW’s, MIA’s, and very dead GI’s in the Mafia-Papal-Dickie-Heroin-Vietnam “Theatre.”
Present, by priestly proxy, was Montini (After World War II, Pope Pius XII said, “I shall never allow Monsignor Montini to become a Cardinal. He has his own massive spy organization and has evil Mafia plans.” But Pius XII was murdered by Mussolini — see the Paris Papers), who was stronger than the Pope — and so it was that Mafia Montini was stronger than Pius XII and today is Pope Paul VI — and tearfully wants to quit (see the Tisserant Papers).
Not present was Commander in Chief of All Pacific Forces Gayler — on assignment by Dickie — in Vietnam, to exterminate all of Indochina — except the poppy fields, heroin mule trains, and air bases for CIA transport of the product (see the Kissinger Papers).
Not present was Onassis — who doesn’t cry — eats liver — yours. A New York attorney says, “There is no way in God’s world of knowing who owns the stock — through Chase-Manhattan — that owns all the airlines.” (Or GM, Lockheed…unless you check Onassis’ Swiss banks, where McKinstree’s new account is, and where Mrs. Clifford Irving presented the “H.R. Hughes” checks).
Nor Dudley, who purchased Denmark (from Dickie — campaign bribe bought him the Ambassador’s job). Dudley quit Denmark to join Dickie’s reelection campaign and fight against no-fault insurance (He is part of the U.S. Insurance Mafia that never paid me a dime for the Alioto-clobbered car and squats his


Page Two Hundred Seventeen

[Text at top of page missing ]
in Greece — collecting Mafia loot from [Unreadable ] for a [Unreadable ] (Onassis deals direct to Teddy — see the Christian Brothers Papers).
Nor Dickie — who set up the “Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel in 1957 — via Onassis-”Hughes” quarter million bribe to his bubby, Donald, through his mummy (accountant Reimer was given $150 thousand by Onassis, to “shut up the mouth” about the bribe coming via Walters, from “Hughes”-Onassis. See the Tisserant Papers. Tisserant was hot on two people: Dickie and Montini. Cross check the Merryman Papers).
Nor Connally — who really carries the ball. News item: “Connally suddenly being sent around the world to almost every country. Nobody knows why.” A termite heard this conversation between Dickie and Connally: “Kissinger and I couldn’t buy Russia and China. Fatima #3 would be a sticky affair, right now. You — Dallas Bullet Connally, former Secretary of the Treachery in charge of all Vietnam heroin — are now commissioned to the greatest ‘search and destroy’ mission in history. Find those papers — and destroy them. Draw on the heroin billions, Onassis billions, the 41% siphon of the GNP, the Vatican billions. Buy anything that’s left. Any country. Everything that’s left. Draw on the $100 billion extra National Debt we just socked to the peeepul. Buy, buy, buy. And find those papers — and destroy, murder — whatever is right. The Vatican will back you. They control most of the world. And their as worried as I am. Tisserant is no idiot. This could be it. Blow it all if necessary. Money won’t do us any good in a box. Do this — or don’t come back. There may not be a place to come back to.”
Dickie’s not stupid. Mafia, yes. But not stupid. He is aware that history proves — even without Tisserant — that all balance of power relationships soon break down and war follows. He also knows that in a world of five actual nuclear powers — the only way to peace id to get the man of the cross. That, of course, would blow a “place in history” for him and Montini — and that would never do.
From the Tisserant Papers: “Twenty four hours before his murder, Christ stated, ‘A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another” — he was interrupted by events, and arrest, and on the cross, twenty four

Page Two Hundred Eighteen

hours later, he completed it — “and hang murderers on the cross — not me.” This commandment — the eleventh — was destroyed by Religion and Politics — the handmaidens. It ruled out war and crime.
Substituted, was the code of Omerta — “Do not squeal on a fellow Maf.” Religion has its Mafia Omerta Confessional. Government has its Legal Mafia — the Mafia Election Process. Both sponsor war and crime. For personal gain. Take a close look at the Necrophiliac Mafia group that squats hooded asses on Mary Jo’s grave. Mafia religion. Mafia politics. And the rest of the Mafia tentacles. Cancer core and satellites.
And then ask yourself — “Why?” Why does a Necrophiliac Nation squat on Mary Jo’s dead busted nose — and elect nose busting, dead fucking Teddy for President?
A partial quote from Fatima #3: “Evil will rise to the summit of the church. It will be Bishop against Bishop. Holocaust will happen.” (See the Tisserant Papers)
In Moscow: “Russia and the U.S. acknowledge the fact of mutual devastation. They offered their entire populations as hostages to peace (all of you except Washington and Moscow, circled by ABM’s).
About this, Dickie: “We want to be remembered for our deeds — not by the fact that we brought war to the world.” And Kissinger: “Forty years ago, this agreement would have been considered insanity.”
Twenty Seven years ago — one second before Hiroshima — public reference to a weapon that would murder 100 thousand was called insanity.
So — call it anything. The clock is one tick from midnight.
“Something old — something new — something borrowed — something blue” — a wedding of shit. Divorce is by buttons — one, flush clinical shit — or two, flush it all.

Page Two Hundred Nineteen

July 18, 1972
Legal Mafia: In Lansky’s Israel, the Israeli Supreme Court threw out a suit by Israeli Attorney David to reopen the cover-up of the murder of Christ. Said David: “His trial was unjust and rigged. His covered up murder has caused damage to me, and the entire world.” Said the Supreme Court Mafia: “Not so. The Mafia Roman conquerors tried Christ and convicted him and murdered him. We have no Jurisdiction. Why do you come to us anyhow?” David: “You are the first court in Israel — and the only court, since the U.S. of Mafia created this Mafia jurisdiction over the Holy Land called Israel. To whom else would I turn?” The court: “Try Mafia Montini’s courts in Italy. His Mafia troops did the deed — and are still doing it. Through history. “Holy Crusades.” Inquisitions — to Auschwitz, and Vietnam and Mary Jo. Go away. People like you turn up face down in alleys. We love Lansky and Sweig. Philanthropists, genuine citizens of the world, Papal Knights, and Shriners.”
In Alioto’s San Francisco — all this shit to Hallinan and McTernan in March and April, 1972. “Use it in the June elections to win your Superior Court Judge election races — and win — or don’t use it — and lose the election, and another thing.” They don’t use it. They lost. The election and another thing. This shit to Garry about April 7th — via Senator Proxmire’s niece. Two weeks later — from Garry’s office: “He won’t read it. Come and get it.” I went to get it. Said Garry: “Let’s talk. Tell me what’s in it. I can’t read.” Verbal, you see. I gave it to Hyland, verbally, for Hallinan. I suggested he read the documents. No — but a quick return call. Said he, having set up the tape: “Now repeat all this to me.”
“I’m too busy,” said Garry. “Tell me everything in a few minutes.” I tried — a brief scan — and then, “I’ll give you a list of fifty names. These people are the bravest people in America. They are people who have quit the CIA, FBI, and spit upon the Mafia publicly. They make the sounds and motions of brave, free Americans. Out of 206 million Americans, they are the only ones who might qualify to stand on Concord Bridge. The rest of America is under Dyke Bridge, holding Mary Jo’s busted head under water while they dead-fuck and peddle heroin for Dickie, the CIA, Onassis and the bunch. Cancer. Mafia Shit. Two thirds of the world has been given this shit — in order to defend themselves from Fatima #3. They grab it — eagerly. These 50 are entitled — by their

Page Two Hundred Twenty

own, apparently voluntary, actions — indicating some remaining American manhood — to the right to defend themselves. You call them together and I will talk to them. And when we leave that room, those fifty, the bravest of the brave, will be divided into two piles: one, for hanging for treason, and the other, well, you can sit by and listen. The wedge would be the murders of Hampton and Clark — whom you defended — to open the entire matter of all assassinations: King, JFK, Bobby, Yablonski, Mary Jo, and back to the murder of Christ. Do you want to know how and shy Hampton and Clark were murdered?” Garry: “Yes, tell me.” I did, omitting the key evidence and specifying that I could present that at any time, if he were interested. No answer to that, then or since, but one remark: “Leave your papers. I’ll read them.” In May, more papers to Garry’s secretary. Accepted. In June, more papers to another Garry secretary. Said she: “He’s too busy. He wants to give you your papers back.” Me: “Okay.” She: “I can’t find them.” Me: “He knows where to reach me. He can send them.” July 7th, no papers back. I called Garry. Me: “They rigged my new car. It’s wrecked. Could I arrange an appointment with you for next week — early — say, on the day of the opening of the Demo Convention?” He: “What’s it about? Your car?” Me: “No. Something else that I had better discuss personally.” He: “Call my secretary and arrange an appointment and I’ll see you.”
April 7th to July 7th — three months. “Too busy.” Of all the reasons offered to me by “the backbone of America” Americans for not reading about their own deaths (after having read it), “too busy” is the most frequent. Their logic is infallible. Denying any knowledge, because of being “too busy” — means that they are also “too busy to die.” Correct? Like putting up a hand to push a missile away. To those who tell me they don’t care about Mary Jo’s murder, I state “Then you don’t care about your own.” That’s logic too. They have forfeited any rights to humanity by fucking on her grave. And eating her liver. And fucking on Christ’s grave. And eating his liver. One commandment — “Bow to no craven images” — They not only bow, they eat wafers of his liver. And drink His blood in golden goblets — crossing Mafia palms with silver.

Page Two Hundred Twenty One

Quotes Albert Szent-Gyorgia (sneers are not necessary — he discovered Vitamin C, holds a Pulitzer Prize, and currently is nearing a cure for cancer. This man has done some good): “The world is looking out desperately for a new leader who can show new rules for coexistence, based on decency, honesty, goodwill and human solidarity, instead of imperialist Schulman. There is an intense craving in the human mind for these and anybody who can bring them to us will become the world’s uncontested leader.”
And, I will note, the alternative is to kiss your Mafia ass good-bye. “Too busy.” (At any moment, the glob can disintegrate. It is so rigged.) “See ya later.” I always answer, “There’s lots of time.” And that’s true too. Eternity stretches on forever.
I will write the letter. Or Garry could write the letter. Re: his babies — Hampton and Clark — a legitimate legal matter — even by Mafia American legal standards. I will furnish the fifty copies and the stamps — mailed by the Mafia Postal system. Garry doesn’t have to open his mouth. I have every right in God’s world to address a group of fifty of the bravest of the brave — the very self pronounced cream of all brave free Americans — judged by all to be the bravest, free-est nation in the world.
And Garry can sit and watch the disintegration of the moral fibre of a predicted percentage of that bravest-of-the-brave group. A la Nader. Necrophiliac, Mafia rabbit Nader — braying about reform, like any Mafia crusading DA — in order to take it all over in the name of the legal Mafia — over whom there will never be check. God, you see.
But he will see something else, too.
A game, Dickie calls Mafia Murder. I love games. I’m playing Dickie. And it’s gonna be a fair game. I set all of the rules. I happen to own the bat.
Three months. Below I will note events which have occurred during those three months. Murder, Treason, bribery, genocide. Events which need not have been. And for which people will hang. Here and there.
Alfred North White: “Duty arises from our potential control over the course of events. Where attainable knowledge could have changed the issue, ignorance has the guilt of monstrous vice. It is cancer. It should be destroyed.”

Page Two Hundred Twenty Two

[Text at top of page not readable ]

for Teddy. Taking its cue from the Mafia cancer top — an entire necrophiliac [Unreadable ] nation — moans for Teddy. Vatican-Mafia Daley, Meaney snakes for an opening for Teddy. From Rome, Montini snakes for that opening.
Teddy? Hiding behind shitty Mafia skirts of Mama Rosie — “Mother Of The Year” — liver eating Joanie, Chappaquiddick broads, 600 million “soldiers of the church,” legal Mafia, press Mafia, all Mafia branches. Hiding in Hyannisport. He is hiding from these papers. He runs from me.
Mitchell? Hiding behind shitty Mafia skirts of Martha. Quit everything. Attorney General job, head of Dickie’s campaign (“We won’t break up a winning team,” said Dickie). Says Mitchell, in quitting: “I have placed a lid on everything — and must devote my entire time to keeping the lid on Martha. It would be inpropitious to drown her in Poucha Pond — as we did Mary Jo — at this time.” Says Martha, “I am more a prisoner than ever. Politics is Mafia. I know dirty things. Why doesn’t Dickie mention me? I was his number one reelection propaganda weapon.”
Johnson? “We hang together or we hang separately.” Hiding behind the shitty Mafia skirt of Lady Bird — another “Mother” — at the Pedernales. (His picture at the Democratic Convention was stolen in order to focus attention on it’s proposed replacement: a portrait of Mary Jo — looming over what it’s all about — the Mafia Moats of Miami — the siege of Camelot.)
Mitchell and Johnson are hiding from these papers. They run from me.
The list of Mafia cancerous rabbits is long. From Presidents to CIA “in [Unreadable ]” at any local bar. They will gang.
Two can’t hide — can’t quit. Chappaquiddick Dickie and Mafia Montini. (This is a courtesy from aides of Mary Jo and aides of Tisserant.) These are the leaders of the “civilized world” — they pursue Fatima #3, the blow off of the other half. Their only way out. The other half is expendable — as is any American GI, or Mary Jo, or you.
Today, the leaders are around the world on a mission of fear. Connally, Burns, Kissinger, Reagan, McNamara — and this list is long. Secretary of State Rogers has scheduled a sudden visit to Pope Mafia Montini. An urgent visit.
Four days is the duration of the Mafia Democratic Convention. Conversely, the entire solution to cancer is arranged over a four day holiday.

Page Two Hundred Twenty Three

Of all Mafia branches, the media-press communications Mafia is the gravest cancer. So, Dickie has arranged for the demise of all opinion magazines (i.e., Nation, Ramparts, etc.) — Postal strangulation rates. The Mafia Supreme Court has removed the death penalty for murder, treason and bribery — anything that the Mafia does — and canceled any press discovery immunity — any means of exposing Mafia secrecy — a total Omerta. Dickie as arranged an end to Public Broadcasting and any Free Speech radio stations (Reagan is in charge of this death). The FCC has been stacked for murder — Burch and Wells, for instance. News media have been granted Monopolies — now multinational, the basic cancer. Bruckner writes lucidly of the governmental “assault on the Bill Of Rights.” Troops move into Miami to protect the Mafia moats. Secrecy of the Mafia Grand Juries is reinforced by the Legal Mafia.
The cancer spreads, of course. One instance: New York City. Total Mafia murder, bribery and treason at the top — City Hall. One down — one instance — construction. Bribery at the top, right on down to the guy who pours the concrete. Cops and heroin. (In Chicago, Daley has a cop execution squad that executes cops who don’t collect enough.) New York City — an estimated $1 billion per year in cash bribes, heroin sales, what have you. Multiply this by every city, county and state. It comes to $200 billion. Nader and friends bite $200 billion more in National Mafia corporate outright theft. Outright Mafia crime: another $100 billion. There is a total of one-half of the gross national product. This is what you pay — your Mafia tribute in taxes. AT&T refuses to stop purchasing Mafia soap — you refuse to cease your Mafia purchase — your tribute. So, who is it that breeds the Mafia?
A quote: “America has the rottenest form of Justice in the world. Mafia delay. Mafia murder. Mafia election. Mafia. The United States Of Mafia.”
A quote: “If Teddy hides from his popular mandate to be President, at least McGovern’s manager, Frank Mankiewics — a wholly owned Kennedy Maf — will be Attorney General — and sit on the lid in place of Mitchell.”
From Alioto’s Humphrey: “It would be fatal for McGovern to bolt the Mafia Party. We must require a Mafia loyalty Oath of Omerta of all Mafia candidates at our convention.”

Page Two Hundred Twenty Four

Quote — L.A. Police Chief Davis: “Hang all air pirates, on the site, with portable gallows. Precedent quote: “Hang all Maf — portable gallows — all murder, treason, bribery. Collect all of their loot first. Assess damages against breeding source — whatever it may be — family or public. Result — no taxes at all, for the balance. Leftover yachts for all.” In South Korea (our allies, correct?) — a general was sentenced to death for taking a bribe. His fine was the amount of the bribe. His damage penalty was everything he owned. That cancer is dead. In America — anywhere — say a $2 million bribe to Mayor Whelan — Mary Jo’s last boss. The fine? $2000. (Where does the rest go? Who keeps it? Who gets paid off? Ask Bobby Baker — he wrote a book.) The sentence? Eleven months in a well-stocked jail. That cancer will live forever. Who’s dead? Mary Jo.
Hearst rewrites more history, printing Burton Hesh’s “Ted Kennedy Story.” “Kennedy, from out on the lawn, asked for the car keys to take Mary Jo back.” No mention of the people being inside (heavy mosquitoes), of the phone calls inside, Mary Jo’s anger inside, the slammed door (screened against mosquitoes) as Mary Jo left in anger, from inside. These are only cold evidential facts.
‘72 Mafia Election: “Judge Hart, who stole McGovern’s California votes for Alioto’s Humphrey, is the one who ruled that ‘Senator Brewster has congressional immunity for bribery. It is legal. He is licensed to steal.’ “ Of the California vote steal, he ruled “The California vote steal By Alioto’s Humphrey is crooked, but it’s not unconstitutional.” That evening there were 722 street murders in America, and 1,434,321 cases (reported) of robbery, rape, burglary and petty theft.
World tours. Just before State Secretary Rogers suddenly arranged an urgent trip to Mafia Montini in Rome — the Pope issued a Papal Nuncio — ominously — “I, too, have a personal diary I am keeping up to date.” (Mustapha’s Onassis Diary, Tisserant’s papers — ah, the ‘72 Mafia election, Vatican-Mafia, intercene blackmail.)
Hisses Mafia Kennedy Mankiewicz — for Mafia McGovern — at Mafia Alioto’s Mafia Humphrey: “The Alioto-Humphrey California vote steal was a ‘corrupt,’ ‘rigged,’ ‘stinking,’ ‘Mafia,’ ‘Political’ steal of the already rigged

Page Two Hundred Twenty Five

[Text at top of page missing ]

“campaign funds” — in spite of a clear law which says “It is criminal to accept a bribe — in any form — for any representation a public official makes before the United States Government.” (Boggle. Who’s gonna prosecute? The U.S. of Mafia which purchased them?)
Just before Dickie’s CIA Colson, , Hunt, McCord, etc., went into hiding after being caught bugging everything in Washington, and Poucha Pond John ran into hiding to keep the lid on Martha’s Mafia mouth, Jack Anderson stated: “More ITT type settlements were made by Mitchell for Mafia Republican Party bribes from five major Mafia drug companies. Loot from minor settlements goes to Connally’s Mafia Treasury — not major settlements to the victims — you. Public fraud charges and scandal are averted. Mafia Republicans have bribe loot.”
14th Amendment: “The U.S.” (of Mafia) “shall not deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of its laws.”
Anderson exposed the 1960 and 1968 vote steal maneuvering and the lids by Nixon and Humphrey. Today, praise is issued for a pre-convention gala telethon by the Mafia Demos to raise money for the preservation of the Mafia Election Process for both Mafia Parties — presided over by Joanie — Teddy’s liver eating bride.
Justice Blackmun, of the death penalty ban: “Irresistible pressures were at work on the Justices cloistered in this court.” (Indeed. A separate noose for each, who belong to one of the two Mafia parties, and who owe their jobs — as God — to the Mafia Multinational which owns the Mafia National Government, which owns them.) Re: The press — These “Irresistible forces” were also at work. They ruled to force investigative newsmen (already clamped by the Private Press Mafia and God), to reveal all their secrets to secret Mafia Grand Juries, rigged, as in S.F. by people like Alioto’s Godfather, Waxler’s partner, Lansky’s boy, Papal Knight and Shriner, a Prime accessory to the murder of Mary Jo: Ben Sweig. And family.
Says Alioto: “Our many Chinatown murders are not related to narcotics.” — as he and Harry Yee pump $6 billion a year in heroin from Laos through

Page Two Hundred Twenty Six

[Text at top of page missing ]

Dickie-”Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel to Switzerland and back to buy more multinational corporations, more Mafia public officials — as at Miami, more countries — with the aid of Alioto’s handmaidens McGucken and Montini, and Daleys Cardinal and Lindsay’s Cardinal Cooke — Dickie’s collaborator who is wired in for next Pope — in the same manner that Cardinal Spellman and Kennedy joined in a Vietnam “Holy Crusade” to preserve the $50 billion a year, tax-free heroin flow, and pursue Fatima #3.
In Saigon, the last of the press was clobbered when it printed a U.S. of Mafia memo assuring Thieu that, in the event of any political overthrow, he would be installed as Monarch of South Vietnam. The following day, Thieu rigged a law through the Viet Congress giving him powers of dictatorship — indefinitely.
Re: A censored press — in America — Congressman Dellums: “There is rampant [Unreadable ] within our government. Democracy is impossible when the overwhelming mass of the American people do not have the information to make sophisticated decisions.”
Says Dickie: “I use press conferences to communicate and inform the people.”
Says Dietrich: “I hereby file a $51million suit against Onassis. He pays the proxy “Hughes” who called me a dirty son-of-a-bitch over the phone.”
Necrophiliac Nader, who deliberately committed the monstrous crime described in the Alfred North White quote: “Roche of GM — since he is a leader — has for that reason a moral duty to lead.” (Nader accepted Onassis’ bribe as a result of my letter. Nader leads a Mafia Necrophiliac Rabbit Run away from the solutions.) Says Nader: “Corporate Mafia conducts murder for profit. We lawyers — me and my Teddy Kennedy friends — should take corporations over so that they can be regulated — by us — me and Teddy. Government should not set up self-regulated bureaus.” He fails to discuss regulation of himself and Teddy and the legal Mafia whom he wants to take over. This, of course, is the Nader-Teddy motive. An alternate to direct presidential control — by Teddy.
After Chappaquiddick — fall of 1969 — Richard Berlin, for Hearst,

Page Two Hundred Twenty Seven

visited Dickie — and suddenly the newspaper monopoly bill passed — with Mitchell’s Justice Department backing off. Hearst made a deal with Dickie. News blackout of Chappaquiddick and “Hughes” in exchange for private Mafia newspaper control.
Late in 1969 — after Chappaquiddick — Dickie appointed Burch and Robert Wells to the FCC to stifle all broadcast and TV news of Chappaquiddick and “Hughes.” Self-regulators — both broadcasters.
Two of Nader’s Necrophiliac boys — Mintz and Cohen — carefully avoiding comment on the two Mafia Parties and the legal Mafia lay it on this way: “There is no efficiency or profit increase via conglomerate mergers. There is less. But the Mafia moves in, buys out, and absorbs and then it has that economic power (not market power) to own the government.” Washed Mafia money owning it all — protected by the Legal Mafia, to which Nader belongs. Covington and Burling (Teddy’s firm) — whom Nader originally assaulted — as a poor boy — are now allies. And Nader’s partner, Eddie Cox, who married Tricia, now professes hero-worship of Poucha Pond John Mitchell, who is currently in hiding as a fugitive from justice.
Say Mintz and Cohen: “The technological imperative reason for giantism is a mask concealing the true state of affairs: Government ownership through economic power — Mafia loot to do it — with Vatican assistance (and Mormon, Episcopal, Methodist, etc. — Man! What a batch of loot.). The handmaidens. Body and soul. Corrupt Mafia government supports the Mafia monopolies such as any part of the banking-industrial-military complex — which in turn purchases the Mafia government which supports it.
Alioto’s Washington anti-trust suits (automatic settlements by firms already convicted in Washington) were part of a nationwide group that brought a half billion in treble damage settlements from firms such as G.E. Mafia IRS then allowed these firms to deduct these settlements as business taxes. All Mafia profited — Alioto to G.E. You paid those missing taxes. Atlantic Richfield and ITT haven’t filed a tax in seven years. In billions, how much do you pay, out of your $150 a week? Did you know you were buying them a Mafia tribute — after the Mafia government took out its commission for collecting from you — or else?

Page Two Hundred Twenty Eight

Quotes Nader’s boys: “Public (Mafia) Government and Private (Mafia Economy) have joined together in a tight embrace. This they call ‘The Establishment.’ ”(And this is what they, also Legal Mafia, wish to take over — with no regulation on themselves. They fail to note the other Mafia handmaiden — The Vatican — like any growing cancer, needs world power — Fatima #3. Just as their “Establishment” needs economic (Mafia) power to own the world and Fatima #3 to assist them to do it. It has ever been thus, from Christ through all the “crusades,” and including the current.
And that’s the blow-off, baby.
1945 Supreme Court: “Freedom of the Press under the First Amendment [Unreadable ] does not sanction suppression of that freedom by private interests.” (Mafia interests) “The purpose is to preserve a marketplace for truth — not monopolization of that market by either government or private license.”
The N.Y.T. turned down $5 million to suppress its Boss Tweed expose — in 1871, How much did they get from Onassis to cover Chappaquiddick and Alioto? From Dickie to cover “Hughes”? “Today a syndicate of Mafia lawyers and brokers simply controls the corporations and buys or controls the offending news organization. Concentration of media ownership by the Mafia is power — political and economic. Censorship is in the conference rooms of the nation’s TV networks (Carlson — Channel 7, ABC, when I first tossed him the Alioto hit-run cookie that elected Dickie. Derrough at CBS, who ran all the way to New York and now has one foot on a plane for the South Pole). And, of course, The NYT gave Cowles $50 million for a few scattered news rags — a back handed payoff — Mafia — for being a “good boy” and backing off on Alioto (the ‘Look’ “Alioto-Mafia Web”).
Anti-trust laws are not enforced. They’re on the books. Just as the Constitution is not enforced. Murder, bribery, treason — hanging offenses, are permitted in the U.S. of Mafia and the Legal Mafia has now taken the death penalty away from the Constitution — in fear for itself.
Senator Hart: “Our economy and our lives are dependent on the benevolence of private interests (Mafia), which are not even national, but international in scope.”

Page Two Hundred Twenty Nine

Quotes Nader’s boys: “Corporate white collar crime is Organized Crime is Mafia Cancer.”
“No national government can now control the multinational corporations which now control the economies of all the non-communist countries.” (McNamara, Onassis and all of Dickie’s boys have been busy.) “Control of the economy is a prerequisite for control of the political structure.”
This, the Mafia has done. Next is Fatima #3 — the only way out for the handmaidens — body and soul — Vatican and Mafia. Today, as in Delaware, the stockholder voice in corporations is eliminated. Only the control group, the Mafia, rules. This is how it is in politics — elimination of any private voice, and the knowledge necessary to use that voice. The Mafia rules. This is how it is in religion — as typified by the Vatican. The Mafia rules. And this is the cancer that has scheduled Fatima #3 — opened in Vietnam by Spellman and Kennedy — a “Holy Crusade.”
Mild Johnson — FCC: “There will be no improvement of regulatory agencies until the political process is improved.” (Mafia Election Process, he speaks of. But he is very short on guts.)
Ownership of mass media is by unregulated Private Government.” (See how polite he is. The word is “Mafia.” “MMORDIS.” “Cancer.”)
And yet, “When ownership of the communications media, of banking, and of the means of production is concentrated in a few Mafia hands,” (which it is) “democratic institutions cannot flourish.” (and they don’t.) To phrase this in President Johnson’s blunt Texas talk: “You’all been pissed on, shit on, and fucked. By us’in. Yuk, yuk, yuk. Ah’ll have a $50 million pyramid. What’ll you’all have?”
Reston, NYT — puzzled: “Something is moving in the U.S. that the candidates, managers and reporters cannot understand.”
This slob — who fucks in the forefront on Mary Jo’s grave — won’t comprehend in a 22 hour period. He can’t spell Chappaquiddick. The history of the world cannot be understood in 5 minutes. Or 22 hours. And if you can’t spell Chappaquiddick, you can’t begin to comprehend. Leaving the 22 hours free for other things, such as navel contemplation, while it rots away.

Page Two Hundred Thirty

Chief Justice Burger, re: “Congressional Immunity “for Brewster: “Bribery has no place in our legislative process.” There — you see — it doesn’t exist — a Supreme Court ruling — by Burger — who gave Onassis a group of ships in 1945, on orders of everyone, including Dewey (In 1944, FDR and Marshall begged Dewey not to release the fact that the Japanese code had been cracked long before Pearl Harbor, and that FDR knew that Pearl Harbor was coming, had provoked it, and welcomed the Pearl Harbor Mafia Murder. “A day that will live in Infamy,” said FDR, completing the infamy begun by Onassis and Kennedy in England, where they Mafia-muscled England and aided Germany in an onslaught — in order to get the Mafia show on the road — Fatima #1. In that 1944 election, Dewey, the crusading D.A. against the Mafia, became a member of the Mafia — and kept the code of Omerta and allowed insane Mafia Roosevelt to be reelected. What’s a little thing like World War II, if it will bring along the Mafia and the Mafia-Vatican-Fatima series? (Current Russians, thinking of Tanya — Russia’s Mary Jo — remember that 30 million of their own were sandwiched into murder in that rigged affair, and watched Prendergrast Mafia Truman playfully atomize 100 thousand at Hiroshima to cap it — and then pursue Fatima #2 in Korea. Cold War all over.) Kennedy opened Fatima #3 for Spellman. That will cap in — one hour flurry — or a 22 hour torture, whichever comes first. Courtesy of the handmaidens. And we can all enjoy the 2 hours and 13 minutes Mary Jo struggled for breath through a busted snorkel on the floor boards of Teddy’s Jesus car in the cold waters of Poucha Pond. “Equal Justice for all,” states the 14th Amendment.
Onassis and the Greek Mafia, with the aid of the CIA (Today, Representative Rangel stated: “The CIA has a paranoiac secrecy about the facts of heroin from Southeast Asia. A total Mafia lid — even though the facts are already out. Like Mafia Burger, the CIA rules that it does not exist.” Like the “too busy to die” mentalist — a frantic hand pushing back a missile.). Anyhow, Onassis took over Greece in 1967 — “to save the country from communism.” Today, the U.S. of Mafia, via the “holy crusade” in Vietnam, Diem-Kennedy murders (plus a few million more), and today’s Mafia heroin monarch, Dickie’s choice — Thieu — is set to take over the world to “save the world from communism.” In Greece: “The Press has been silenced. A network of spies informs on the nation.” And that describes the U.S. of Mafia at Miami today — and Montini’s Mafia Army — Montini, the Deputy of Christ at Auschwitz.

Page Two Hundred Thirty One

Dickie’s new man with his Vatican finger in the dike — Gray, FBI — has the job of lidding Bremer. Wallace, the Maf who was shot, goes along — code of Omerta. Says Gray, like Teddy at Chappaquiddick: “It didn’t happen. It doesn’t exist.” “Bremer was too clumsy to be a pro.” “All proceedings on Bremer will be deferred until we can consolidate the lid.” (I just puked again. Archbishop somebody just opened the Mafia Democratic Convention for Mafia O’Brien. “Tis a troubled nation — you need my divine guidance — and I decree it to you. Help the poor. Send a buck to Montini. Elect Teddy.”)
A quote: “Three out of four Americans believe the Wallace gut shot was part of the same conspiracy that gutted all the others.” Combined quotes by accredited humans — experts in various fields, primarily murder: “Bremer was a pawn of a huge world wide ‘financier-industrial’ group. He was brain-washed. He was under some kind of mind control or hypnosis.” (What a massive demonstration of missing guts — the word is “Mafia.” “MMORDIS.” “Cancer.” And the murderers’ names have been passed out — to them.) All psychiatrists who examined Bremer are prohibited from talking. All witnesses to the Greeks who ushered him across Lake Michigan are now in chains. Everything is locked up to allow Mafia ‘72 to proceed. (O’Brien just praised the great American Political Process. Last week he said: “Campaigning is giving the ugliest meaning to the political process. The Nixon law-and-order administration is stooping to tactics that raise the ugliest questions about the integrity of the political process. First Amendment Rights and Civil Rights of myself and Teddy and the Demo Party have been violated. The cover-up of the bugging of our offices by Dickie indicates that he does indeed have something to hide.” He hints — but doesn’t go on. What he refers to is the “cover-up of a deeper fix,” hinted at by Joseph Kraft, another brave, free American who won’t spell it correctly.)
The Supreme Court — six to three — rules that no law governs the two Mafia Parties — to which they belong. Both Mafia Parties are above the law. “They appeared on the scene 150 years ago. There is nothing in the constitution about them. They just rule, that’s all.” In S.F., a reporter asked, “Who are these Party Central Committees who produce candidates for election? Who appoints them? Who selects them for election? Who is John Mack?” He asked both parties, Supreme Court, attorneys, newsmen. The answer: “We don’t know. But they are fine people. Forget it.” They don’t exist, you see. And that, of course, is — by precedent — the resolution. Non-existence. (That’s a vague term, isn’t it?)

Page Two Hundred Thirty Two

Hannah: “The period from 1870 to 1912 was the filthiest era in American political history. Everybody bought their jobs and aided fellow millionaires.”
The Mafia: “We use taxes as heroin on the people. We learned from Plato, who said: ‘The leaders’ object is to impoverish by the payment of taxes — this compelling the public to devote full time to their daily wants, and therefore, too busy to conspire against him.’ “
Said Betty Waterhouse, maybe a year ago: “I like the Mafia. Why don’t you leave them alone? Don’t think so much. We’ve gotta get your car off the streets. It upsets you.” They did that. And my next car, too. It was parked on the street. A thousand miles later, chemicals ate out the transmission seals. $120 later, and days later, back in use — new seals. A thousand miles later, chemicals ate out the transmission seals — again. In the meantime, after a tamper job on the front wheel alignment at a Tahoe mountain parking lot (Casino), a new tire blew coming down the mountain. We got out of it, and recalled the equipment left near the wheel when we interrupted the tamperers as we came back to the parking lot. Then the transmission blew. No car no more. Of course, this is trouble for me — and expense. And of course, the Mafia Demo Convention was about to start. I wonder what’s planned for me around Dickie’s Mafia Convention time. That’s the one that moved from Dickie’s favorite San Diego to the Mafia Moats of Miami, because of an anonymous ITT letter that went out on the day of the funeral of my father, who’s final murder coup was administered at the time of Dickie’s Peking trip (Quest for world peace — as Dickie’s Fatima #3 bombers obliterated everything in Vietnam except the CIA mule trains carrying heroin to Taiwan Harry Yee, Onassis “Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel and back to Dickie for his reelection.).
The murder coup was a rat poison in common use (Maheu tried to get it to Castro when he was hired by the CIA — McCone, now of ITT — to assassinate Castro — the first of a Maheu string for Onassis). It’s effect is apathy, shortness of breath, and heart attack — too long after administration to detect the murder. No trace. This capped three and one half years of torture for that old man — starting with the Mafia Alioto hit-run on my car on Sept. 16, 1968. Two judges, hearing Alioto, died in a similar fashion — during the middle of Alioto’s trials. He won both cases. Two girls barbecued during the middle of his Mafia trial. He won that one. Hoover died conveniently. So did the McCone-ITT Replacement for CBS’s “Selling Of The Pentagon” Stanton.

Page Two Hundred Thirty Three

Six more pukes at the Demo Mafia Summit — Larry O’Brien just welcomed the viewing public: “We must tell the American Public the truth. We will tell them the truth.” Mary Jo was murdered by shortness of breath. So was Christ.
Professor Vernon: “Multinationals — in secret — use the U.S. as a means of controlling the economies of other countries. They sit in the structure of long established political and social institutions.” (Read: Mafia and Vatican) “They sprawl across national boundaries — linking assets with an intricasy that threatens the concept of a nation as an integral unit. I suggest a Global Justice Department to regulate multinational Mafia concerns.”
I suggest, as all doctors do, the extraction of the loot first, and then, the extermination of the cancer — for survival — as all doctors do.
In Miami, Harris — Credentials — just praised the justice of Burke Marshall — who ruled on all those “crooked” “Constitutional” matters — chiefly, the Mafia Alioto Humphrey California vote steal from McGovern. Burke Marshall was one of the first hero supporters of Teddy at Chappaquiddick. He came just after Onassis in the cover-up phone calls. I suggest that he be classified cancer — and so treated. Or do we call it murder, treason and conspiracy? No, we can’t do that. The Supreme Court has banned the death penalty for any crimes, including those. So, it must be cancer. This is logic. And that is cause for immediate extermination — with 100% human approval — including the Supreme Court. There has never been a ban on the killing of cancer. And millions of firm precedents approving it . By everybody — at all times — including those nine cancer cells on the Supreme Court, who fuck frantically on Mary Jo’s grave — and declare Burke Marshall’s Mafia Party Law to take precedence over Constitutional law. Burke Marshall used a spade digging Mary Jo’s grave with one hand. His other hand was engaged in the average American practice toward the site of Mary Jo’s grave. Like Moslems to Mecca. (In Miami, just now, Alioto spoke: “The vote to stop McGovern in favor of my Mafia boy — Humphrey — is in the lap of the Gods. And right now the Gods aren’t speaking to us.” This is true. And then the camera panned to Pat Wyman, wife of the national director of Hubert’s campaign. She, too, was sad. And she looked just the same as on around Oct. 8, 1971 — at a dinner during the “assassination threat — aborted” — Nader’s non-appearance at the miserably flopped consumer attempt at a third political party. The dining

Page Two Hundred Thirty Four

room was empty. Tables full of salads — and me — hungry. She charges up. “I’m Pat Wyman.” (I could see this on the big tag.) “ Who are you?” I told her, and suggested that together we eat all of the salads and when the rest arrived they wouldn’t know that they had missed anything. She: “My husband is with Diamond Match and he is always busy and I just don’t know what to do with myself. Most of the people here are not consumers. They are wealthy and business oriented. Don’t you agree?” Me: “You forgot the Mafia. I know them all. And I see many here.” She: “Then you know Paganini?” Me: “No, I don’t know Paganini.” She: “Nader is wrong when he says that wealth over a certain amount should be taken away from people, isn’t he?” Me: “Nader is a craven coward.” She: “He begged out of this appearance because of Washington business. I can’t see anything that would stop him from being here at a meeting as important as this.” Me: “That isn’t the reason he’s not here.” She: “Here comes everybody. I’ll join you at this table.” She discussed a teenage son who was trying to turn hippie and that they had sent him to Italy to see the world and straighten himself out. I mentioned that it was impossible to put a lid on a volcano and suggested waiting it out with an air of omniscience until he became impressed and started asking for aid from such a simple PR promoted image. Said she: “You look lonesome. We’ll find a girl for you,” and then Bill walked up (an old friend). We talked. Said he: “We’ve been shafted too long, we’re fighting back.” He left. And she, in surprise: “You do have a friend in the room!” Dinner over. Jeff O’Connell (University of Illinois Law Professor) spoke: “I am told we have very important people in the room. Therefore, I have a speech.” He parused John Rothschild’s article on the Mafia and the Pope. Said he: “The Mafia had to take over the whole economy — they were losing money on crime. The Pope has the best racket of all — he sells blue sky.” (It was a pre-release of Rothschild’s article in the following month’s Washington Monthly.) Pat Wyman cringed with every jab. I don’t remember any words from her after I whispered a correction to her of an O’Connell statement — said he: “The Mafia takes 30% of the Gross National Product.” I whispered to her, “It was 41% as of last week. He’s wrong.” I can’t remember her after that. No words. Nothing. I don’t remember her leaving the table. And I waited until everybody left, because I wanted to talk to Bill. And I spoke to O’Connell later. If Pat Wyman had furnished girls for me — and Bill and O’Connell — we could have salvage something out of Nader’s Consumer Pratfall. After all, we were in a hotel — Mafia Del Webb’s Towne House in Mafia Alioto’s San Francisco.

Page Two Hundred Thirty Five

Senator Metcalf states that via stock control, major banks control it all. I won’t go into it. In brief: “Corporate Secrecy is tighter than the Mafia Swiss banks. No one knows who owns or controls the stock in the super corporations. Dick Casey — Crooked Casey, proven — won’t give it out.” (Just as Mafia Mitchell won’t give out the names of Mafia Dickie’s Mafia ‘campaign fund’ bribers — neither will any of the Super Corporations, such as ITT. This — your life or death, they say, is ‘privileged and confidential.’ So die — Vietnam, Poucha Pond, Fatima #3, whatever. The corporate effect. Multinational murder. Names like ITT, McCone, Onassis — current leader of Mafia Family Kennedy.
Bishop Don Camara, San Raefe, Brazil (who was exiled there after he printed the fact that Montini is one-half Jewish — his mother — and wheels and deals with Freemasonry around the world — working both sides of the Mafia Street — and who speaks words similar to what you read in here), is under a current sentence of assassination by the Vatican Mafia that owns Brazil. They hung Camara’s Priest assistant on a cross in Camara’s church. Very dead. The Vatican Mafia death sentence on Camara is printed in the Brazilian Mafia Press.
Cardinal Spellman, hero of Kennedy’s Vietnam “Holy Crusade” (now pursued viciously as Fatima #3, by Dickie), knocked Bishop Sheean down completely — out of Papal contention, because Sheean refused to kickback millions (from his TV pleas) to Spellman. Sheean said publicly that Spellman’s “Holy Crusade” in Vietnam was the rottenest deed in history. Pius XII of course, boiled at this and knocked Sheean down — hard. Sheean now is a beaten, secluded 77 year old man. He reminds me somewhat of Father Mootz, who arranged for me to see “some papers” from Tisserant — who was also disillusioned, as was Mary Jo. And dead, too.
Me, to Fellmeth, Feb. 14, 1971: “Would you like the names and crimes of all the congressmen who are Mafia?” Three months later — me, to Fellmeth in St. Louis: “You’re running the wrong way to see those files. Shall I mail you the names and crimes of all the congressmen who are Mafia?” Fellmeth, both times: “I have to go now.” Today, Nader announces that Fellmeth, his partner, will release a year long study of Congress in October. In it, you will find no mention of Mafia — and a

Page Two Hundred Thirty Six

total absence of reference to legal Mafia — to which most of Congress (those who don’t belong to the banking Mafia, industrial Mafia, and Mafia-Mafia) belong, along with Nader and Fellmeth and Eddie Cox (the original trio), Teddy’s friends.
Me: “Is Nader Mafia?” Harry Miller: “I don’t know. His friends influence him.” His friends are Teddy and the legal Mafia that dead-fucks Mary Jo. And skinny Harry flails away daily. And Kay Pachtner and Neil Gendel. (Said he: “I quit Attorney General Younger. He’s a phony. I can’t get help convicting Mafia.” Said Pachtner, after Alioto had kicked her in the ass on her consumer affairs group: “Someone has to break the insane shuffling of consumer complaints from one Mafia agency to another, as our D.A. Ferdon and the Mafia B.B.B. do.”) And before all this, I told Pachtner and she told Gendel this entire shit. She, for both, accepted a dinner invitation to go over evidential documents. They didn’t show. They were out dead-fucking with skinny Harry under the moon — aiming at Pennsylvania, U.S.M. (U.S. of Mafia), where Mary Jo is festering. (Pachtner today runs up and down the street pushing defunct GM cars back to the shop for Nader — pausing now and then to have an orgy toward Pennsylvania. Busy. “Too busy.” Too busy to die.)
Senator Nelson (also a cousin of Proxmire’s niece), who has read these papers — just made a speech, in genuine fear. Said he: “The heart and soul of the Democratic Party is at stake tonight,” and, ominously, “under the eyes of the entire world. Remember that. If we lie, cheat and steal now, we are dead. If we are not honest now, there is no hope. Do not let Alioto and Humphrey and Wyman steal these California votes from McGovern.” (Joanie’s telethon flopped. The Mafia won’t [Unreadable ] up for a loser. They’ll blow it on Dickie — and assassinate McGovern, even though he fronts for Teddy.) Said Nelson, sadly: “Civilizations disappear because of just such a visible fraud.” The vote was close. Old ladies knitted and young ones giggled. Mafia faces that I saw on TV yawned, waiting for the Kennedy blitz. The archbishops were sad. Nelson sweated this out. And at 2:00 a.m., the entire Mafia Demo Convention, including Nelson, walked out under the Miami moon — and dead-fucked in the general direction of Mary Jo (Security was too tight to get her photo up in place of Johnson’s — they put his back up again) — a fucking frenetic fandango, led by Shirley Chisholm and Willie Brown and the Black Caucus, and Mafia

Page Two Hundred Thirty Seven

Sinatra’s Shirley MacLaine, Pierre Salinger and the White Caucus and Chicano caucus. Christ, they were all out there dead-fucking. Mafia Alioto looked funny humped over a palm tree. Pat Wyman and innocent eyed broads, drooling in a frenzy. Moon over the Mafia Moats of Miami.
Wallace, sourly (disappointed at McGovern’s quick win): “I think I’ll knock the hay down where the goats can get at it.”
Dickie, in fright: “Please don’t hold any public hearings on my CIA bugging of Mafia Larry O’Brien and the Mafia Democratic headquarters. Don’t prosecute that million dollar suit. Such a thing would ruin the Republican Mafia party, and, after all, we hang together — or we hang separately. Remember, liver eating Joanie’s telethon was to raise money for both Mafia Parties — the Two Mafia Party system — and that includes us.”
The Archbishops, sadly: “We quote our Pope: ‘I was vested with the sublime and exceptional dignity of the Deputy of Christ.’ ‘God has chosen me to suffer in a church troubled by protest and change.’ ‘A vote for Teddy would ease my suffering.’ “
Heinrich Boll (from Germany): “America cannot lose a war — a crusade in Vietnam, initiated by Cardinal Spellman. The U.S. president is elected by a shit method — and he determines the survival of the balance of the world.”
Teddy: “The quality of justice is invincible. We will have it for all of us, or it will survive for none.” This is true.
In Chicago, this day — Hanrahan waived a jury trial on the charges that he murdered Hampton and Clark. That throws the decision into the hands of a Mafia judge, appointed and owned by Mafia Daley and on up the Mafia ladder. Hanrahan, of course, will be acquitted. Garry was the lifetime attorney of the two murdered men, Hampton and Clark, murdered on Dec. 4, 1969 — after Chappaquiddick — to suppress the connection to the Nov.1, 1963, double Diem-Kennedy murder day, and the abortion of its Chicago end (Kennedy), until Dallas — three weeks later.
San Francisco, this day — the fighting attorney for these dead men — Garry —

Page Two Hundred Thirty Eight

July 10, 1972
(The previous 19 pages were delivered to Garry, by me, this afternoon. Two separate versions — future scripts of his reaction — had already gone out. One will be scratched. The other hit very close.)
At 3:00 p.m. — appointment — his office. The expected wait — a half hour. During that period, the smell of Mafia-CIA was strong. From McTernan’s office came a client who looked me over. Then came McTernan. In and out several times, peeking. Then Garry’s client left — same Mafia smell — peeking. Secretaries, very studiously, do not recognize, peek or anything (all are new to me). Garry said “Come in.” Me: “I know you’re busy. Read the first three pages — five minutes — and it will take care of the matter.” (The first three pages are a repeat of the entire legal affair — the offer made in April — verbally — to Garry.) He scanned them — flipped them back. He: “Tell me what it says. I can’t read.” So I proceeded to read the pages to him. “No,” he said, “don’t read, tell me.” Me: “But Mr. Garry, these words are concise, true, and the quickest way. Alfred George White’s quote, for instance,” and I read it. “No,” he said, “don’t read it, tell me.”
The attorney for Hampton and Clark. They were murdered. Me: “All right, today, in Chicago, their murderer Hanrahan was acquitted by a Daley Mafia judge. I will offer evidential proof of the entire Mafia hierarchy, Daley on up, that participated in that. I have new and heretofore unknown evidence relating to a group of murderers — right back to the murder of Christ. Using your Mafia legal right to defend your clients, dead Hampton and Clark, you sign a letter — written by you, or by me — which I will pay for and mail — to fifty of the bravest of the brave Americans, who have so professed their bravery. Cold legal facts, relating to not only Hampton and Clark, but Mary Jo, JFK, Bobby, Martin Luther King, Yablonskis — thousands of others — right back to the murder of Christ. Two thirds of the world have been given these facts in order to defend themselves from Fatima #3. These fifty are entitled to know the solution to the murders they’re interested in — by way of the solution to Hampton and Clark, and the murder of Christ, pursued, as we know, by Israeli attorney David. These fifty are, apparently, the only fifty Americans who have the guts to stand on Concord Bridge and fight tyranny. The other 206 million Americans are holding Mary Jo’s busted nose under the waters of Dyke Bridge, selling heroin for the

Page Two Hundred Thirty Nine

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