Part 6

him or his attorneys. Me: “Ellsberg’s out of jail — four days after I gave these to you, and told you he would be.” He: “Well, we have worked out Ellsberg’s defense very thoroughly. It’s in the bag.” Me: “He was released because of a taped phone call — one special one — that even Justice had to produce and Judge Byrne both acknowledged and buried.” He, grinning: “I don’t know anything about that. I couldn’t get the papers to him.” Me: “It didn’t matter — a series of sacks were there for Ellsberg and others. Other calls were taped. Only that one — contents, of course, ‘Chappaquiddick’ — was forced out to Ellsberg to get him out of jail.” Now Rudenstein wasn’t grinning. So I continued: “Did you read it?” He: “Yes.” Me: “Anybody else?” He: “Everybody in the office here.” Me: “Who? What are their names?” He: “I don’t know.” Me: “What did they think?” He: “I guess, that is one man’s opinion. You undoubtedly have better sources than we do.” Me: “Other than the insulated sack with you to and from L.A. — how many minutes, or hours, were your fingers in contact with the physical sheets in the sack?” He, surprised: “I don’t know.” Rudenstein was now solemn. He didn’t speak again — or nod — either way — when I asked a question. Me: “Since that is how it is, then, there are things that you should know. I got him out of jail — permanently — in four days — just as I said I would do — didn’t I?” No response. “I can put him right back in jail. Mafia Justice has asked the Supreme Court to vacate that stay. While all this has been going on those nine old Mafia men are reading the other papers that have been delivered to them — a la these. They can jail him on another charge — much more serious — and true — not rigged — as this one is — and they will hang him.

Page Three Hundred Two

And everyone else involved. Regardless of the death penalty ban. ‘Supervening Statutes,’ I have been told. Like a yo-yo, I could get him out of that, or let him hang. They will hang him. Not me. They are frightened Mafia. My hand won’t be on any rope. It is serious. Things had better be just right. A lot depends upon what happens tonight. All right, I got him out — in four days — just as I said I would. I also offered to end the war — in four days — and you come back, two weeks later, with a stretched out program of anti-war marches. You ignore the cause of war, the cause of crime — Mary Jo’s grave and all that lies buried there. Do you want to end the war in four days?” No response at all. So, “There is an indictment out for Jane Fonda — treason. They will hang her , along with Ellsberg, for that rigged crime — or, as in Ellsberg’s case, for the far more serious international crime. Her attorneys should read these papers — naturally in an attempt to secure legal representation for me, since I have been unsuccessful in obtaining any American Legal Mafia Representation.” Apparently he ‘didn’t understand,’ and was ‘too busy,’ because he just stood and stared. So I went out to the bus stop, and while waiting, read the list of sponsors of this Northern California Peace Action Coalition. Garry, McTernan, Hallinan, remember them? Shirley Chisholm, Bobby Seale, Ronald Dellums. Moscone, Jaicks, Draper. Sisters, Reverends, and the Chronicle. And I looked back and his car still blocked the sidewalk while buses and cop cars jostled for the one lane left in torn up Market Street, passing that privileged car.
Lets bring Ellsberg up to August 5, 1969 — when I laid it out to Dickie — and a host — the entire Chappaquiddick murder — and Teddy McGovern made a deal with Kimelman and the Mafia to replace Kennedy — and Johnson met with Dickie — “We hang together or we hang separately.”
Ellsberg: After Apalachin — top security — map Pacific for nuclear war. With Kennedy — map the world for Fatima #3. Up in security — top clearance. Worked with Bobby Kennedy, Teddy Kennedy, JFK (was with Mary Jo and Bobby until Bobby’s murder), with Kissinger. Knew of Dallas — all top security did — has Project Star from Rand in his pocket. Over in Vietnam plotting out murder. Bloodthirsty — volunteer in the brush with a machine gun, blasting Gooks. Assigned by friend Body Count MacNamara to draw up a hedge description of the Vietnam war — carefully omitting the ‘Holy Crusade’ Fatima #3 bit of Kennedy — the Kennedy-Diem murders — the key to everything rotten, Dallas, the Heroin, Onassis, Joseph P., Roosevelt, World War II (he carefully does not go back that far), Cardinal Spellman, Cardinal Thuc, JFK — lays in all on Johnson. Body Count MacNamara drops out — goes on to Mafia heaven, World Bank. In the Pentagon Papers case — nobody was jailed for anything. And by the very nature of its smuggled release — this bumbled version of how the war was just an accidental mess, has been generally accepted. And that was the purpose of its release — composed by two very sharp ones — Body Count MacNamara (at the top) and Ellsberg (at the top — security). Both devoted to Kennedys.

Page Three Hundred Three

[Top line unreadable ]
whole. The Alioto hit-run cover-up pointed immediately to Dallas — and all the rest. It was covered well by Nixon and Mitchell — until Alioto started it again at Chappaquiddick. Around the 3rd of August (I checked — it was at the time of my father’s birthday — his last peaceful one), 1969 — the first who read the solution was Mack, Nixon’s hatchet man, and his face drained white when I spoke of Mafia ownership. Very odd — he’s a tough Mafia. And back in Washington, everybody went to work on the cover.
The shit had hit the fan. Concessions were in order. Aug. 5, 1969, Johnson threatened Dickie with “Hughes.” Dickie made a 180 degree turn — crawled to Russia and Peking — yet redoubled murder of Vietnam to appease Thieu. Had Thieu elected again — and follows Thieu’s orders today. Vietnam is the Onassis-Montini-JFK key to Dallas. Aug. 5, 1969 — MacNamara was called in. “You got us out of the Bay of Pigs disaster — see what you can do with this one.” He called in Ellsberg, the one commissioned to compose the hedge, the partial blot-out, in which no-one would get hurt badly. “The New York Times will cooperate” (such as the Llelyveld cover-up). “Steal it and release it — for Kennedy’s sake — all of them — and in the National Interest. Cover up the keys. Project Star, Dallas, Mary Jo, Fatima #3. We will make a hero of you — eventually. Our entire Mafia history is at stake.” Ellsberg’s story of stealing the Rand files start from there. Aug. 5, 1969 — Kimelman and the Mafia offer the substitute Teddy to the world. Teddy McGovern mouths off: “End the war,” “End tax loopholes.” Aug. 5, 1969 — Vultures in Vegas are the first to know. Looting of Onassis starts in grand scale (the Wall Street Journal — July 31 and Aug. 1, 1972 — enumerates some of this). Omitted, of course, are the probes by Clifford Irving, based on “Hughes” nursemaid Merryman’s squealing (which murdered him) and then the hasty flight of the Onassis Proxy Hughes from Vegas to the Bahamas, then Nicaragua (this time, frightened by two Spokane phone calls to my Masonic missing brother — relative to my father’s murder), then Vancouver — skirting the borders. It took Onassis a year to just arrange — after Chappaquiddick — to get his Proxy Hughes out of the U.S. of Mafia.
Ellsberg — top credibility — from top security — wealthy (married to Xerox — or something, like that). Like Nader — a hero. Christ like. Except for one thing: grave fucking on Mary Jo, Christ, and everyone named herein. Cold faced Rudenstein — and the broads there. (Multiple copies were run off, before returning — for their own blackmail purposes — and already Rudenstein parks on sidewalks)Lids all over — The American Civil Liberties Union for instance. Sound free and democratic? 1) Defended Sinatra and Patriarcha against Senate Mafia hearings, 2) Defends Swiss Banks, and American Crime Banks against Criminal Loot exposure, 3) Defends secrecy of Mafia Campaign contributors, 4) Against the death penalty for any crime — treason, mass murder, genocide — any Mafia crime.

Page Three Hundred Four

If Ellsberg doesn’t have top Mafia legal concurrence — why is it that he has top legal representation, plus monetary support — and I have none? He dead-fucks Mary Jo. If Nader doesn’t have top Mafia legal concurrence — same question for him. I have the means to exterminate the Mafia who dead-fuck on Mary Jo’s grave — including, of course, Nader and Ellsberg.
Aug. 5, 1969 — All the Cardinals and Billy Grahams out on the hustings holding hands with the Mafia candidates — Cardinal Cushing with Teddy, the Pope with Alioto, McGucken-Archbishop with Alioto, Hurley-Bishop with Alioto, Cardinal Cooke, the next Pope, with Teddy, Montini with Jackie and Rosie. Billy Graham with Dickie. Cardinal Cooke with Dickie.
Key date to match August 5, 1969 was Dallas, November 22, 1963 — and double Diem-Kennedy murder day, November 1, 1963. “Hampton and Clark murders” — a phrase that set Garry off like a bomb — “What do you know? What? What?” — and then — after a CIA visit — “I don’t want to know.” Rewriting of time of JFK’s call to Jackie and the Onassis yacht trip by Hearst and seven others. Gayler, “Javits” aide, “Pentagon” prick, “V.P.” reporter — at least a dozen other cockroaches that jump out of the woodwork at me probe immediately about the number of shots in Dallas. Ellsberg knows this — of course — he with Rand’s Project Star in his pocket. The Thieu block of the Diem murder facts and Kennedy’s Spellman “Holy Crusade.”
All of government rests on the lid of Chappaquiddick. And Vatican — an entire necrophiliac half of the world. Because it opens everything at Dallas to exposure — that 1960 Montini-Onassis Vietnam ‘Holy Crusade’ — 1957 (Apalachin and Hughes). Fatima #2, [Unreadable ] World War II and Vietnam. And Fatima #1 — World War II, courtesy Joseph P. Kennedy, Onassis, Roosevelt and the Deputy of Christ — Pope — at Auschwitz. And on back through Booze-Heroin 1932, by the trio. And all the way back to the original cover-up of the murder of Christ.
So, Aug. 5, 1969 set off those concessions by Dickie on one side and Teddy on the other — to give up a little tit, while saving the whole. Everything involving something somewhere else — not a grave in Pennsylvania. Even academy award winning actresses are in the act — ‘Jesus Christ’ MacLaine, ‘Joan-of-Arc’ Jane Fonda. there are other concessions I the rings — but the fact is that 1972 is a re-run of 1968 — with no changes — none — millions more murdered — 100 billion more in debt — “Hughes” Dickie and Onassis Agnew [Unreadable ], Teddy Kennedy McGovern and Vatican Muskie (selected under the primary American Mafia law that he be of Montini’s Roman Mafia Church that murdered Christ — and ate his liver — as Teddy ate Mary Jo’s). Muskie hasn’t been selected yet — but he’s the cleanest they have (been on my back since last time out — Sept. 16, 1968), even though he

Page Three Hundred Five

cries and cries when Hoffa-Dickie-Loeb points a finger at him. He’s goosey. God help us all (and I mean the real God — not substitute Montini, like substitute Teddy McGovern) if Holy Muskie is crossing himself in front of the missile button panel and somebody says “Loeb,” and gooses him. He’d chop every button on the panel.
You see, we can’t find a V.P. for Teddy 2. Teddy 1 won’t be a V.P. for Teddy 2. Says Teddy 1, “The door is just as closed and locked as it was at the convention.” And this is why Teddy 2 picked Eagleton in the first place, because Teddy 1 couldn’t run for V.P. or President because of Chappaquiddick. Eagleton called Alioto and got Alioto’s okay to possibly take his place as V.P. and then he resigned. Teddy 2 now has a hell of a time picking another one and the public shuffles uneasily — “Crumbling of Demo Party.” “Mafia Conventions are only a custom — a Mafia custom — taking over all law.” And Senator Scott, “All Conventions are purchased — everybody knows it — and accepts it.” “Hell of a way to pick a V.P. — in a back room.” Teddy McGovern doesn’t know whether to shit or cry or both. He is about to be targeted by half a dozen different Mafia sources — “ass shot off” — as Teddy says — and hanging for dead-fucking awaits, and he can’t quit, can’t quit, can’t quit… Possibly Teddy McGovern would welcome — as a relief — a nice warm atomic flash. That is one way to solve all dilemmas.
(For you see — Teddy McGovern — and Teddy Kennedy — and Teddy Alioto — and Teddy Eagleton — were handed these papers at the same time Ellsberg got his. By that Peace Action Group — you see, they love, besides Ellsberg, Teddy McGovern, Teddy Kennedy, and Teddy Alioto — who furnishes them space and police protection. The Peace coalition loves the two who first proposed Mafia Eagleton — Alioto’s Willie Brown, who loves Teddy1 and Teddy 2, and John Burton of Mafia pinballs, who loves Teddy 1 and Teddy 2 — and hang around.)
And the moral fiber crumbles. Jack Anderson, who knows it all — had a Mafia meet with Eagleton — in Washington — in private — and Eagleton laid on a Mafia rattle — and Anderson came out — “I retract, I retract, I retract…” facing Pennsylvania.
Said Eagleton to Teddy’s Vatican Byrne — Boston D.A. — “Say a novena for me — a rosary isn’t enough.” And then he called Alioto about the purchase of Anderson and a V.P. opening in Washington. (Alioto’s Mafia fee-split partner is now running for Supreme Court of Washington State — his other one for governor of the state.)
Over the four day weekend in L.A. that freed Ellsberg from jail — CIA Helms was conferring with Onassis-Hughes-Merryman (Marie Elena’s husband) at the Bohemian Grove — 50 miles north of San Francisco — while ‘mistake’ missiles stuttered over which city to waste — or both. Ellsberg bowed. Peace Coalition bowed. Back East Anderson bowed. Just as Garry bowed on July 11, 1972, at 3:26 p.m., and Nader bowed on Oct. 8, 1971, at 1:32 p.m. ‘Mistake’ missiles stutter all over the place. “Waste ‘em.”

Page Three Hundred Six

(Rosie demanded last year that Teddy be president for birthday and Teddy said, “Sure, Ma.” Today, once more, Willie Brown: “We want Kennedy for V.P.” Gene Wyman: “We want Kennedy.” The nation: “We want Kennedy.” Consensus of all, McGovern on down: “Only Kennedy on the ticket will give the Democrats a chance of beating Nixon — and preserve the Democratic Party.”)
Harris now roasts — around the world — the freaky CIA-OSS assassins group. William Bundy and Arthur Goldberg are mentioned. That follows. CIA burglars of the Mafia Demo Party Office are now linked by Mafia cash big loot to Mitchell and Stans — who can’t be reached for comment since they have both crawled up their wives asses. Mafia Montini was praised for his Allied spy activity in Tokyo during World War II. (In Tisserant’s stuff it was because of Monsignor Montini’s double spy dealing with the Russians — in Europe — after the war — that made Pope Whoever-it-was so mad he banned Montini to a northern post and labeled him a rotten Mafia son-of-a-bitch whom he would see would never become a Bishop. Untrue — as with our U.S. of Mafia, only the rottenest of the rotten get to the top in the Mafia Election Process — so it was in Rome. The rottenest of the rotten made it. Presenting: Mafia Montini — Ruler of the World — Pope — GOD. And Dead-Fucker of Mary Jo.)
Today — re. the U.S. of Mafia televised burning of 26 tons of opium in Thailand — and the report that the opium was not opium, but hay — the CIA responded: “It was too opium! We purchased it at top price from the Taiwan Chinese in the Golden Triangle in order to present this public burning to the American peeepul. Top grade opium, we always by from Onassis. We wouldn’t cheat you. It was opium.”
Today — Thieu: “I order Nixon to destroy all of North Vietnam — and do it in the next six months — during his election — or I’ll blow the whistle on the whole Kennedy Fatima #3 bit, and Onassis and Hughes.”
(Stop! Right here. Ain’t this a pistol? Maf Demos, Maf Republicans, Maf Commies, Maf Multinationals, Legal Maf, Press Maf, Onassis Maf, Kennedy Maf, Mafia Maf — and all the assorted shit branches — milling around this necrophiliac nation — with “mistake” missiles and blackmail and whatever aimed in every which direction like a bunch of cross-eyed pistolleros at the Okay Corral, primed for a festering, gut busting shoot-out.)
Take tonight, for instance. Nine old Mafia — the Supreme Court — shaking over Ellsberg. What to do? It’s their neck or his. They’ll choose his, of course. But then, will he hang them? Or do they delete him — as Ruby did Oswald? Anyway, murder is being planned.
Ellsberg — machine gunner from Vietnam — architect of Fatima #3 nuclear plans, Pacific area, and world — top security — knowledge of Apalachin, JFK, 1960, Spellman-Montini-Joseph P. Kennedy-Onassis “Holy Crusade” in Vietnam (as was Joseph P. Kennedy-Onassis-FDR’s World War II) — of Dallas, Bobby, Martin Luther King — was commissioned by MacNamara to draw up the hedge cover-up — the Pentagon Papers — Ellsberg did not change his spots.

Page Three Hundred Seven

Ellsberg was scared shitless. MacNamara had departed quickly for Mafia heaven — the World Bank. Kissinger was scooting for Dickie. Ellsberg alone was left with the horrible cover-up papers — a crime much greater than treason — a crime against Christ, humanity and history (and now, he hints at these things). The fall guy. Chappaquiddick.
Me — August 3rd, 1969 — my father’s birthday — relaying it all to Nixon and on down. MacNamara called by Teddy — “Get me out of this — as you did JFK out of the Bay Of Pigs.” MacNamara called Ellsberg and told him this might be the time (to release the hedge) — since the shit had hit the fan. And Ellsberg didn’t need to be told. He knew he had been picked for the Patsy — just as Oswald was at Dallas. Oswald was there to nail Connally (both of his bullets went into Connally). He was as shocked as the rest of the world when Maheu’s CIA triple crossfire crumpled Kennedy (Jim missed when Roselli’s shot got to Kennedy first. Oswald didn’t know what to do. He was guilty — and in it up to the ears — but not for JFK. He was not to be allowed to figure out what to do. Ruby was allowed to murder Oswald). So it was with Ellsberg. Trapped — as a patsy — he did what all the rest of them do — stole the blackmail papers — as many as he could. (The N.Y.T. will print nothing of Dallas, Bobby, Chappaquiddick — this they cover up a la Llelyveld. Why, then, would they print the Pentagon Papers? Because MacNamara and Kennedy wanted it — give a little tit to protect the whole.) After all, Dickie was in office — blame would reflect on Dickie and Johnson — not the real thing — Kennedys-Onassis-Montini. And Ellsberg went to the people — hinting at Project Star — but never mentioning the keys — such as Chappaquiddick. Release a bit. Admit something. A fix, for instance — anything to “cover the deeper fix.” (Joseph Kraft)
So, because of a rigged “Chappaquiddick” taped phone call in L.A., and rigged exposure of that call — Ellsberg is out of jail — forever — on that charge. But those nine old Mafia men — and this has been explained to them — can recharge Ellsberg with any portion of the deeper crime — a true charge — and hang him. Or, they can perform a Ruby on him — as was done to Oswald.
Oh well. Bremer? — all over — one hour for jury selection, witnesses that day. Justice prosecution, one day. Defense, one day. Say — they are in a secret hurry, aren’t they? “Fuck Congress” Sinatra? — all over — tomorrow he gives a party in Palm Springs for Agnew, Reagan, John Wayne, et al. Connally? Like MacNamara, secreted in Mafia heaven as Treasurer of the U.S., he now moves into a hidden hub with Tokyo-Russia super spy Montini, the Foreign Intelligence Board from which he can coordinate with Mafia Montini any leaks from the Tisserant Papers, Onassis’ Diary — or any of the murder and assassination shit dribblers. This has been a normal day —

Page Three Hundred Eight

and so was yesterday. My father’s birthday. Aug. 3, 1972. I took a plastic rose to the murdered man.
My birthday present to him on Aug. 3, 1969 was the exposure of Chappaquiddick. He had always said, and was still saying it the night before the murder was complete — while Dickie was in Peking, “I want to question Teddy and Alioto on a witness stand.” He will. He’s murdered now, but I handed him the mobile strings.
Teddy promised Mafia Mama Rosie the Presidency for her birthday. I will make that one come true too. Whatever Teddy proxy is the front. Be it Teddy McGovern — Pres., Vatican Muskie — V.P., Alioto — Attorney General, whatever.
There wasn’t a live one in Fern Grove at Cypress Lawn. No-one except me. And a hummingbird. Clumps of flowers around, called “bleeding hearts” — a perennial, I guess, with red flowers that hang upside down. The little bird buzzed around the flowers, and me, and stuck his snozzle in the flowers for lunch — sort of deriving sustenance — and life — from a bleeding heart — without harm — as cancer derives its life from eating liver — Mary Jo, Christ, and the one over there — 3rd section high, 3rd row, 5th from the top — LaVerne Dale Roberts.
This bird wouldn’t stand on a flower branch. He ate gently — suspended. (Biologists tell me the flower and the bird are friends — they give to one another — life — and propagation of the species. They do not murder and eat liver. This one would not foul his own nest. He would not wipe his dirty feet on his food as Teddy did on the floorboard air — in the Pond — putrid air, that was still there 2 hours and 13 minutes later when Mary Jo’s busted snozzle swelled shut, while Teddy called Onassis, and MacNamara, and Ellsberg. He would not shit on his own food, his own friends. He went over on a rock to do that. And then he’d look sideways, at me, and chirp, “See, you stupid son-of-a-bitch. It doesn’t have to be rotten. It doesn’t have to be cancer. Kill it — as doctors do.”) And so it was — since he was the only living thing there to talk to — that, while he enjoyed his lunch. I discussed with him matters like mobiles and option 4. And he chirped and buzzed me and departed and so did I.
“Urgent. Kill cancer. Any way. Why infect the universe?” say all doctors, with 100% human approval.
Our gallant astronauts — cream of the American Apple Pie Chappaquiddick crop — carried infectious cancer into space. During the first landing on the moon — Chappaquiddick week. Quoth Armstrong: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” (In the name of God Montini, President Dickie, the Heroin Flag, Mary Jo Motherhood, and Rat poison Apple Pie). While he spoke, from the moon — during this week, his employers — MacNamara, Montini, Ellsberg, Teddy, Alioto, Onassis, Dickie, plus Joan of Arc Jane Fonda and American Chappaquiddick Apple Pie millions, and Papal Knights and Princesses, Sweig and Mama Rosie — massively dead-fucked Mary Jo on morgue slabs from Edgartown to Pennsylvania — and “Look” and the Mafia Press were banking bribes

Page Three Hundred Nine

for Armstrong. Schirra was bribed by Onassis-Dickie’s Penn Central Railroad and Onassis-Paley’s CBS — and Mafia Penn Central got a loan and Mafia CBS a gift. Later crews carried mail to the moon — postmarked them there — and returned them for the Mafia to sell — and $1,000 a copy. They were so busy postmarking that the landing was almost scratched. All of the astronauts on the moon say, “We felt the presence of God.” And God, his Jewish-Italian self, Mafia Montini, was back on earth dead-fucking on the grave of Mary Jo. Upon return, they rushed to Rome, and bowed in deference — “Anoint us, oh God, in the proper Pennsylvania two handed stroke. We have seen the coming of… coming of… coming of…” Heroes all.
At splash down — Mafia Dickie picked up 10 million necro votes — as he two-handed from the deck of a Pacific ship — rocking and rolling — and he never missed a stroke or dead-fucked aim on Mary Jo’s putrid grave — on world wide TV — courtesy of Howard Hughes.
“Infecting the universe.” You don’t understand? You’re too busy? You gotta go home?
Let’s make it simple. If this is not true, why are they, from space, and you — all of you — dead fucking on Mary Jo’s grave — gang banging on the cross of liver-eaten Christ?
Gang dead-fucking cancer reached outer space at Chappaquiddick — and that’s why the maneuvers that began around Aug. 3, 1969 are actually minor (MacNamara-Ellsberg, Johnson-Dickie, Onassis-Montini-Teddy, Onassis-Dickie-”Hughes”) — including the U.S. of Mafia destruction of the United Nations, and Fatima #3 (In McKeithen’s Mafia Louisiana, at Mafia Marcello’s Senator Ellender’s funeral, Archbishop Hannon — Marcello’s sponsor — eulogized: “Senator Marcello Ellender was the most courageous of all men — next to Onassis’ Patriarcha Teddy Kennedy — and the statue of Fatima weeps more tears. The faithful must follow the message of Fatima.” And the faithful Mafia Fatima #3 leaders were there — on one side of the aisle, Onassis “Hughes” Dickie and Agnew — on the other side, Onassis’ Teddy Kennedy with Onassis’ Teddy McGovern. Directing all was Mafia Montini, squeezing tears out of the statue. Marcello played the organ. Lansky passed the collection plate — with reservations at his and Sinatra’s Fontainbleu for the Aug. 21, 1972 Mafia Republican gang bang on Christ. The guy who replaced Guv McKeithen anointed his wife to replace Senator Marcello Ellender in the Mafia U.S. Senate — a clubby, murdering group of Fatima #3 Capos — led by the murderer from the Pond — Teddy — and so much for the Mafia Election Process in Louisiana. Fuck somebody and you’re President. Dead-fuck Everybody and you’re God. With an “amended” Constitution to certify all positions — Senator, President, and Pope-God). The United Nations? From Aug. 3, 1969?

Page Three Hundred Ten

Well, prior to Chappaquiddick — a totally purchased Mafia non-entity. World Court of Mafia Judges that sat for 25 years — just sat — nothing else — sat — at a $50 thou a year per capita. World body that jumped to the U.S. of Mafia Multi-Nationals — which sponsored Mafia dictatorships everywhere — in conjunction with Montini — Greece, Vietnam, Brazil, Taiwan — and manipulated national elections everywhere — a joint CIA-Vatican project — Chile, No. Ireland, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Paraguay, Panama (in both Panama and Paraguay — the dictators and their sons were exposed — in Congress — for running heroin and cocaine — see the Heroin Papers). Congress squelched it and the State Department approved of continued heroin — cocaine trade with the U.S. of Mafia addict population — while the CIA and Lodge’s Vatican pursue the overthrow of seven Latin-American Republics, via their own elections — as in Chile — and they do this publicly — with Dickie’s approval, and Montini’s.
Since Chappaquiddick — many events, featuring the expulsion of Heroin Chiang and the admission of China, the glee of victimized nations, the Buckley-Goldwater Mafia Senate shut off the funds to the U.N. — “Destroy the U.N.” Meany and Rooney — cut off of U.N. international labor funds — “Destroy the U.N. international labor organization.” But the entire Maf — “Keep the World Court. They just sit. We own them. They won’t set up international law that hangs us for crimes against humanity and Christ.” In the U.S. of Mafia, the Supreme Court quickly knocks out the death penalty for treason, murder and genocide, crimes against mankind and Christ — primarily because it concerns them, and tonight a major struggle continues over Ellsberg — patsy, like Oswald — who stands alone as the one who drew up the plans for a Pacific Blow Off — after Apalachin — and then for the entire world — Fatima #3 — for Kennedy and Onassis and Montini — and then drew up the escape hatch explanation for Vietnam — for MacNamara — the Pentagon Papers — and then — after Chappaquiddick — in total Oswald Patsy fear — released the cover-up version to confuse an entire world — about everything: assassination, Apalachin, Fatima #3, World War II, 1932, and the cover-up of the murder of Christ. Joan of Arc Jane Fonda now joins Ellsberg in a treason indictment — and Rudenstein and the street vermin join them in drooling dead fuck on Mary Jo and Christ. Secretary General Waldheim fumes over all of this, and spits somewhat — “Yes, the U.S. of Mafia is committing crimes against mankind and Christ in Vietnam.” Jane Fonda’s attorney — Mark Lane, who is allowed to spout — in left field — about Dallas — has disappeared. So have the other left-fielders, who are also allowed to spout —

Page Three Hundred Eleven

Fensterwald, Garrison, Winter-Berger, Nye, Fellwock, Nader, Gardner, Garry, Turner, Harris, Tisserant’s priests, “Politics of Heroin” McCoy, hundreds more. It’s all right — as long as it’s out in left field. They can have some exposure. It only confuses.
But not if it’s someone totally on target. Me — I get a clamp on my own family. Just as Mary Jo did on hers — grave fucking Ma and Pa Kopechne — on their own busted-nose daughter, with God-Mafia Montini. On transportation. Who sits next to me in bars. Money. Presidents run. I fuck their Mafia wives — and tell them so — and they crawl right up the other sleazy hole. Mitchell is up Martha’s ass. Kennedy refused the Presidency — and crawled up Joanie. Onassis has crawled up Rosie. Jackie has crawled up Montini, while he struggles to crawl up her. 69. Connally into Nellie. Eagleton into Ma. Teddy George carefully probing V.P. assholes — Catch 22. Hoover gets a taste of Pennsylvania grave dust — in apple pie. Today Japan shit on Heroin Chiang. Tonight Ellsberg and nine old Mafia men on the Supreme Court have a daisy chain going.
And the greater the clamp on me, the greater the exposure — like squeezing a tube of DDT — cancer killing crap flooding the world — a part of Option 3. Go out to Fern Grove at Cypress Lawn — and ask the hummingbird what Option 4 is. He — correction, she — knows. So do the murdered ones there — holding mobile strings.
Dickie and Patty search for the asshole of Christ, who left the cross at Chappaquiddick. They will try a gang bang on his sliver, festering cross on August 21, 1972, in Onassis-”Hughes” Mafia Miami, behind the moats of Lansky-Patriarcha-Sinatra-Fontainbleu, where Fatima weeps a message to the faithful — “Fatima #3” — as Montini and Sister Lucey, from Mafia Marcello’s parish in New Orleans, who first saw the vision in 1917 — in Portugal — pump up the tears.
Those nine daisy chain Mafia Supreme Court Justices — selected by Mafia Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, through Kennedy, Johnson and Dickie — were selected from Mafia Judges, who purchased their jobs, as ambassadors do — with Mafia loot. they were picked as judges from the ranks of Mafia attorneys whose qualifications are: Mafia membership, cancer love. They are then approved by the Mafia ABA who, finally, submit them to the Mafia Senate Judiciary Committee — that is, the group that squelched the ITT inquiry (composed of Kennedy Chappaquiddick, Eastland Subsidy Mafia, McClellan Banking Mafia, Hruska Drug Insurance Mafia, Fong Bribe Mafia, Scott Bribe Mafia, Bird Loot Mafia, Cook Fund Mafia, Gurney Front Mafia, Bayh Lobby Mafia, and five more Mafia men — See Congro-Mafia Papers) — and then out to the full Mafia Senate Club for rubber stamps. These are the nine who tonight are wrestling Ellsberg. Do you think he will hang?

Page Three Hundred Twelve

Hanging comes in many forms. Oswald got his in the belly button. Equal Justice — for all.
Today, Wallace — to the American Party Convention: “I will not allow you to draft me.” And Connally put his pistol back in his pocket. Today, Bremer — the jury was out two hours — and zap — into the deep freeze goes Bremer — 63 years. No answers will come from him. Like Sirhan, he isn’t aware of his own mind bending. Puzzled, sad old Pa Bremer: “If this is Justice, I can’t understand it — a sick boy.”
Three weeks overdue in selecting a V.P. — precious time — Teddy McGovern still has problems — no-one will take the suicidal spot — and, by now, they all know it’s suicidal — these papers are now around America — formerly only around the rest of the world — last week Russia politely left Egypt — this week they politely pulled out of Araby — next week India, politely. China politely backs away from border bombs and missiles. Chile politely accepts its economic squeeze. The only Medusa Monster left — committing genocide on the world — visible to all — out in the open — killing in desperation — frenzied for Fatima #3. The focus of horror viewing is now on the gang bang at Miami — and the Super Bowl dead-fuck orgy on Nov. 7, 1972 — in full filmed world view, including dangling mobile strings. Option 3 is over. Option 4 — the necessary overlap — is under way.
International law supersedes National law. There’s a new one out. Survival. It decrees that cancerous dead-fuckers hang. There’s an old one out — 2,000 years buried — it leaped off the cross at Chappaquiddick — the Eleventh Commandment — cancerous dead-fuckers hang. And there’s a man who talks to hummingbirds at his murdered father’s grave who doesn’t have to work around the clock at Brookhaven or Kiev. He knew a long time ago what to do. Question — for four years of torture, was: “For Whom?” That has been answered. He agrees.
Since the year 335, there have been twin Gods — the handmaidens. Today the Cancer God Twins are Godonassis and Godmontini. Body and Soul. Godmontini rules around the world through 600 million soldiers of the church — their immortal souls. Godonassis rules around the world through 600 million soldiers of cancer. This is the half (the cancer half — destined by Fatima #3 to blow off the other non-Mafia half) that dead-fucks on Mary Jo’s grave and gang bangs on the Cross of Christ. Forget Godmontini. He is the lesser God of the two. He wants to quit. Like Teddy. Godonassis can’t.
Godonassis eats liver and rips out unborn lamb for his ghoulish mate. In the U.S. of Mafia, he is represented by his family: the Kennedys, and his family: the Apalachin cancer, and his family: the “Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel, and his family: the secret stock of Multi-Nationals, and his family: each city, state and federal branch of the government. Frightened from Vegas, he flits around the borders of the U.S. of Mafia — Bahamas, Nicaragua, Vancouver B.C. — keying on Vegas. Oddly — that is the key — his death sentence — the end to his dream of a second Alexander the Great ruling the world — his son, Alexander. Let’s zoom in on the shit pit called Las Vegas. Dickieville.

Page Three Hundred Thirteen

The following is from a Wall Street Journal summary of recent “Hughes” Vegas activity. It becomes simple when regarded as Onassis’ “Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel. The keys are that $300 million was “stolen” from “Hughes” (and wound up, tax-free, with Onassis — most going back for purchase of Presidents — pay-offs for assassinations). John Roselli — “finders fee” — for moving “Hughes” into the Desert Inn — pay-off for frontal shot at Dallas on JFK. (McCord and the CIA provided the timers, the getaway, and cover for the synchronized crossfire performed by Maheu and segments of the original Castro assassination group — plus some of Marcello’s own.) (Now — framed at the Friar’s Club and securely put away.) John Meier — started with Onassis “Hughes” after Apalachin — blackmailed in with Onassis — given free run — even to purchasing Dickie, Humphrey, and O’Brien — plus all of Congress — in 1968. Given a shot at New Mexico Senator’s slot — a la $100 thou suitcase Hoffa — Johnson Senator Montoya. Not related to Andre (John) Meier (Meyer, Maier) — all of these, he uses — who was “Hughes’ “ right-hand man and is now — publicly — Onassis’ right-hand man. Pay-offs to Maf all over the world. For instance, Lansky’s $25 million skim — and overpayments on the hotels to Kansas City, Detroit, New York, Chicago, New Orleans Maf. Donald Nixon — 1957 loan, Caribbean stock with Meier and other Onassis’ hoods, today in the housing business with Onassis, dining with the Greek Mafia colonels, and running the Marriott catering to Onassis’ Olympic Airlines (and the other airlines Onassis owns through that hidden stock that no-one — SEC, NYSE, any of them — will reveal). (Marriott ran Dickie’s 4th of July gala at the White House two years ago — Dickie didn’t have one this year — even the necrophiliac public burped at the thought.) The five nursemaids. Note that it is no longer six — Merryman was murdered in December, 1970 — and I met his wife — widow, that is, in late June, 1971, after Hughes’ watery Grecian burial — Louise, after Marie Elena tapped me on the shoulder in the Mark Lobby bar. 1170 Sacramento Street is where she now lives, and so does Eckersley, some of whose Mafia activity is described herein. Intertel (all ex-Justice, ex-FBI, now running Onassis’ Caribbean Mafia Empire) investigating? Ex-FBI, all working for Onassis’ “Hughes.” Current FBI, CIA, Treasury, all working for Onassis’ “Hughes.” Recovery of loot — for “Hughes” — poor, victimized dead Howard. “Hughes,” himself, is not questioned. Indictments will be issued — yes — for the small time thieves — but not for Maheu, suing for $50 million because he was evicted from his half-million a year guarantee — for life — for blowing of Mafia JFK’s head. (Quotes John Meier: “Hughes wouldn’t fire me in a hundred years.” Seems awfully confident, doesn’t he? Runs around with Dickie’s brother.” Greenspun is suing Onassis for $142 million. He knows and he is a typical Mafia newspaper owner. Oh well, you get the drift. Fit it in. It all fits. And a completely separate entity to the new Hughes Defense contracts: helicopters, guided bombs, and the new grant for a Hughes’ world wide communications satellite system (“Hughes” is building the satellites for Western Union — which Onassis owns — more of that secret stock), that can beam information, and propaganda, if you will, to any TV set in Russia, for instance. International Mafia Cancer — Onassis — supported by President Dickie and Mafia Montini — for a Mafia murder fee.
(Following are reprints from the July 31 — Aug. 1, 1972, Wall Street Journal — dealing with the “Hughes” Vegas maze of Mafia activity. In case I don’t get them in this set, go to some file and read them.)

[All Pages 314 through 319: Missing. 6 pages total. Could be the reprints mentioned above. ]

Page Three Hundred Twenty

Aug. 8, 1972
On Aug. 2, 1969 — two and a half weeks after Chappaquiddick — said Greenagel: “Yes, it’s the same Mickey Mouse as the Alioto hit-run on you. Yes, Mitchell is working on it. Yes, the whole town is tapped. Yes, Dick Carlson has volumes on it — starting from your papers. Yes, five reporters are on it. What have you got? Go ahead and sue. We don’t like your attorney, Wright.” On Aug. 3, 1969, on the way to see Mack with attached Chappaquiddick notes — $90 thou bribe offer — Bush-Grant coffee shop — by same Kennedy aide that appeared with dinner invitation at “Black Magic” after Humphrey’s S.F. duck, two weeks before the 1968 election. On Aug. 3, 1969 to Mack, with attached notes — discussion of Chappaquiddick — solution thereof, and “Hughes.” Cottage phone calls out. On Aug. 5, 1969 — headlines — “Kennedy will quit and tell all.” And that’s when the pressure went on. All of them had to keep Teddy from blowing the whistle — and all pitched in to help. (Just as today, Martha Mitchell — “I have a story to tell. I am a political prisoner. Help me.” — appealing to the rag tag people, whom, a year ago, she called “rabble.”) Aug. 5, 1969 — Johnson to Dickie: “We hang together or we hang separately — remember ‘Hughes’?” Aug. 5, 1969 — Kimelman and the Mafia select Teddy McGovern to replace Teddy Kennedy — in a Washington back room. Aug. 5, 1969 — MacNamara called to Hyannisport from the World Bank to get Teddy out of jam — as he did JFK (with the help of the New York Times and Jack Anderson) in the Bay of Pigs. MacNamara discussed tossing Ellsberg to the wolves — Ellsberg Caught — like Patsy Oswald — all alone, as the monster of Fatima #3 — architect of the world nuclear blow-off plans — author of the ‘hedge’ cover-up — the Pentagon Papers — of the Vietnam ‘Holy Crusade,’ ‘Heroin’ Fatima #3 gate. Ellsberg ran to the rag tag people — stole and released the papers — pointing the finger of blame at his bosses — before they released them and pointed at him. I was out at the zoo yesterday, and the leopards didn’t change their spots. Neither had Teddy — he was scared. Cushing held his hand. Papa Onassis held his hand. Ellsberg was scared. N.Y. Times was scared and went along. (Today, Martha is scared. John, hubby, is scared. Connally is scared. Pope Montini announces he will quit next month. Wallace quit. Eagleton quit.) Between Aug. 5, and Aug. 9, 1969, phone calls were buried by Loeb and Hoffa’s deal was started. The N.Y. Times ran the Llelyveld cover-up of the Chappaquiddick phone calls. Patty refused a 62-carat sapphire. Dickie dropped all charges against Johnson’s Austin land steal. Everybody refused rubies, and millions in cash gifts from my open and shut law suits. What frightened them all were the phone calls. On Aug. 9, 1969, “Lillo,” at the Maurice Hotel — in front of FBI Jerry and CIA Fred — started off with seven figures, went up to “How much do you want?” and wound up with the squint, rattle and belly split routine.
August, 1969, was almost as weird as Weird October, 1968 — when Onassis publicly assumed leadership of the Kennedy clan — thus assuring the control of the presidency — whether it be Teddy and his gang or his other capos, Dickie and Agnew. Rudenstein? Three ideals — Kennedy, McGovern, Ellsberg — all Mafia shit (Onassis-Montini-Chappaquiddick). This is why there was no answer — from Ellsberg — or Joan of Arc Fonda.

Page Three Hundred Twenty one

Unger — Washington Post: “Any 8th-grader can read the Pentagon Papers and know they are not dangerous to National Security.” Right. MacNamara had them drawn up as a hedge cover-up of the war as a bumbling accident — if necessary, to release them — and this he debated on Aug. 5, 1969. So did Ellsberg — in total patsy fear. For, while he was drawing up the hedge cover-up, the Pentagon Papers, he was also the architect of the Fatima #3 world nuclear blow-off. And that was the “deeper fix” that must be covered up at all cost.
Ellsberg’s blackmail worked. Polled by phone — all nine Mafia Supreme Court Justices upheld Douglas’ stay — “wiretap issue must be solved first” — knowing Justice would not allow the contents of that phone call — “Chappaquiddick — Mary Jo’s grave — and all that lies buried there” — to be released, since that is the whole ball of wax — “the deeper fix.”
Today — news: “Nixon administration will accept a long postponement of Pentagon Papers trial — or perhaps even drop the case — rather than disclose the contents of a ‘foreign intelligence’ wiretap that led to a Supreme Court stay of all proceedings… Prosecutors will not seek to force Ellsberg to trial…by revealing which of their 16 attorneys and consultants was overheard in non court authorized electronic surveillance. Disclosure of wire tap contents was the last way prosecutors could have made the trial go forward… John W. Hushen, Justice information officer, said there was ‘no chance’ such a move would be made.”
(“Foreign intelligence wiretap” — not requiring court approval — was used on the U.C.L.A. Anti-war meeting from which Jerry Gordon — N.Y. attorney — President of the Peace Coalition — phoned Ellsberg on Friday — about these papers — Chappaquiddick — and then proceeded to New York to meet Jane Fonda — who declared, “Richard Nixon is the greatest traitor known to mankind.”)
Today — news: “New heroin statistics. U.S. buys $10 billion. World buys $15 billion. (much better than oil, which, world wide, is only $16 billion) “Ten square miles of up-country Thai-Laotian land grows entire U.S. supply. Nearly one ton of heroin was seized in the U.S. last year.” (On Sept. 15, last year, they picked up six tons from Harry Yee — Lombard Street, Alioto’s North Beach, San Francisco — after which the FBI raided S.F. to cart it out, and Kissinger ran like a rabbit to Peking, and China got into the U.N., and Nader canceled a third party, and Helms canceled a “mistake” missile, and I had lunch with pretty Mafia Pat Wyman.)
Of the nine CIA Mafia — Nixon branch — caught bugging Democratic Mafia headquarters, five were charged. Four got away and hid in Newport Beach, California. Those were the four, plus her one Secret Service guard, that tied Martha to the bed and jabbed her in the ass at the Newporter Inn — where, at that time, was J. Pat Gray, Director of the FBI, the Vatican lad who replaced apple pie murdered J. Mafia Hoover, directing the silencing of Martha. One of the captured five — Sturgis, a Jack Anderson friend, formerly ran Cuban


Page Three Hundred Twenty Two

gambling with McLaney, for Onassis-Lansky (Castro stole $8 billion from Onassis when he kicked them out and that was why Maheu was hired by the CIA Mafia to assassinate Castro, and why the Bay of Pigs — which all of the nine bugging Westgate were involved in). Sturgis was with Ferrie in the JFK Dallas bit. In court, Jack Anderson defended Sturgis as a “most honest American.” (In Andersons files are Ritey’s reports on the FBI-CIA-Dallas Police-Mafia coalition in the murders of JFK, Bobby, and Martin Luther King. Anderson withheld Bay of Pigs advance notice — along with the N.Y. times, and also withheld exposure of the “Hughes” bribes to Nixon in 1960.) Another, Barker, ran CIA Mafia loot from McCone’s Chilean ITT — through a Mexican Maf — to purchase U.S. murder. Barker, and another one, Hunt, were partners in Nicaraguan “business” (where “Hughes” took a duck from the Bahamas). Vatican Senator Buckley and Vatican CIA Helms proposed Vatican Hunt for Dickie’s top consultant on Narcotics and the Pentagon. Hunt was in the White House in charge of the Pentagon Papers (at the time of their release) and Narcotics (at the time of the Harry Yee $6 billion heroin affair). At the time of the bugging, Hunt was doing research on Teddy and Chappaquiddick — at the White House Library — where only altered versions exist — and a clamp has now gone on that information. Another of the five, Vatican McCord, was Dickie’s top consultant on censorship of the news media and the U.S. Postal Service.
The object of that bugging was to find out what the Demo Mafia were doing about the key — Dickie’s cross — “Howard Hughes.”
Both Mafia parties have been fed complete Chappaquiddick details. And both have been fed “Hughes” details. It is, for Mafia Demos to win, an expose of Onassis-Montini-”Hughes” — versus, to win, the Mafia Republican expose of Onassis-Montini-Chappaquiddick. Complicated, because both involve Vietnam, the gate to Fatima #3, and the MacNamara-Ellsberg cover-up of that.
And this is how the bubble of cancerous shit swells. It will be burst bubble or canceled elections, or an out in the open Thieu-Greece-Taiwan type take-over, or Fatima #3 and a new thing. No way out of it. Could have been — for four years now. All the murders since are cold blooded cancer Mafia murder — to cover up all before — back to the murder of Christ. There will be more.
Interesting notes: On Oct. 28, 1963, an official warning was issued to JFK — don’t go to Dallas. Arrest Lee Harvey Oswald.” (This is from Jack Anderson’s files. He denies knowing it.) On Nov. 1, 1963, Double Diem-Kennedy murder day, Marina Oswald was offered protection and citizenship by FBI [Unreadable ]. Hasty. After Nov. 22, 1963, Madame Nhu — Diem’s sister-in-law — sent a message about Dallas: “Anything that happens in Vietnam will find its counterpart in the U.S.” On Nov. 23, 1963 — Oswald: “I’m a patsy. I didn’t kill President Kennedy.”

Page Three Hundred Twenty Five

[Pages 323 and 324 Missing ]

Shriver gut-shot backs up Teddy McGovern — for Onassis-Montini. All from the cancer shit bowl of humanity. Selected by Onassis and Montini in a Mafia back room of murdered bodies — including Christ’s.
(Said Jack Anderson, on TV: “Swiss Ambassador True Davis — a true Vatican Onassis person — president of Mafia Tony Boyle’s Mafia National Bank of Washington, had copies of Photostats of the drunk driving citations of Eagleton from the Highway Patrol and told me about them in 1968. Then he tore them up — as did the Highway Patrolmen the originals. One other party saw them — but he doesn’t have them. A third party has copies — but he has disappeared — ‘in the pocket’ — ‘so to speak.’ “ Eagleton then stepped down — after calling Alioto. Eagleton called Anderson to a Mafia Meet. Anderson emerged. “I retract. Nothing exists. Everything is clean.” Eagleton called Alioto — “in the pocket” — “so to speak.”
Teddy McGovern search, again, for a V.P. Humphrey: “Not me. Not again. I hate nooses.” Muskie: “No! My family needs me.” Boston White: “No! Things have been happening. I am needed at home.”
So, Teddy McGovern: “Last week, Eagleton withdrew. He was a Mafia nut. A good man. But some necrophiliac voters don’t cafe for nuts around nuclear buttons. Mafia — that’s normal. But we must not be distracted by nut issues — so I decided to pick a new one. Shriver. A clean, straight Kennedy-Montini-Onassis-Mafia — a member of the Onassis-Kennedy family — married to Teddy’s sister, Eunice. Nixon is an Onassis Mafia who only gang bangs on Christ. Us Mafia Kennedy’s offer a universal fuck of God himself.” (Teddy McGovern bought it! That was the plan I wanted to offer that delegate from Miami who was dead-fucking Mary Jo while I was fucking his wife. The secret plan to overcome Dickie’s campaign plan of a gang bang on Christ — Universal fuck of God Himself. The infectious fucking of space — already in use by the astronauts — Apollo 14 coins to the moon — and a Mafia fortune to a Philadelphia mint — Apollo 15 stamps to the moon — loot to the German Mafia. Next space flights will carry Mary Jo liver, and Hoover apple pie.)
That night, Garry Sullivan told me: “I’ve been on the White House lawn casting trout flies into a pool. National fly-casting meets. I won the last three. And right now, I’m sick. I feel like the trout that swallow my flies — ‘We’ve gotta cough up the monster — whatever it is.’ “
The second Mafia Demo V.P. convention meets. Blessing by grave-fucking Montini Cardinal Sheehan. “Bless the Papal Prince Teddy Eunice Kennedy Shriver. May God be prepared for a gang fuck.” Senator Mafia Mansfield: “Your Mafia Eminence and Reverend Mafia Fathers and the rest of you — we made some mistakes. Now we are concerned with survival. Vote for the Vatican. Shriver.” Mafia Daley’s grave-fucking Representative Pete Rostenkowski: “We, Chicago Mafia all love Teddy Kennedy Shriver.” He rattles a sack of bones. “Vote

Page Three Hundred Twenty Six

for the bones of Hampton and Clark. Vote Shriver.”
Johnson’s picture hangs dead center in this dead-fuck. Mary Jo’s wasn’t there.)
Black Yvonne Braithwaite Burke: “All blacks love Teddy Kennedy Shriver. We dead-fuck Mary Jo, and Hampton and Clark, and Martin Luther too, Let’s make that a campaign slogan.” Mafia grave-fucking Rockefeller: “Shriver, in the Peace Corps, showed Americans what they could do for their country — drown Mary Jo, barbecue Newsom’s nieces, squash Bonnie Brussell.”
(TV flashback to grave-fucking Kantelman and Mafia Money Wyman — “We love Teddy Kennedy Shriver.”)
Sweet-faced grave-fucking Dorothy Bush calls the voting roll. Sweet-faced grave-fucking Mafia from each “Genovese-Apalachin” state dutifully cast drooling, unanimous votes (except for Mafia Missouri Hearnes, who voted his batch for Mafia Nit Eagleton again).
Quoted Brinkley: “This is odd. Nothing is ever that unanimous. There is even much doubt about flag, motherhood and apple pie lately. As for me — I will eat apple pie, only if it’s organic.”
Chancellor: “You see? We give all the news to all the people.”
(And I wondered, for a moment, if these grave-fucking news beagles had read my discourse — for Ellsberg — on “flag, motherhood and apple pie.”)
And there they were, on the podium — smiling Mafia in a huddle — Muskie, Humphrey, Eagleton, O’Brien, Teddy, Mansfield, Califano — dead fucking gravely on Mary Jo’s grave — preparing for the universal fuck on God’s.
Dead fuck Jean Westwood — Demo Chairfucker: “We are honest. We have told the people the truth. We have nothing to hide.” (Except that Old Crow bottle in her girdle.) “Here is Vatican O’Brien.”
O’Brien: “Miami — the most honest dead fucking conclave in American history. We promise the truth. We want everyone to say, ‘I trust the Democratic Party. Survival of the Mafia two party system is at stake. We are proud of Mafia Nut Eagleton.”
Eagleton: “I remember Miami Beach. Good clean dead-fucking of Mary Jo. Now we’ll have a ball dead-fucking God with Teddy Shriver and Teddy McGovern. And now, I give you Hubert, who dead-fucks with his face on the dirt of Mary Jo’s grave.”
Humphrey: “We need belief in government. I learned in 1968. Come home, you Mafia Democratic dead-fuckers. Come home to the gang fuck on God. I give you our new chief dead-fucker, Teddy McGovern.”
Teddy McGovern: “I salute a truly great American — Teddy Kennedy. I salute Teddy Shriver. We can take this country back from Mafia Dickie and give it to Mafia Teddy. When government lies to people, then people lose liberty itself. We will dump Thieu, and transfer our war effort to Heroin Thailand. We have decided to support Onassis’ Greece and Lansky’s Israel. Send us money. Send us help.” (I sent him Howard Hughes — the whole thing — remains and all.) “What made our country what it is today are the ideals of our people — grave fucking. We

Page Three Hundred Twenty Seven

want all to receive our blessings — pond drownings. There is a God who hates injustice and we are prepared to gang fuck him. I give you our V.P. — America’s great lady, Eunice Teddy Kennedy, and her hubby — who? — oh — Teddy Shriver.”
V.P. Teddy Shriver: “Your Cardinal Sheehan Eminence — and the rest of you — and the great Ted Kennedy — what is he thinking about?” (Teddy blushed and hid his face in his hands.) “Pity Nixon. His first — and only — ‘choice’ was Spiro Agnew. Us Demos have thousands of Mafia Onassis-Montini Kennedys to choose from. Demo Party is the Party of Daley and Ted Kennedy. We build tonight on the grave of Mary Jo Kopechne and the Justice buried there. We want equal justice for all.” (Coming, baby, coming) “We feel something missing.” (Mary Jo and all of the murdered. Unlike Miami — here was the featured speaker — the V.P., now — Montini Teddy Shriver — soon to be President.) “We are going to harness God — and Fuck Him Good.”
And so Eunice and Teddy are “enshrined,” said Chancellor.
Interviews: Shriver: “I discussed everything with Eunice and Teddy Kennedy. He advises me. He owns me. I obey.” Teddy: “I will campaign actively for my ticket.”
The weeping statue of Fatima — does she weep because the Supreme Court ruled, “Yes, we are the Mafia anointed supreme arbiters of American law — but we can’t rule on the Mafia Party rules — because they rule us.”?
Or, does she weep because here in the U.S. of Mafia, Mafia murder is not only immune to Congress, City Hall, and public street, but gets a badge — “most courageous man” — and a title — President?
Or, does she weep because Teddy’s V.P. sister, Eunice Shriver, follows up Hearst, Hersh and McGovern, who declare Teddy “Most Courageous Man,” with an article on “Life, Itself.”? Writes Teddy’s V.P. sister Eunice: “Human existence is the greatest achievement yet in the universe. Life has been cheap for us since Vietnam. And we have transferred this attitude to matters here at home.” (She refers to Chappaquiddick.) “The destruction of life is contrary to our nature.” (unless decreed necessary by the leader of our family — Onassis — murderer of my two brothers — who runs our Mafia country — or our previous family leader, Joseph P. Kennedy — who got his jollies out of wars like Fatima #1 for the Deputy of Christ at Auschwitz — Pope somebody — or Teddy, at Dike Bridge — or Montini, with the crucifixion of Camara’s Priest.) She quotes Bobby’s song, “Which one would have built the bridge?” and continues, “We cannot sing this song just for the dead of war. Those who oppose us cannot have it both ways — to abhor death in Southeast Asia, while rejecting the case for life in Los Angeles, Manhattan, Hyannisport, San Francisco, and Chappaquiddick. We must act where we have the power to cat and move to preserve what others would abuse and destroy.” (We must, folks, use Mafia power to crush Mary Jo at the Bridge, because her life is cheap — and preserve us Mafia cancer, which some doctors wish to delete,

Page Three Hundred Twenty Eight

because our murderous cancerous existence is the greatest achievement yet in the universe. Pope Montini says so — and titles us all “Papal Knights and Princesses and Presidents and Vice Presidents,” such as me and Teddy.)
Is this why that Fatima cedar stump weeps in Marcello’s Louisiana parish, where sister Lucey, the architect of Fatima #1, 2, and #3 — blow off of the world — reads comic books and dead-fucks toward Pennsylvania?
Where did she come from anyhow? Who appointed, anointed or elected her to anything? Perhaps she should receive hanging rights prior to Ellsberg — who only followed out the latter stages of blueprinting Montini’s-Onassis’ Fatima #3 blow-off of the other half — which now — by complications — has become a Mexican stand-off blow-off — both ways — accompanied by a 22 hour scavenger mop-up.
Today — Friedheim, Pentagon: “Well, yes, we have been working on a first strike to blow up all of Russia.” (Roosevelt — D-Day in Europe: “We must get out of the people’s minds the word ‘invasion.’ It is a ‘Holy Crusade.’ All wars are Holy Crusades.”)
Today — President 62-carat up-the-ass Patty: “There won’t be any campaign issues. My hubby, Dickie, has them all solved.”
Today — the Yippies, who have been planning for four years to disrupt the Republican Convention: “We have read some papers. We are withdrawing from Miami. We will not provide Dickie with a pretext for violence to either cancel elections or push Fatima #3 buttons at the gang bang on Christ in Miami, August 21, 1972.” After Jerry Gordon phoned Ellsberg about these papers — at the U.C.L.A. Peace Coalition Anti-War meeting last month — Gordon announced, “We, the Anti-War group, will not be in Miami, Aug. 21, 1972. We, too, have read some papers. We will provide no pretexts for Dickie.”
Today — Ellsberg: “Within the last months,” (last month, July 21, Friday, from U.C.L.A.) “I learned something about the constitution and why my persecution trial was held. This trial should never have been held.” (He rattles blackmail about that taped call — and worries about the new charge. Freed now, he wants desperately to have the trial conducted on the mild charges now before him.)
Today — Ellsberg’s 16 Kennedy attorneys: “We ask for a mistrial. Delay will mean possible taint of waiting jury by viewing other evidence.” (I told Rudenstein other batches of papers were in L.A. for the jurors and witnesses.) “New, untainted jury should be called when trial is ready.” “We waive double jeopardy rights. Justice wants trial now. So do we. If delayed somewhat we will not seek ‘double jeopardy’ release because of new jury.”
Today — Mafia Supreme Court: “Fuck you all. It’s our necks that will stretch, too. We will delay this past the election — probably forever — or at least until we figure out some Mafia scheme to bury it all — as Warren’s Court did for Dallas.”
Today — in Rome — 32 Mafia Parliament members — Montini’s Parliament — charged with crimes ranging from murder to theft — were automatically exempted by the Papal rule of congressional immunity — as has been the rule through the Papal centuries — followed in the U.S. of Mafia during our last Mafia century. Montini’s Italian Prime Minister, Andreotti, attacked McGovern’s

Page Three Hundred Twenty Nine

threat of withdrawal from Vatican Heroin Vietnam and other Mafia dictatorships around the world. (After nomination, of course, Teddy McGovern reversed it all.) Commented Mafia Reagan: “I heartily agree with Montini’s Prime Minister Andreotti. We must not alter our plan to keep forces everywhere to join our allies — Onassis, Thieu, Chiang, Franco, Medici, Pakistan — in Fatima #3.” And Montini — Mafia backbone temporarily propped up by a succession of American Mafia — Rogers, Reagan, Treachery Secretary Connally, Body Count MacNamara, Two Handed Ambassador Lodge (to help him with his constant Mary Jo grave stroke) — interrupted his tears to lay down the law of God: “We will crush any individual, group, or nation who conspires against the church or the recognized legitimate authorities. Nationalism, as a substitute for Vatican Law, is unlawful — subversive of both civil and religious law — and we will crush it solely, if necessary, because it is inimical to the welfare of the Vatican, the Holy See, and the Roman Catholic Church.” (All 600 million soldiers of the church — and soldiers of the Mafia — are now totally committed as hostages to the Holy Crusade of Fatima #3. Comic book reader Sister Lucey’s Fatima #3.)
Today — newsman St. John: “We have just witnessed the crumbling of the corrupt two party system. Who needs it?”
Today — Greeky Agnew: “What really is on the line now is the survival of our Republican Party and it’s ability to remain in power.”
Neither Mafia party is mentioned in the constitution. (Murder, treason, bribery are. Hanging offenses. Nor is the established Mafia Party Law that one, or most, as is the case of our leaders, be owned by Roman Mafia Montini. Nor is Sister Lucey’s Fatima #3. Nor is Onassis. It says “Total separation — church and sate.” “Free elections,” (no bribery), “by all,” (count ‘em, 206 million bodies). It says “Life,” (Mary Jo), “Liberty,” (Mary Jo), “Pursuit of Happiness,” (Mary Jo). It says “no secrecy,” public “right to know.” It says a lot. It says that Agnew is wrong. Survival of the Republican Party is not an issue. Survival of 206 million American bodies — and the birds and the bees and the flowers — is the issue. (Says Hoppe: “What America needs is a clobbering.”) Well there is a precept for everything. “And the U.S. of Mafia, a necrophiliac nation — MMORDIS, Montini’s Mafia Diocese — Fucks in frenzied unison toward Mary Jo’s grave — in support of the leader of the dead-fuck, Montini’s virgin asshole son, Onassis’ virgin asshole son, issue from Mafia Virgin Mama Rosie and Joseph — the one and only murderer from the Pond — Teddy.
Lansky’s Dead Fucking Mafia Convention Hall — overflowing from froth and rotting corpses — freshly fucked by cancer in July — will soon refill for a drooling gang bang of Christ — an empty festered slivering cross. Followed by the big show — Gang Bang on Christ versus Universal Fuck of God. Vote for one. It matters not. The fuckless aren’t available any more. Christ leaped off the cross at Chappaquiddick. And those coin and stamp astronaut Mafia will never throw a space net over God. “Election

Page Three Hundred Thirty

decisions are made by them — those two — the fuckees. They pass the results through Pennsylvania graves, Cypress Lawn and street corners such as Franklin and Lombard, San Francisco, — 10:45 p.m., Sept. 16, 1968. If there is any credence to the Bermuda Triangle, UFO’s, and other non-human, solvable mysteries — in all probability, the answer is a clamp — CIA style — that none of this MMORDIS infected planet ever reach out to infect the universe. That cancer dies right here. Along with its victims.
Aug. 10, 1972 — Today — Teddy sues Nixon over a vetoed bill. “Unconstitutional,” screams Teddy. Today Congress toys with releasing that treason indictment against Joan of Arc Jane Fonda. Her attorney is Mark Lane — indignant as Mae Brussell over assassinations. Both have read these papers and run and bark anti-war phrases and campaign for Teddy Kennedy McGovern and dead-fuck on Mary Jo’s grave faithfully for Montini. Today — Ellsberg — free — jury sent home — announces he will campaign against the war and Dickie — and for Teddy Kennedy McGovern. So will his staff of 16 Kennedy attorneys — who helped Teddy get out of the ordeal of Chappaquiddick. All dead-fuck madly on Mary Jo’s grave and all that lies buried there. Today — a street conversation — I listened in: “Barker and Sturgis got $115 thou — campaign funds — for that Demo bugging bit. Sturgis and McLaney (Onassis’ Cuban gambling) got kicked out of Cuba — and Castro stole $8 billion from Onassis. Look what that $8 billion Onassis steal brought on — Maheu hired by CIA to assassinate Castro (and his crew later turned up in Chicago Nov. 1, 1963) — Bay of Pigs Invasion shit, we almost had a nuclear war with Russia. So, what’s so odd about Helms lobbing a ‘mistake’ missile on S.F. when the massed FBI was here on Oct. 8 to cart out that $6 billion Harry Yee skag — especially when it was tied in with Nader’s assassination if he started a 3rd Party against the key — the Mafia Election Process — and the admittance of China into the U.N. — and the complete dissolution of the two Mafia Parties — decapitation of the Mafia — crumbling of the Mafia Vatican Roman Catholic Church — end of war — end of crime — exposure of assassinations right back to the birth of Christ? And ditto — again — on July 11, 1972, in Garry’s office? Christ! And ‘Hughes,’ Alioto, Chappaquiddick, Genovese, Brussell, Hoover! And ditto again — L.A. — July 21, 1972, where the Ellsberg-McNamara hedge cover-up of the Vietnam War — for Teddy and Montini — The Pentagon Papers — was about to be exposed. And again — same weekend — National General Sinatra, Klein, etc., and related C. Arnholdt Smith — San Diego. “Waste ‘em” — says Helms — S.F., L.A., San Diego. We’re lucky. Let’s get out of here.” Tomorrow, my mother goes to Portland to try to find my brother who is currently hiding in a closet in a National General office there — run by Thelma Golding, of the Mafia rattle death sympathy card after my father’s murder. Her brother drives from the Mexican border to the Canadian border —

Page Three Hundred Thirty One

San Diego to Seattle — circling away from San Francisco by way of Salt Lake City. His son hides in Lagos, Nigeria — courtesy of Body Count Bundy — Kennedy Vatican from the Vietnam Holy Crusade — who now runs the Ford Foundation.

In San Francisco — now — and throughout the next week, the last one before the Mafia Republican gang bang on Christ in Miami, are Warren, former Supreme Court Chief at the time of Dallas; Burger, present Supreme Court Chief, and Onassis’ “free ships” friend; the entire Mafia American Bar Association; CIA Chief Helms; Former CIA Chief (at the time of the ‘Holy Crusade’ in Vietnam — through the double Diem-Kennedy murders) McCone — now from ITT and the world Mafia rape; Kleindienst — Attorney General after Mitchell quit to run the Committee to Reelect Nixon, which employed the nine Mafia to Bug Watergate; MacGregor, who took over that Committee after Mitchell quit to crawl up Martha’s ass because she “had a story to tell”; J. Pat Gray — FBI Chief, Vatican replacement for apple pie murdered J. Mafia Hoover; Noel Gayler — Commander in Chief of All Pacific Forces, who apparently believes the war is being fought right here in San Francisco; The regular Mafia crowd — Genovese, Alioto, Lanza, et al; plus all of the thousands of fringe Mafia hoods that cluster around these capos. It is probable that Montini will be here to confer with Genovese, Alioto, Lanza and McGucken. I expect Marie Elena Merryman — from the “Hughes” nursemaids — to approach me — at a lonely bus stop — “Imagine seeing you here! Perhaps you have noticed that Jim’s is too crowded these days — with strangers — to get in. There won’t be any buses. I have beer at my place. It is spacious — baseball field size — overlooking Swig’s Fairmont and the Nob Hill Square, and you can read Spellman’s works and we’ll talk of things like Onassis and Howard Hughes. We’ll walk — to save money — since I know you don’t have cab fare. Which is sad, because it is so easy to make money on the stock market.”
We’ll see. History does have a way of repeating itself.
For instance, Bill Moyers is here — back in the newspaper business. Bought a local rag — the “Progress.” Moyers is an LBJ Mafia — was his Press Secretary when Johnson was the Mafia President. Johnson, you see, is intensely interested in stifling any San Francisco news. The “Guardian”? Brugmann’s Reformer Rag? Kennedy money bought that rag immediately after Chappaquiddick. “Eastern Money,” Brugmann said, after reading all this — as he rushed out into the moonlight two handing toward Pennsylvania.
Brave, free Americans. Flag, motherhood, apple pie.

Page Three Hundred Thirty Two

“The Jesuits keep me penniless, isolated — and — out of town,” says a former Jesuit priest, John D. Roche — about L.A. Archbishop Manning, who said, “This is a usual condition for one who resists our order.” (and I refer you back a few pages to Mafia Pope Montini’s rattle, “We will crush anyone who interferes with the power of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church.” And, that was God speaking.)
Haynes Johnson — Washington Post: “Despite publications such as the Pentagon Papers, no-one has yet explained how America became involved in a rural land so far away.” (You have just read the explanation — so have Dickie, Teddy (all Teddys), Brehznev, Chow, McNamara, Ellsberg, Nader, Montini, Onassis, and a long list around the world — most of whom I don’t know. It is why Mary Jo was murdered, and my father — now my family. It is why I am being murdered — and you — with me. It is the same philosophy that murdered Christ.) “There has always been an air of inevitability about America’s involvement in Vietnam. No-one, no matter how powerful, seemed able to stem the tide.” (Jesuit Priest, Father Mootz — from the grave — the Tisserant Papers — explained this to me. Tisserant spelled it out plainly. What can Montini do to “crush” Father Mootz — or Tisserant — or Mary Jo — or my father? They’re already dead. And holding mobile strings. As you now know, it is a powerful tide. Onassis and Montini — and their “soldiers of the Mafia” and “soldiers of the church” are running for election — in the U.S. of Mafia — jointly in charge of both Mafia Parties — Country, States and Cities — as planned at Apalachin — based on the Roosevelt-Joseph P. Kennedy-Onassis’ Fatima #1-World War II, which brought into reality a comic book vision of three little girls in Portugal in 1917 — The Three Secrets of Fatima — seized upon by the church as a boost for it’s ‘Holy Crusades’ — and later by Onassis for his ‘Holy Crusade’ — a joint venture. Today, around the world, entire Fatima churches and populations grovel in the Pennsylvania dust of Mary Jo’s grave — dead fucking — along with Sister Lucey — last of those three little girls — who now reads comic books in Marcello’s Louisiana Parish while wooden Fatima — a reality from the comic book — weeps and weeps for the faithful Fatima followers.)
Everyone named herein is guilty of murder, treason, genocide, crimes against humanity and Christ. In the U.S. of Mafia — nobody did anything about it since Sept. 16, 1968 — when I first turned it over to the bravest of the brave — beginning with Dickie. All of there murders and crimes were accelerated. A total clamp went on me. Vatican and CIA to Garry. President to Genovese-Alioto street cop. This is why I performed the abortion on Body Count McNamara and Ellsberg — without the $400 million Betty Waterhouse proposed using to give McNamara a giant one — in return for the brutal one he gave her. McNamara, commissioned by Teddy after Chappaquiddick — and Montini — “Get me out of this, as you did JFK from the Bay of Pigs” — either ordered Ellsberg to release it (The Pentagon Papers) as a cover-up hedge, or Ellsberg alone did it — knowing, like Oswald at Dallas, that he was the patsy for the “deeper fix.” It happened — the cover-up Pentagon Papers — after Aug. 5, 1969 — when all of the shit

Page Three Hundred Thirty Three

of Chappaquiddick hit the fan. CIA style — triangulation — like the crossfire at Dallas that blew off Kennedy’s head. Johnson and Dickie (“hang together or hang separately — along with ‘Hughes’ “), Teddy McGovern and Kimelman’s 17 Mafia (“Pick up the Kennedy Banner as you did for Bobby is 1968 — take the Kennedy machine — we have the loot.”) and McNamara-Ellsberg (Chappaquiddick blows the ‘Holy Crusade’ anyhow — so release the covered up version of the war. Release a little to save the whole. No-one will get hurt — Mafia, that is.”).
There was more crossfire — such as every Bishop and Archbishop and Cardinal rushing to the aid of Teddy, Daley and Alioto. Graham and the Archbishop of Canterbury to the aid of Dickie. Every Rabbi to the aid of Golda Meir and Lansky. All to keep the lid on. Any or all could have exposed this — at any time — in the last 50 years. Or 100 years. And on back.
Jesuit Priest Roche: “They keep me isolated, penniless — want me out of town.” For me — this, plus various tortures described herein — mental to murder. Verified.
Ellsberg? Top security clearance. Everybody with access knows the whole bit — Spellman’s ‘Holy Crusade’ in Vietnam, Heroin, Onassis-Roosevelt-Joseph P. Kennedy 1932, again in World War II (Fatima #1), Apalachin, Genovese-Alioto-Lanza, Chappaquiddick, assassinations, Multi-National Mafia. J. Edgar Hoover was murdered because pressure was building on him and he was about to pop (LBJ: “We’ve gotta keep him inside the tent pissin’ out — rather than outside pissin’ in”). Ellsberg — today — is freed from treason because of these papers — one phone call, mentioning Chappaquiddick, from that U.C.L.A. Anti-War meet (engineered by Rudenstein).
Ellsberg couldn’t care less. He’s wealthy. His job is done — get the Pentagon War version of the Vietnam War accepted (like the Dickie-Onassis “Hughes” myth) — in order to cover the “deeper fix.” After Aug. 5, 1969, the Chappaquiddick cover was to be “anti-war” — or anything else that happened overseas — suddenly, Teddy, whose bubby started it, was “anti-war.” Ramsey Clark, who, as Attorney General, directed it — and whose pappy was one of Roosevelt’s Mafia Supreme Court Capos — was suddenly “anti-war.” Ellsberg, who drew up the Fatima #3 nuclear blow-off plans, and then drew up the McNamara “Pentagon Papers” cover-up, was suddenly “anti-war.” Shriver, Dickie’s French Ambassador, sanctioning Dickie’s war policy, suddenly — after Chappaquiddick — became “anti-war” — and quit and came back to defend Teddy. McGovern became violently “anti-war,” and held Teddy’s hand — Catch 22 Teddy McGovern. Salinger, Mankiewicz — all of those in on the start of JFK-Spellman’s (read Onassis-Montini’s) Vietnam “Holy Crusade”: suddenly were “anti-war.” Fronts, such as Rudenstein’s Peace Coalition, suddenly were “anti-war” — as were fronts ACLU and ADA and Common Cause. Anything to keep attention away from Chappaquiddick — and all that lies buried there — the cause of war, the cause of crime — back to the murder of Christ.
I mentioned Priest Roche being isolated, penniless? I mentioned myself — all of that plus no U.S. of Mafia legal, press or any other kind of aid — in fact, the reverse: Total clamp?

Page Three Hundred Thirty Four

A quote: “Defending Ellsberg will top one million dollars in cost — the most expensive trial in history. Ellsberg’s defense expenses are running $80,000 per month. Since Ellsberg’s July indictment, costs have been $400,000. Ellsberg’s defense team includes 13 lawyers at around $2,000 per month apiece, 9 paralegal researchers, 3 professional consultants, 5 document researchers, 6 secretaries.” That’s 36 humans — high priced — plus backing of fronts ACLU, Common Cause, ADA — all, each and every one — like Nader — a protector of Teddy Kennedy, murderer of Mary Jo at Chappaquiddick. Massive dead-fucking. “He spends $3,000 per month for renting eight Bunker Hill Towers apartments. $2,000 per month for telephones. $10,000 per month for transcripts.”
Me? My father was murdered. My half-murdered mother has run in fear to Portland to find my hiding brother — in a Mafia National General closet. Rest of the family running away — all over the continent. Buildings emptying when I mention Chappaquiddick. Oh well — mobile strings are all that matter. We’re all going.
All of these — mentioned above — avoid the key to all war — Chappaquiddick — by chanting “anti-war.” Dickie, on the other hand, has pitched for war — “pro-war” — “around the world for peace” — Whoop the war in Vietnam — search for peace around the world — anything to keep attention away from Chappaquiddick — and all that lies buried there — the cause of war — the cause of crime — back to the birth of Christ.
So, a week ago, I called Betty Waterhouse and notified her that I had given her former boyfriend — Body Count McNamara of Mafia Heaven, the World Bank — and Ellsberg — a gigantic abortion — all by myself, in retribution for the savage abortion he had given her in Tacoma, Green Street, 1938. She was indignant, “You don’t have to go that far, I hardly remember him.” That was odd — since, long ago, the idea was to use her $400 million to give it to him. But I did understand. For, you see, she loves Mafia and gets checks from Dickie, signed personally. Also, she runs a travel agency at the S.F. Hilton (remember Teddy McGovern’s Kimelman Virgin Island Hilton?), where the entire Supreme Court is now staying — and the Mafia ABA, and Attorney General Kleindienst, and a host of assorted Mafia, CIA to Genovese and Alioto. That was a week ago. And I promised a TV special for her — about Ellsberg, Kleindiesnt and the nine Mafia Supreme Court Justices. (Ellsberg and Russo were here three days later and scheduled for a Channel 5 TV special. It was canceled.) So I called her lastnight and elaborated on the gigantic abortion. Said she: ”I arranged for a trip to Carmel for Kleindienst and his wife. They are so nice. We talked about trips to the wine country and other places and I’ve talked to all of the other big people here.” Me: “I will be down to the Hilton next week to give some abortions to some of them. I’ll stop and see you and tell you about it after it’s done.” She, sweetly: “Why don’t you stop by the travel place first. I am making money hand over fist on the stock market. I can’t lose. It’s a fix.

Page Three Hundred Thirty Five

You could do so well.” Me: “As well as McNamara and Ellsberg?” She: “Much better.” Me: “But my business is abortions. Friends tell me that stock market thing is due for an abortion. So why should I mess with a sick cancer that’s about to be cut out?” She: “But cutting cancer out might kill the patient.” Me: “True. All doctors take that risk, with 100% human approval — even the Mafia. The cancer will kill the patient, so if the patient is dead anyhow — what’s left to lose?” She: “Well, stop and see me first anyhow.”
That was lastnight. All messages get through. Today, Dickie’s new Supreme Court Justice Powell — at Betty Waterhouse’s Hilton — officially opened the ABA convention with a speech. Said Supreme Court Justice Powell: “Destructive Criticisms are threatening our institutions — and threatening our honor.”
At Al Strom’s Drift Inn (he remembers), Perry’s, Tiki Bob’s, and Bill’s Flagship, I have seen all five of the CIA Watergate buggers within the last nine months — roughly — roughly, since my Neilson-Green chats about Peking, Chappaquiddick Dickie — and the Nader Assassination bit and Pat Wyman — and the Harry Yee $6 billion San Francisco heroin bit. I didn’t know who they were until I saw their pictures in Newsweek, after the Demo Headquarters bugging bit. A month before my father’s murder — as I walked into the Drift Inn, Elizabeth Dale whispered to two who were with her, “There he is” — and they looked for a bit and then left. Four got away from that Watergate capture, and later — apparently — helped jab Martha in the ass at Newport when she “had a story to tell.” It stands to reason, that, if pictures of those other four ever come out — those two will be identified. One of them looked something like Sturgis. A month after my father’s murder, at the same place, Jim Lindberg asked me, “What are you thinking about?” and I told him — “I am thinking of hanging everybody in the CIA, top to bottom — from McCone and Helms, who tonight are two blocks above us — at 1170 Sacramento Street — with the Merrymans and Eckersleys — to the lowliest CIA murder freak in this bar.” Jim left.
Quote from Don Freed’s tape of Tackwood — L.A. Police informer: “McCord is in on the concentration camp bit for dissenters. He’s a stone killer. He was at Dallas. This man was talking about killing Nixon and blaming it on the liberals. Then Greeky Agnew would walk in.” One night Jim was drunk and fell down. “Are you hurt?” someone said. Jim: “Doesn’t make any difference. I was dead 10 years ago.” 10 years ago is around the time of the Bay of Pigs and Dallas. I wonder why this batch of murderers turned up near me during the course of these events. Said Jim to me one night, in jest: “We’re all CIA/ We murder when it’s necessary.” Or, was it jest? He gave me a message on the night before my father’s murder. He was present when Hughes’ aunt, Kitty Lowry, first chatted with me. His partner, Cliff Jones, was present on the occasion of the next chat. Who knows? The two with Elizabeth Dale — and these two — might be the missing four from Watergate. It doesn’t matter. They’ll hang — in one of it’s many forms — including, for sure, mobiles.

Page Three Hundred Thirty Six

“You’ve got them all shook up,” came a voice to me the other night. Well, roll that “bugging” shit described on the previous pages around a little bit, and Tackwood’s comments about McCord in at Dallas, and the Rand memo to Agnew about canceling elections, and McCord’s “Kill Nixon…walk in Agnew… dissenters in concentration camps” — Agnew, forced on Nixon by Onassis and Greeky Pappas — Nixon dumped at the convention — depending upon whom the bugging of O’Brien revealed to be Demo opposition — and whether it had a chance — and getting caught in a bungling bugging. It speaks of desperation. Desperation about events in San Francisco, herein described — China into the U.N., Thailand Heroin, “Hughes” and Chappaquiddick, which blows it all — including the assassinations in which they were involved — Jim “Dead 10 years Ago” — Barker — citizenship revoked 10 years ago — Sturgis (with Elizabeth Dale — citizenship revoked 10 years ago — later restored by Mafia Senator Smathers — a link, with Rebozo, between Johnson and Nixon and Onassis — Barker and Sturgis kicked out of Cuban gambling — with McLaney — at $8 billion loss Onassis’ expense — Barker and Hunt in Nicaragua — where “Hughes” fled from the Bahamas. Desperation — and Bremer, hypnotic clod, on the path of Nixon — and another one last week. And Dickie — desperation — bombing the hell out of Vietnam — rigging the convention — begging for legal Mafia suppression of the bugging investigation — Mitchell’s crawl up his wife’s ass — Connally quitting — Romney quitting (“Dickie faces grave political consequences”) — Stans in hiding. On the other side — Teddy’s quit and run behind Mafia skirts, Montini robes. Purchase of Teddy McGovern — desperation on Eagleton — Eagleton’s ouster — desperate refusal to run by Senators Humphrey, Muskie, Jackson, Nelson, Ribicoff, Church, Carter — and Meier’s Alioto and Boston White (Eagleton checked — carefully with Alioto — just before, and just after he stepped down). Acceptance of Mafia Daley’s Mafia Capo — Teddy Kennedy Shriver — and everybody bellowing “anti-war”, Teddy Ramsey Clark, Teddy Kennedy, Teddy McGovern, Teddy Shriver, Teddy Salinger, Teddy Makiewicz, Teddy Ellsberg, Teddy Nader. All of them have read these papers. Desperation. Ellsberg, “We waive double jeopardy. Call a new jury, when necessary. This one has been tainted.” (I told Rudenstein that they had copies.) Anything to keep the lid on. Ellsberg doesn’t want his freedom on those terms — revealing Chappaquiddick and Fatima #3 Vietnam. He, like Oswald at Dallas, is dead — if they think it gets out through him. Reagan, Connally, Rogers to Rome after Montini rattles: “I have written a book. I want to quit. God has chosen me to suffer.” Morale boosted somewhat, he rattles: “We will crush anyone who interferes.” Teddy, Jackie, Rosie to Rome to confer. Lansky to Golda Meir for sanctuary. Desperation. Waldheim, U.N. Secretary General, knows, and spits “I am sick of the U.S. (of Mafia) taking world destruction into its own hands — and destroying the U.N. — Dickie running to Moscow, Peking — and around the world, with McNamara, Burns, Connally, Reagan, and his entire cabinet — and the U.S. Senate and House leaders — buying, stealing, maneuvering, wheeling and dealing — privately, in his own behalf — while he bombs and mines the Chinese borders — propagandizes in every manner on all borders — and tightens the nuclear noose around the non-Mafia half — Fatima #3 blow-off bait.”

Page Three Hundred Thirty Seven

Desperation. In the open. Mafia Congress frightened by Mafia Sinatra. Mafia Sinatra National General loot to Dickie and Greeky Agnew. The nine member Mafia Supreme Court — having read these papers — will now hang Ellsberg on a new charge — or hang with him on the same charge. The are here now, chaperoning the Mafia American Bar Association (In Washington yesterday, 100 Senators — 64 of them lawyers — Mafia lawyers — voted down no-fault insurance, to preserve that billion dollar insurance racket — for themselves. Yesterday, the Mafia “Statute of Limitations” — 10 years — on armored car robbery ran out — and the three Mafia capos who did it — known — now have one and a half million to split up — free of charge. The only collection of any stolen loot — by any U.S. of Mafia court — is now going on in Vegas — where Dickie’s Justice — 1,000 strong — are trying to recover $300 million — stolen from Onassis by many — because they knew about “Hughes” (a la Lansky’s $35 million). He is collecting this $300 million to give it back to his boss, your boss — Onassis.
The ABA is in San Francisco to legalize the gang bang on Christ in Miami. Alioto welcomed them all. U.S. Attorney (criminal matters) Gang rape Ladar is in charge of entertainment for this Mafia cancer that writes Mafia law and keeps the lid on the constitution and dead-fucks Mary Jo. U.S. Attorney Metzger, selling heroin from Hallinan’s office, was charged, again, with dope pushing. He is on one of the ABA deliberative committees. He, too, has read these papers. U.S. Attorney Browning’s pappy is a featured speaker. ITT, National General, C. Arnholdt Smith, Chappaquiddick, “Hughes” — Attorney General Kleindienst speaks: “We have stopped all crime” — and Betty Waterhouse ushers him around. Former Attorney General Brownell and Superior Court Chief Burger — who gave Onassis his ships — speak — almost jointly: “Make the prisons pleasant and make us judges happy.” Alioto: “I’m against high legal fees. Illegal fees? Now, that’s different. We all do that, don’t we, Burger?” as he rattles murdered Hoover’s files. Senator Byrd: “Judges are the only ones in the world — other than Mafia Popes, Mafia Dictators, and Mafia kings — who have lifetime jobs. Therefore, they are Mafia — and God.”
Mary Jo’s grave in Wilkes Barre is a mud puddle. floods. Romney won’t give a dime in Federal money to the area..
Reagan and “Look’s” Cowles and Sinatra are together in Miami. Cowles never left since the Demo dead-fuck on Mary Jo when he stayed with Teddy’s Harriman.
Chandler and Younger (L.A. Times and State D.A. — who both covered up Bobby — and set up “Squad 19” for the Republican Mafia Convention at San Diego — since scrubbed by that Dita Beard Memo — and now in the Patriarcha-Sinatra-Lansky Fontainebleu in Miami — which caused McCord, Barker, Sturgis, Gonzales, Martinez, Ferrar, Hunt, Caddy, Liddy to revamp their plans — and give me sour looks at Al Strom’s, where Noel Gayler, Kitty Lowry, and assorted Mafia characters sometimes come to consult — me, apparently — what else would they be doing in a small S.F. neighborhood bar?) — at any rate, Chandler and Younger turn out to be crooks — Geotek. Surprised? Newspaper and D.A.? Mafia? How could that be? Younger spoke at the ABA on law reform.


Page Three Hundred Thirty Eight

Quotes Teddy Ramsey Clark and Teddy Joan of Arc Jane Fonda — as they read these papers, while one handing toward Pennsylvania — a festering rotting mud hole called Mary Jo — about Teddy McGovern and Teddy Shriver: “Elect Teddy President and the North Viets will give us our POW’s back.” Teddy Ramsey Clark was on the throne for Johnson on assassinations, Chappaquiddick, “Hughes,” Onassis, Montini — and the whooping of the war.
Dickie and staff rig a report — “Official” — which negates Nader’s original charge — rotten Corvairs. Necrophiliac Nader — who accepted his Onassis bribe and has gone on toward Mafia heaven — couldn’t care less if Dickie boots him in the ass. Helps him with his jollies on Mary Jo’s rotting corpse. Locally, Alioto boots Chappaquiddick Pachtner in the ass — and she humps all the harder toward Wilkes Barre.
“We’ve gotta get the power back,” snarls Eunice Teddy Kennedy Shriver — while two handing.
Two handing also: Guy Wright: “We should let all of the Mafia legislators starve…starve…starve…starve…” Congressman Riegle: “What difference does Congress make? It’s a ship of fools that has nothing to do with the country where 210 million live…live…live…live…” Considine: “Kennedy dynasty is shattered. Muskie, Wallace, Eagleton, shot down. Connally, Mitchell, Wilson — quit. Church is crumbling — Montini will quit. What is going on…on…on…on…” Harwood, about Shriver: He doesn’t give a damn about anybody — he uses them. His motto is the same as Daley’s: Nice guys come in last…last…last…last…”
A hierarchy of shit — sustained by a society of shit. Sucking on Onassis’ heroin-chancered thing, sitting on Montini’s “Holy Crusade” — brave, free Americans, eating Grecian and Roman shit for dessert. Melting Pot? Yes, indeed. Rejects from every corner of the world — too rotten to correct the shit in their own native area — run to America — the U.S. of Mafia — and from that gutless breed comes the creeping, crawling cancer that today composes a necrophiliac nation, dead-fucking on Mary Jo’s grave — now escalated to the horror of a 1972 “free” election between Onassis-Montini-Kennedy-Chappaquiddick-”Hughes”-Teddy McGovern and Onassis-Montini-Kennedy-Chappaquiddick-”Hughes”-Dickie, in a joint Handmaiden-Vatican Mafia Election Process. All of them running now — from these papers. Double cross, triple cross — anything to continue the run, toward other crosses that wait — empty. The Gang-bang on Christ vs. Universal Fuck of God.
Fatima #3 — Mafia capos sending out kill contracts from an impersonal distant swivel chair. On you — and themselves. Ever the nature of cancer. The human lunch — while consuming itself. MMORDIS — Mouldering Mass Of Rotten Dribbling Infectious Shit.
Cross-check on that — “Why are all listed in here — and you — all of you — dead fucking on Mary Jo’s grave?”

Page Three Hundred Thirty Nine

August 16, 1972
This is a summary of the murder of LaVerne Dale Roberts — my father — by President Richard Milhous Nixon –
My father’s reward. Because of his son — me — elected Nixon to the Presidency. And in so doing, exposed 1) the Mafia Election Process, 2) Mafia Montini U.S. possession in 1960 — dating from Onassis’ 1957 Apalachin, 1957 “Hughes” hyping, 1957 formation of the “Hughes” Mafia Money Funnel, 1957 bribery of Mafia Nixon (“I’ll take the ‘Hughes’ loan. Fuck America. My family comes first.”), 3) caused Chappaquiddick, 4) McNamara-Ellsberg cover-up Pentagon Papers, 5) Nader’s Onassis bribe, 6) Collapse of both Mafia Political Parties, 7) Admission of China into the U.N., 8) exposure of assassinations, 9) Onassis-FDR-Joseph P. Kennedy War II, 10) Onassis-FDR Joseph P. Kennedy heroin into Boston — with booze — in 1932, 11)The dissolution of the Cancer Vatican and the cancer fringes who cover up the murder of Christ, 12) Tisserant’s exposure of the perversion of the Three Secrets of Fatima — especially Fatima #3 — blow-off of the other half — underway now around the world — and typified by Onassis (Kennedy)-Montini (Spellman) and the “Holy Crusade” of Vietnam, and 13) other fringes of murder, genocide, treason, necrophilia, and crimes against Christ, God, and humanity summarized briefly herein.
The Teddy McGovern-Kimelman Mafia scheme — after Chappaquiddick — to carry on for Pond murderer Chappaquiddick Kennedy — is now a bust. Teddy McGovern now knows this. The only way for him to be elected is to expose these papers. He is just rotten enough to do this. He is, as I have stated, one fraction of a degree rottener than the rottenest of the rotten — Dickie Nixon — and therefore, he will be elected. So computers say. (Actually, it makes no difference. Other arrangements have been made.)
The start of all this was the Alioto cover-up of the Alioto hit-run on my car, Sept. 16, 1968, 10:45 p.m., corner of Lombard and Franklin — two months before the 1968 election. Nixon and Mitchell were the first two attorneys notified. That elected them. Alioto (and Kennedy and Onassis, who married Jackie one month later) knew from the moment of impact.
There is motive. You understand? If not, you add up all the murders, the assassinations, the fringe murders to them — from JFK and its fringes to Newsom’s nieces, Ronnie Brussell, Teddy’s Mary Jo, Joan Tunney’s hubby. Murder is a minor Mafia matter.
So who murdered my father? At the top — Richard M. Nixon, Montini, Onassis — those who are threatened by exposure — on the way out (a quote: “Like Mafia Capos sending out kill contracts from an impersonal distant swivel chair.” And another: “Presidents fear one thing: an historian who writes with knowledge of events, and who can affect the history of the events he writes about. This man has the power to change the inscriptions on tombstones.” And commit to those tombstones)
At the bottom — you — a necrophiliac nation. Your murder commenced on that day — Sept. 16, 1968. A thing called Fatima #3 — with other complications.

Page Three Hundred Forty

“Who squeezed the trigger?” as they say of JFK at Dallas.
That’s a question. And an answer. In the middle, the “trigger squeezers” of my father’s murder were those who were at Dallas, the same who were hired by the CIA and Maheu to assassinate Castro in 1961 (five methods, they tried, including that heart failure rat poison later used on my father — and J. Edgar Hoover), who reappeared at Dallas as timers for the synchronized cross fire and rear guards for the cover-up, undoubtedly assisted in the same manner on Martin Luther King and Bobby — and appeared to me (and other friends) in a clump, in the months preceding my father’s murder, at Al Strom’s Drift Inn — Bush and Taylor Streets — two blocks down the hill from the Onassis-McCone-Eckersley-Merryman mansion — a place where Noel Gayler, National Security Council, Kitty Lowry, aunt to Howard Hughes, and assorted “UPI” CIA, Pentagon “vacationers,” and Genovese-Alioto-Lanza Mafia appeared for chats. Jo Fulton, niece to Senator Proxmire and cousin to Senator Nelson, related also to Dickie’s economic advisor, Paul McCracken — witnessed part of this. Other friends witnessed the rest.
Five of this group were arrested while bugging the National Democratic Headquarters at the Watergate in Washington. They were there to discover — for Dickie — if Teddy was Going to use his blackmail — re. “Hughes,” Onassis, and the murders of J. Edgar Hoover — and my father — to defeat Dickie — since that is the only way it can be done. Their fear is that Teddy will “Quit and tell all” — as the threatened to do on Aug. 5, 1969 (which set up the triple crossfires to protect him — 1) Deal with Teddy McGovern, Kimelman Mafia — “Front for Teddy,” 2) Deal with Dickie, Johnson — “Hang together or hang separately,” 3) Deal with McNamara, Ellsberg — “Release the Pentagon Papers as cover-up for “Holy Crusade,” Fatima #3, and assassinations, and Mafia takeover). For, if Teddy did this (there is now no death penalty), or released some of it — it would elect Teddy McGovern — and Teddy Kennedy has a blood pact with Teddy McGovern, and his father — Onassis, and his father — Montini — and Teddy Kennedy would still be protected. Tit in wringer — give a little, to save the whole.
By dozens of crime experts, a quote: “In murder, there are no coincidences.” Bearing that in mind — recall the start of my father’s three and a half year torture murder. On the day after the hit-run it started with Alioto’s (Marie Hill, from Onassis) Retail Credit Mafia, James McCracken, harassing my mother and father — in this home — about me, while Alioto’s godfather, Lanza, from Apalachin, was ordering me off the street at the site of the hit-run. Five more hit-runs — strange voices on my father’s phone. Greenagel, Carlson, Bill Best, Mack, reading papers in the kitchen. Mafia deceit — to him — by his insurance friend (my car) — the insurance companies (nobody paid me anything) — the court bits — his old Republican friends running from him — money tension — Chappaquiddick — “Nader promised to come and see me. Where is he? Where are the others?” — “I want to get Teddy on a witness stand.” — Family arguments. Nerves frayed by worry — “When are Yablonski shotguns gonna burst in on us?” “Where are the Republicans and Nixon? We have contributed for years, and campaigned for them.” There is much more — but without any

Page Three Hundred Forty One

relief, already weak, he withered. That appeared on the death certificate as “Stress.” Mafia Dickie CIA Murderous Stress. But he was tough — and so, just before Dickie’s Peking trip, when the Watergate Five was here, sometimes at the Drift Inn, looking at me — he suddenly belched blood and hydrochloric acid. That appeared on the death certificate as “Bleeding Ulcer.” (Dickie’s 1968 GOP Platform: “We will fight Russia and China — and all communism. We will never allow China in the U.N.” In the hospital, February, 1972, my father watched Dickie’s landing in Peking, and said to me: “You did that. There is Dickie crawling to Communist China — begging. And China is already in the U.N.”)
“Miracle,” said Doctor Kawala, also Betty Waterhouse’s doctor — “he can go home tomorrow.” That night my father told me (and my mother), “The guy in the next bed to me told me that something is going to happen to you tonight, between 9:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m., so be careful.” Later that night, at the Drift Inn, Jim Lindberg asked me, “Do you know what’s going on tonight?” And I said, “Yes, between 9:30 p.m. and 9:30 a.m.” and he nodded and left. (A month before — some place — about the time the Watergate Five was there, he sat down and announced to me “We’re all CIA. We murder when necessary.”) Expecting something to happen to me between 9:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., I stopped to inform Betty Waterhouse of her hanging — but nothing happened to me. But my father’s murder was complete the next morning at 11:40 a.m. A month before my father’s murder, 62-carat sapphire Elizabeth Dale (now up President Patty’s ass) told me, “I might kill you myself. You have no right to deal with the lives of millions.”)
The rat poison Maheu tried on Castro (later used on Hoover and an Alioto trial judge — in mid trial) causes 1) shortness of breath, 2) lethargy, 3) heart failure. Symptoms are not noticed and the drug is untraceable. Isoproterenol is a drug used in hospitals to relieve wheezing arising from spasms in the small tubes of the lung. It was used for my father via face mask because of his emphysema. In his last days in the hospital, he refused to use it — fought it. It stimulates the heart, and overdoses lead to irregular heart rhythms, which are fatal. Aerosol canisters, sold over the counter, contain five times the Isoproterenol used in hospitals and thousands of deaths have been attributed to them. Quotes Johns Hopkins researcher Dr. Stolley: “It is the worst therapeutic disaster on record. There’s nothing else — even Thalidomide — that ranks with it.” (These five-times-normal canisters are not sold in the United States.) At around 9:30 a.m., my father was in a King Ambulance, on the way home — he said, “I need air” — they gave it to him — he arrived home in a coma. Hasty calls to the doctor. Rush back to the hospital — where the murder was complete at 11:40 a.m. That appeared on the death certificate. “Heart Failure.”
Stress, Bleeding Ulcer, Heart Failure. His sickness was emphysema. Which was also slow. Three and a half years of Dickie torture hadn’t killed my father. It took urgent means — at the time of Dickie’s Peking trip. Dickie had much to hide. In Peking. And in the U.S. of Mafia. One more witness gone. And me with lots of grief — and trouble.

Page Three Hundred Forty Two

Anyone can walk into a hospital room and do anything. I wandered into several by mistake. Priests — or, at least, humans in priests’ garb — pop in all the time. Certain it was that my father — a very key witness to the most horrible crime in history had no protection — quite unlike any Mafia political candidate. He was murdered in the time period indicated, And I was told about it — one month before the murder — amplified by the presence of the Watergate Five, and the words of 62-carat sapphire Elizabeth Dale — the subsequent murder of Betty Waterhouse’s husband (she ordered an autopsy within five minutes of death) — and all the time knowing that the torture murder had been underway, by Dickie, from an impersonal distant swivel chair, ever since Sept. 16, 1968, the Alioto hit-run on my car that elected Dickie.
Stop! Right here. Think back to that date — Sept. 16, 1968. Forget, if you can, the murder, treason, genocide before then. Think only of the murder, treason, genocide since then — four years now — by all of these — beginning with the new president, Dickie — all of which could have been avoided. Including the murder of my father.
The Dita Beard ITT memo went out — via anonymous letter — on the afternoon of my father’s murder.
My brother arrived — after three and a half years of begging — one hour after the murder, and delivered a Mafia message — “Yes, he was murdered, just as two others were, up my way, and J. Edgar will be. You got what you wanted. Lay off Alioto.” A Mason, formerly married to a member of the Miami Cuban community, now hiding in a Sinatra-C. Arnholdt Smith closet in Portland. There would be no death bed statements. Four hours later, having read these papers — without a flower, or a thought, or a look, or a word to his murdered father — he disappeared, white-faced and running. Months before the murder I offered to pay for his round trip — just to pick up these papers — said he: “No. If I come down there you are in more danger from me that you are from the Mafia. Lay off Alioto.” Me: “How did you know about that? I never told you.” No answer. So I told them the whole story — especially “Hughes” — and that evening (this was in two recorded phone calls from me to Spokane, Washington), “Hughes” disappeared from the Bahamas and turned up in Nicaragua, where Hunt and Barker, who was at the Drift Inn with the Watergate Five, are in business. Two weeks before the murder — on the day the blood and hydrochloric acid came up, I wrote a letter to him, laying out the entire thing and begging him to get here before his father’s death — “Don’t destroy this letter — bring it with you.” No show. A week later, I called. “Did you get my letter?” He: “Yes. I burned it.” “Are you coming down before your father dies?” He: “I don’t know.” That was true. He didn’t know. Timing was perfect. Arrived one hour after the murder. He left, running, four hours later. Like the Kopechnes, no word since — for six months — except for one Mafia note to my mother — about me — “He’s expensive.”

Page Three Hundred Forty Three

September and October, last year, 1971- The Neilson-Green bit about “Chappaquiddick Big Dickie, Little Dickie, and Alioto” — a Peking phrase. Nader’s cancellation of a third Political Party and a “Mistake” missile on SlFl The FBI “invasion” to get the Harry Yee $6 billion in heroin out of town. Kissinger’s sudden second trip to Peking — “to check on the agenda” — and zap! Dickie’s 1968 platform is a shambles — China is in the U.N., Heroin Taiwan is out — Mafia Congress votes to destroy the U.N.
Me — regular nightly route — Tiki Bob’s, Drift Inn, Flagship, where effects show up. Quite slow at the Drift Inn. Elizabeth Dale appears, smell of Hughes, CIA, ITT. Apartment nearby — $500 checks cashed at the Drift Inn — signed “Gower.” Occasionally questions, which I answer — assassinations, heroin, Nader, China, gifts of stones, with history, by me to POW wives, embassies, and certain well-known private parties. Around Christmas — to her — full details of “Hughes,” Onassis, Chappaquiddick, CIA. Finally, the 62-carat sapphire — with history. By now, she’s bitter. Late January — “I might kill you myself.” And then they appear. The Watergate Five. I don’t know them. But I do know strangers — and I stare. (In fact, on June 19, 1972, , when Barker’s picture appeared, it looked familiar, but I didn’t connect it. Same with McCord — a lone picture. And Sturgis. But, last month, July, I saw a clear, side by side picture, and then it registered — since verified. They came in single and in doubles — and they were all there at about the same time — one month before my father was murdered.)
McCord and Martinez came in together. I was at an end — they were around the bend — three seats away — McCord, seated, Martinez standing. (Look at their pictures. You will note that all have very distinctive faces — the kind you don’t forget. If you are looking. And I, as you can imagine, was looking at everybody. Said Elizabeth Dale to me: “You are nondescript.” I’ve heard that many times. Like an old cat or an old shoe, nobody remembers.) Sturgis was sitting with Elizabeth Dale when I came in one day and she whispered to him, “There he is” — from around the bend — and I sat in the middle and looked at him and almost spoke, since he looked like Richey — bartender at Canlis — and then Gonzalez came from the rest room and sat two seats from me — on my right — where he was drinking a cup of coffee — which, in a bar, is why I noticed him. Shouted Sturgis to Gonzalez, “Finish your coffee and let’s go.” (Sturgis was wearing the same striped shirt that shows in his arrest picture at Watergate.) Barker came in alone. Twice. Both times I was at the other end of the bar. Both times he stood. Back away from the bar in the center — in full view. Very striking, The front third of his hair is missing — not like a normal bald person — and you automatically look for burn scars and there aren’t any and he combs the rest of his hair flat across the top. That’s all. I had no real reason to remember them — then.
Secure and bold — all of them. But then, my father hadn’t been murdered yet. Nor were the ITT memos released, which chased Dickie and the Mafia Republicans out of San Diego.

Page Three Forty Four
They disappeared. And, about then, Al Strom, Drift Inn Owner, was notified by Coldis, Alcoholic Beverages Board, that his bar license would be suspended soon — a trumped up charge — in abeyance temporarily — and suddenly, Al Strom — to whom I had also revealed details quoted herein — became “too busy,” “don’t understand,” “gotta go home.” Around June 18, 1972, day of the Watergate arrests, a padlock went on the door of the Drift Inn — for 30 days, I think — at about the time those pictures of the Watergate Five were appearing coast to coast, for everyone to see — including me, and those other patrons of the Drift Inn who had seen them in person there.
At about the same time — my father was murdered and Elizabeth Dale disappeared, Feb. 22, 1972.
And then J. Edgar Hoover ate apple pie and was murdered. And the GOP moved from San Diego to Mafia Miami. And the Watergate Five was caught in a desperate bugging attempt of the National Demo headquarters — and the other four on the deal who got away were desperately jabbing Martha in the ass to keep her from telling her story about “dirty things.”
Some time ago — early July — the Supreme Court ruled that they had no authority over the two Mafia Political Parties. Today Federal Courts ruled that no-one can sue the Republican or Democratic Parties.
Today Dickie ordered the courts and the press: “Don’t mention that bugging any more. It will cause incalculable damage to me and the Republican Party.”
“Incalculable Damage.” “If we disclose it we cannot un-disclose it.” These are the reasons Justice prosecutors of Ellsberg gave for releasing him — rather than reveal the single taped phone call — from Gordon to Ellsberg’s attorneys — via Rudenstein — about these papers — Chappaquiddick Onassis, “Hughes,” Heroin, Apalachin, Assassins, Mafia Election Process.
My words to Elizabeth Dale: “The plug has been pulled on all cancer — all of it.” And I told her why and how — partially. And of the things I mentioned — those five were a part. Tackwood: “McCord is in on the cancellation of the election, some way, and the concentration camp thing. He’s a stone killer. He was in Dallas when they got Kennedy. He was talking about killing Nixon — blaming liberals — and let Greeky Agnew walk in.” He was in charge — for Dickie — of “Emergencies, radicals and contingency plans in case of war.” Specialized in “censorship of news media and U.S. Mail.” Contract for Security of the Republican National Convention. Coordinator for Mitchell’s Committee to Reelect The President. With the CIA at the Bay of Pigs. Barker: Lost his citizenship ten years ago. In business with Hunt in Nicaragua. In 1964, handled CIA funds for Nicaraguan guerrillas. Prominent in Republican Party in Miami — related to the Cuban exile community. Handled funds for the CIA at Bay of Pigs. Also at JFK — Dallas. Handles funds — $114,000 known — now — for Dickie — plus unknown amounts for murder of my father and J. Edgar Hoover. Affiliated with Maheu’s Castro assassination crew.

Page Three Hundred Forty Five

Was in secret police of Batista — running Onassis-Lansky gambling with McLaney in Cuba until Castro appropriated $8 billion and kicked them all out — including Dictator Batista. Stole plans of Mafia convention hall in Miami. Sturgis: Lost his citizenship in 1960. Regained later for him by Mafia Senator Smathers. Was overseer of Havana gambling for a while after Castro took over — and then Castro kicked the entire Syndicate out — Onassis, Lansky, McLaney, Barker, Sturgis — everybody — and stole their $8 billion — and thus caused the vengeance of the Bay of Pigs and the Maheu assassination crew. Questioned about Dallas — had arsenal and was a member, with David Ferrie and the Miami-Houston-Havana group named by independent researchers as involved with John F. Kennedy’s murder. Key CIA figure in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Martinez: Fought with Castro — then became anti-Castro guerrilla. Worked with exiled Cuban Miami group in military training. Works for Barker’s “real estate” office in Miami and YAF in Miami. Gonzalez: Former Cuban — now Miami — locksmith — can open any lock — on homes, drugstores, Isoproterenol lockers — say, for substitution in pills — or apple pie — of inorganic ingredients. Even door locks on waiting ambulances.
Check back: Onassis Cuban gambling — kicked out. In on Bay of Pigs. In on Maheu’s rat-poison apple pie assassination attempts on Castro. In on Dallas and JFK. Possibly used at the time of my father’s murder — during Dickie’s critical Peking period. And I was coldly notified in advance. “What the hell can you do about if, chump?”
Safe — because the power lines go direct to President Richard Nixon — in the distant swivel chair — the thing that I elected in 1968 — and Mitchell’s Committee to Reelect Nixon. Bremer mentioned a secret $10 million sum. “Hughes” — in a Maheu memo in late 1968 — mentioned a secret $10 million sum. This year Dickie’s Commerce Secretary Stans, announced a secret $10 million dollar sum. ITT Chilean funds, through Mexico, to Stans and then to Barker — in his bank account. Tackwood: “The man over McCord, the stone killer, is Hunt. Nobody’s over Hunt but the top dogs — Nixon and Mitchell.”
Hunt has disappeared. 21 year CIA capo. Director of the Bay of Pigs. Conduit of CIA money. Senior member of the “Special Task Force” during two national emergencies. White House participant of Security Conferences. Hunt is partner of Senator Bennett’s son — Robert Bennett, of Mullen Public Relations firm. Bennett’s group, “The American Dream,” refuses to disclose the source of Nixon’s $10 million secret reelection fund. Robert Mullen is the founder of the CIA YAF — along with Douglas Caddy, now attorney for the Watergate Five. Ex FBI, G. Gordon Liddy: Another Committee attorney — refused to testify — took the Fifth Amendment. All run the Committee to Re-Elect the President — under John Mitchell

Page Three Hundred Forty Six

who quit the Attorney General job to take the Committee job — and then, after the murder of my father and J. Edgar Hoover, quit that job in order to crawl up his wife’s ass in fear because Martha said, “I have a story to tell. I know dirty things. I am a political prisoner. What country can I go to?”
You have just read Martha Mitchell’s story. Those Mafia capos murdered my father — from Nixon — for three and a half years — down to a month of rat poison and Isoproterenol — foreign canisters — by Dickie — acting as paid killers — as on Castro and JFK at Dallas, King in Memphis, and Bobby in L.A.
“When the CIA and Rand Corporation (Ellsberg’s firm) can systematically set up a dictatorship in Greece and Saigon, it is folly to think that it hasn’t happened here.” Quote from Krassner.
This group did not murder Mary Jo Kopechne. Teddy did that all on his own — for the same reason. And this group covers it up for the same reason.
Quote from me: If, for the same cover-up reason, they “waste ‘em” at Abram’s Acres; Mai Lai, Vietnam; U.S. of Mafia murder, assassination row — old men, little girls, young men, old girls — here at home — it is folly to doubt that “mistake” missiles are not poised — as on July 11, 1972, at 3:26 p.m. (in Garry’s office), and Oct. 8, 1971 at 1:32 p.m., had Nader arrived in S.F. to form a consumers’ third party (60 million automatic votes — and he led every poll on which his name was listed — by far).
Variety. Five types of death tried on Castro by CIA-FBI Maheu and associates named above — rat poison to peep sights. Crossfire and patsy Oswald at Dallas. Patsy Ray and clearance, cover-up, including the ABA, at Memphis. Mind bending hypnotics and back-ups on patsy Sirhan in L.A. Mind bending on Bremer. Multiples on my last car ( the hit-run special) — carburetor, distributor and engine additives. Multiples on the current one — transmission chemicals and front wheel adjustments. Multiples on my father. Torture — three and a half years, rat poison, Isoproterenol overdose — one shot — on his way home.
Kennedy-Johnson Mafia Attorney General Ramsey Clark — back from Hanoi: “I get mad when I get kicked around and when it comes to murder. I believe in bringing out the truth. I believe in Justice. I really do. Little girls and old people are being murdered in Vietnam. Elect Teddy McGovern and the Kennedys to the presidency and we will end the Vietnam War.” He is unconcerned about the murder of little girls and men in this country, much of which occurred under his direction.

Page Three Hundred Forty Seven

Kleindienst — Attorney General (from Mafia ITT, San Diego, Arizona, Committee to Reelect Richard Nixon, which murdered my father and dead-fucks on Mary Jo’s grave) — at the Mafia ABA here: “All protesters have the same access to courts as we do. Anyone can go to our courts and get justice. That’s the great magic of America. Nowhere else on earth do the people have the right to protest and the right to do process as they do here.”
Today he suppressed publication of Shirley Chisholm’s congressional bill for the impeachment of Nixon. Today he ordered massive arrests for any disturbance at the Mafia Republican Convention. Today he asks the court to block all investigation of the Watergate Five murderers. (Today, McCloskey moaned, “It is the coronation of King Richard. No-one else can raise a voice. Not even me — or my one delegate.”) Today, Kleindienst: “I graciously have torn up Joan Fonda’s treason indictment.” As with Ellsberg, he knows that Jane Fonda has these papers. (Today ITT-CIA, Double Diem-Kennedy murderer McCone is listed as a simple executive for an L.A. firm — Hendy International Co. — and is in charge of raising $156 million in bonds — from the public — for training new doctors. Like Teddy, in the health field, he is concerned with the health of people.)
Today, back East, Clifford Irving says he has much new evidence about “Hughes” to disclose — but can’t. U.S. Attorney Seymour and Justice prohibit him from saying anything other than what they have agreed upon in their secret deal in Mafia D.A. Hogan’s office. He did squeeze off one irritating statement: “I believed the hoax would work because Hughes would never be able to surface to deny.” (He refers to the surface of the Mediterranean, off Greeky Onassis’ island of Tinos, where Howard Hughes was committed to the deep on April 18, 1971) U.S. Attorney Seymour spoke here — yesterday — for the ABA: “Justice for all.”
Today, Ellsberg — freed from prison, by these pages, taped a TV interview in S.F. — back on his original job for McNamara — expose the cover-up of the war — The Pentagon Papers — and elect Teddy McGovern and all the Teddys President. Said Ellsberg: “The way to end this war is to elect Teddy McGovern.”
Today, Archbishop McGucken — holding hands with Alioto — blessed the ABA in a Red Mass. The ABA bowed dutifully to Montini and Fatima.
Today, Attorney General Ramsey Clark echoed Ellsberg: “The way to end the war is to elect Teddy McGovern.” Ramsey, Attorney General for Johnson, was the cover for the Sept. 16, 1968 Alioto hit-run that started it all — and switched Ramsey from “war murderer” to “war stopper.”
He squatted on the lid of the hit-run that elected Dickie until Mitchell took over, four months later. And then, at Chappaquiddick, he leaped actively to Teddy’s defense. “Anti-War” — like Fatima #3 architect, Ellsberg — Fatima #3 director, Body-Count McNamara — and Fatima #3 Chappaquiddick lid Teddy McGovern.

Page Three Hundred Forty Eight

As in 1968 — six days before the election — Johnson’s bombing halt — the war (pro-war Dickie — anti-war Teddy) will be used for a rigged election for one of the Mafia named murdering candidates.
The Watergate Five — and the rest of the assassins, all the way up to thousands of distant swivel chairs, are back in the act — total exposure which resulted in the murder of J. Edgar Hoover, and my father — and here it is right back in the gutter of San Francisco, where Alioto’s Genovese squashed Bonnie Brussell.
All this from an Alioto hit-run, Chappaquiddick, “Hughes,” and the Mafia Election Process.
And over it all — Fatima #3 — the churches that hide the greatest crime of all: the cover-up of the murder of Christ.
President Dickie — a devout Quaker. “No killing.” Billy Graham — devout something. “No killing.” Kleindienst is a bishop in his church. “Preserve Murderer Chappaquiddick Teddy Kennedy.” The real Teddy is an anytime bishop in his church. His Mafia Mama, Rosie, is a Papal Princess. Teddy Ramsey Clark is angry at Viet murder (but not Mary Jo’s). He defends Berrigan. Works for Montini. His pappy did too. Jewish Sweig is a Papal Knight and a Shriner. Half Jewish Montini is a Pope. What is Greeky Onassis? Rabbi Golda Meir sleeps with Rabbi Meyer Lansky.
All dead-fuck on Mary Jo’s busted nose grave. In behalf of the owners. U.S. of Mafia “National Interest” of the owners — the handmaidens — two foreigners — Mafia Montini and Mafia Onassis.
The Mexicans have words for it. Defrocking and Mordido. Which rhymes with MMORDIS. Which explains it all. Mouldering Mass Of Rotten Dribbling Infectious Shit.
Anyone named herein could have corrected this disease — flushed the shit — killed the cancer — at any time in the last four years — the last 47 — the last 194 — the last 1,972. Yesterday. Or tomorrow. But none of these will. There will be a gang bang on Christ next week in Miami by the Republican Mafia half of the Mafia Election Process. The Democratic Mafia dead-fuck on Mary Jo has been amplified into a Universal Fuck of God.
And the 1972 election will be a Mafia horror contest between the Republican Mafia Gang Bang on Christ and the Democratic Mafia Universal Fuck of God. Filmed fallout from Option 3. A necrophiliac nation will go back to Onassis chancres, Montini excrement, smiling slyly like Ma and Pa Kopechne, contributing its 41% to the cancer, and kneeling piously in church. Before a festering, empty cross.
Option 4 is under way.

Page Three Hundred Forty Nine

It is interesting to note that Al Strom’s Drift Inn — where the Watergate Five, for sure, and others, probably — collected to conduct my father’s timely murder — was padlocked after pictures of the arrest Watergate Five appeared. The reason, of course, was to forestall recognition by habitués — or any discussion thereof. And the frightening of Al Strom, the owner. Murder warnings by Jim Lindberg and Elizabeth Dale, a month before my father’s murder, and the night before his final Isoproterenol dose — did not go unnoticed. Murder warnings — out of the blue — from Elizabeth Dale — who at least had a free 62-carat heart-shaped sapphire. And from Lindberg — out of the blue — “We’re all CIA — we murder when necessary. I like Alioto.” And Lindberg — again — the night before the final blow.
The Watergate arrest was on June 18, 1972. Strom’s Drift Inn was padlocked. Two weeks later — July 5, 1972, my second car was rigged — wheels and transmission — in a Tahoe parking lot (described earlier). It was ruined. No transportation for checking on those pictures — at the Drift Inn (and it was padlocked) — or anywhere else. Elizabeth Dale disappeared — of course — after my father’s murder. Everybody from that group disappeared. Except Jim Lindberg. As at Dallas — back-up cover-up. I had stopped in at Strom’s just after Ellsberg got word of the single phone call wire tap that got him out of prison — July 24, 1972 (Al had just reopened) — on the day the Genovese-Alioto-Lanza cops spread-eagled me on the street. And so — within minutes — there was Jim Lindberg, two seats away, just staring — and then he left. A month later — Aug. 16, 1972 — I stopped in again and discussed the Watergate Five, who had been there, with Al Strom, and Elizabeth Dale’s sudden disappearance and then Al was “busy,” and Jim walked in again — two seats away. Me: “You’re all dressed up and have a fistful of cash. You must work for the CIA.” No answer. Then — to me, Jim: “I’d like to kill every Irishman. No Irishman ever brought anything but grief to this country — starting with that bitch, Bernadette Devlin.” Me: “But they gave us Teddy Kennedy, and his pappy, Joseph P. Kennedy, and his pappy — and Teddy wants us to go over to Ireland and kill for the Pope — and they gave us Hanrahan and Daley in Chicago, who kill black Irishmen like Hampton and Clark — and they gave us McCord of the Watergate Five, who…” and Jim was gone.
As I say, I don’t want any one, in particular. I want them all. All of the murderous cancer — roots and all.
Ain’t that a pistol? Dickie stuck on Onassis’ chancred thing — with “Hughes” — Teddy McGovern, a Methodist, stuck on Montini’s chancred thing — with Chappaquiddick Teddy and you — a necrophiliac nation — about to disappear — because of that. Ain’t that funny? All four of them — and you — disintegrating via a dead-fuck on Mary Jo.

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[The next two pages appear to be copies of a letter which may have originally been written in pencil, and may have been inserted as pages 24 and 25 accidently. These two pages are not numbered and do not match previous page 23, or following page 26. There are already pages with these numbers which do match. ]

Sept. 23, 1972
On Feb. 16,1972, the Alioto hit-run victim made two lengthy calls to Spokane. Reason — notify relative of the critical condition of his father. Over a telephone that had been tapped ever since the date of the hit-run, 3 1/2 years earlier, the inception of the murder of the father of the man who had elected Dickie to the presidency — by Dickie, now President. Subject matter — the entire thing — “Hughes,” Chappaquiddick, all of it — the reason for the murder. Dickie was just taking off for Peking — on a “world search for peace.” The man being murdered had six days left to live. And the timing was just after the Calif. Supreme Court had suddenly, surprisingly, against all legislative law, and the wishes of 70% of the electorate, lifted the death penalty for any crime — treason, genocide and murder. All criminals were then free to murder, and all innocents became helpless victims. The phone calls were made in the morning — and dealt largely with Onassis-“Hughes” and Montini. That afternoon the entire Onassis-”Hughes” mob moved from the Bahamas to Nicaragua, home of Watergate’s Barker and Hunt, who had been sponsored to his high White House position by rabid Vatican William Buckley, who was the Godfather of Hunt’s three children, and advocated scuttling the U.N. when China — unexpectedly — was voted in.
On Sept. 2, 1972 — two more private assassination investigators were notified of the entire thing. On the 12th of Sept., a long distance call — over the same tapped phone — to one on Onassis’ island of Tinos — on the Tisserant papers and the murder of Pious XI and Montini’s vault to the “summit of the Church” — and the Mafia — Montini and Onassis — which filled the void in mid-Europe after War II and spurned the Golden Triangle heroin bit that later became the joint Montini-Onassis “Holy Crusade” in Vietnam, symbolized by Marseilles’ Guerini — some of the facts of which escaped the Montini-Onassis’ heroin pushing CIA in McCoy’s “Politics Of Heroin In Southeast Asia.” The Watergate+Vatican affair was hot. One criminal suit — adequately bottled by the Mafia Justice Dept. But three private suits, naming nine defendants, including the captured five — Barker, McCord, Martinez, Sturgis and Gonzales — which some Democrats planned to bring to court prior to the Mafia 1972 election. And so — same tapped phone — On Sept. 19, 1972 another long distance call — casually re-mentioning the fact that all of the captured Watergate Five had been in the Drift Inn, S.F., just prior to the murder of the father of the man who elected Dickie — and that Elizabeth Dale, with Sturgis and Gonzales, had pointed out the hit-run victim to this group — and that Elizabeth Dale was the one who had been given President Patty’s 62-carat, heart-shaped sapphire — with the entire history, and that Elizabeth Dale was the ex-wife of Francis T. Dale — who was a co-chairman, with Stans, of the Committee To Re-Elect Nixon — and whose name had been carefully deleted from any mention in this affair — in fact, hardly any mention at all. He, like Mitchell, crawled up his wife’s ass. Elizabeth Dale — constantly around for months prior to the murder of the father of the man who elected Dickie — disappeared — like Dita Beard — on the day when the murder was complete — which was the day the Dita Beard Memo went out. Francis T. Dale was a V.P. for ITT and sat at the side of ITT V.P. McCone, who officiated the CIA at the time of the double Diem-Kennedy murders.

That call was on Sept. 19, 1972. On the following morning the Democrats hastily dropped their natural civil suit against the Watergate Five — who were actually captured red-handed — the five named in that phone call. Left in that civil suit were Liddy, and Hunt — who were also positively present at the break-in — and Stans and Sloan, who manipulated the Mafia Presidential cash (elaborated upon in great detail by J. Edgar Hoover in his book, “The Texas Mafia” — suppressed, of course, since his murder). And so, that afternoon, Sept. 20, 1972, another long distance call — and this time voices rang as if they were in an echo chamber. “Teddy is worried. He doesn’t wish to push the issue any further. They dropped the cinch suit against the ‘captured five,’ mentioned yesterday. So now I’ll tell you about my one-way conversation with Liddy, about ‘Hughes’ and Chappaquiddick.” He frowned and smiled and then smiled some more. That was also at the Drift Inn. Same time as the others. And Hunt was there, with three others. “And while I’m at it I may as well tell you about the “missing” money channels — which parallel the Henry Yea heroin routes — Singapore, Hong Kong, S.F. and Chicago — and why they call Dickie the biggest dope pusher in the world — and why he takes the rap for Onassis and Montini” That was on the afternoon of Sept. 20, 1972. That evening a message was delivered — loudly — at the Drift Inn, that Francis T. Dale — Elizabeth’s ex — was about to be arrested for the Watergate affair. And on the next day, Sept. 21, 1972, an unusual 5 1/2 hour conference was held in Washington. All of the Mafia attorneys for both Mafia parties — and the Mafia judge — who was originally selected from that group of Mafia attorneys, and appointed to the Federal Bench by one of those Mafia parties — met in secret and announced a surprising agreement. Quoth Mafia judge Ritchie: “We will drop all civil suits of any nature against anyone involved in Watergate and allow only the criminal trial,” conducted by the Mafia Justice Department, of ITT, Chappaquiddick and “Howard Hughes” fame (plus assassinations, “Holy Crusades” and murder) “to continue. It will be held in total secrecy and it will not be held until after the election.” Quoth Kleindienst: “Well, it will take months just for any legal preparation at all.” Quoth a columnist: “That’s odd. The Mafia Democratic Party convened the Supreme Court — in four hours — to rule a Democratic Convention question and the Supreme Court ruled — in one hour — that they had no authority whatsoever over either Mafia party? Who then doth have any authority? Onassis and Montini?”
“All right,” said a columnist, “why doesn’t Teddy — and his Senate Judiciary Committee — call an immediate hearing? They can do that tomorrow.” From Teddy: “No comment.” Again, the columnist: “Why not a Congressional hearing, from any committee? They have subpoena power and can do it tomorrow.” From Mafia Congressional Committee Chairman: “No comment.”

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