While I was in Reno this week I had an opportunity to talk with my “Number One Son”. I call him “Number One Son” because he is my first born son, just like Charley Chan use to say in the movies.

He told me the following story.

Dad, you remember that when we were on the property last summer, that you own in the sides of Mt. Shasta, you and Mom left and I stayed there for another day or so?  I was driving along coming out of the the area where our land is that is called Mt. Shasta Properties and I saw a redheaded lady trying to get a ride.  I picked her up and noted that she was a lady probably in her 50s or she could have been in her 40’s due to rough milage.  She of course had red hair and appeared to be somewhat hippyish.  She told me that she was going into McCloud, Calif. to pick up a truck that was being repaired for her.

She went on to explained that she lived somewhere fairly close to our property which is called “The Three Trees Area” and there is a sign on the entrance to the property which states, “The Winstons”.

This place is about one half mile up the road from Widow Springs where the “Men of the mountain” helped some widows of a group Indian men who were killed in a fight many years ago.  The men of the mountain helped and fed these widow Indians and children until they could be assimilated back into other Indian tribes, at least that is how the story goes.  The I AM group get permission from a Mr. Brown and sometime camp out there.  She lives on a street that I think is called Lava Court up close to a large log house owned by an air line pilot who has a couple of weimaraner dogs, you know the kind of dogs that have the funny colored eyes and are sort of a purplish grey color.  I can’t remember what her name was but people at the housing association in McCloud can probably tell where she lives.

She stated that she had inherited some money and bought the property and she has lived there for about 3 years, all year long.  She also stated that she has a trail on her property where the men of the mountain come at times.  It appears that she is very friendly with two of these people who are 7 feet tall.  They come around and leave her gifts such as books that are either 200 years or 2,000 years old, I can’t remember which.  They bring a few books she said but I’m not very interested in them.  They also take the books away but she has two of the books still in her house.  These book are in perfect condition and look like they haven’t even been read before.  They also gave her some items such as items made from crystals that are arranged in a manner that shows they were made by intelligent beings.

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I asked her how she got along up there with all the critters.  She mentioned that she used to carry a 45 pistol in case of mountain lions and etc. but she doesn’t carry it around on her person any more.  I had a person slit my tires when I came up to the property and had to leave my car on the side of the road for a while and then return.  I think the person was driving a white automobile, possibly a pickup truck.

She also stated that sometimes she will go out on this trail and will pick up the presence of some of these people and she will say, “Come on out of there. I know your in there,” and then they will come out rather sheepishly.  The two main ones come and go quiet often.  She considers most of these people sort of like trespassers and would just as soon not see them come around.

So this is me, John talking now.  I will pass the information of how to locate this person to a lady who will probably be up at the annual Wesak Celebration that is held up near Mt. Shasta each year.

Her name is Karen Rybek.

Anyone is welcome to contact this lady if you have good intensions, otherwise you may get shot or your tires slashed.

John Winston.

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