Is there really an Underground?

Is there a true-blooded American Resistance Army that is poised and waiting to rush in like the cavalry from the old John Wayne movies?

You bet there is! But it is not exactly what you think it is. I have tracked it for 10 years. When I first heard about it, I thought it was probably made up of ultra-right skinheads and Identity Christian types.

After making numerous disparaging comments about the Underground Army, in front of men who just happened to be part of it, I was given a rather stern lecture on when and why it was created. I was even told who created it, but those names have long since faded from my memory.

When: 1950

Why: High-level military and government men realized the United Nations was planning a One World Government which would supersede the United States constitution.

Where: Texas

I was told a number of things about the Underground Army (UA). I can give an outline of it, but I can’t give details because I don’t know them.

To say it is super-secret is like saying the sun is hot. It is so super-secret that it makes the French Resistance look like the talking heads from the evening news.

One of the Admirals who used to have tea and cookies with me, once told me that his group used mind control because they had to understand what the enemy could do. They had to copy the enemy’s techniques so they could discover how the enemy brainwashes and controls our leaders.

After years of thinking about the things this man told me I have realized that mind control CAN be used in positive ways. It is used to hide the members of the Underground Army.

What do I mean by this?

When men and women are subjected to mind control, one of the first things that have to be created is another personality. This is why so many victims of mind control have been tortured.

It was discovered by a psychologist that multiple personality victims were usually abused in childhood. The intelligence communities worldwide took this knowledge and began experimenting on humans to see if they could bring out a separate personality that could be programmed.

Over the years the techniques have been refined to a point that the groundwork for creating the new personality can be laid down in less than five minutes.

Just remember this the next time you go to the doctor, dentist or hospital and are put to sleep. Just remember this the next time you go to your spiritual development group and meditate to the music.

The techniques are now are so good and so fast that a whole new personality can be laid down in less than a day. Or a personality “overlay” can be put into a man or woman in a few hours.

These “overlays” can be updated with what are called “burst communications”. The instructions are recorded and then sped up to the point that all the conscious mind hears is a high pitched tone. But the unconscious mind, which has been programmed to expect these “communication bursts”, understands the message and incorporates it.

In other words, a Senator, film producer, judge, news reporter, Governor or other important people who have the ability to influence society, could be briefly hospitalized with a nonserious condition. The basic programming could be laid down in a matter of hours, sometimes during an operation. The rest of the programming could be completed through carefully crafted videos and music tapes. Updates can be added at any time through “communication bursts”.

A person like Stephen Spielberg could be turned from one belief system to another in less than a day. But this isn’t the way it works. People like Stephen Spielberg are programmed and set on the shelf until the time is right for them to come forward.

And this is one of the ways the Underground Army works. I hope you are following this. As I said, I only have a rudimentary outline and understanding.

But if what I have pieced together from the various conversations I have overheard are true, then the Underground Army is everywhere. And for the CIA and FBI analysts whose job it is to read Rumor Mill News every day, you have to realize that even you could be a member of the Underground Army.

Are you missing time? When you went through your training did you end up in the hospital.

When they released you did they tell you that there was nothing wrong with you. Did the time frame of your hospital stay get messed up? Do the official papers read one thing and you remember something else?

What I am saying in this article should cause cold chills to run down the backs of everyone who is part of the New World Order. If my deductions, which are based on the pieces of the puzzle that I have gathered, are correct, then the very men who think they are running the New World Order, can be triggered and a whole new personality will emerge.

How is this triggering done? It can be done in a myriad of ways. Through telephones, televisions, radios, passerby’s on the street.

But this won’t be the way it is done when the time comes for mass awakening!

The way it will happen is a microwave transmission just like the ones that were used on the Iraqis. And it will start in many places all at once. Capitol Hill, the White House, the United Nations, 10 Downing Street and many others where the leaders of NATO, the EU, and the NWO are found.

A message to all the government leaders who think they will be protected. “Don’t be so smug that you think your shielding will protect you. It won’t. You will have to come out into the daylight for your press conferences, if for nothing else.”

If the Underground Army has this ability, why hasn’t this drastic step been used before now?

Maybe it is because the majority of the citizens of the first world are still too asleep to appreciate the freedoms that exist in their countries. Maybe these people have to be plunged into chaos and slavery so they will wake up.

But if a slave is freed, he is always indebted to his savior. This is why the slaves have to wake up and learn how to free themselves. The Underground Army will only use their method as a backup plan. It only exists in case the madmen who are working to install the NWO come too close to destroying the entire planet.

Do you understand this? The Underground Army isn’t there to preserve your freedoms or rescue your sorry behind. If you can’t work to save yourself and your country, then you don’t deserve to be rescued! The Underground Army is there to ensure that the playing field is not destroyed. If it looks as if full-scale nuclear war might wipe out the planet, then the UA will step into action. But if it looks like Russia or Terrorists are going to explode a backpack nuke in NYC, the UA won’t step in.

Where does the headquarters of the UA reside? I don’t have the slightest idea, but if I were to hazard a guess, I would say in underground installations, possibly at the Antarctic.

What happened to the UA members I used to know? Officially they are dead, like Scott Button, the Air Force pilot who slammed his A-10 Warthog into a mountain in Colorado.

Unofficially, they are everywhere. The ones I knew are in Europe, Central America, Mexico, China, South America, Canada, Nigeria, and various parts of the United States. They have access to “rapid transportation” in the form of advanced versions of SR71’s and other such crafts.

Austria and Spain have been their favorite places to congregate. Here in the U.S., there are several places. One of them is Eagles Nest and its nearby environs, in New Mexico. There are many others. They are just as hidden and out of the way as Eagle’s Nest.

There are very few men at the head of the UA. When one of them dies or is killed, another is activated and comes on line. In other words, most of the Army has no idea they are members of the Army. When I say the numbers are small, I really have no idea if I am talking about dozens or thousands. This kind of information was never given to me.

I know there is another Underground Army that is made up of people like you and me. People who have awakened and know they have to do something. Some of these people have gone underground on their own. These men have armed themselves as well as they can. Their guns and ammunition is buried all around the country. One of the reasons that the satellites are doing so many new mappings of our country is they are trying to find these underground bunkers.

Some of the bunkers will be found because the men who created them didn’t think about satellites. They thought that burying their guns in the desert was good enough. But there are others, who were trained in this type of satellite surveillance. These men have stored their weapons and supplies in places where they cannot be found.

One of the other things that I have been told, and then verified on my own, is the UA, both the official deep cover one, and the unofficial one, have been supplied with the same kinds of weapons that our armed services have.

For every F-15 Eagle that was made, a shadow Eagle was made. In other words, two pieces of equipment with the same ID numbers. This is what the $600 hammers and the other cost overruns were all about. It was about giving the American people, who are strong enough and brave enough to fight for their freedom, the ability to make it a fair fight. In other words, if we are lucky enough to be near one of these underground caches, we won’t have to fear being hacked to death with machetes like the victims of Ruanda.

I am enclosing the link to the Underground Resistor. I have learned a lot from their magazines. I don’t know how they gather their information or how they are able to publish it. I don’t know if they are for real or if they are only a government “vacuum cleaner”. In other words a clearinghouse for gathering names of dissenters.

Don’t worry about your name being added to their list. Your name is already on their list.

Anyone who surfs the net and reads the posts of webpages like this one already has a nice “rap sheet” with the NWO.

Does that frighten you? It should.

You have already been targeted for the elimination camps or the work camps, depending on how old, healthy and strong you are. You have already crossed the Rubicon. You can’t go back. You can’t hide. The only way you can save yourself is to show the NWO that YOU WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT.

The Anarchists are putting their bodies on the line to protest the WTO and the NWO. What are you doing?

The following is a quote from the unofficial webpage of the Resistor, the magazine of the Underground Army:

“From Spring 1994 to October 1998, a review of mainstream media suggested that official Department of Defense interest in an obscure group calling itself Special Forces Underground had faded.

To the contrary. Reliable scoop via the grapevine showed that members of Special Forces Underground were being vigorously sought by federal agencies including the Defense Investigative Service. At every turn, the publishers of The RESISTER foiled both investigators and critics.

Attempts to link the Special Forces Underground with racists and so- called “right-wing extremists” have met with failure. Indeed, according to one issue of The RESISTER the Special Forces Underground vowed that racists would get their turn. The targets of Special Forces Underground are globalist and collectivist extremists that would sacrifice the U.S. military and the nation to utopian schemes of world governance under the United Nations. Special Forces Underground represents a profound embarrassment to the Clinton Administration and supporters of Clinton’s policies.”

I do not know the address of the web page it disappeared?

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