“Kilroy was here”

This one’s for fun(da-mental)

A riddle,wrapped in a question,locked inside an enigma…
Riddle me this,riddle me that…
“Talk is cheep,mothafucka!”(DMX)
You gotta hear this,though…
22nd of november 1963,noonish in Dealey Plaza,Dallas.
“Pow!Nw it’s all over.”(Wu Tang Clan)
The head is now blown away.What happened?!
Now,here’s the truth,the hole truth and nothin” but the truth,so help me God…
The moment the presidential limo got into the curve to Elm Street,a man standin’right in front of the Steemons freeway sign opened a little to big black umbrella.
Few moments later,another kind of history began.
While JFK grabbed his neck,right hand upon his left one,and Connally was hit in between,the car slowed down ’till stoppin’. The headshot from rear was followed by other three gunshots,all of ’em comin’ from ahead.This way,JFK was literally broken…(do you listen Pantera?It rocks…) They thought history was,once again,written. Should I mention that the “umbrella-man” was standin’ there movin’ his umbrella up and down while turnin’ a-way to face JFK? Some researchers think that usin’ this way an umbrella in Dealey Plaza was an unusual gester.That’s right…(Or,should I say left?)But,the presence of an umbrella in the area wasn’t.It’s been rainin’ that mornin’ in Dallas.And there were other people handin’ umbrellas there…
Let’s see…(I wear glasses,you know…) First strike came from 6th floor of TSBD,hitin’ JFK in the back. Almost instantly,the second strike came from the south knoll, hitin’ JFK in the neck,right through the windshield. The third strike is the rear headshot. Almost instantly,three gunshots hit JFK in the head,all comin’ from toward. One of these final shots came from the storm drain. The second one was shot from the north grassy knoll. The third one was courtesy of the limo driver. There were several aditional shots fired,which didn’t hit JFK.(Or,maybe some of ’em did…) Discussion : 1)The TSBD shooter was NOT Oswald,everybody knows that now,when he’s dead.(Which doesn’t mean he was innocent,don’t get me wrong…) Some researchers said that the TSBD shooter was William Seymour,a Lee Harvey Oswald look-a-like,Division 5 fbi agent. 2)Sam McClung think the south knoll shooter was Jean Rene Souetre.(No argue here…) 3)The rear head shot is supposed to originate in a)the County Records Building b)George W. Hickey’s hand(I wonder which one?) c)TSBD,Chuckie coletti(accordin’ to Jim E. Files documentation) 4)The front head shots came from a)the storm drain(the Bonano testimony claims it was John Rosselli) b)north knoll c)the presidential limo driver d)Zed.
Discussion of the discussion
1)The TSBD shooter is shown in the Tom Dillard’s close-up photo standin’ at the adjacent window to the open “sniper’s nest” window after the shots,surveyin’ the chaos.He was also seen standin’ in the 6th floor window aftershots from across the street by court clerk witness Lilian Mooneyham. A.J. Weberman obtained an identification for that shadowy figure.Gerry Patrick Hemming told him it was David Lemar Christ,a CIA agent usin’ the alias of Daniel Lester Carswell. 2)Robert “Tosh” Plumlee,a CIA agent and member of the cover-up team located on the south knoll,testified he heard one shot from behind and to his left,near the underpass and south to the parkin’ lot,while facin’ the motorcade.He also smelled gunpowder there.(Of course,TWO unknown men were present among the team members…) 3)a.Dr. Jim H. Fetzer revealed the posibility that one of the shooters,located on top of the County Records Building,may ‘ve been a deputy sheriff (member of DPD) by the name of Harry Weatherford. Gerry Patrick Hemming told to A.J. Weberman:”Frank Sturgis was firing from the Records Building”. David S. Lifton said that there were TWO wurms in JFK’s back,sugestin’ that they were made AFTER the Parkland Memorial Hospital authopsy.I’d say the second back shot came from the County Records Building. b.George W. Hickey was the only Secret Service agent who’s been getin’ a gun to be used in case of special situation.And,he can be seen in several photos handlin’ that gun,durin’ the events.(I bet it’s his left hand…) c.The Chuckie Nicoletti identification is suppose to coroborate the Giancana memoires,a-way to get to the CIA-Mafia connection.It’s a hoax, d.Mikhail Lebedev said that the fatal headshot was delivered by an agent paid by Martin Bormann,alias of Zed.(‘Makes sense..) 4)a.Dr. Jim H. Fetzer mentioned the posibility that a drainage pipe behind the fence could’ve been used as an escape tunnel. Prosecutor Jim Garisson was convinced that one shot came from the storm drain. I’d say one of the storm drain teamers was Fred Lee Crisman,an MJ-12 agent.(Could that be the reason why he looks so dirty in the photos of the “three tramps”,while impersonatin’ “the old tramp”?) b.The north grassy knoll shooter is shown in Mary Moorman and Stoughton photographs(you can see ’em on www.sammcclung.com/jfkinfo.html,click on “jackal caught in 2 photo sources”). This particular shooter lived an unusual experience. Knoll witness Gordon Arnold claims that the guy had an unusual lokiin’ rifle and that he kicked him upon stoppin’ to take away the film from his camera.This particular shooter is photographed runnin’ away after his encounter with the rifle shown in his left hand.The rifle is dark but enlargements reveal that there is even a greater darkness directly bellow the arm carryin’ the rifle which can only be a shadow from the gun. Most likely,aftershots the north grassy knoll shooter ran past Arnold lyin’ on the ground while he realised he might appear in the foreground of this witness’ film.So he turned arround and kicked Arnold before he took the pelicule.He then runned towards the pergola and noticed at the last moment as he jumped from the steps of the pergola that people were in there.As he was runnin’ with the rifle in his left hand and the film in his right hand,Jim Towner photographed him Towner #3). c. Enter www.fast-geheim.de,then click on JFK.Watch those movies. You’ll clearly see the presidential limo driver turnin’ arround,his left arm upon the right one,elmo level,usin’ a gun to give it a shot. Should I mention this limo driver was an MJ-12 agent? As you know,William Milton Cooper was haunted his hole life and finally killed ’cause of his dare to unveile the implication of the presidential limo driver in the assassination.And this one’s for him,too… Now,let’s play this mind-game: -name the TSBD shooter “kappa”,member of the “Saiph” team -call the south knoll shooter “gamma”,member of the “Bellatrix” team -the Records Building shooter is “alpha”,from the “Betelgeuse” team -the George W. Hickey impersonator is “psy”(? -I’m not that smart to read greek,you know…),”Almitak” teamer -the storm-drain shooter is “thau” -the north-knoll shooter is “betta”,a “Rigel” teamer -the William Greer impersonator is “delta”,”Mintaka” teamer -“umbrella-man” should be “the Orion nebula”… (I wrote it like this ’cause I just don’t know how to get the greek caracters in notepad;can you imagine how stupid I am?) “Forget about game,I’m ‘a speak the uth…”(Ludacris) Check this out:as you already figured it up,the genuine triggers were placed onto the Dealey Plaza area in a representative way: it’s a projection of the Orion constellation. Accordin’ to Jean Chevalier & Alain Gheerbrant,authors of a cool “Dictionary of symbols”,the rain-umbrella sugests the loneliness and the protection.Its use began in Europe durin’ the XVIIth century.It could represent the rejection of the fecundation principles,may they be material or spiritual.Standin’ under an umnbrella means runnin’ from reality and responsabilities.This way to accept a protection is a reduction of dignity,independence and life-potential. The sun-umbrella is a symbol of the Sky,so it’s a royalty sign all arround Asia,as in “the white umbrella” from Laos.It is the signature of “the king”-CHAKRAVARTI,the universal monarch placed in the middle of the wheel. The umbrella,logo of Vishnu,is a sign of royalty and a sky symbol. In some representations of Buddha,the umbrella means the Sky,the throne of the intermediar world,also meanin’ the sign of CHAKRAVARTI,which is Buddha. Brahmarandra’s cranium,havin’ a hole in its centre,is an umbrella. From the Coran point of vue,AL RAFRAF presents a connection with Heaven,a place of the Divine Slave,meanin’ kinda’ informal manifestation. Should I say more? I’m not gonna insult your intelligence(would that be MI-5 or MI-6?).Use your imagination and you’ll understand the scenario. So,the Warren comission didn’t quite lie!There was only ONE shooter.(If it only was Oswald,could’ve been almost true…) Here’s my guess: The 6th floor TSBD shooter was one and the same with the south knoll shooter,which is the same guy that impersonated Harry Weatherford,George W. Hickey and William Greer,while shootin’,at the same time,from the storm drain and from the north grassy knoll. (I almost can hear this “wise guy” thinkin’ to himself:”Do I really have to do everythin’ by my own arround here?”) How could this be posible? The Montauk project is already an well-known subject,courtesy of several investigators As you already know,time travel xperiments were a fact in the early ’20s Germany. The Paperclip operation transfered a hole team of time travel researchers from Germany to USA.Sophisticated technology was developed and used in the Long Island area. Some people say the underground system is still in operation. There are three entrances near AIL(whatever that means…).They have three plants in the Farmingdale area.Brookhaven National Laboratories have an entrance to the underground system,too.There is also a connection to the Newark ITT Corporation building.From there a spur goes to the ITT facility at Nutley.There is also a tunnel that goes from Newark to Wright Patterson AFB. Dave Gordon links the Brookhaven activities to the MJ-12 documents and to the Montauk projects.He also included in his book,named “The Brookhaven connection”,a description of a time chamber beneath Brookhaven Lab which was utilised to monitor the JFK assassination in order to secure fundin’ for the continuation of the secret research. Preston B. Nichols & Peter Moon mention that in 1963,ITT developed a secret project in the Brentwood area,Long Island,which was somehow connected to a certain 20 years cycle(some kind of a planetary rythm & stuff). Alan De Walton mentioned (on one of David Icke’s sites) that there were rumors of Silicon Valley yuppies who established a secret time travel travel agency… Adam Gorightly developed kinda parapsychological research,focusin’ on the Dealey Plaza area.This way, he found out,gettin’ able to reveal it to us,that Dealey Plaza is the psychic centre of Texas,ley lines intersectin’ here,a sort of alternate reality vortex. He also thinks that on 22nd of november 1963 there happened some kinda “mirror effect” durin’ those particular moments,atributin’ it (as I understood his statement) to an anomaly in the space&time continuum (whatever that means…) I’m not a profiler.I’m a pretender…Anyway,let’s try to profile the pretender that did it (though he’s not a butler…Or,maybe he is one.) Who REALLY is this guy?(“How the fuck should I know?!”-Edward Norton,in “Devil’s advocate”) You might call him Jean Souetre-the chief commander of OAS (Organisation de l’Armee Secrete),an armed group founded courtesy of SDECE. You might call him Michel Victor Mertz-double agent of SDECE and Mossad,usin’ the identity of Jean Souetre from time to time,durin’ his secret missions. You might call him Michel Roux-known as a master of disguise. You might call him Carlos/Charles Montoya-known as an adventurer usin’ the identity of Charles Rogers. You might call him by his CIA codename-QJ/WIN. (Steve Rivele found that QJ/WIN had a “nomme de guerre”, Georges. You might even identify him with that shadowyy figure involved right in the middle of the Inslaw scandal,I mean that CIA-connected electronics expert which Michael Riconosciuto knew personally through the Stanford crew,callin’ him Al C. Holbert-a double agent of Mossad and GRU. You’ll ask:”OK,but can I SEE this guy?”(And I’ll answer:”I don’t know,can you?”) Watch the photos of the “three tramps”. We now know who “the old tramp” is,we now know who “the tall tramp” is,and we now find out who “Frenchie” is…impersonatin’. William Reymond identified two of the tramps as known OAS agents used for “wet operations”(assassinates).One of ’em is a french guy codenamed “Max”,while the other one is a hungarian codenamed “Ladislas”.Later,he identified the third tramp as another hungarian agent of OAS,which was codenamed “Etienne”. This researcher also discovered that “Max” was one of the north grassy knoll shooters. “The old tramp” was Fred Lee Crisman. “The tall tramp” was the genuine Charles Rogers. And,last but not least,there’s “Frenchie”,a french guy named…”Max”? There is this site on the Internet,http://virtualreason.harshrealm.net/112263.txt,entitled “11.22.63” and signed L.C. holt.It clearly sais that the guy impersonatin’ “umbrella man” can be seen standin’ right behind Lyndon Baynes Johnson,while he was sworn as president of USA aboard Air Force One. Anyway,no accurate listin’ of those present at that promiscuous ceremony could be obtained ’till now.(You know what,it doesn’t matter,I’ll show you what you need to know…)
Watch this:
Watch closely that nose and beard appearin’ beyond the rised hand of LBJ,right behind mrs. Johnson.’Recognise ’em? Enter impiousdigest.com/lbj/page 1cx3.htm and read the article titled “Johnson winks as she grieves”;but,most of all,watch closely the image:who the fuck is he turnin’ to,anyway? The author of this odd story,”11.22.63″, also names the impersonator of the “umbrella man” as “godfather of Atari”,revealin’ that “he founded the company that founded the company that eventually became the top graphic-design firm this side of Japan”.(Go figure…the right side or the left side?) Accordin’ mr. Holt,this guy appears on the covert of a PC magazine called “New Age Programmer”,once in august 1971 and second in april 1999.(If such a magazine exists,I sugest you find and get those images on the Inetrnet.Personally,Ihope this story is fictional,or even a practical joke,this makin’ me a joker…’Cause if it’s true it only means that life facts only confirm my darkess fears…)
So,LBJ turned toward THIS GUY at that particular moment when he got the power…
Why is that? Obviously,I didn’t tell you quite everythin’ about this this dude(‘ like my style?I only try to impress this girl,you know,so I’m playin’ mindgames to show her I’m smart-she will read this txt,too…)
The fact is “umbrella man” impersonated there,in Dealey Plaza and later at LBJ sworn,the former Mahachohan of “the hidden kingdom” of Agartha. I’d say the person I’m talkin’ about is the very same dude that connected,while usin’ his Jean Souetre identity,the two leaders of the neo-fascist organisations from France and Italy,Guerin Serac and Guido Giannetini,a pretty-important event evolved in the 1964th Lisbone. Two years later,sometime durin’ 1966,he acted as the impersonator of the same Mahachohan leadin’ Agartha,while meetin’ Raymond Bernard in the very same city of Lisbone. He’s the guru of Geraldine Innocenti(known as “lady Miriam” in the initiatic circles If you asked me,I call this guy Kilroy (kill & roy=roi=french for “king”…).
Some researchers said that Jean Souetre,Michel Victor Mertz and Michel Roux were three different persons.(There is also a certain John mertz,CIA agent, identifiable with Morrow’s John Michael Mertz,but it doesn’t matter that much…) There is also David Lemar Christ,usin’ the alias of Daniel Lester Carswell(another CIA agent),the guy that Gerry Patrick Hemming said he was the dude standin’ in the 6th floor TSBD window right aftershots. (Should I mention that G.P. Hemming was identified in the HSCA photos as bein’ there in Dealey Plaza then?) Strangely,Michel Victor Mertz and Al C. Holbert were both(or,should I say: the same?) Mossad agent(s). Daniel L. Carswell and David Lemar Christ are dead.Christ died in 1979. I can now expose my theory (an image makes more than a thousand words): Kilroy was here (mailedD31.jpg) Kilroy was here,too(zapsnipercutout.jpg) Watch Kilroy in action(towner 3lg) What do you know,Kilroy was here too!(impersonatin’ G.W. Hickey,second limo back seat left,watchin’ to his left = betzner2) Drive safe, Kilroy!(enter www.fast-geheim.de,then click on jfk -you’ll see that picture there- and watch those movies; a very unsafe way to drive,don’t you think? Maybe that’s why the car was almost stoped…) Kilroy sittin’ on the side-walk aftershots(100tumsit.jpg) Is that Kilroy?(behind mrs. Johnson = lbjsworn.jpg) Breakin’ news:”Kilroy was here!”(23.jpg) A young Kilroy(Jean Souetre in his youth = JFKmertz.jpg) It seems like this is Kilroy(Christs3.jpg) Meet Kilroy!(Rogers.gif) Durin’ my 20 weeks work(of art here),it doesn’t seem to fit 1)see www.sammcclung.com/zsniptramp.jpg,in Google: ain’t that cude? 2)see the classic photos of LBJ sworn aboard Air Force One;the spectacle-wearin’ man seems to have less hair than “the others”(catched in the photos used to argument this theory). There are also ‘couple of clues supportin’ my version: 1)The lurge Warren Reports contains numerous pieces of sworn testimonies describin’ MIB-type men seen in the vicinity of Dealey Plaza and the School Depository Building immediately before and after the assassination.Long-haired men were seen arround the area,too(pretty-unusual fact for 1963,endeed…). 2)Adam Gorightly mentioned that the science-fiction author Philip K. Dick,who wrote a novel which links time travel to JFK assassination,had some visitors during ’70s presentin’ themselves as government agents who were curious about what he really knew on this subject…
3)Watch closely the photos I sent. The north grassy knoll shooter has his left hand on the trigger.Then,in Towner #3,he holds the gun with the same hand.He’s lefthanded. The limo driver turns arround holdin’ the gun with his left hand.He’s lefthanded. In that newspaper photos,see the “umbrella man” leavin’.He holds the umbrella with his left hand.(But I don’t know if he’s lefthanded,too.Kiddin’…) Accordin’ to H. P. Albarelli Jr.,durin’ 1952-53,QJ/WIN worked as a “special employee” for both Narcotics Bureau and CIA. Accordin’ to Michael Riconosciuto(he really has the face of a victim,poor guy!But,then again,so am I…),Al C. Holbert worked for the Treasury Department of Philadelphia,before gettin’ involved with the FBI/Drug Enforcement people. Colonel Semyonavitch Pavlotsky quoted KGB conclusion in the investigation of the JFK murder:the victim “was shot by a professional assassin hired by the French and South Vietnamese agents”. Some reports say that the south vietnamese premier’s widow,madam Ngo,while resident in France,supervised the CIA to assassinate JFK,usin’ French assassins. The hirin’ of those french assassins by the corsican mobs has somethin’ to do with the legend of Aeolus/Aiolos,ancient king of the Lipari Islands,located between Corsica and Sicily. By the way,did you know that one of the 22 “Palladium” masonic lodges founded by Pike and Mazzini happened to contain within itself an inner lodge called the “Oblonica”,which appeared in 1860 courtesy of Mazzini and gave rise to the italian mafiosi in America durin’ the 1890s while beginin’ of italian immigration?I bet you know.. The shots were fired in this order:from north,then south,east and west.It has somethin’ to do with the mythologem of Aeolus,master of the 4 winds,but it’s also linked to Kabbalah & stuff. (I wonder what “kappa-gamma-alpha-psy-(betta-thau-delta)” means?Maybe “the Orion nebula” is the answer to that?) I could say: Nice work, “rabbi” Aeolus…But,in this case,I could say:”I see dead people…”(like in that movie “The sixth sense”,starrin’ Bruce Willis). By all means,I wonder whether he knew that JFK sittin’ in that presidential limo was just an impersonator of John Fitzgerald Kennedy? It was more like “the killin’ of the innocent” than “the killin’ of the king”.This one’s dedicated to him,too…
Obviously,first of all I gotta thank DIVINE for openin’ my heart,mind and eye(s) to the TRUTH.
And,in the end of my report,I wanna thank to all the researchers of this case,who revealed various aspects which allowed me to break on through to the other side of the most vaste cover-up in modern history.
They’ll say it’s just a wacky theory,based on the informations available these days on the net.Give me more and I’ll give you somethin’ else,I don’t give a fuck…But the truth is all that matters,take it from me…I’d say that SEARCHIN’ the TRUTH is all that matters,as a matter of fact.And the truth is not out there,but somehow in between…”And the truth shall set you free…” (“You can’t handle the truth!” – Jack Nicholson,in that movie…). Now,this would be the moment you ask:”Hey,dude,are you in sain?” And I’ll simply answer:”Well,yeah.But what’s this got to do with it?” One more thing before I’m definitely gone: I KNOW I’M RIGHT (instead the fact that I’m lefthanded…).
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