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COMMENTS ON TRANSMUTATION ARE BELOW THE RECIPES; also links which provide the images and an htm file that will help with visualization of the atom as it truly is.

at the bottom is a letter from someone who followed instructions with a bit of creative ingenuity and had solid success.

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It was Joe Champion who was, I believe, imprisoned for this process.

Joe Champion
4833 Woodmere Fairway E-1
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

(602)481-6249 (home)

Personal Profile:


Research into the Field of Low Energy 1989 – Present
Nuclear Transmutation

In 1989 I was fortunate to witness a phenomenon which for all intents and purposes has been ruled by the established scientific community as an impossible event. In my observation of an experiment being performed by a non-scientific person, I observed what appeared to be the instant conversion of one element to another. This “conversion” occurred under conditions wherein the applied energies were lower than those normally considered possible. Replication of this event under controlled conditions caused me to consider the fact that nuclear events could occur under two sets of conditions; the accepted norm of “high energy physics” and under a low energy nuclear exchange. Since the initial introduction to this event, I have dedicated full time to the cause and potential effects of this discovery. In an attempt to fully comprehend my findings I have collaborated with institutions throughout the world to solidify my position and priority.

Work Experience;

Discovery Publishing 1992 – Present
Westboro, Wisconsin
Phoenix, Arizona

Performed functional testing of low energy nuclear transmutation reactions. Position includes interaction with academic, government and private research laboratories. Both domestic and international, to assimilate foundation data that low energy nuclear events do in fact occur in nature and are reproducible under controlled laboratory conditions. Information gathered was published in professional and public journals Instituto TE.S.R.E.

Roberto A. Monti

(cold fusions and cold fissions)


At the end of October 1988 I made a summary of the ideas about
the structure of the atom which I developed since I was a student (1).

At the beginning of February 1989 a new model of the atom was
completed, and in light of this new model, I reconstructed the Periodic
Table of the Elements (2).

I have never had the possibility to make any experiment, but the
experimental foundations of this model could be found, in my opinion, in
the papers of Thomson, Parson, Lewis, Allen, Harkins, Kervran and
Borghi (3).

Finally, at the beginning of 1991, I made a summary of my ideas
about aether and matter in two papers (4), (5).

Since that time I was waiting for the occasion to make some

This occasion came to me in April 1992, through Prof. Bockris.
The results of these experiments are the following:


The final product of the ignition showed an increase of B (beta)
radiation greater than twice the measured background.
The mixture before ignition contained less than 20 p.p.m. of gold.
After the ignition, the mixture contained more than 400 p.p.m. of

Experiment 2.

Experiment 2 consisted in the ignition of the following mixture of chemicals:

Gold ore 100 g (Action Mining, 0.047 Oz./ton Au,
0.14 Oz./ton Ag).

PbO 20 g (Johnson Matthey, 99.99%)

C 150 g (Johnson Matthey, 300 mesh, 99.5 %)

KNOs 450 g (Baker, 99.2 %)

S 30 g (Spectrum)

Hg2Cl2 20 g (Fisher, 99.8 %)

Fire assay Flux No (“o” is superscript) 486, Action Mining
Services Inc.
The final product of the ignition showed the following results:

1) The total B (beta) radiation count was 2.2 -10^4 CPM and five different energy peaks were observed.

2) The mixture before ignition contained certainly less than 20 p.p.m. of gold

After the ignition, the mixture contained 1700 p.p., of gold. ’em

Consiglio Nationale Delle Richerce
Instituto TE.S.R.E.
( Studio e Technologie delle Radiazioni Extraterrestri)
Via De Castagnoli I 40129 Bologna
Tel 051-28 7011 Fax 229702 – telex 511250 CNR BO I

Roberto A. Monti

COLD FUSION AND COLD FISSION : EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE FOR THE ALPHA-EXTENDED MODEL OF THE ATOM. Summary. Part I ; A new model of the atom. On the basis of Thomson’s, Parson’s, Lewis, Allen’s and Harkins’ hypotheses a new model of the atom is advanced, characterized by the following features: 1) substantial asymmetry of the Coulomb electric and magnetic fields of electrons and protons: 2) existence of positions of stable electromagnetic equilibrium of electrons in the vicinity of nuclei; 3) the neutron is a particular “bond state” of the hydrogen atom; 4) the nuclei, whose dimensions are greater than supposed by Rutherford, are composite structures of hydrogen atoms, of period 4 (Alpha-extended model); 5) Physical and chemical properties of each atom depend on the various, possible, isomeric configurations.

In the light of this new model, the Periodic Table of the Elements has been reconstructed.

Part II : Experimental evidence for the Alpha-extended model. The genesis of the elements and the Slpha-extended model of the atom are shown by means of: 1) neutron synthesis, starting from a cold plasma of protons and electrons; 2) the synthesis of deuterium, Tritium, Helium-3 and Helium-4, starting from the hydrogen, ultra cold neutrons and thermal neutrons; 3) the production an decay of Helium-B; 4) the production and decay of the nuclei from 11 a (alpha?) to 18 a (alpha?) ; 5) “cold fusion” of Iron-56 ; 6) cold fission; 7) carbon isomeric configurations (allotropic forms); cold fusion in metal lattices; 9) biological cold fusions and cold fissions (weak energy transmutations); 10) the distribution of the scattered radiation.


(1) R.A. Monti. A brief history of the atom, cold fusion and cold fission. Proceedings of the international Conference: “What Physics for the next century?” Ischia, Italy, 29 Ray-I June 1991


In response to many questions about this:

The Quartz Geode is what should be used instead of the ceramic mortar when using the procedure followed in Recipe #1, avoiding the absorption of the Arsenic and the diminishment of results.

The electrodes inserted into the mixture are copper coated or copper.

No sources for parts and equipment are available, you will have to check locally.

There IS a device that will plug into house current and give the specified electrical input in DC. That device costs $250.00.

The process can take up to five hours. Be meticulous and precise in measurements. Keep exact records. Do not try this to get rich. You may get into deep trouble.

Small things can frustrate immediate success. Be cautious and patient.

This can result in explosions. The vapors are also dangerous.

……… zeropoint

items needed

1. 1/4 oz. silver shavings 99% pure
2. 3 oz. sulfur powder (pharmaceutical grade)
3. 10 oz. Cinnabar with no TRACES of gold (also known as
a mineral, Mercuric Sulfide, Hgs)- powder it
4. 1 quartz geode
5. 4 12 volt car batteries
6. 2 lead (Pb – the element) copper electrodes

place all shavings and powder into Quartz Geode, connect car batteries to equal 48 volts at 3 amp per minute, place leads into powder in Quartz Geode. Wait 25 minutes

produces 1.75 ounces of gold

don’t get greedy, do exactly as stated

larger amounts at one time will produce radioactive gold, you can repeat the procedure to make more gold. Wear mask!!!!!!!! and gloves!!!!

“got this off the net”
====> source is traced to: <<== at this site, go to the link for “tribute” …. You will find that the cinnabar which Is WILDLY variable in price, from less than $200 to $900/oz, can be substituted with one ounze of mercury. ***If you go into the “tribute” section you will find another link to where the original handwritten copy is found. *** Do not hesitate to call the webmaster by phone to consult on this or to give information such as sources for cheap materials. Also, the quartz geode with LARGE crystals may be superior.

A frequently asked question is about the electrodes. These should be LEAD on the outside with copper feeds to the battery or the rheostat. Don’t talk too much about what you are doing. USA is expected to go down the toilet beginning summer 1999, then, there will be too much chaos for much policing, and you can be more public, if money is worth anything.


This site will eventually and soon include the explanations for how these effects are possible. It is very simple but depends on the visualization of the ACTUAL shape of the atoms involved and how they interact. This information is dispersed throughout the page and will be pathed to this first link dealing with transmutation. It was an ancient Arabic text which caused the infamous quest to make gold from base metals. The text described the testing of a preparation of medicine, “if when flame is applied to the powder, the powder turns to gold, the medicine is ready and should be taken.” This science depends on the facts articulated in the new science of ORMES.

The formation of ORMES as described in the link to David Hudson’s site. The means of determining the nature of the shape of the atom and of its substructure is esoteric in nature, Kundalini. The results of many overunity inventors end up in being piles of dust… the metal device turns to powder on the lab bench, as is described in japanese.htm. It is this powder that is the key. It is possible to make ORMES that when ingested do heal. Subsequent eating of certain of these preparations render the person a spirit who may spend millions of years in the state of the ethereal and require special fixation to be able to materialize.

It is suggested that various diabolical practises are merely rituals intended to give purchase to the material world to persons who very long ago ate such preparations but cannot orient to our state without contrivances by fools who engage is certain practises. The ability to manipulate matter and circumstances in this manner, scalar physics and, with respect to transmutation itself, frank CORRECT chemistry/physics, is that “magic” which the Holy Bible says will disappear, e.g., be forgotten. The keeping of this science from the public is designed to allow maximum shock value when it is implemented.

Paranormal Observations Of ORMES Atomic structure This link is defunct in its original location and is provided with images that show the atomic structure and substructure as visualized by the unusual means described in this large htm file. The images will be hooked up to the htm by April 2, 1998.

And otherwise placed in this paragraph. The viewing of the images and the understanding of what they show will explain the simplicity of transmutation. bar.gif, dumbell.gif, dumbval.gif, subhelix.gif, rebal.gif. ftp/ pictures/ subdirectory. Gold atom in rest state, dumbval shows gold in high-pin state.

Flanges at ends are valence attachment points which, in high spin state allow for Cooper Pairing of the atom with itself or another atom. subhelix.gif shows substructure of the atom itself. bar.gif shows another one of the several types of atomic configuration for another element.


You are welcome, Very welcome. Do be discrete about this. USA itself is using this process to help to fund SDI (star wars). Their colleagues don’t like for the cat to be out of the bag. later. zeropoint

From: xxxx


I have just completed the successful transmutation of gold as given by the recipe on your site. This is the one involving the use of silver, mercury & sulpher. I was very skeptical that this could possibly work, but since I had on hand some .999% pure silver in coins,( Liberty Silver 1 oz ) I was able to proceed with only the minor expense of purchasing the sulfur and Cinnabar (mercury). I was also concerned with the possible fumes from the reaction and so arranged an extractor fan to suck out fumes via a 6in chimney flue using a discarded computor cooling fan. this worked well and no problems were experienced with dangerous fumes.

Another concern was the regulating of the current to 3 amps a min, this is a non scientific term as current flow is not measured in time but in instantaneous amperage, well in any event we set up a Rheostat to limit current to 3amps as the flow rate. using a dashboard lamp dimmer from a wrecked truck and a multimeter to show the current. The whole thing sure looked weird in the shed, but WOW the results say it all… I am astonished that this kind of information is available, and even more amazed that it WORKS.

I have several more coins to file down to powder, that’s the hard part, I didn’t want to use a grindstone for fear of contamination of the formula with stone particles, maybe I will give it a go as it seems a lot of the mixture is dross in any event, and I am sure a few micrograms of stone will be absorbed as part of it, after it cools and hardens.

READ  1995: Cold Fusion Breakthrough

Once again THANK YOU, I am now sure I will be able to produce about 50 oz gold with the remaining silver I have on hand and then we will see what to do next. You may be interested to know that here in xxxxxxxxxx a person who finds gold as in prospecting, does not have to pay tax on it, it is redeemable for cash at the xxxxxxxxxxxx, some 120 miles from where I live, when I have finished the 50 oz I will pour it all into one bar and take it up there, the estimated value is $12500:00 xx, so you can see why I am so happy. thanks again…

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