Joshua David Stone In an absolutely fascinating transcript from the Tibetan Foundation, Betty J. Dix channeled Ashtar on the subject of “trapped energy in the Earth.” In this transcript, Ashtar speaks of the latter days of Atlantis when the Sons of Belial (egocentric people and lords of materialism) trapped many people’s “essences within pseudo-crystals.”

I don’t mean to say that the soul extension or incarnated personality itself was trapped, but rather than a certain portion of the soul extension’s energy was trapped. The pseudo- crystals are not true crystals: true crystals would not allow that to happen.

The Sons of Belial created the pseudo-crystals to look like regular crystals, and some of them are coming to the surface of the planet now. Ashtar says that these crystals don’t feel right when you pick them up. The energy in them feels dead. In order for these souls to go to their next level of evolution, their trapped essences need to be released. Souls on the inner plane are requesting that this work be done now because of the great transformation that is taking place on Earth.

Ashtar is requesting that all Lightworkers help in this important work. The crystals don’t have to be physically broken to release the energy, they just worked energetically. Some of the pseudo-crystals can be placed on crystal clusters and asked to heal and release the energies that have been trapped inside. It can also be requested that the pseudo-crystal heal and become a true crystal. Interestingly enough, when the trapped essence leaves, many pseudo-crystals just disappear.

Some transmute into another form and others into a true crystal in its beginning stages of conscious development. Ashtar states that these pseudo-crystals are all over the planet, but found especially in Africa, South America, and the United States. Once it is released, the essence will usually return to its soul.

In some cases, the trapped essence may need some guidance to return to the soul. In Atlantis, toward the end time, the Sons of Belial actually created entrapment machines to accomplish the process. They were able to do it without the machines, but the machines did it faster.

He also says that implants were used to pull out the essence. It is very important to make people aware of this phenomenon, for most people have never heard of it. Ashtar says that out of twenty pounds of crystals, as many as five pounds could be pseudo-crystals. Working with pseudo-crystals in meditation to release the trapped essences and transform the pseudo-crystal is a great service that can be rendered to many souls. The pseudo-crystals can also be worked with without coming into physical contact with them, although some will have to be physically touched to facilitate the releasing process.

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The more Lightworkers focus on releasing the trapped essences, the more others will be able to come to the surface, for many are trapped in the Earth.

Ashtar says that in the future the Earth will be of such a great magnitude of Light that the essence will be unable to stay. Most of the pseudo-crystals look like clear quartz, smoky quartz, and a lavender shade of amethyst. You will not be able to know a pseudo-crystal by just looking at it: you will have to feel it know for sure, although when viewed clairvoyantly, the distinction is obvious. Ashtar says that there are hundreds of thousands of pseudo-crystals.

Source Of Information: Hidden Mysteries. Light Technology Publishing P.O. Box 1526, Sedona, AZ 86339.

I would like to add, that the aspect of the essence comes from the over-identification toward a technical approach. In an extreme case, you may consider this, a scientists essence goes into the astral-form of his/her development due over identification to it. As the ego is to focus will on the physical plane, the balance is important to use it, else astral aspect of a personality goes really trapped. Trapped Essence might be perceived as a specific form of a karmic tie.

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