Montezuma II of the Aztec Empire, Mexico

The fabulous treasure troves of gold that the early explorers were seeking were really in reference to the ancient halls of records of antediluvian times still resting as sacred time capsules in hidden caverns of the American Southwest, Yucatan area, Peru and the Motto Grosso basin of Brazil awaiting their prophetic timely unveiling. No doubt these treasure troves were to contain vast riches for inaugurating a new world. The areas just mentioned were once cultural centers that enjoyed a great religious revival and were the spiritual meccas for all the tribes of the American Continent. The region of the Southwest was a place of exodus for the doomed Atlantean culture prior to their great deluge!

The region around the Grand Canyon and south to Sedona, Arizona was at that time known as Thelos the new Lemurian capitol for the arts and sciences of the day! Many recent historians have mistaken Mt. Shasta as the location for this great capital city of Lemuria. An ancient set of Telonium tablets had been placed in a cavern in the area we call now Sedona, Arizona. Arizona which means ‘Land of the People of the Sun’!

The ancient Telonian Tablets are still in the American southwest area. The native Americans inherited a great legacy which they preserve for a special time when mankind will have need of the ancient truth. In the American southwest, there are three main areas that were originally part of the Seven Cities of Cibloa! These areas are Mesa Verde, Montezuma’s Castle near Sedona, and Casa Grande Kiva at Chaco Canyon. However, these cities or communities were made of mud bricks and not gold. The famous treasures that the European explorers were looking for were in reference to the Antediluvian times now resting in hidden caverns near these sites. This area around Montezuma’s castle, Sedona was known as Telos the remaining part of the sunken Lemurian continent, a cultural center for the new arts and sciences of its day!

The Telonium Tablets are the next dimension in subterranean temples inside of buried spaceships that brought the exodus over from Lemuria at the time of its deluge just over 12,000 years ago! It was Merk who had landed the great ship that contained the telonium tablets to be buried in the Sedona, Arizona area. Merk had also lived to be Tutankhamun as well. In 1988 while living in Sedona, Marsha had a dream experience of finding the Teloumin tablets in a cavern inside of a space ship being held for protection until the time was ripe to reveal them to the Children of the Sun!

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George Hunt Williamson in his book, The Secret Places of the Lion, indicates the Ruling Prince of Lemuria, King Rama described in the epic poem the Ramayana, had reincarnated as the Aztec Emperor Montezuma the 2nd of the great Aztec Empire located in the heart of what we know today as Mexico City In his book he also mentions the Lady of the Sun who had incarnated side by side with this great soul to protect the ancient records of this region and save them for a future epoch, the one that is now upon us!

When Cortez the Spanish explorer reached the East Coast of Mexico the Aztec King, Montezuma the ll, dispatched messengers of his state bearing with them the plumed feathered crown of his empire. The very trusting possibly misguided Aztec emperor thought that Cortez was the Return of Quetzalcoatl, and was prepared to leave the throne! Had he miscalculated the Aztec Calendar and Mayan Codex and been some 500 hundred years or so too early predicting the authentic Return of Quetzalcoatl? Had his soul known he had been tricked or deceived by his own good intentions as to these warring barbarians from Europe who conquered this vast empire by violence and then rewrote and distorted the annals of modern history for their selfish purposes. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that Montezuma’s soul would return to correct this flaw? This is a part of the Mexican cultural legend of his return to rectify the past and to instigate a spiritual cultural revival!

The Spanish explorer, Cortez burned the Aztec codices in Mexico, under the sign of the bloody cross of the church as he murdered, raped and pillaged the Aztec Empire in an attempt to obtain the location of the Treasure of El Dorado also knew that Emperor Montezuma guarded with his life. The true story has it that in the final hours of the invasion of the royal palace of the Aztec Empire, Cortez came to ask one last time of Montezuma to show him where the 7 Cities of Cibola were located. One of Montezuma’s own as the 7 Cities of Cibloa high priests picked up a stone and hit Montezuma between the eyes and killed him! This sacrifice was to ensure that Montezuma would not weaken and give the greater treasures away in exchange for peace for the peoples of his vast empire on the brink of ruins! The high priest had Montezuma and some of his family members, who had been murdered by Cortez, mummified and placed in a cave just north of Kanab, Southern Utah. Many call it the cave of the winds.

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James J. Hurtak in the keys of Enoch mentions that the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith incarnated on this planet from Arcturus to serve the heavenly father by coming to gather the tribe of Joseph in preparation of the Second Coming of the Christ! To the Hopi, this would be what they call the Return of the Pahanna or White Brother. Over the eons of time, the sons and daughters of light have established pyramids of spiritual initiation and not blood sacrifice in South America which are in direct alignment with Arcturus. Here we will find the timetables of the astrophysical and geophysical changes that are about to occur! We will not be able to advance our culture into a New Golden Age without taking inventory of the vast halls of records that have come to earth from Arcturus. Arcturus the Shepherd Guide stands in the night skies pointing the way!

Research and photos were revealed to the Ministry of the Children that indicate that the great Buddha, Padmasambhava journeyed to the American southwest and deposited records and artifacts in a cavern in the Grand Canyon for a future lifetime when he would re-embody in the west for the great unification.

In an article dated April 5, 1909, in the Phoenix Gazette, it indicated that the ancient people from the Orient had migrated to the Grand Canyon area. G.E. Kinkaid an explorer who found the great underground citadel of the Grand Canyon during a boat trip from Green River, Wy. Down the Colorado River to Yuma, Arizona. What he found was regarded by scientists as not only the oldest archaeological discovery in the U.S. but one of the most valuable in the world, linking Egypt and the Nile, and Tibet to the Colorado River Grand Canyon of Arizona. This was for a very special time and a very special spiritual purpose. Presently these findings are being heavily guarded by sophisticated electronic tracking devices in the bottom of the Grand Canyon and several of the cavern repositories have been covered over with cement!

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