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By Kent Heckenlively, JD

I love it when a plan comes together…

Or perhaps more accurately, I love it when my BRILLIANT idea inspires other people to share their BRILLIANT ideas, and we end up with a plan that is absolutely SPECTACULAR.

Something NEW Has Happened…

On July 27, 2017, an EMERGENCY CITIZENS’ PETITION FOR FIVE YEAR CHILDHOOD VACCINE MORATORIUM REGULATION was filed before the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

This is an adjunct to the White House Petition on the same matter. We will show you this NEW petition in my next article.

Here’s that link to the White House Petition if you aren’t one of the more than 5,000 who have already signed.

What does this Petition to the FDA and CDC (Besides the one to the White House) mean really?

In this long war against vaccines, our side has come up with some extremely compelling arguments.

One of those arguments is the principle of informed consent.

Simply stated, before you can make an “informed decision” you need to have the critical information. The failure of government and industry scientists to perform the same type of long-term safety testing of vaccines, as is done with EVERY other pharmaceutical drug, means you cannot give “informed consent” to ANY VACCINE.

Another great argument is that under the Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics Act, no drug can be approved unless it is proven “safe and effective.” No such showing has ever been made about vaccines, thus their use is not permitted. No agency has the authority to waive this requirement.

By that standard, ALL VACCINES have been approved in a manner inconsistent with federal law.

The government additionally engages in unlawful conduct when it promotes such unapproved use of vaccines, and especially when it allows the use of coercion such as vaccine mandates, which violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Geneva Declaration, and the Nuremberg Code. This is an especially glaring violation in light of the fact that our own Supreme Court has declared vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe.”

This gives President Trump the statutory authority (since he is responding to a citizen’s petition) to conduct an investigation of the claims of unlawful actions in the approval and promotion of vaccines AND to TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION.


I remind my readers of the story Robert Kennedy, Jr. told at the Revolution for Truth Rally this year in Washington, D.C.

Kennedy said that he had known Roger Ailes, the founder and former Chairman of Fox News since Kennedy was sixteen years old. Kennedy said that Ailes had told him that advertising from the pharmaceutical industry to Fox News (and other network news shows) made up about 70% of their revenue in a non-election year. Ailes went on to say that if any host on his network started talking about vaccines and autism, he would have to immediately fire him.

Do you think our President would be interested in cutting off 70% of the advertising revenue to this dishonest, Destroy Trump media? And how would it play to the average American? The President can go on Twitter and announce to the American people that they will NEVER have to watch another Viagra commercial during the family dinner hour.

I figure the approval rating for that move would be around 80%.

You might enjoy this quote from the 15 page petition:

“There can hardly be a more fundamental or central freedom than whether agents of government can force one to receive a medical treatment. That the treatment may be vaccination, which is not merely experimental, but uninsurable and “unavoidably unsafe” gives greater emphasis to the unconscionable personal sacrifice the individual is mandated to make. Such a mandate is inconsistent with status as a free person, rather than a slave. No free society can tolerate any such imposition.”

Now, what else does this mean? It means the FDA and CDC have to open a 90 day comment window. Okay, all of you long-time activists who have been fighting for this cause, this is the time to step up with YOUR best arguments. Is the community aroused to fight for this cause?

Can we get 5,000 to 10,000 comments on this proposed regulation?

I believe this is vitally important now because we have people NOW in government, like President Trump, who have SPOKEN ABOUT VACCINE INJURY. This is akin to the days of the Civil Rights Movement when there was a President in the White House who wanted to DO SOMETHING. We may quibble over tactics, but in the end we want the same outcome.

And if the FDA and CDC do not answer this petition at the end of those 90 days, then we have standing to SUE THEM.

I am so incredibly grateful to the long-time legal activists who contacted me and suggested this course of action, based upon their years of study. I am proud to lead this effort.

It is going to get fun.

There will be more about this issue in further articles, but for now I want as many of you as possible to sign the White House petition.

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