Warning: This Blog Post Contains Information That May Shock and Challenge Your Beliefs

This blog post needs a disclaimer as it contains information that may shock or challenge your beliefs. It will explain who you really are, what your purpose is, and who are running the planet. This may offer relief or cause you discomfort.

On the other hand, you may think that I have finally lost the plot. If that’s the case, I’m in good company as the details I am disclosing have been confirmed by insiders, whistleblowers, thought leaders, journalists, and truth seekers.

Either way, it’s time to put your big girl or boy pants on, and take charge of your life as the ending will depend on what you do now. When you know the truth, you know what to do.

Hidden Agendas

Lies, secrets, omissions, and facades only exist to create control. If you desire true freedom, then it’s time to get real and be open to disclosure, cover-ups, and corruption that has been taking place right under your nose.

These cover-ups are achieved through programming people to discredit, judge, and ridicule anyone who doesn’t comply with the agendas and rules set by a higher power (which I will reveal in this post).

We Are Programmed to Program Each Other

The programming becomes “normalized” so it’s acceptable, even though it’s inhumane behavior. The unsuspecting programmers have been your parents, teachers, religion, peers, institutions, governments, and the media.

The “programmed” unconsciously program their offspring, and the cycle continues. This is clearly evident in cycles of abuse, poverty, and obesity. 

My mother is a perfect example. She defends (without an apology) my father’s brutal behavior of beating me with a thick green army belt from the age of 4. She supports her position by saying, “That was normal back then, everyone did it.”

There is a program that blocks people from recognizing truth and deny the severity of what has occurred to them and others.

The power of programming is clearly evident. People turn a blind eye or pretend things are not as bad as they seem as they don’t want to appear to “rock the boat.”

It’s no different when I questioned a Spanish girl who claimed that she loved the “Spanish running of the Bulls” festivals. The festivals reminded her of her happy childhood as her family congregated to watch what I call a barbaric, cruel treatment of the animals. For her, this was “normal,” something she considered “a good tradition.”

Denial is the Mechanism to Avoid the Reality of Pain
Denial forces the secrets and pain to be constrained and hidden. These suppressed secrets are carried around every day, month, year, and decade.

Secrets corrode people’s soul and spirit, which leads to emptiness and depression. This energy of deception continues to manifest and continue the cycle.

Universal Laws Are Working Through Karma

Now, the truth can no longer stay hidden. The truth of what has occurred to you individually, and to the planet, is surfacing. Any attempts to block or hide the truth will be in vain.

The planet is currently going through a transformation, and this disclosure and ascension process has been prophesied for thousands of years. It’s time to come clean about everything.

Testing the Waters

My mother is well-read, intuitive (although she would not use that description), and doesn’t really care about what people think of her. She is third dan, black belt, karate instructor at the ripe old age of 78.

Even though she is a little eccentric, she still thinks like the masses. To prove my point, I questioned if she believed aliens existed, to which she replied no.

She thinks that people are conspiracy theorists and that we are living in a “real” world. If she doesn’t see it, if it’s not in the media, it doesn’t exist.

Even if I showed her pictures of aliens, spaceships, videos, or introduced her to people who’ve had first-hand encounters, her mind (like most of the population) is programmed to believe aliens don’t exist. This applies to many other hidden truths and cover-ups.

My mother, who has never researched any “conspiracy theories,” like most, is programmed to believe what the media reports, and scoff at any unconventional or alternative views. Her beliefs are consistent with people from her generation and beyond.

It’s Not Your Fault, But No Longer an Excuse

When truths are hidden from you, you’re not questioning your actions or consequences. I am still waking up to my own conditioning. I now question every action, process, and behavior that does not benefit the planet or humanity.

When you’re (deliberately) distracted by problems, chaos, and trauma, you become distracted from your own needs and spiritual advancement. Your focus remains on coping and surviving.

Basic Concept: Everything Begins As “Energy”

The energy of all your interactions, thoughts, and experiences is accumulated in your energy field. All your problems should cause you to look inward to make inner changes first. It’s about personal responsibility, healing, and learning that everything has an “energetic” base.

It’s a concept that has been deliberately avoided, withheld, and demonized. This simple, basic revelation was globally presented in 2006 as a movie and book called “The Secret.”

Staying True To Yourself

People who are true to themselves are less controlled and manipulated. They have overcome the fear of rejection, found their self-worth, and connected spiritually (which is a power within themselves).

The Truth Will Set You Free

This is a time of reckoning, and the universal laws of karma are playing out. It’s not a person or thing who will save you from your misery. Help is available if you work on yourself first, which will give you access to the higher, angelic, spiritual sources.

Disclosing Hidden Truths

The following list is a compilation of facts and intel about the world we live in. Twenty years ago, I researched some of these disclosures, and now I’m coming full circle. The proof exists, thanks to some very brave insiders. And this list only scratches the surface.

  • Our planet is run by a sadistic dark force called the Cabal, often referred to as the Jesuits, Illuminati, Satanists, Annunaki, etc.
  • These groups use satanic rituals and believe they are the elite race. Many crimes against humanity are committed to keeping their secrets hidden.
  • The Dracos are a reptilian alien race controlling the Cabal. They feed off the energy from fear, sadness, selfishness, narcissism, hatred, anger, jealousy, and depression.
  • They use mind control technology to manipulate and control their subjects. This includes an onset of tiredness whenever you attempt to advance your spirituality.
  • Another negative force controlling the Cabal is the Orion Confederation. They are part of the spiritual, unseen war taking place in our solar system.
  • The Cabal uses the “Voice of God” to project thoughts into people’s minds in order to commit violent and disturbing crimes.
  • Corrupt, psychopathic people are recruited and promoted in positions of power so they preserve the Cabal’s dark agenda.
  • The Cabal controls and influences the banks, governments, religions, pharmaceutical industry, police, military, schools, Hollywood, and the media, who “feed” you misinformation for manipulation purposes.
  • The Cabal has created systems to target the youth and make them vulnerable to drugs and alcohol addictions.
  • The Cabal practice black magic on a worldwide level. They use the collective consciousness to manifest horrors, suffering, and evil.
  • All wars are deliberately created by governments to create fear, control, and suffering, with an agenda of making money.
  • 911 was orchestrated by the US government (along with many other terrorist attacks).
  • Hitler and his SS had contact with negative aliens. Hitler’s military created an alliance with them to create and duplicate advanced technology hidden from the population.
  • The Ford Motor Company built Hitler’s war tanks and Boeing supplied Hitler bomber warplanes to fight their enemies (documented in history books).
  • Big Pharma is designed to make money, to keep you sick and disempowered.
  • There is an underground pedophile ring that operates at the highest of levels; governments, politicians, military, police, etc.
  • There are negative extraterrestrials (ETs) who abduct humans and operate human slave programs.
  • In 2014, an energetic wall appeared in our solar system. This wall was to protect our solar system from the Cabal, who were attempting to fire a superweapon at the positive spheres that arrived in our solar system in 2012 to help protect us.
  • Aliens and humans live on the “dark side” of the moon (they are camouflaged.) The Earth contains underground cities and US/NATO military bases which are inhabited by humans and ETs.
  • Free energy exists, which would collapse the global financial system if it was available to the public.
  • Instant healing methods are available to heal any disease. This includes cancer cures.
  • Wormholes and stargate systems exist. Humans and ETs use them to teleport to other planets and solar systems.
  • The SSP is a secret space program where advanced military personnel are recruited and do a 20-year service called 20 and back.
  • This entails serving 20 years on a different planet. After 20 years of service, they are returned back to their original age and their memories erased (blank slated). Corey Goode is one of the insiders who had his memories return.
  • If the population of the planet had peaceful, loving thoughts for one day, the negative ETs would cease to exist and the global consciousness would heal the planet.

Are You Still With Me?

This information may be difficult to assimilate and comprehend, even though I have only scratched the surface. If this information and intel is new to you, at least the seeds have been sown and sources are available for you to verify the facts.

Secret Space Program

Corey Goode, who worked for the Secret Space Program (SSP), admits that part of his work entailed setting up government computer software for recruited internet trolls. The hired trolls sit at computer stations, observing computer screens that flag people who expose any corruption from the media or government.

These government officials are hired to release campaigns called DDT – Decoy, Distract, and Trash. They disseminate disinformation to block and discredit the whistleblowers.

Well Known Insiders

David Icke is a British author who exposes the reptilian bloodline that rules the world. He has been ridiculed and attacked for years but withstood the test of time.

David Wilcock is another insider I follow. He has also endured the hard yards of being heavily targeted while divulging truths to the masses.

Wakey Wakey
Humanity has been conditioned to be asleep and to act robotic. Even so, there have been many well-intended, awakened people who have attempted to change the corrupted systems, but to no avail.

The good news is that the planet is going through an important positive transition. Initially, there will be a partial disclosure of the corruption and truths that have been hidden. This is because if everything was disclosed, most people would be traumatized, panicked and shocked.

The Purpose and Message of Change

The message for humanity is to live in a more harmonious and loving way. Take ownership to find your joy, live authentically, and bring love and service to the planet.

When you raise your own vibration and recognize the power of your emotions and energy, you can assist with the new, loving world that is being created.

Free yourself from negative and limiting conditioning and show the world who you are. Bring more love and kindness and awaken yourself to what has been occurring to the planet. This will contribute to positive change to free humanity from the suffering and struggles.

You Are Protected

One of the universal/galactic rules that David Wilcock quotes is, “You are not allowed to shoot the Red Cross workers.” This is a rule that keeps you safe if you are helping humanity evolve.

There are many positive, angelic forces assisting this process. They are called the Guardians or the Blue Avians. They live in a “sixth-density plane,” which is a higher vibrational plane than the “third density” plane we live in.

Our purpose is to transition from the third to the fourth plane, which is a massive vibrational change even though it may not appear to be.

These benevolent forces are intentionally not appearing as our savior. They are here to deliver a message so that we change internally. When we unite and build a compassionate force, we free ourselves from the grip of the negative forces who have been controlling the planet.

Keep Your Focus

If you can remember one thing from all of this, it should be Don’t feed the Aliens!! Instead, feed your soul with love and kindness. Becoming more spiritual and compassionate should be your number one priority.

Recognize that your energy is creating something every minute, so turn off the negative avenues that “feed” you fear and suffering.

Choose to be part of the solution and choose love for yourself. Imagine the outcome if a prominent, global leader proclaimed unity, love, and compassion as a priority and focus for humanity!

You can start leading by example. As the planet changes its frequency, it reveals the contents that lie within.

The Ascension Process

David Wilcock’s book The Ascension Mysteries (which I highly recommend you read for all the supporting information and more) discusses the prophecies from many ancient texts.

These texts reveal that the sun is on a 26,000-year cycle. At the end of this cycle (which is imminent), the sun will release a great surge of energy, which will trigger the ascension process on Earth.

The many who have researched the ascension process offer the same message. Follow your own inner voice or intuition. Heal yourself, heal the planet, spread love, and evolve spiritually.

Thank you for making it this far in the post! If you have a desire to know more about Forensic Healing or wish to attend an upcoming event to release your soul from the coded manipulations and “matrix” I welcome you to join us.

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