The case of John Crawford III needs little introduction, especially to regular Counter Current News readers. Our citizen journalists were on the scene before even the local Dayton area media had made it out to the Beavercreek Walmart early in August of this year. From the start, we have had extensive coverage of the shooting by Officer Sean Williams, and the protests that have followed ever since.

The initial report called in to 911 by Ronald Ritchie maintained that John Crawford had taken what we later discovered was a BB-guy, and “loaded” it. While this was very far from the truth, Ronald Ritchie has still never been prosecuted for lying to the 911 operate and inducing panic.

In spite of the fact that John Crawford had actually done nothing wrong or illegal whatsoever – never even turning with the toy gun pointing towards either officer – he was shot dead on the floor of the pet food aisle.

But last Tuesday night, two Caucasian men were arrested after they took BB guns off the shelves of a Walmart, in Post Falls Idaho. But they didn’t just stop there. They also loaded the replica firearms, and shot up the store.

Local KREM news says that “Police said they then loaded the gun and fired four separate times while inside the store.”

You read that right, after all of that, they were arrested. They were not shot by police even though they were very much breaking the law, shooting up a store with the air rifles, and endangering shoppers.

Unlike the Crawford case, Walmart security officers reported the two suspicious males in the store to police. No one had ever called the police in Beavercreek, aside from Ronald Ritchie. Store security saw no need to contact the police, since no law had been broken.

The police report for the arrest of the two Caucasian men, however, reads that “it was further advised the males were taking BB guns out of the boxes. The next bit of information was really disturbing. The reporting party said the males started shooting the gun in the store and made comments that they were going to shoot the store up.”

The suspects were booked on charges of aggravated assault, discharging a firearm in city limits and malicious injury to property. There were no shots fired at them.

Explain this.

(Article by Moreh B.D.K.)


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