Every so often weird and unexplained creatures appear on photographs that those taken the photo didn’t see at the time.

Just recently one of those “what the hell is this?” photos were shared on Reddit and being discussed and debated as to what it could be.

Shared by Reddit user MeTarzanYouJane they explained that these two photos were taken approximately 2 seconds apart by a family member who was taken photos of the full moon.

They say that the photographer has no knowledge or understanding of Photoshop so that can be ruled out.

They were taken in the front yard of their house that they have just recently moved into.

Here are the photo’s

click here to see larger

The figure in the second photo(above) seems to be running or jumping on its hind legs, it also produces a shadow which seems show that it was a solid creature and not a smudge or artifact on the lens.

Those commenting on the photo suggest it could be an imp, a leprechaun or a midget ghost.

Some logical explanations say it could be falling branch, rubbish/trash blowing in the wind or even just a bird. One person suggested it is a baby Groot!

What do you think it is?

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