This week the US House passed the “Girls Count Act “(S. 802), legislation that already passed the Senate and so was sent  directly to the President for his signature. This legislation passed the House last November, but was not  taken up by the Senate at that time.

So why should supporters of individual liberty and limited goverment care about a bill designed to promote the rights of girls in developing countries? Well,as I wrote last year:

Congress has no more authority to promote the rights of girls in developing countries than it does for any other foreign aid program.

Those who oppose National or International ID cards should also oppose this legislation.  This is because H.R. 3398 made it official policy of the United States Government to work with “multinational organizations” (such as the World Bank and the United Nations) to “….to enact, implement, and enforce laws that specifically collect data on girls and establish registration and identification laws…”

In other words, the U.S. Government is going to use your money to work with the UN, Word Bank, and other “multinational organizations” to set up a system of National IDs in other countries. These IDs will no doubt be identical, as it is doubtful the international bureaucrats would go through the effort to create separate ID cards for every country. Perhaps these new IDs can be tied into the U.S.’s “E-Verify” database….

For more information on this bill see Adam Dick at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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