In the winter of 1996, my friend Sunny came to visit me in South Dakota. She stayed a few days and the day before she was to leave, we had a knowingness that we needed to go to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, about 90 miles away.

It was snowing and the weather forecast called for 8-10 inches, but we decided this was something we needed to do regardless of the weather. When we drove onto Interstate 90, the snow was already piling up. We commented on how beautiful it was and quickly forgot the weather conditions, as we became absorbed in talking about why we were making this pilgrimage and what we would do when we reached the formation.

The journey went quickly and as we approached Sundance, Wyoming, I said we best stop at the rest area because there would be no facilities open at Devil’s Tower. As I began slowing for the exit, I realized we hadn’t been driving in snow, but now all of a sudden, the snow was at least six inches deep and still falling steadily. We realized we had somehow shifted out of one reality into another. We commented on it, thought it was cool and went on our way. Since that day, this experience has come back to my awareness many times, because similar events have happened.

What I have come to realize as a result of this shifting from one reality into another is there are many levels of experiences within the same event, and we choose the level at which we will have our experience. Is it a pleasant, fearful, painful, joyous, fun or monotonous experience? Our reality is totally dependent on our focus in that moment.

As we drove to Devil’s Tower, we were not in fear of the weather. Our focus was on the fun of having an adventure, and it pulled us out of the snowstorm experience. Many realities exist in parallel, side-by-side, and it is as easy to switch between them, as it is to step six inches to the right or left. The reality we entered was just as solid and real as the one we had been in, so much so, that we didn’t even realize it had shifted.

If you see life as painful or a struggle, you get pulled into that reality. It is very real to you and everyone around you will agree, “Yep, life is tough for you.” Take your attention off the “snowstorm” and place it on happy thoughts. This will raise your frequency. The scenery may look the same – for instance, you may still be working at McDonald’s – but the energy of it is different. If you stay in that uplifted space, it won’t be long before you vibrate yourself right out of it and move into a situation that better suits your new vibration. The way to check this out is to find your happy thoughts, stay with them and see what happens for you.

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By Nancy DeYoung

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