If you enjoy science fiction then you may have heard of some type of “Watchers”. But what you may not know is that these ancient beings are not science fiction at all. The watchers are actually biblical and have been around in many different languages for centuries. In several versions of the Bible, the watchers are mentioned as well as other religious texts. They are called different things but the story is basically the same.

The story of the Watchers differs depending on which culture you get the story from, the Bible has them as angels that fell to earth because of the beauty of the women and kind of suggests that the angels were evil and were cast down to be with Lucifer.

The basic story is that these angles (sometimes called aliens, giants or Nephilim) were around before man was created and that when ancient man first started to reproduce the watchers were enchanted by the young women and decided to take them as wives. In some stories, they had to give up their eternal life. It seems as though some of their race did not decide to take human wives and they felt as though those who did were somehow evil for giving in to the desire for human female flesh.


In the Book of Enoch which is not included in the bible but is of similar ancient Hebrew lineage, Enoch mentions the watchers as well as a whole host of Angels/Aliens all with different jobs and activities interacting with people.

The Koran, meanwhile, has the story of two angels who comment on the evils of man falling so easily into earthly temptations. God overhears them and tells them not to talk about humans that way.

The two angels then decided to go to earth and see if they can resist the temptations and God warns them not to commit murder and several other sins then off they go and when they get down to earth they fall in love with some beauties and have sex.

Then, a passerby sees them and they kill him before he can tell anybody what happened. Of course, they get caught and are cast down to stay here on earth rather than go to hell.

Another theory is that the ancient Sumeria, where civilization got a good kick start, was founded by the watchers. Sumer (pronounced Shumer) is thought to mean “Land of the Watchers”.



Sumerian Ziggurat


Sumerian Figures

Another thought on the watchers is that they are not necessarily a race of people or angels but that maybe being a watcher is more of a job description. That they watch over the earth and its inhabitants. The one part of all these stories that remains the same is that someone with powers greater than human is watching over the earth. They can perhaps be credited with teaching humans arts and sciences or “forbidden knowledge”. There are many statues and early drawings of these people. Sometimes they are called giants but it is not really said how tall they are or were. It is always food for thought anytime so many different cultures from around the world have the same or very similar stories and this is a good one that the imagination can really pick up and run with.

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