The Ark of the Covenant is a great mystery. What was it and where did it go? Throughout history there have been many rumors and theories as to what happened to the Ark. The beginning of the story seems to be in the bible starting with Moses (although there are theories that it all started before that with other magic or sacred “Arks” originating in Egypt). It is explained that God told Moses to build the Ark of the Covenant and was very specific with the design. It is thought to be gold with angels on either side facing each other, like they are watching over the contents. There are dimensions and some specifics given in the biblical account and many paintings and images of what it would have looked like, but it is hard to know for sure.

It is believed by some that the Ark contains only the two stone tablets have the Ten Commandments engraved upon them. While others believe that it also contains Aaron’s rod and a jar of manna. How would that manna taste after all these years? Sometimes it has been said that there is an image of heaven in the Ark, what could that mean?


The Ark at Jericho

Allegedly, the Ark was so powerful that the priests carried it around the walls of Jericho seven times before blowing their horns and behold!, the walls came tumbling down. The special group of priests would carry it covered in special cloth and no one was allowed to look directly at the Ark. People were even smitten directly by God for touching it. There is no doubt that whatever this box of goodies contained, it was very powerful and God was not above opening a can of whoopity on whoever messed with it. Some have speculated that is was a nuclear or electronic weapon or electronic communication device way ahead of its time.

However, it was difficult for the Hebrews to maintain control of the Ark in these turbulent times and many cultures fought over the Ark. Unfortunately for the the Philistines, the Ark seemed to have brought a curse to the people of the Ashdod where they brought it after stealing it. There was a sudden infestation of rats and the people got boils all over their bodies. In light of this, they eventually returned it to its rightful owners. Upon receiving the Ark back, the Hebrews were said to have received many blessings from God.

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Bring the Ark to Jerusalem

No one knows where the Ark of the Covenant really is today. There are many rumors as to where it might be; sometimes it is thought to be in Europe, sometimes in Africa, as well as a many other places. It is believed that certain secret societies have the Ark and are protecting it.

While others believe that it was somehow lost or perhaps hidden. The top theories going are that it was hidden somewhere, buried beneath Jerusalem, that it is hidden in cave elsewhere in Israel, or that it was taken to Ethiopia by Queen Sheba and remains there protected in St. Mary Church in Axum.


The search for the Ark of the Covenant has been made into movies and books. People today are still searching for it and hope to unravel the great historical mystery. Sometimes there are false claims that it has been found. But no one has ever had any non-refutable proof.

It is the biblical stories and the stories of other religious texts that keep the story of the Ark of the Covenant alive.

Is it too late for the Ark to be discovered now or is now just the right time?

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